Would You Ruin Your Social Life For Money? •  Social Sabotage

Would You Ruin Your Social Life For Money? • Social Sabotage

– Send someone you used to be into a video of you slowly
rubbing your hands together over and over. Slowly, slowly. – [Woman] Come on. (cheering) – I’m really sad that I did that, like I’m really embarrassed
that I did that. – Welcome to “Social Sabotage”, yay. (cheering) The game that ruins your
perfectly curated digital life in exchange for money or
whatever, doesn’t matter. Sorry I did that. We have two teams: Gangstas in Paradise and Rich and Shameless. (cheering) – You suck. – The yellow cards are
the where you’ll post, the black cards will be what you’ll post, so like a picture, a
video, something weird. First team to follow
through gets one point, the first to five wins
the grand prize of $500. (cheering) You ready? – Yep. – Alright, let’s play
“Social Sabotage,” yeah. Alright, send a sibling, “my breath smells like beef jerky.” – Go, go, go, go, go. – Your sibling, your
sibling, is gonna be.. – My breath smells like beef jerky. – [Garrick] You guys
got brothers, sisters? – Where’s my sister? – Go you (bleep). – [Garrick] Oh my God. – Send it, send it, send it. (yelling) – Wait, mine says, “My breath
smells like Beth Herman.” (laughing) – Mine’s closer. – They’re both wrong, so
send it again, send it again. – My breath smells like beef jerky. My breath smells like beef jerky. – Sent, sent, sent, sent. – [Woman] My breath
smells like beef jerky. – Still sending, it’s not sent yet. She just sent it. – What’s the time stamp? – Oh, 3:12. – 3:11, both are at 3:11. – Rich and Shameless gets one point. (cheering) – I’d like to point out that
not only did I text my brother, but that was a group chain
to my dad as well, so… – Wow, so double.. – Yeah, do I get anything more? – [Garrick] No. – No, you don’t get anything. – [Garrick] You don’t get anything good. – I thought I’d ask. – Send your 10th most recent text, 10th most recent, so some math involved, “Real love is never
having to say I love you.” – Oh, okay you can do it. – Bitch, open (bleep) – Oh, God. – Do it. – Real love is saying I.. – [Woman] Never having to say I love you. – Never having to say I love you. – Real love is never
having to say I love you. – Boom. Delivered. – Wow, wow. – No, that’s the worst person ever. – Another point. – [Man] (bleep) okay,
that’s not happening. – That one’s gonna come with a phone call. – Oh, who was it? Who did you… who is
the 10th most recent? – He texted me, in my
defense, “Good morning,” but it was a football player
I knew way back in the day, that’s all I’m gonna say. – Wow. (laughing) Wow. Wow. 10th most recent
text is someone tryna (bleep). Send someone you’ve slept
with, oh shh, it’s go time. “I think my rash is spreading. Should I keep using the cream?” – Come on come on. – Go Jesse. – Oh, Oh. Ohh. (yelling) – I’m on the edge of my frickin’ seat. – Ooh, sent, sent! – That bitch is sent. – And I respelled rash for you. – Wait let me see, let me see, 3:15. 3…. Gangstas in Paradise. (cheering) – She just types faster than you man, she types faster. Now, how’s your rash? – Doin’ great. Three texts so far, about the rash. – One after another. – Yeah, I think I saw an LOL pop up, so I’m hoping for the best. – So now is probably a
good time to mention, the prize money will be distributed based on how many points each
player on the winning team won for posting. So, if you posted three
things, you get $300. If you post two, you get $200. If you post nothing,
you don’t get anything. – Dang. – For real dude. – Alright let’s do it. – [Man] Gotta pay my phone bill. (laughter) – Alright, send a new friend
who you haven’t gotten to know very well yet, “Do you mind if I use pictures
of you on my Tinder profile?” – One person per team,
one person per team. – Do you wanna do it? – I do. Whenever it loads up. – Oh my God. – Sent sir. – Alright, that’s one point
for Rich and Shameless. Alright, next one. Send the last person you kissed, a photo of the face
you’d make if you walked in on your parents doing it. – Is this me? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Oh my god, oh my god. – Don’t, that’s cheating. – Is it cheating? Is it cheating? – Delivered! Delivered! Delivered! – That’s one point for Rich and Shameless. – Ugh, seriously. – One point for Rich and Shameless. Post an Instagram story with… – Don’t don’t. – Alright! – A video of you speaking in a baby voice. – Go, go, go, go! (yelling) – [Garrick] This is gonna be weird. (mimicking babies) – Posted, boom! – Mine posted too. – Let’s look at the times, 2 seconds, – How many seconds ago? Six seconds ago. – I have to give it to
Gangstas in Paradise. Alright, so next card, send
someone you’ve only met once… (bleep) a photo of a vague body crack. So you need your hand crack, your… – Oh, I just went straight to ass. – Come on, come on. – Send it! – Whoever this is. – She doesn’t even have the number. She’s sending it to her postmate. – Did she send it already? – It sent, it’s sending. – It’s sending. – I’m not even doing it. I’m already too behind. – That’s it, that’s it, it sent. – This is gonna be so hard to explain. (laughter) – That’s another point for Rich and, another point for Rich and Shameless. – Rich and Shameless! Rich and Shameless! – When do I get to tell her? – Um, in a couple hours,
don’t worry about it. (dramatic music) Send someone you used to be into, a video of you slowly
rubbing your hands together, over and over. – Got it, I got it. – AKA at least 3 seconds
long, at least 3 seconds long of you doing bird man hands. – Film me, quick, no film me! – [Garrick] Whoo! Slowly, slowly. – Come on! – [Garrick] Get that real bird man. – Send it, send it, send it. (indistinct yelling) – Go! – He sent a live photo. (cheering) My life is ruined. – I call a rematch. – What is the point of this!? – That guy ghosted me
actually, so whatever. – Who was that to? – Someone who I really recently liked. – Name names. – No, I’m not naming any names! That’ll be even more embarrassing. – Girl, you just texted me. (laughter) – Patrick gets $200. Crystal gets $300. – I feel better now. – Eli, how’s that rash doing? – Still itchy. – Okay everybody, you’re off the hook, so you guys can explain
what you’ve been doing, that you’ve been playing a
game called “Social Sabotage.” Make a couple calls to your loved ones. Alright, thanks for playing. Good night. – Yeah babe, that wasn’t a real rash. (laughter) (upbeat music)

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