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100 thoughts on “Will Social Distancing Increase Depression?”

  • It's important to distance ourselves from the infected trumpsupporters during the Trump-pandemic.
    Trumpsupporters are disgusting anyway so who cares

  • As an autistic I find being more social increases depression for me. I’m used to social distancing all the time.

  • Sorry, too busy playing video games, watching movies and chatting with way too many people. Later. Oh, and working out 💪

  • Social distancing doesn't mean complete isolation. You text and skype and tweet your brains out quite safely. You can still work in your yard getting it ready for Spring. You can plant a garden to help with the imaginary food shortage. You can always sit in a rocking chair on your front porch, shot gun in hand and wave as people race by. Some traditions are worth saving…

  • An exstrivert will find it hard , no Applause no hype, no self grooming in group's, ! For An intraverted person ,! Its Just another day on planet Earth, !

  • Depression will definitely increase…job loss, financial stress, feelings of powerlessness and lack of control along with social isolation will all contribute. Anecdotal evidence from law enforcement already showing big uptick in domestic violence and child abuse calls.

  • IM A PSYCHOLOGIST the answer is YES – dramatically.
    ADVICE – Develop good daily habits, dont be a slob, learn new things, be creative, get as much daylight as possible, talk to as many people as possible, get a shower every day, dress nicely, put on perfume, do your hair, craft things, have a project, do meditations, do tai chi, get up early and go to bed early, have a daily routine that you do 7 days a week.

  • i'm glad the psychological effects of this are finally getting brought up….. These measures are necessary for public safety but this whole thing will leave a scar in people's minds

  • I have stayed indoors for years. Have pretty much only gone to school. And when I am outside, I am usually alone… Welcome to the gang extroverts.

  • people are already socially isolated and depressed and broke. this won't make it much worse. they are just going to get drunk and binge watch netflix. i prefer the isolation unless i can be around intelligent spiritual people instead of religious idiots who think they're going to hell when they die for liking sex too much or whatever.

  • MY SPECIALITY IS ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS the answer to this guys question is a categorical YES…!

    I am literally saving myself, not doing any work at the moment cos I know I will get an absolute avalanche of calls and emails in about 3 to 6 weeks, and I will ahve to cope with it.

  • Thos virus will definitely impact people's mental health, we need to come together to make sure everyone we know is ok, simple things like a WhatsApp group to have a chat about anything is a start – helping me and my mates through this for sure. For older people who prefer to talk, phone your friends check up on them, even if only for a 5 minute chat. If we stick together we will get through this. Even try starting a conversation on social media, try asking "how is everyone today?" See who responds and strike up a conversation.

  • I hope the people dealing with depression have someone in their lives to turn to. As of yesterday I am no longer working, my husband is a retired disabled veteran, with limited income 😏 And our 20 yr old is home for 2 weeks from work WITH PAY. We live in Florida, weather is 90 so we are in the pool in the morning and at night. Watching movies and doing at least one project big or small a day. Our grocery stores are in good shape. So once a week is all we need to do to go out and get what we need.

  • It will, as it will lead to more domestic violence. It's irresponsible by the authorities not to have considered these consequences. They are following a pre-modern concept of health which does not include mental and societal health and their view is completely fixated on the virus. They overreact on a virus that's somewhat more deadly than the flu and spreads decidedly more than the flu, but is no SARS and no smallpox level virus.

  • I'm an anti-social introvert. I'm somewhat amused that everyone is trying to live like me now. I can just say I'm social distancing now instead of saying I don't like the company of other people…….

  • To hell with social distancing, it's time to make money.
    I have stockpiled tons of toilet paper rolls and hand sanitizer bottles.
    It's a bargain, i'm selling each toilet paper roll at 5$ and 35$ for a bottle of hand sanitizer.

  • I don't find social distancing all that bad. However, I do find this global catastrophe a tad depressing.

  • If voting demographics between men and women become balanced or even shifted completely. Because men are mentally used to being isolated . a Corona gets it's lime

  • As suffering from a severe depression myself, I can say (for me) social distancing doesn't change a single thing (again: for me). 😀

    Happened in a Florida meeting

  • I really enjoy being alone so this time is great for me. Social distancing is an awesome excuse not to see people or not have to get through draining small talk conversations with people I am not interested in talking to. I get to enjoy my pets and my hobbies in and around my home that I love. But I feel it is hard for those extroverts right now and I think the worst will come when this drags out over months and months and people see how much they’ve lost when it’s all over. That’s when I believe more people will become suicidal.

  • Have you normies never played WoW or Runescape before? Sitting at home all day and not communicating with anyone is second nature for some of us

  • Not for me, it would increase my happiness. I’m one of the lucky Americans still reporting for duty everyday.

  • Since I normally hate people, I'm excited that i dont have to deal with them, and getting paid time off to boot.

  • Try this: search
    1: "How many COVID deaths a) worldwide, b) US?
    2: "How many flu deaths a) worldwide, b) US?
    While COVID-19 has a higher mortality rate than the flu, the flu numbers have been higher.
    Why wasn't society shut down to stop the flu?
    Could this be an experiment in social control a la Jade Helm, as governments see the worldwide capitalist system heading for collapse or revolution?

  • people crave human contact. My closest friends started giving me "fist bumps" in lieu of hugs a few weeks ago now I can only talk to them on the phone. I am badly affection starved.

  • Kansas represent! I promise, most of us aren't trolls.

    For those of us who manage our depression by going to the gym for exercise and being creative in a group (for me that's singing in a chorus), yes, this is definitely increasing depression, especially if you've got small children that you're trying to help through this. Kids need structure and safety, and this new world is scary and confusing for them.

    My anxiety has been through the roof lately, and that can really complicate depression for a lot of folks, as the two seem to go hand in hand and also feed off each other. Taking time to really love those I'm cooped up with and getting outside for some fresh air and a walk seem to help, as does trying to stay busy with things you enjoy to keep the brain weasels from acting up.

    I'm brushing up on my French, teaching myself piano, and doing a lot of jigsaw puzzles when I'm not taking care of my kids and putting on a brave and happy face for them.

    For exercise junkies like me, there are free apps to help you work out from home.

    Also, thank you for mentioning that domestic abuse will likely rise during this time. I'm worried about the kiddos who have nowhere to escape, and also worried about the women out there who are trapped with an abusive spouse who is suddenly always home and always stressed and angry.

    All we can do is try to take care of ourselves and to try to protect the vulnerable…from a distance.

    I definitely think America's mental health would be greatly improved if we had an actual leader for a president instead of an orange asshat.

  • This is just my personal belief, if being forced to do social distancing for a few months while still having friends you just can't be too close to them meaning you can still talk to them on the phone, if that leads to the person being depressed then it just means that person just has it way too good in his or her personal life. This is the type of person who never went out of their social circle and will most likely gossip. The only way I will feel bad for the person's depression that somehow came from that is if it's a little kid or a pet animal. My dad is mildly disabled because of a car crash but he's going to get better but it will happen in a month, that is why he can't take the 2 dogs for their walk on Sundays. I have no work on Sundays and I developed a plan where he can walk the small dog who won't pull too hard so it wouldn't further injure him, and I will walk the bigger dog, and that this would happen on Sunday. When it got to Sunday the weather was really bad so we didn't do it, and the dog's were annoyed and I don't blame them since their mostly inside the house and if their depressed in the inside it wouldn't surprise me. I will feel more sorry for my parent's 2 dogs depression then a adult human being who just has it way too good and is forced to do social distancing and can still talk to friends on text and phone but somehow still get depression, screw that person.

  • Observing the extroverts struggling to deal with living in a situation that doesn't fit their personality for likely the first time in their lives, is truly fascinating.

  • The Security Director of Bern, Switzerland said that data shows that an actual curfew would lead to more instances of domestic violence. It's so sad that those things need to be considered.
    Edit: He said it in the context of the possibilty of there eventually being the necessity to impose a curfew if rules like "only groups of five people" aren't being followed.

  • I've spent years overcoming anxiety, and when I finally feel like I can make friends, I'm forced inside. It has me near suicidal.

  • I can see how it could, but I call, text and Email friends and family frequently, spent two hours on the phone yesterday with my sister who lives out of state. Today I shared a cute PSA on COVID to friens and family. With technology it's easier to keep in contact and I have more contacts than i did before this thing blew up. I spoke with my neighbor today, we stayed about 10 feet apart and we shared our Email and phone numbers. This isn't the dark ages, there's no reason to let yourself (or others) get isolated and depressed.

  • Loners, like myself, love it. Keep away from me, you potential disease carriers!

  • ITT: people who don't know what anti-social means

    Anti-social= hate people
    A-social= prefer not socializing

    Anti-social example= eating human shit and killing people

    A-social example = having little to no social life either by choice or circumstance

  • I'm on disability for depression and i just got blocked on Facebook for 30 days for saying Americans are fucking ignorant for buying guns right now. I have absolutely no one to talk to and I'm out in the country living by myself. This sucks.

  • Not in my case, David. I'm enjoying my retirement. I'm an introvert. Before covid 19 hit I went out to classes and events when I wanted to. I'm not isolated. I dislike being around crowds.

  • Probably. But it’s sure as shit better than contracting the freakin virus. Of course there’s always special cases. But on average, just suck it up and deal with having to stay home and watch movies, play video games, snack, etc. Pretty rough.

  • Social Distancing will increase depression. I can't even hug my mom because I don't want to expose her in case I have it.

  • If you extroverted pussies need some tips on how to just chill out during these trying times, hook me up on facebook

  • I think it’s sad some people can’t be alone for a little while. I’m a introvert and I have to have my space and time to charge after socializing anyway. I absolutely love not being bothered. I think people need to reflect and focus on themselves while we’re all social distancing instead of being dependent on another person. There’s nothing wrong with having time to yourself.

  • 0:15–0:17 Is that me? Hey mom, i’m the kansas troll! It was my one goal in life. My crowning achievement.

  • There's lots of people gaming online. Get a microphone for your PC and download an online multiplayer game. That'll help with the depression part.