Why India’s Lower Castes Hold So Much Political Power

Why India’s Lower Castes Hold So Much Political Power

Over the last couple of years, India’s most underprivileged
citizens have taken to the streets in thousands to protest violence, government policies, and
to demand more rights. Hundreds of millions of people from the nation’s lowest
caste will be a force to be reckoned with when they head to the polls
to vote in the national elections due by May. This is your Bloomberg QuickTake on Lower
Caste Political Power Hindus, which make up 80 percent of modern
India, were traditionally split into four hierarchical groups. The lowest of all, Dalits,
now form a quarter of the population, – about 16 percent of all voters
On the ground, there is a lot of discontent, especially amongst the Dalits. One hopeful to replace Narendra Modi as prime
minister is is Mayawati — a former Delhi slum native who has been elected chief minister
of India’s most-populous state of Uttar Pradesh four times. Her party, Bahujan Samaj, vows to end caste
discrimination and build a society based on equality and fairness. Laws against caste discrimination were adopted
seven decades ago, but with some exceptions caste remains a major factor in determining
how people earn a living and whom they marry, especially in the small towns and villages
where around 70% of Indians live. Modi rode a wave of dissatisfaction and emphasized
his own modest background to take power in 2014, but his BJP party has developed a potentially
problematic reputation as far as Dalit voters are concerned. Despite living in a stratified society where
circumstances of birth define a large part of what the future will hold, voters in the
world’s largest democracy will soon be hitting the polls as equals. Each political party will tailor its message
with that in mind.

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100 thoughts on “Why India’s Lower Castes Hold So Much Political Power”

  • Sears corp and the spin off JCP papa Murphy's rad will race over the world and will get the upper hand on gobalist drama

  • The west has always been very keen on installing western democracy everywhere, whether it fits the local situation or not.

  • Sad to see that many Hindus are suffering from the caste system in India.

  • Mayawati ! A just person !
    She is the most corrupt politician and the dalits have more rights than any other community . This is a very cheap ducomentary by bloomberg , no actual fact behind it and Mayawati herself has no power. In the past UP elections it was seen that she has no influence and the dalits want more reservation that is why they are protesting and rights (which they are already having )

  • Guys a message to all true Indians we really need to tech this westerners a lesson and the best way to do is tit for tat we need to open media houses and point out the wrong doings of western people we need to teach them a lesson start picking on them back

  • Till now no external Media is able to understand Indian politics. Either they are too biased or they are just reluctant to dig deeper.
    Bruh if entire European union is a country it would be still less diversified than India

  • Mayawati has been charged at multiple instances with massive corruption scandals, so please don't say she is a PM candidate, she is not even a CM candidate now.

  • Extremely wrong information by bloomberg. The narrative is far from the ground realities. Videos like these has been the cause of caste polarization in India.

  • For more than 3000 years, upper-caste Hindus have been allowed to enslave, dehumanize, torture, maim and even kill (if they so chose) the lower-caste people (ie 'Dalits') in their midst. This barbaric system has scriptural sanction from an ancient holy text called 'Manu Smriti'. Even today, 70 years after India's independence and the creation of a secular-democratic framework, Dalits continue to be treated as 'lower caste' people, whom no upper-caste Hindu can ever marry, according to Hindu law. While Dalits have been awarded with quotas as an attempt by the society to atone for their millennia-long persecution of them, they are still loathed by the average upper-caste Hindu who views Dalits as unworthy freeloaders stealing their jobs. When India attained independence, the RSS, the right-wing Hindutva organization that Prime Minister Modi and his party, the BJP, are affiliated with, wanted India to adopt Manu Smriti, the aforementioned sacred text, as the 'official constitution' of India. 70 years on, many of them still secretly hope to do just that.

  • The ground reality of Indian politics more complicated than this video. Mayavati have here space in national politics. But here power is limited. She don't even have a party that has strong support all over the country. Need to add more details when it comes to Indian politics. Because its mixture of religion, caste, development, youth, city's and villages, culture, popularity, business, farmers, etc

  • Worst video by Bloomberg ever,👎👎👎👎👎insted of putting their name for pm at least show some of their achievements, vision to develop India, right now they are just planning for their own family nd upcoming generations 😑😑😑

  • Last election mayawati had 0 seats in parliament out of 545 and you are making her prime minister. Just Google once before making such outlandish claims.

  • Do you really believe that she Mayawati is relevant other than 2 states? Where do you get your information?I mean do you really even research or just put something and post it?

  • Mayawati the Corroupt QUEEN of 3rd world state she made inside INDIA. A lawless land QUEEN will never become PM of INDIA.
    If she indeeds becomes one… INDIA will be finished….

  • This is stupid… Lie… Propaganda video around election… India caste politics is much more complex than it is seemed… Dalits of UP And Bihar will surely overwhelmingly vote for narendra Modi

  • Our constitution says no discrimination on the bases of cast, but the same discriminate on the base of cast as it support reservation. Anyway, Congress forcefully took our jobs (reservation) and our lands (land vestment acts) using sword of law and constitution. And now BJP took our right to speak (SC/ST Act) that is why I have lost all my fate in law, constitution and government. I have decided not to vote ever again. Because it doesn't matter to me that the donkey or mule gets the power, in the end they gonna kick us as always. Even the NOTA system is a waste of time.

  • After watching video half way through I quickly scrolled to comment section to see reaction of Indians. Quite delighted to see Indians now don't swallow this bullshit. Shame Blomberg. If people were so discontent with BJP then apart from giving whopping majority in center, why BJP manage to create government in most of state? U guys shown evm in start to indirectly signify evm rigging. U know nothing Jon snow.

  • I am remove subscription from Bloomberg because it's lie and if you support me remove your subscription and support India 🙏🙏🙏

  • For some reason I suspect Bloomberg only hire the upper strata of applicants, and ignore the rest. Virtue signaling 101.

  • These guys need to reasearch a lot when it comes to indian poilitics. You just can't give some baseless facts about caste discrimination

  • western media only speak in studio come and see the reality first then talk you western media always criticised india or other asian countries

  • Too many political parties in India, divided votes and ending up with leaders who do not get the majority of votes. USA is heading this way too. Math problem.

  • This shows that even reputed sources such as Bloomberg is not reliable in reporting ground realities. Vet your reporters/sources well before hiring them to report accurately. Having a local reporter does not guarantee fair reporting. You've lost a viewer for the long term Bloomberg.

  • Mayawati as a contender for PM? This is beyond hilarious. Bloomberg, you need to do your research before coming up with such videos.

  • We expect Bloomberg to be neutral and maintain integrity . This is dirty reporting , your sources are biased and don't have facts . . .
    BJP is the only legit party I'm India ( they made our country nuclear )
    BSP , come and visit Noida , uttar Pradesh , you can witness the billion dollar park , wasted tax payers money …..

  • The whole information in the video is wrong. Mayawati is most corrupt leader . After becoming CM of UP , she only make statues of elephants and she is spreading discrimination on the basis of caste. She is worst leader of India.
    Please do more research otherwise you are one of a members who are spreading fake news.

  • How many BJP shills are gonna flood this comment section? Can anyone explain why Mayawati is so corrupt and what special interest she's been corrupted by? If she represents "lower caste" people than I assume her supporters wouldn't typically have access to a YouTube comment section.

  • Are you kidding…Mayawati , seriously ? Am pretty sure that someone gave you this wrong information. Get your facts right.


    MAYAWATI !! SERIOUSLY !!! YOU MAD OR SOMETHING 😂??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  • This Bloomberg reporter !! 😂😂😂
    What the hell she talking about ! Nothing real ….. Modi didn't win because of her humble background but because of his development results in his own state of Gujarat !
    This video is a complete lie. And is defaming the nation round the globe .
    Thank you Bloomberg

  • i hated watching this video by you, @bloomberg. what the hell! Dalits and underpreviledged. thats history. they are the most priviledged caste in the whole country. it is us the general class whose jobs are being taken away and given to this mindless assholes who wont bother studying at school because they are dalit! damn you!!

  • Bloomberg this is not journalism. You probably just asked a random brown person what was going on in India and ran with it. This was stupid on so many levels.

  • Biased and distorted facts you r saying
    And you r talking about mayawati she is most corrupt leader of utterpradesh (0ne of 28 states in india)
    Even not more than 1% indian have ever heard the name mayawati

    And you r saying about dalit then listen
    Present president of india honorable ramnath kovind is a dalit and even prime minister modi also comes from lower caste.
    Stop misleading to your people

  • Lol badly researched video. No way Mayawati will win in other states. Also BJP had the most dalit votes. Outside of BJP and Congress, no political party will or can win multiple states. Every state has its own political parties, there is barely any overlap.