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100 thoughts on “What Social Distancing Looks Like Around The World”

  • In India we've been social distancing since the past 10 days and there has been a 21 days lockdown today onwards. All the state borders are sealed and no international flight can land for the next 21 days. Only essential businesses such as pharmacies and grocery stores are open.

  • What social distancing looks like in Europe and East Asia*

    Australia, the rest of Asia, North and South America: am I a joke to you?

  • I literally just got hired as a substitute teacher right before they started shutting down all the schools. I haven’t been able to work yet…

  • As a foreigner living in Japan, people in here doing everything as normal as usual. school are closed but students going to mall or parks, there is no social distance… It just making me wonder, if they really know what's going on or just not to care at all.

  • This is already outdated though. As of 2 days ago people in the UK have to stay indoors unless you need food, 1 form of exercise, or medicine. The police are now enforcing it. Same with most of europe.

  • In my country (Czech Republic) all schools have been closed since two weeks ago, all restaurants, cafés, bars, hairdressers, etc. are closed, food shops are open, we must wear masks in public, only seniors can shop every day between 8-10 am. each day. There are charities, volunteers shopping for seniors, walking thrir dogs if they are agraid to go outside… We mustn't go outside unless for buying food, commuting to/from work, walking dogs, taking care of family members or for a walk in a countryside. Most people are on home office. First case of coronavirus: 1st March (from Italy), number of infected now: 1500, deaths: 3, recovered: 7.

  • Here in india whole country is currently under complete lockdown. I hope and pray corona virus ends soon. Stay safe guys

  • New Zealand is moving to a level 4 alert in a few minutes. We will then be on full lock down. Only leaving for food or healthcare

  • What's about the final exams from highschool at your countries? Here in Germany the departments of education were discussing to rescedule or even cancel the exams. In the first states the exams are ongoing and when I think of the students who are in the midst of it, who were studiing the last weeks/ months to be prepared on point just to be unsure, whether their next exam will be set.
    It's all about students at school, homeschooling and exams, but noone cares about college students being about to graduate. They are affected as well. How to write a paper without libraries?

  • expect economy and this money falling off, look at around you, Beijing and China have been so clear air, Here in Mongolia days have been clear fresh expect at night but I think it's recovering

  • In Switzerland everything is closed. Only supermarket and very few take away restaurants are open. If we have to shop for groceries, there are some rules we have to follow. 1.) 2m distance to every other person. 2.) only 50 people are allowed in a store. We can still go outside BUT we are advised to stay at home. Also groups of 5 and more are forbidden and if police sees you in a group, there are fines of 100CHF for everyone.

  • Iv been self isolating for about 20 days, before the gov made is mandatory, we’r on day 3 of mandatory and I’m going a little crazy…🇵🇰

  • i am still attending school daily as schools are still open in Singapore, and there are more preventive methods being used such as wiping tables and chairs after every use and everyone has their own designated seats in lecture theatres, classrooms as well as in the canteen

  • Extrovert and Ambivert: Omg this is boring i hate quarantine, i wanna go out with friends

    Introvert: Laughs in introvert First time?

  • Is anyone else a little annoyed that all these people are keeping ppe for themselves and not donating it to medical professionals who are in desperate need for these items?

  • Stop forever the greeting of shaking hands. Native Americans grab the forearms to greet. Way cool 😎 We know “HOW” 🤚🏼

  • Unfortunately, everyone appears to be speaking from his/her own measure of social distancing. It’s not relative. I disagree with comments from Japan. Japan has not been implementing social distancing at all.

  • Oh and Australia all school is open come to school and get corona and spread it. (Sorry I’m just really really really mad at Scott Morrison )

  • Poor thing also do you have a family recipes from your country please I want try it out forgive me I just love different cultures Food and really makes me expired to try something new or make something new

  • Everyone: complaining about staying inside and social distancing.
    Introverts: FINALLY something goes our way!

  • So here in new Zealand we have just gone into lock down for 4 week if people can work from home they can otherwise only essential service are allowed to go into work as a hairdresser I can't work for the 4 weeks so the government will pay 80% of my wage we allowed to go out for walks we just have to keep with social distancing and to the supermarket any groups of people will be question by the police at the moment we have 205 cases of Carona virus in the country but has been on adverage 50 more people each day sooo hopefully we all keep out sanity thanxs for the tips guys

  • Germany now only allows to be in groups of two with a two meter distance unless you are in the same household. All restaurants and businesses with direct contact to others are closed.

  • I just hope the American people understand that they should be doing that too! Please take precautionary measures. The economy can be rebuilt, even after world wars, but human lives can't be replaced. Please stop thinking about the economy and think of yourselves and your loved ones. Love from Cyprus!

  • It’s really surreal for me, watching everyone’s reactions to quarantine. Mostly because I understand all too viscerally, having been almost completely homebound for the past year due to developing a nerve disease that’s disabled me with fatigue and weakness. Before all this, people would always tell me, “That must be nice, though, getting to stay home and do nothing all the time, like an extended vacation! 😄” probably because I don’t “look” sick or like I’m actively suffering. As if being trapped in my home (in my body even), unable to…DO things, live, isn’t a hellish experience.

    I don’t think I’ll be hearing that anymore.

  • There is no official statement from the government here in Indonesia says the country will totally on lockdown. But, the government strongly suggesting us to stay at home, work from home, school from home, basically like physically distancing. And honestly it works for me. I’ve been at home since 14 of march which makes today a day 11.. I’m not gonna lie it drives me insane but I want to do my part helping the country and the world by staying at home. Tho I’m a bit disappointed with the locals because they still go outside like nothing happen and they even still gathered in a large group for prayer n stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in God but we need to believe and use our common sense simultaneously…. Well, I hope the world is getting better soon! Stay home and stay safe everyone! Lots of love from Indonesia 🇮🇩 x South East Asia

  • Social isolation in Russia – "I don't care! Work or you'll be fired!" in a lot of organizations. Some of organizations went to "working from home" and some " stay at home with salary", but not a lot.

  • Shouldn't it be called something like "interpersonal distancing"? I mean, you can be as socially close as you want with people, you just have to stay physically away from them

  • I live in NY. I'm sick and I'm pretty sure it's not Covid-19. I'm not allowed in the doctors office and they won't test me so that we can be sure. So now my husband and I are both missing work on a maybe. And because I don't know for sure, I will still have to be super cautious when I'm allowed to go back to work because I am immunocompromised.

  • I live in France we are in lockdown in 2 weeks now and extended into 6 more weeks I love staying and working at home but anyway i miss McDonald’s and Uber eats 😂

  • I'm in Louisiana, with currently the fasted growing rate of anywhere in the world. And we've had a stay at home order for a few days. You can go out for essentials and to get fresh air, although you're supposed to stay six feet apart. I'm working from home. And yet, there are still too many people here going out and crowding each other. People just won't listen.

  • I can totally relate to that guy from the UK. I saw one article describing how the virus affects its victims, and one line stuck to me "they look like they were drowning because they have so much fluid in their lungs". As someone who is considered high risk, that really struck a nerve. So I'm not taking any chances.

  • I believe the media should clarify social distancing vs. physical
    distancing. Social distancing means you're not in communication with
    anyone whereas physical distancing is keeping a minimum of 6 feet or 2
    meters away from other people. You can practice physical distancing and
    still maintain socializing using a telephone, text messages, emails,
    video chats, etc. How the media portrays social distancing is currently
    confusing and misleading.

  • In singapore, schools are still not closed. Im half half on whether schs should close. My reason being why school shldnt close is that: that would mean ALL olevels, alevels, psle students would have to stayback for around a year inorder to take their national exams. That would mean that in the future a particular year would have lesser graduates, resulting in an economic impact. My reason for closing schools? Schools are definitely an easy place to transmit virus. Many students take public transport where virus can be transmitted easily. My biggest problem with this whole school thing is that our education minister has giving pretty absurd reasons abt why our schools are not closed
    To sum up his reasons:
    1. youths are less likely to spread and contract the virus and be affected by it
    2. parents aka working adults will get affected when schools are closed
    3. there are already precautionary measures in schools.
    Why do i have a problem with it? Many sites have stated that youths are equally likely to get affected by the virus as compared to other age groups. Secondly although parents lives might get more challenging as their child will be at home while they have to work, are u saying that parents would detest that? As much of a problem it is, parents would rather protect their child and reduce the possibility of their child contracting the virus. Thirdly, precautionary measures? Large scale lectures are still held in school what do u mean by precautionary?

  • I dont see anyone practicing social distancing in Singapore. The government is not being strict on the enforcement. That guy clearly stayed at home all time no wonder he dont know anything lol. Hawker centers, wet markets and shopping mall is full with people. Schools still operating despite increase in cases. Apparently scoring high in exam is more important than lives for the government and most singaporean parents