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32 thoughts on “What Is The Modern Monetary Theory? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  • The country is bankrupt… The bankruptcy can manifest itself in 2 ways:NO MONEY, or LOTS AND LOTS OF WORTHLESS MONEY. MMT promotes the latter method, but please don't try to make the case that it will stave off ruin. There is nothing new about Government debasing the currency, it is an OLD fraud, in this instance wrapped up in chocolate with a cherry on top. Don't fall for MMT, these people are charlatans

  • No one on this show understands MMT – printing money does not result in deficits – u r either talking about inflationary risk from printing or u r talking borrowing and inflating a bubble – its not about govts more about Central Banks & how they view inflationary risk and introducing a policy like the job guarantee will make their job easier because it acts as an automatic stabiliser – MMT does not equal "deficits don't matter" the focus should be on inflation and a more nuanced view of inflation from different bottlenecks in the economy – debts are more relevant to recurrent expenditure than longer term investment. US can leverage currency as it already has to print – it just needs to make sure its spent effectively and does not cause inflation in particular areas of the economy. If u gave poor people money at what point would it lead to a rise in the price of food – u can measure & monitor that & central banks should be more attuned to analysing this kind of data.

  • Now I know why I stopped watching MSNBC. The lies run rampid. Mainstream economist are getting desperate now. Mmt is 100% correct it is not a theory. Mr. Goolsby why don't you debate Stephanie Kelton. She will make you look like the fool that you are.

  • And yet another person being interviewed who hasn't read MMT. If you actually read it, you will find it's not confusing at all. This is yet another smear. "The problem with deficits is you have to pay back the money?" Bonds rollover, daily, they are not paid off in aggregate. With that logic, we should be worried about paying of the private sector debt in the aggregate. Do we ever pay off the private sector debt in the aggregate? Hmm? The answer…no, not ever. We have a lot of people at the top who are trying desperately to discredit MMT. That should not only ring the alarm bells, that should be the impetus for you to read MMT and make up your own mind. A lot of wealthy people don't want you to understand MMT…that's the truth.

  • If the target goal of the fed is 2% inflation per year, then the value of the dollar will be cut in half every 35 years. Since inflation is a tax on both savings and debt, this means the amount of debt we have will feel like it is half as big 35 years from now. If the fed changed their inflation target to 3%, then the value of the dollar would be cut in half every 23.5 years.

  • This is why we don’t watch your channel. Get Stephanie on to debate this guy and you’ll see main stream economist have nothing to stand on they live in some alternate reality. Japan has over 250% GDP for over 20 years

  • This guy sounds like a complete know nothing! He obviously doesn't even understand what the Fed does, let along what MMT is.

  • How hard was that to understand? Why are they acting as if they're talking about the string theory?

  • the left is losing it gourd. They give it an acronym to make is sound like its new critical thinking when all it is is a convoluted excuse to expand the government. Try selling this nonsense to the public by just telling them the truth: you want to pay for more government with monopoly money,

  • This is a horrible explanation of MMT. Get someone who actually knows and can explain this decades old academic literature of economics. This is nothing but a trap filled with misinformation. MSNBC needs to stop being biased and explaining this wrong to act as a scare tactic. If you want to learn about real MMT, buy the textbooks or listen to experts like L. Randall Wray, Dr. William Mitchell, Stephanie Kelton, Warren Mosler, or Dr. Fadhel Kaboub.

  • 'The problem is you have to pay back the money'
    No its not debt. Its easy to pay back the principal and interest on t-bills. By crediting accounts. (aka printing money) We don't need to 'borrow' to spend. The economist misses the main and most basic point of MMT.

  • The part that's obvious is that MSNBC is the establishment wing of the Democratic party and the fact that if people don't know the truth about MMT then we won't fight for it and they can continue getting their big tax breaks.

  • 4:32 it might be? It will be 2020 Who you think will win? If you ask me it's Andrew Yang or Donald Trump.

  • What if ever countries sell goods to USA and don't want dollar back so they just change into gold and take it back. So now the more print money the more inflation you get.

  • MMT has the absurdly infantile belief that taxes reduce the amount of money in the w economy.
    It's an foolish idea based on false information.
    The reality is taxes are re spent by government and the factual evidence proves that. It is avilable on the historical records of the Whitehouse which nyone can access from the following :- https://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/historical-tables/ The facts are shown in the records in Table 1.1 – SUMMARY OF RECEIPTS, OUTLAYS, AND SURPLUSES OR DEFICITS ( – ): 1789 – 2024 This table shows that taxes form Most of government spending .
    Even if one does not accpt that evidence one only has to ask – How come the expenditure of the US Federal government was approximately 40 Trillion over the past ten years but the total of yearly deficits only created less than a quarter of the whole expenditure which was 10 trillion ? If taxes did not form most of that expenditure the national debt (sum of deficits) would have been nearly 50 trillion and not just have increased by 10 trillion to the 21 trillion it is now.

  • Firstly – Who gave credence to the idea that a surplus is "holding onto money" ? totally wrong since governments do not "hold onto surpluses". They spend them later or return them to the rest of the economy.
    The Crazy deluded MMT claims that government having deficits are Not a tax burden on the private sector is equally wrong.
    The fact is taxes must be used to fund deficits sooner or later. Federal deficits, which are funded by government borrowing form the private sector or the Federal reserve, allow government to spend excessive amounts than they collect in taxes that budget year.
    It means a debt is created that in future years has to be paid by taxes on the private sector since nobody else including government itself can pay for those debts. Government cannot pay it's own debts since they only have taxes from the private sector to pay for their spending.
    Those payments must be made when the debt bonds that were formed to create extra money for the deficit spends and those bonds mature every day on a continuing basis so taxpayer pay sooner or later . There is no magic bullet to pay for excessive spending above the balance point of tax collections and government spending.
    So government should balance their budgets just like they force everyone else to do since failing to do so is bad financial management.

  • If it sounds too good to be true then it is too good to be true !!
    "We can just Print more Money " so "we can all have nice things" is the cry of their leading MMT economist Stephanie Kelton. What a foolish statement that defies historical fact and only a fool would fall for that often tried line. – Still there are plenty of financial fools who are willing to be sucked in and hooked by such foolishness.
    'Come in sucker' is what MMT pushers say under their breath.

  • No one in this video understands MMT lol they keep talking about how taxes are needed to fund the spending, but MMT states that taxes are NOT required for spending. The government spends the money, then they collect it back as taxes merely to prevent inflation. If the policies the government spends money on already tackle inflation, then taxes don't need to be raised to fund that spending.

  • The presenter – MMT suggests governments don't have to worry about debt because they print their own money".
    Yeah, and they are looking for some ignorant enough people to believe it. Some people who don't know that new money is created as debt !! So how can debt pay off debt ? — It can't and only someone ignorant of that fact would believe it can!!