What is Resolve’s Fellowship Programme?

Hong Kong, I think is a place that we all love Despite being very diverse, Hong Kong it could be more inclusive As a whole, we have moved forward a little bit, but I think there’s a lot more we can do How do we progress from here? Like what does it mean to be a Hong Konger? Why can’t Hong Kong be an example for the world? How can we create a platform to inspire potential community leaders who can create a more inclusive society? Equality Fantastic Unity Essential Open-minded Amazing Challenging Enlightening Empowering Empowerment Humbling Happy Fantastic To be honest, I had joined many programs in Hong Kong since I came Hong Kong for three years I can say that this program is the best program I have joined It’s just been such a learning experience for me I just have been soaking everything up And also hearing from perspectives of people that I wouldn’t have otherwise heard from There were lots of doubts how our work is impacting the society When I saw Resolve’s Fellowship and read about their plans and workshops, I thought it is just the thing I needed to move forward It’s not boring The whole day today I was so, so, so much excited and happy, from the beginning to the end I just feel like I was tired before coming But I’m really, really energized now because it was really fruitful One of the things I valued the most is being able to meet people from all walks of life, really Because a lot of these people I wouldn’t have met without Resolve And I think Resolve is doing this important work by giving the power back to people who are actually affected by this law and policy and listening to their stories You know, I’ve spent so many years drafting funding proposals saying we are doing things with people and not for them but that program is just like more, you know It’s just like do it on your own It has made me more confident before I was just confusing about if this is right or not Yeah, because I don’t know how I can make something to do, to change the situation and make something better life for myself, my friends and other people I feel that this program has really you know, motivated me to work more independently you know without needing anybody’s help You know, most of my ideas, I always left it on paper and I never really got to take action with them And now I’m more confident because I see other people doing that I’ve been amazed at how they’ve even though they were very different But they’ve come together and accepted each other and just built that support network as a whole and I think that’s been great I can still use it in my day-to-day life and not just because I’m fighting, advocating ethnic minority rights but it’s also it’s something that I can teach ethnic minority kids You just want to let the decision-makers know that more needs to be done And we are here to help understand what needs to be done and to stand with them if they need us I’ve learned that different personalities can be fantastic leaders and be great change makers The biggest thing that I’ve noticed is that these other people that define Hong Kong The fellows that we have on this program are what makes Hong Kong an international city The fellows themselves are, you know we always say that they create ripple effects By supporting Resolve what you’re supporting really is a next generation of social change makers of catalysts who will be working to make Hong Kong a more inclusive place

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