What is a community council?

what is a community council community? Community councils are voluntary organisations that represent views of local people on matters that affect them. They are run by local people to act on behalf of
their area. Community councils have a statutory right to be consulted on applications for planning permission and licensing boards need to notify
community councils of any new premises license application and applications
that substantially change how an existing premise operates. So what do community councils do? community councils bridge the gap
between local authorities and communities by representing local
people’s views on planning permission licensing applications. community councils vary in size and how
they engage with their community. To promote upcoming meetings they often
post on community notice boards, put flyers and libraries, and share information on social media. Many community councils also work with local
businesses and other local groups to promote consultations events and future
meetings community councils undertake projects
that benefit their community and improve their area. Here’s a few examples many community councils organize events
like gala days and Christmas lights switch-ons community councils campaign for local issues community councils share with and
highlight information to the community on behalf of residents and other
organizations community councils can lead on or
contribute to development plans for their local area for more information visit

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