We Found Reagan’s Welfare Queen!

We Found Reagan’s Welfare Queen!

good now as everyone after more than
thirty years of searching by the newsweek ronald reagan’s infamous welfare queen
has finally been found she lives in bentonville arkansas she has a mason thirty addresses reagan
warren did during his nineteen seventy six run for the president about this
nameless cadillac driving woman who’s kanina social safety net she’s got medicaid getting food stamps
and she’s collecting welfare under each other names in total reagan center tax-free cashing
comes over under fifty thousand dollars a year there from one thirty years republicans views
the existence of this welfare queen to justify their tax on public spending
it prove it the last thursday to throw a rock but we never found after decades of searching the best and brightest minds of the
field of journalism were never able to discover who was behind the wheel of that welfare queens cadillac or is
she even existed that is until now we now realize our mistake if we should be listed spent evidence collectors bodies of the
supreme court instead of looking for actual people when we’re looking for the welfare queen
we should elegant burkhart bright people we should’ve been lookin at wal-mart wal-mart is the largest private employer
and brought in more reading in two thousand eleven than any other company in the nation a pocket not to whose chevy sixteen point four billion
dollars in profits that same year and the six wal mart here’s the warm
family owned roughly a hundred billion dollars in wealth which is more than
forty percent of americans combined despite making all this money wal-mart’s
business model hinges on mood sheena from the government hinges on wall mart being the biggest welfare
queen in the united states because of their everyday low wages that the retail giant pays its employees our government urinate have to step in to provide public
assistance to wal-mart workers just so they can survive which is why the
wal-mart workforce represents the largest recipient of federal aid in our nation a wal-mart worker makes on average
thirty one percent laos and worker for any other large retailer and requires thirty nine percent more in public assistance they look to this u_c_-berkeley found the wal-mart’s low wages are
costing that state they state california just the city california eighty six million dollars a year
provide public assistance like food stamps and health care two forty four thousand low-wage
employees the palmer as in california at state spends nearly two thousand
dollars every single year an each walmart employees because on one or wages they can’t
afford basic essentials like housing food and health care in total test may the walmart stores loot more
than two point six billion dollars every single year from the federal government
federal state governments in the form of taxpayer funded public assistance to their employees it’s more than a billion dollars in
health care costs associated medicaid to our twenty five million dollars in
free reduced price lunches for school children walmart employees and now the have imposed tells us
wal-mart is planning to loot even more from us taxpayers as the giant corporations adopted a new
health care policy that’s gonna deny insurance to any employee working fewer
than thirty hours a week used to be they did this for people work
in powder twenty five hours i now is a lullaby fears got this
thirty-hour thresh ok will do that omar routinely forces their workers in
apartheid schedules working fewer than thirty hours a week
so many riddle lose their health insurance under this policy and when asked to comment about this by
the idea of post wal-marts and uh… make no mistake about while it may be individual wal-mart
employees who are collecting the government benefits it’s the corporation that’s really
walking away with the big bucks if the government didn’t step in to
provide food assistance wal-mart couldn’t operate with a team of
a may see had workers unable if pallets of canned goods ur counter correct change of the checkout
lanes if the government didn’t step in to provide health insurance than walmart
stores idia breeding ground for infectious diseases switzer plays can afford to see a doctor
on their own if the government in provided school lunches systems and parents who
work a wal-mart may have less money but gas in the car may not even make it work i mean i look at this is succeed with a
sickly tired to party or all tat altogether adds that work for sick yet now most companies in america get that if you want to have a functional
business having a healthy happy productive workforce is like job one first thing wal-mart has not doubt that memo instead with their enormous fortune
they’re shifting that responsibility they have you know to have their
employees b well-fed natal to buy a house or even a
rant you know what they have their kids in
school they they’ve shifted that responsibility you and me biggest welfare queen in america delhi difference is that walmart actually exists and reagan’s welfare queen doesn’t didn’t i think you know concerns have been
using reagan’s welfare queens schtick for years to go after individual americans poor americans the
working poor estaba an ak dash they even they even renamed social
security insurance yet that’s the original name of that it was the old age and something insurance program insurance is part of
the name of social security the original ect and f_d_r_ never ever call that entitlement he
referred to as social insurance conservatism renamed it is in title
months like uh… well i think i’m in total something well sorry its insurance units it’s time we target the actually the actual tuesday institutions of response of your
responsibility in america that’s wal-mart units they don’t give a damn other corporate
their in their own their workers who just you know it’s it’s all about the
corporate bottom line empty frankly my kenneth a corporation
can afford its employees enough that each worker can afford basic essentials like health
care food and housing and we shouldn’t let them do business in
america we should say no more corporate welfare queens in america if you’re paying somebody such low wages
that they have to go on medicaid that their kids have to get food stamps that they even qualify for them then your business model shouldn’t be
something that america’s holding up the world and say
hey labels are most successful companies now we saw you know what you wanna
workers walked off the job on black friday simpson beginning efforts to try to unionize companies entrance watch these people
like apart so exciting i wal-mart say something
nice for about unionized

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59 thoughts on “We Found Reagan’s Welfare Queen!”

  • Thank you Thom for pointing this out! People don't see how a company's own policies lead to the very situations that individual business owners complain about.

  • I call anyone who shops at Walmart a traitor to the American middle class. To those who say Walmart MUST pay low wages in order that their customers are able to benefit from the exploitation of Walmart employees, consider this: If Walmart is cheating the government out of 3 billion in the form of government subsidies to its workers yet makes 16 billion a year in profits, Walmart could easily pay its workers more and still make over 12 billion in profits, without raising prices to customers.

  • I'm just happy you expressed your fine progressive sentiments so eloquently when so few of your comrades are willing to do the same. Yes, let's take what's rightfully ours (it's not)! Let the streets run red with the blood of our capitalist oppressors! Viva la revolucion!

  • One day I went to Wal-Mart and the greeter was about 80 years old and in a motorized cart. He told me he worked there for 20 years and can't afford to retire even though he can't walk so obviously they don't help with retirement either.. The Walton family must be cruel, heartless individuals.

  • Because the action you describe would mean lowering ourselves to THEIR level. But you are right, we ARE headed for rock bottom, despite having a Democrat in the White House and a Democratic majority in the Senate. The real powers in the US will not allow REAL CHANGE.

  • Entitlement means something you are entitled to. As in, you earned it and are thus entitled to it. Tings like social security, medicare, etc. It's all in how the word is used by the right, and the context they use it in. They call all social programs "entitlements" in an effort to dirty the word and make it a shameful thing.

  • How much of Wal-M's income comes from those on Food Stamps & other government assistance? Do the People really need to fund these leeches?

  • Are Marc Rich and George Soros a part of the upper 1%, or only the political billionaires that aren't on your side? War mongering? Like BO's massacre of the Libyans and Syrians? Living on the back of the poor/middle? So we who want to tax people less are the one trying to live off of others?

  • Social programs designed to expand dependency ARE shameful. The notion of the social program in itself isn't evil. Only ones that are designed to keep people hooked in order to buy off voters. Did you know over 40% of long-term immigrants are one the dole? The longer an immigrant family stays in America, the higher their chance of getting bennies.

  • Democrats are the lowest forms of life, lying racist, corporate war-mongers, they are the ones keeping the poor, poor and preventing the middle class from growing. What good has welfare done, other than create more dependency? ok raise the pay for Wal-Mart worker, you will also raise the price of all goods sold at wall mart! There are more welfare recipients in the state of California then there are actual workers. califorina also has one of the highest corporate tax rate in the nation.

  • You haven't and can't refute what Hartmann said. Like all objectivist parasites you think it's okay to exploit people without affording them a living wage as long as Uncle Sam covers your ass. Undoubtedly, like the twisted Rand bitch, when you're in need you'll be one of the first in line for a government "hand out" since like most selfish moochers you have no shame.

  • Like all socialist you think that Objectivist want to exploit people, you desire to be a dependent of U.S government, and you want the government to be your nanny from cradle to grave! You would rather be a slave to the state then a free man capable of determining your own future.

  • LOL, nice comeback. It really pains me when some random jackass calls me stupid online. What bothers me is that you think all Republicans are exactly the same. I love how you criticize them for being evil when YOUR the one suggesting the mutilation of entire families. Republicans aren't the only parasites out there. Socialists like you are the real moochers. Wake up.

  • Also name 1 place where you can work at and not get fired for downing the place?– ANY UNION JOB.
    Seriously, you cannot get fired from a union job just for expressing your displeasure with the company, you have to actually fuck up and not do your job to lose it. You have freedom of speech because they know it has nothing to do with your ability to get the job done. If it does, then you're out.
    Walmart will fire you if you refuse to participate in their prayer circles.

  • Ok all we hear is your rants but you show no clips of him actually saying that, go home to your mommy and bite yer pillah.

  • You couldn't find her?  I found her in the December 19th, 1974 edition of Jet, page 16&17.  She was also all over the Chicago Tribune between 1974 and 1976.  The New York Times reported that her Cadillac was taken away.  Her name was Linda Taylor and Josh Levin at Slate just did quite a long story about her.

    You're welcome.

  • Hartman is the typical left wing liar, as other have pointed out her name was Linda Taylor and the Chicago Tribune and Jet Magazine did stories on her. No republican has ever been quoted using the term. 

  • http://www.npr.org/blogs/codeswitch/2013/12/20/255819681/the-truth-behind-the-lies-of-the-original-welfare-queen

  • Corporations are supposed to try to be profitable. If you want Walmart to pay employees more fairly write to Congress. They are supposed to listen to citizens. The government can raise the minimum wage and lower the weekly hours for requiring employers to provide health insurance.

  • They should unionize. Not only that but they are literally on the dole themselves. They take in billions in government subsidies. Bass pro shops is one of the biggest offenders of these kind of immoral practices. They're like the ultimate welfare queen. 

  • how about go in there with a blow horn and shout these facts at the top of your lungs. lol that might stir the sheeple a little bit.

  • Walmart really is bad for the US they destroyed US manufacturing while being heavily subsidised by government. Madness how can this be happening?

  • The welfare queen is a myth and Ronnie made that shit up to scapegoat the weakest people in society- single black moms. Enjoy your reunion with Nancy in hell, Ronnie, because that's where both of you are now

  • our welfare cheats aren't driving cadillacs in the ghettos of nyc, they operated Space Shuttles thru extra-terrestrial junkyards.

  • Reagan heard about a basic welfare fraud where some people from the poorest neighborhood concocted a 2 or 3 address fraud to try and catch workers off guard and get a few extra dollars, they rode in on the bus, and were caught right away, so to dramatisize the situation reagan embellished the numbers to 80 addresses and for giggles a nice Cadillac in order to shove tax breaks for the wealthy down our throats and huge tax increases for the poor and stiff new laws for welfare recipients

  • Linda Taylor was just an out and out criminal, her fleecing of Welfare was just a small part of her career, here's Slate's report on her. http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/history/2013/12/linda_taylor_welfare_queen_ronald_reagan_made_her_a_notorious_american_villain.html

  • Thom arnt all those programs welfare Medicare Medicaid food stamps and Obamacare unconstitutional. And if we didn't have those programs maybe Walmart wouldn't use those programs to subsidies their workers income.