University Clubs in Korea | SKKU EXCHANGE Q&A

University Clubs in Korea | SKKU EXCHANGE Q&A

Hello everybody! Hello ~
It’s your boy David aka Davlorito If you’re new to my channel,
Hey my name is David, I’m a Filpino from Germany and I studied in Korea. Before we start with this video.
I just wanted to say I’m glad and
happy and thankful for your messages that I was able to help you. I am glad to
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gonna be all about making friends It’s gonna be about the University clubs that
I attended, joined and got in contact with And where I met people and made friends
outside of university activities as well The next Q&A topic will be
about life in general in Seoul So if you have any questions for me,
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And now let’s get to this video WOO Let me start by telling you where
I met most of my friends and just people in general so there are three clubs,
three clubs that I joined at SKKU 1) CCC 2) STC 3) Gun (꾼) I was also checking out some other clubs,
I ended up not attending or joining officially but I got to know a few people, I talked to
them. That was the Filmclub, a choir I forgot the name. Sorry. Because there’re so many singing clubs
but yeah I also went to a choir The third one was also a singing
club it was called “Sori Sarang” I just talked with them but I didn’t end up
joining those clubs but they were also very cool So I’ll be talking about those later,
where I made friends outside of university were Church, Seoul Fashion Week,
a Facebook group, HY dance studio So let me get into the questions and I will
be talking more in-depth about those categories First question is by Lorien Which clubs do I recommend that also take in foreigners, and does SKKU also have a souvenir shop where you can buy pullovers and jackets etc. I’ll answer the souvenir shop question first,
Yes, they do have one on Seoul campus It is in the business building underground
Level 2 or 3. The lowest one – you’ll find it! The souvenir shop is not that cheap
so if you want to get a jacket make sure to check out, the Hi-club
that made the special jackets for the international & exchange students etc
it will be cheaper than buying a jacket from the souvenir
shop. The jacket that you will be getting from the hi-club will be custom-made
and you will all have the same so all exchange students. You kind of a
remembrance – or classmates in your major I would recommend making friends,
Korean friends, right away and ask them about the jackets because usually they
order them in the beginning of the sem but that’s only for the freshmen.
So, if you’re not a freshman or you don’t have freshmen around you then
you might not be able to order that but yeah you should just give it a try.
So, now to the clubs that I recommend Let me start with STC – Sungkyunkwan Tennis Club
That was the first one that I joined They were very kind. We were quite
international, we were Koreans, Chinese Dutch, German… We played tennis.
The problem was I went in autumn so it was raining and snowing already
towards the latter part of the semester so we didn’t get to play as much but we
also went bowling when we had bad weather Just so you know if you’re going
to enter the Tennis Club you’ll have to pay 40,000 won but that’s
for the whole semester because you get the racket – get those for “free”
when you play there so you won’t have to bring a racket.
40,000 won for 2x / week for the whole semester – is quite cheap
for playing tennis as you know renting courts is quite expensive so that’s
where I met a few people If you’re into tennis or you want
to give it a try then just go for the STC Here are the Indonesian bros! The second club that I entered
and ended up spending the most time with was CCC, which is a Christian club,
so it may sound weird to some of you you but we don’t just like sit there and
just pray. That’s not like what we do how do you explain this club?!
It’s more like a community. Let’s just call it that So you have services during the week
that you can attend in the evening. What I like about CCC is
the welcoming atmosphere And you made friends. Of course,
not all of them can speak English well But I can tell that they try and some of them
do speak English. I personally felt at home with this club and I would just enter
the club room and hang out there for a few hours; spend time getting to know the
members of the club and then we also had MT – like a retreat that you go to
and we had games, just getting to know each other And NO, you don’t have to
be a Christian to attend that Club but we talk about Jesus and we pray.
Most importantly, feeling you’re part of a community I think that was
what really drove me into that Club and let me stay there and I’m still friends
with very many of this club. CCC is one Club I definitely recommend you
checking out. If it’s nothing for you then hey you gave it a try but if you end up do
liking it – then HEY that’s great! Another club that I would recommend for foreigners
is the film Club. I didn’t attend this club but I got to know them and they were
very welcoming, and excited when I checked out their booth. At the beginning of each semester they have this like Club presentation.
So it’s on campus, all of the clubs are representing themselves so if you have
no clue which clubs you want to attend and check out they will present their
clubs on this day. You’ll just have to check out the bulletin board and ask around So yeah that’s when I met the film club.
Here’s the thing though and I just want you guys to know this for all clubs in
general. Oftentimes what happens with clubs is they make a separation,
and I feel like it’s not a club thing It’s more of a thing in Korea. I noticed,
dividing stuff like all Koreans and then all foreigners so sometimes you will feel like
‘hey, I just want to be with the Koreans’ So, don’t be discouraged!
Just the fact that you are able to enter the club and join them is already
a big step because some clubs will tell you right away,
they’re not accepting any foreigners If you’re into films, the film club is good
you watch movies together and you also make your own movies together you film them together.
So, those three are the ones that I would recommend for foreigners.
Let’s move on to the next question How do I speak about this
bigger topic??? I joined, I think I’m pronouncing it wrong It has three departments,
it’s singing, rapping and dancing Basically a kpop idol. So, I was in the vocal group.
what I had to do was write my own lyrics and then we would practice
and then that’s it.. I guess, I don’t know it was for me very strange because if
you’re not used to writing songs and creating a melody to a beat then it
might be a bit difficult for you but yeah it was fun. I did it a few times but
then I ended up not going anymore I’ll explain this because I don’t want to
bash them they were friendly and some of them spoke English,
like talked with me. Unlike you know CCC and STC in GUN it to had more of that,
I don’t know… I don’t want to say ‘competitive spirit’ because it really wasn’t
but it was more of like ‘I do my thing’ and ‘you do your thing’ kind of situation
So it was more of like that Talking about GUN, I have a friend Actually, several of them went for the
dancing they wanted to dance you know this question is about dancing.
And they told me that they had to audition or something like that and it was quite fun
actually, they said and it was also good and the people the club members were
friendly but the supervisor at that time or like the leader told them that they
can join but it’s not worth coming anymore because you’re gonna practice for
a performance, which the foreign students will not be allowed to join/
participate in. And I think it was the same for me with a vocal thing because
at some point they told me that they will be practicing for a performance.
So, the performance ended up being for the Uni festival – University festival All in all, I have to say people that
joined GUN – foreigners, exchange students from what I heard they didn’t find it bad
but it wasn’t a place where they’d go back to All ended up going 2 to 4 times
And then we just stopped going Just know that any clubs with
singing and dancing you most probably will have to audition. Just keep that
in mind, if you want to join any musical creative club. This one in general,
if you can speak Korean a little bit you’ll be have an easier way into the clubs,
it’s not a requirement but just easier The dance thing, if you really want
to dance, I personally found a dance studio, which is HY dance studio.
I will link their Instagram here you can check them out and contact them.
and if you do go make sure to tell the dance instructor his name is Hyeoyeon
and tell them that Davlorito sent you, David or DAVLORITO, he should know You’ll just have to keep in mind for the
dance studio you will have to pay for the dance clubs, you don’t have to pay.
So, it’s up to you what you want to go for Okay! I feel like this video is super long.
I hope you can bear with me but I’m really trying to answer your questions
as detailed as possible and to give you an idea about all of these clubs and the
club life and where I just made friends so so so so – next question: Yes, definitely you can join several clubs.
This depends on how involved you want to be You can become a member of several clubs
but you don’t actually have to attend every week It’s up to you, if you really want
to spend much time with these club members I feel like joining one or two will give you more space and time to actually get
to know the people in depth in to build a relationship. But if you just want to
like try things out you can go for more and of course it also depends on your
class schedule, how many classes you are taking and you know workload and studying etc.
So, yeah but you can definitely join more Clubs at a time.
The CCC Club, I mentioned earlier it’s very welcoming. We went to Jeju-do
together for a conference thing And we would go out to for lunch and dinner.
Like not everyone just like a few people from the club because the club is big
It has many members. You get to know people here and there. Just always go
to the club room in your free time and then just introduce yourself.
You have to be more bold, I guess. This goes for all clubs. You have to be the person
to be introducing yourself, put yourself in their face HAHA
You have to take the initiative. You can’t wait for people in Korea to approach you.
I feel like it’s just a cultural thing, I was not approached as often in Korea,
in general. For building up friendships and stuff like that. So you’ll have to take
the initiative and once you do that you’ll see it will follow, they will also
start contacting you more. It’s just… You have to do the first step. Just be the
one to overcome it because you’re just going to be there for a limited time.
So, you don’t have time to warm up… So just go for it!
Last question for this video You are not allowed to move into the dorms
before the actual move-in date so several of the exchange students just
booked a motel or hotel or guest house just for a few days
Some went traveling already beforehand Some went to Jeju already,
some went to Busan and then they came to Seoul; like one or two days
before the date that I had to enter What it was like for me? I explored Seoul
a lot, I think I came two weeks before so I had enough time to just get used to
Korean money, Seoul City, the subway system getting familiarized with the
neighboring areas of where I was living yeah I was enjoying myself. I was meeting
up with people, getting to know new people etc. That’s just that’s just me.
The first real encounter you will have with all of the people, will be at
orientation and I just can really encourage you not to be shy no matter
how shy you feel at orientation, that is the place where you will meet a lot of
people not necessarily friends but just meet new people. You will meet a lot of
people and that’s where you will be able to meet people from your country,
neighboring countries, countries from the other side of the world Also, Korean students, you will meet the
Hi-club there for the first time so make sure to make connections there as well,
former exchange students maybe who will be speaking when I went there there
was a Korean youtuber who spoke the next semester I was the one who spoke.
So you will get to meet a lot of new people there that first day of bonding with
people and I met several people on orientation that I’m still friends with
today and I’m still in contact with them I met people from Suwon and Seoul campus.
That’s another great thing on orientation, you will meet all exchange
students from Suwon and Seoul campus You will all be in the same place it will be
in Seoul campus but you will all meet so I feel like that’s not so great.
I also made friends from Suwon campus even though I wasn’t having classes on that
campus just because of the orientation I was able to meet them
and we became friends Okay last point for this video
This is super long but this is a very short one I met other YouTubers in Korea, so if you
are also starting a YouTube channel You know as it is for Facebook groups and
YouTuber groups, in general, you will be messaging, you might even meet them but
don’t expect a super-tight friendship those things take time, sometimes it
clicks sometimes it doesn’t I know you’re aware of this but I’m just
letting you know because you might think Oh, David told me everyone is so kind in
that group and everyone’s gonna be your friend that is not the case. I have to say
I made fewer friends in the Facebook group than I did in person, in real life.
I made more friends through these clubs and places that I went physically but I
feel like it’s a very good place to start because they will also be helping
you out with tips. Then of course I made friends through the church, I was
looking for a Korean church because I’m I attended two churches,
I attended the Filipino church that I already knew but I was really looking
for a Korean church to bond with young people So I didn’t find one right away,
yenno, miss-matches here and there, Then I did find a church, if you’re interested
to go to that church just you know comment down below message and I’ll try
to hook you up. The friend that took me to that church was a friend of mine that
you’ve probably seen on my channel several times, her name is Annemarie
and we met through HY dance studio So I made mention this studio
already a few times and we’re still closed today. so the dance studio was
also a place where I made friends through Fashion Week this is more of
like I feel like a shallow kind of friendship Fashion Week happens twice a year
so I went twice and during those two times I met friends or I met people
I’m saying ‘friends’ all the time But I met people through the Fashion Week and
we would kind of contact each other during and before the next in a bit
after Seoul Fashion Week some I even met to hang out. We’re not as close simply
because they were pure Koreans and we would still meet up outside of Seoul
Fashion Week yeah you can just get a certain level you know their mother
tongue is Korean, it isn’t mine, so when we talk it kind of stays shallow that’s
what I mean by ‘shallow’; it stays within the basic information like family school
hobbies etc like that so yeah I hope that answers your questions and you
have an idea about the clubs and where I personally met my friends in Korea
I’m sorry if this was a bit all over the place. Anyway, if you have any
questions about living in Korea in general or anything about you know the
everyday life in Korea, leave it in the comment section down below for my next
Q&A video and don’t forget to use #DavloritoSKKU
I hope you like this video, so if you haven’t liked this video click that like button to
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a good evening wherever you may be See you soon! Adios, kumay!

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