“U.S. played important role in delaying GSOMIA termination”

“U.S. played important role in delaying GSOMIA termination”

the u.s. played an important role in
delaying the termination of G so Mia according to reports this is according
in fact to the South Korean ambassador to the United States is sooo shocked had
a foreign correspondence meeting in Washington he said the decision
strengthened trust and communications between Seoul and Washington
he added while it seemed like the u.s. was pressuring South Korea to keep the
deal it’s understood the top US officials had visited Seoul and Tokyo to
actively encourage the two sides to reach an agreement

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  • Russia is more help to S Korea than the US. US refused helping making artillery and tank but later helped with tank development when S Korea got help from W Germany. US also refuse S Korea from making missiles and nuclear technology even in civilian field until recently. Today the US refused to help with 4 core technology making KFX. But the US allow Japan to develop rockets and develop nuclear technology way before S Korea. It's stupid for S Korean government to side with the US. Russia is likely partner for S Korea looking at the past. During Japanese occupation, Russia supported Korean independence.