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100 thoughts on “Trump Impeachment Probe Confronts ‘Russian Way Of Doing Politics’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  • Does this Dude ever wear anything but a black suit ?
    Is HE GOTH . I know he's an illetirate MORON but what's with his clothes

  • I have a question nobody is asking, at least yet. 45 is evidently interfering with a young democracy. Fui shame on him for that too. But from what Snowdon mentioned in a side sentence really not a big deal ton, hello, if interfering in the US democracy is bad and that is a given, DON'T YOU THINK IT'S ALSO BAD FOR THE US TO INTERFERE IN THE DEMOCRACY OF OTHERS! Please say yes and that you'll see to it that future presidents refrain from doing such a thing. What is bad for you can't be good for others, right?! Right is right and wrong is wrong for everyone everywhere right?!

  • Love Seeing This Lady Go Down…She Just Blew It Again…So Laughable.There Is Nothing To Impeach Trump For…Even Ken Star Says This Will Go No Wheres.

  • Weimer Republic was a whopping 12 years when the Nazi'z took power, 13 years old when Hitler took office and dismantled the already fragile democracy (from the worldwide depression). Not exactly the 250 plus year old United States. Maddow is Russian conspiracy obsessed kook.

  • Rachel, You know NOTHING about Russia. NOTHING! You look like a cheap prostitute taking orders from the military industrial complex. For example: 1) Putin wildly popular in Russia. 2) Russia, not Ukraine took over Crimea in 1780s, for God Sake. 3) Ukrainians were viewed by Crimeans as corrupt and authoritarian. So, they voted to join Russia. Don't you believe in self-determination. Snyder is a right-wing Yalie! What a joke! The US does constantly interfere in other countries!!!!!!!!

  • This is in fact the Democrats way of doing Politics – All crimes committed by Democrats are ignored – examples – Fusion GPS – and Joe Biden using US taxpayers money to bribe a foreign government for his own ends – and admits to it on camera…..!
    This Mad Cow is simply a MSM biased Political hack – remember – "Even if he wins all the top ups…..?" – I watch that any time I need cheering up….!

  • In my opinion, this is the more serious cutting edge of the issue. I fear what the Trump team refers to as "Deep State" is actually the career, professional govt employees of the past 20-50 years who have a good sense of the constitution and the checks and balances in our nation. Trump and his camp are trying to run away with the nation and get a new deal arrangement with Russia. Ukraine is the crux of the biscuit, and Russia is who bought the paper on "Donny Tulips" debt.

  • Then there is Cambridge Analytica working with stolen information to push targeted false information or biased ads to mesh with Russian cyber attacks. Russia used trolls to push American sexist, racist, xenophobic ideologies from both sides intending to further our divides. There is information CA practiced on the Philippines with these tactics to help elect Duterte before they worked on America and Great Britain pushing Brexit.

  • The UK is going down the road to tyranny, with government, its advisors, right wing groups, right wing press undermining democracy and institutions, including parliament and the courts

  • MSNBC is doing a wonderful job of getting these important messages to the Democrats. And, the Democratic elected officials are doing a fine job of making themselves available to MSNBC. Unfortunately, preaching to the choir does not make converts. The leaders of the Democratic Party need to pool the money being wasted by candidates who have no chance of getting the nomination and, in turn, spend that money on television campaigns that target those who tend to support Trump. But, as intelligent as he is, do not put a Yale professor in the campaign. Instead, get a popular athlete, a hunter or fisherman – an outdoorsman. We cannot continue pandering to ourselves.

  • Спасибо, TRMS и Профессор Снайдер!!
    I have been shouting a lot. But friends are beginning to LISTEN !!!

  • Oh, and for those wishin’ to converse? Any Cyrillic I post is copy/pasted. I absolutely REFUSE to install the Cyrillic ANSI table!
    You’ll have to make do with my transliterated Russian!

  • I had planned on taking a short hiatus from all things trump and republican but then found my life what so less stressful and I just couldn't make myself go back. I refused to read or listen to anything that had to do with trump and his regime. That's burying my head in the sand, however, and honestly it's nice to be back. I missed Rachel!

  • Wasn't sure how Trump would end up in trouble as President of the United States (cuz you knew he would) but definitely was not expecting him to try to subvert an ally whose worst enemy is Trump's best friend, Vlad Putin and his corrupting regime.

  • Rachel, my family watch your show every night and believe you have the right approach to what's going on these days. You tell it straight and you draw it out so even a fool can understand it, if they want to. Many people know this about you and many aren't pleased with what you do, but I am! I wish the Senate would listen to you every night as well. So, I'm asking you to please be careful and have security and at least a taser at hand as you travel on your book signings and tours! Don't be afraid to use it in very delicate spots so that if he ever had kids they will still be afraid of even static electricity!
    Harry and Anna in south Carolina

  • This started long ago, when Reagan destroyed unions. With no unions people were afraid for their jobs. Its a case of removing one organisation after another.

  • America is in a decaying state…
    All of the republican party will finish putting us in a 3rd world Country….

  • The President has the authority to declare at any time the Patriot Act.. ( no judge can block it, no State can defy it) utilizing the military (which he also has full authority to do), nothing you whine about can deny it. I dont expect criminals to know the law anyway. Thus ending your Constitutional rights temporarily. The military locks down the country and if you have any thoughts of getting violent or think you can go up against them, they are authorized to arrest . Now , after that happens, you are not processed through some little liberal court, but sent to a military tribunal and sentenced by the military. So…good luck!

  • ahh I see now. Your problem is you have been carrying that books for years.. You should stop reading it probably. It's making you unstable you need a break from conspiracy theories. It's taking it's toll on you

  • Unless military, religion, police, homeless, or poor, it is disturbingly unusual for anyone to wear the same clothes or has a wardrobe collection of the same outfits. Rachel is not normal; plus, I warned my son to be vigilantly mindful of any white person who proactively wears black. I also warned how those societal misfits are highly predisposed for domestic terroristic acts.

  • timothy Snyder wrote some fenomenally good books, so Pls listen to him. he has a great understanding of both historical an psychologicalmake up of tyrannies

  • omg, trump, barr, giuliani must be criminalised and stopped immediately to prevent them spreading a cancer to ukraine.

  • Praising lawyers is bad news in that handbook. Today’s defiance of laws at every level is a direct result of too many bad lawyers bending the rules at all levels of government, institutions, and public distorting the DOJ, the FBI and deconstructing all system of laws by misinterpreting them and building shields around them all in the name of laws. These lawyers are the enemy of the American People.

  • The Black Panthers and people like Amiri Baraka have declared that the U.S. is a fascist state since the 1960s and the 1970s. Fascism has been very much a part of the Black Experience!!!

  • Corruption in the White House of the American Nation, placing covert intelligence by Trump seeking support from another nation Australia to find information on a American citizen who was a FBI agent that was against Trump acting with and involving Russia,and now the new request to Australia to help Barr in finding the snitch,

  • They are hoping Ukraine will lie for them because Putin has Ukraine by the balls by russia invasion of that contry.Donald Trump is a russian operative. He has to do Putins bidding because he's in debt to putin and putin has damaging information on him and most of the GOP the real enemies of AMERICA.

  • Thank you Rachel for this interview. I am really so afraid that we all loose our freedom if we don't act. In Germany we had 8 right-wingers arrested just these days who wanted to overturn our government by a rightwing revolution by terroristic acts which they already had planned. Gladly they were stoped but how can we stop the mind system of wanting to take power over a country? It is all sick. Steve Bannon does not do any good either here.

  • I have been posting about this every day since trumps campaign, trying to get Americans to realise what dangers there country is potentially in danger of.
    I never even know that, that little book exists.
    BUT I feel every post I make is a complete waste of time, because people in the US take their country for granted of things which can be seen as obvious from the other side of the world.

    You guys seem to be a) waiting for someone else to fix your problems b) do nothing to help support what you constantly have boasted about where ever and whenever you can …We have more freedom than every other country in the world (not true) we are the best, we are the biggest…all not true, the US is none of those things. It never has been.
    c) you all seem to be (besides apathetic about your situation) scared to be the first to try and start a movement to save your country or at least help it. Even though there has never been a time easier in history to do it than now.
    The point? …Start fighting for your country or your going to lose it … Guaranteed. Your pay will keep falling behind other countries and all services will be removed and your freedoms you talk about so often that you are losing at a rapid rate will continue and once in place will be at least decades to get back. There will be no such things as Unions or minimum rates of pay (which already is disgraceful *Australia's Min. Federal pay in nearly double yours, plus we get extras included that leave you guys almost in the 'poverty section' of our pay rate grades.
    C'mon America…fight for it or lose it. You cannot expect other people to do the heavy lifting all the time it is time the people stated fighting for their rights they have taken for granted for too long.

  • The queen of the quacks continues to administer her daily dose of poison for the viewers who suffer with Trump deranged syndrome.

  • I think this guy has one of the best shows on t.v . He really hates trump, but for the most part, it seems like he really cares..

  • Trump admin will never be forgotten. This filthy administration will continue doing russian bidding. It will continue to undermine american law. All norms are being systematically corrupted. This is an old soviet guard ideology. Putin is of the old soviet guard KGB. We're effectively now under so iet rule. And the uninformed WHITE RIGHT VOTERS are leading us there. Know your senators, know your governers, know your presidential candidate, and above all , know your rights and don't seek to take them away from a few, because when you do, you are effectively taking away your own.

  • Russia's bad behavior? Oh the splinter in Russia's eye to miss the log in yours! Barack Obama and HIllary Clinton should be in jail for war crimes against Libya turning one of the best governed countries in Africa into a slave trading terrorist laden failed state.

  • Trump is on a roll now that he has discovered the origins of the illegal spying on his campaign…..
    From working with five……yes five……foreign world leaders all the criminal ducks have been put
    in a row…………
    It is exciting to watch the deep state step all over themselves hoping the fake news media
    can save them………….
    None of you need to wonder……Trump is still talking to many world leaders…..and many of
    us Trump supporters are cheering him on…….
    You all messed with a street fighter…….and you are not doing so well………….are you…..
    After three years Trump is still president and we will reelect Trump in 2020……….
    I have never had so much fun in my life……………
    Poor sad stupid pathetic irrelevant obsolete criminal deep state………….
    What were you thinking…………?

  • Pay attention America. Most superpowers eventually fail…this is one of the ways..allow a demagogue/dictator type to define the national narrative, and allow him to succeed and you eventually get a dynastic dictatorship that will fail at the next dictator who doesn't have the wherewithal to fool the local populous. In the meantime, the world observes the decay and decides not to trust and interact with the decaying society… We are a young country and have smart enough people to overcome this blip called Trump…don't let party politics drive our vibrant democracy into the ground…this is for Dems as well as Republicans.

  • One would hope that our longer history of our democratically elected republic would shield us from having such tyranny and yet it appears one single party in our current government has gone rogue to the point that they either fear liberals because of the unfounded belief that they (liberals) will take away the things they hold dear, which is having firearms, their religion and anti-abortion rights and their loved symbols of another time when our country was split by a whole section which hated the government and wished to break away. This has led them to find the convenient ally in a fascist country and the conservatives hate liberals more than they do the Russians, so we have a pawn of the Russian government as our president and he would love to declare a national emergency and give himself dictatorial powers, which we must not allow. Luckily, it appears that at least one of our institutions in the executive branch sees the threat to our national identity of a republic and would take measures to snuff out any would be dictator and that is the CIA, somewhat ironically. I have said if I were the sitting president during the primary or general election, I would have taken steps to prevent Trump from living to see himself sit in the WH, which is illegal for a president to do, but as Trump has obviously demonstrated he is a domestic enemy of the constitution and the president has taken an oath to protect our country from such a person. Nobody should construe this post as an appeal for somebody to take matters into his own hands by violence.

  • Chilling but right on – each of us has to a role to play in protecting our country and government from being shredded by the criminal Trump and GOP elected officials.

  • If you're watching this crap after MSNBC lied to you for 3 years about RussiaGate and still dont think Trump is getting reelected you are a complete imbecile

  • This man is a true intellectual. We are in dangerous times and our institutions are being pushed to their limits. However, Trump supporters will not be swayed by anything whatsoever; they fit their stereotype; they're loyal to their Supreme Leader, and while they love national symbols, they are anti-patriots. You can't convince people when they perceive threats — exaggerated and imagined — everywhere they look. They are as brainwashed as children in totalitarian societies. You can't compromise or negotiate when someone believes intellectually dishonest outrage merchants over proven facts and credible journalists. I would like for Professor Snyder to square this circle.

  • If the libs would just follow any of these rules. Y’all are pushing a socialist agenda & whining about Trump taking your democracy? Huh? Wake up!!

  • The Most shamefully obscene thing about everything Rachel and her guest are talking about is the pure fact that what they are talking about is exactly how Business & Government in the United States has been conducted for decades only the most blatant and obscure are ever caught or prosecuted .. But just you try and get down the Street without a turn signal Or swipe a candy bar and watch how fast your in the backseat of a cop car .. Go ahead tell me all about that the next time your sitting in a "Safety" Check road block as Cop's shine the 3ft long Mag Light in your face as you drive by ..The people the working class people are forced at gun point have there front doors kicked in by mistake ..But how many Millionaires Or billionaires do you think have had there front door kicked in over the past 50 yrs NONE … How many Wealthy elite do you think were shot dead UNARMED last year ? NONE They already have it in the USA like the Russians oligarchs …. WE exported it to them …

  • give it up you lunatics….lol Never in history have lunatics constantly been more stupid and pathetic… People now watch the leftist news just for laughs…lol its true

  • Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren defends another lie in her story about losing a teaching job because of pregnancy 😲

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBLXZHTljTM&lc=z22hyxsqmzbwhr35404t1aokg1m4d2hodgdr2ntfazl0bk0h00410.1570571824596459

  • Rachael, what a waste for a Rhodes Scholar, allowing the DNC to write your script…

  • Hey Rachael Maddow are you gonna do the “POOF ! YOUR GONE “ GAME “ like you did last election 🗳 with presidential nominees ???? Please let us know !!! B thanks 🙏

  • "ON TYRANNY" book running to read it and rise and resist. Thank You Timothy Snyder authoring this in a timely fashion. Call Congress 202-224-3121 (please)for impeachment.

  • This Dude is always angry and WTF is with always wearing black suits
    And OMG he looks like a shorter Herman Munster

  • Rachel Maddow and Russia. How has that worked out for ya so far. I heard your rating have suffered. I think it's cool you cant build a bridge and get over the 2016 election. Trump2020.