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100 thoughts on “Trish Regan: Dems are deliberately misleading the American public”

  • No, Republicans are lying POS that that wake up everyday and take a crap on the constitution of the United States… The Trump administration and campaign are the most corrupt ever, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Roger Stone, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Cohen, Mike Flynn…. All indicted (expect Rudy who is about to be indicted) all guilty for numerous crimes that were directed by Trump…. Fox News you are liars…..

  • Anyone who follows the DemocRATS lies are fools and causing much harm to our country, they say president Trump divides our country they need to listen to the way they talk and what they say and then maybe they would see they are the division in this country

  • Trish it is always great to get a dose of truth from you! Your genuine kindness and patriotism is the brightest light. Especially when you get a look at the evil queen of the poopy streets spewing ignorance. Such a contrast. And Im not talking the obvious . That matters not. Its the lefts lack of kindness that really makes them look like monsters. I honestly cant afford to have a coward damage my car so i really dont have a Trump sticker. Sad. I still see hillary stickers from 2016. They make me laugh but i leave the car alone.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Americans are not stupid, 65 Million and growing Trump Supporters Are Furious with this Government Who try and undermine the President And Let all Criminal activity in the Obama Administration Go and not Prosecute Hillary She out right Lied To the FBI and Congress And they let The Crooked Democrats get away with Treason! We need stronger Government The Republicans are doing a good Job at Defending President Trump But need to go after these Corrupt Democrats who think they can do what they want! Easy win For the President in 2020!

  • Well everybody has turned her head for so many years on this corruption of the American people’s tax payer money if they want to give it away to somebody give it away to the American

  • I have been saying the same thing about the Democrats and their main stream media for spreading lies and hate to destabilize the country in the last 3 years. I am surprised only now people are catching on.

  • Trish dear girl,
    That is literally the history of the Democrat Party.
    They could not have a party if they did not mislead otherwise they would have no constituents

  • The fake news should be brought to Justice the President should put a lawsuit on every one of those CBS CNN all the ones that are not telling the truth and not fact-checking they should help being held a liable they should be sued for false information

  • They don't like not having the power Donald Trump became they lost their power to do almost anything except for impeach him so all they're doing now is harassing and because of this Congress can't do if not passed one bill they should be held accountable by, by the people of the United States

  • The Democratic party can't stand it because they want the power and they want to control the White because they the schemes that they have how do you think they got rich in Congress it was by taking bribes and stealing money

  • The Democratic party it's all about the money and the power cuz if you have money and you have power you could cover up are the Democratic party are the Masters at cover up

  • This is today's Democrat party…Nay!! this has always been the Democrat party. who's entire agenda since 1849 has been one of the gathering of Power, Money, and Influence at the expense of their constituents. A party who will do anything they can to gain and keep it. A party who will make any promise and make any lie to get what they want. I want to say I feel sorry for those who continue to vote and support a party that is one of subterfuge and Clandestine Agenda's not to make America a better nation for its people but to enrich their personal well being. Yes, this is the DemonRATic party, a blight on American Politics, A Cabal of self-serving Cretins, and why they're allowed to continue to be a political party is boggling.

  • Money ! If POTUS wins, the dominos will fall ! The Clintons may not have started the “Pay to Play” but they didn’t half design the perfect model ! Since then the higher the Dems rise the easier it is to enrich themselves ! Horrible, greedy b.stards !

  • That's only part of the story Trish. The main reason why the democRATS hate the president is because of corruption by senior democRATS. President Hillary was going to sweep all of the democRAT's corruption under the rug, including her's. That's why Trump's election has had them in a panic ever since.

  • Get truthfully fox, for once how about reporting the truth. That it is Fox that is misleading the American public by reporting fake and misleading news! News that is crap and regularly taken out of context in order to support the insane traitorous puppet of Putin, Donald J Trump.

  • The globalists have been "outed", and their corrupt world is crumbling, so they'll fight like cornered rats, because they have nowhere to go except jail.

  • Maxine water has the worst voice I ever heard she sounds like a man she looks like a well I don't want to say cuz they will call me a racist

  • We've a lot of bunch of bullies to try to take over and push us around it's time to stop letting these bullies bushes around start pushing back every bully I have a doubt would have my life I want after I finally pushed back when they pushed I pushed back that's what Trump does and I learned that's the only thing that works you can appease them the more your the more you try to please down the more they bully a good Swift punch in the face stop the bully every time and the Republicans and and us out there I would never take no kinds of crap off of any liberal telling me what to do first thing I do is give him a good punch right in her face like Maxine if she ever did something like that in front of me she would get it right in her face and the next time she went to do it she might hesitate or she starts screaming screaming out all her hatred towards me in the Republican sought to do the same the Republicans are the fight back punch back kickback slapback run them out of restaurants the Liberals run them out of restaurants run them out of every place that you find them give them some of their own medicine except give it to him a lot worse and a lot stronger Republicans aren't weaklings and Howard's are they I'm not I'm not the coward you need to stand up for yourself don't try to avoid confrontation look for the confrontation that they're tried to give to us and confront him right back and put them down

  • WOW ! Black Democrat,s are so racist against white people , They hate Trump because he is white and all the white people that voted for him , Pure Racism , The fox smell,s his own hole .

  • HAHAHA! Trish Regan doesn't care about Americans. She only cares about the false "IMAGE", she sells to foreigners! That's why she lies.

  • Thank you for your honesty, Trish Regan.
    You are a rare commodity.
    We are fighting hateful, mentally deranged, criminals on the Left.

  • Losers that is what their are freeloaders do nothing Demo should be arrested causing hatred must be freeloaders living on taxpayers

  • just shows the tragic effect of the dumbing down of the education American system. Hate, lies, defamatory vitriol, all based on emotions, innuendos and leftist propaganda! No critical or reasoned thought is taught any more in these socialist breeding grounds called colleges and universities.

  • Trish, none of the Fox viewers /Trump supporters watching understand what you are talking about, but they do know that when you are finished it’s goat fuckin’ time in the barn…


  • I've noticed even CT newspapers are in on the collusion to push these false narratives. Just read one, (dont buy it though less you support their nefarious agendas) and you'll see the lies of the left being repeated with all the lies, innuendo, slander and libel. Its disgusting.

  • Democrats will never work with Republicans because President Trump is taking away their gravy train !! and has brought their corruption to the light . They all deserve prison time or the lies and rhetoric will continue !!!!

  • Fox now employs so many Trump haters (Cavuto, Tarlov, Nap, Brazile, Juan, Chris Wallace, Gillian Turner, et al.) that it is almost as bac as CNN or MSNBC.

  • Trish it might seem that some American people believe these sour soul individuals. But i have no doubt in my mind there are far more people in this country with a brain. Trump will be back with a vengeance. 🚋trump train 2020

  • TRISH is wonderful and beautiful..we know the democrats are the children of the confederate slave lovers who put black people in chains ..they are pure evil 2020 trump

  • The Dems and the MSM are promoting lawlessness and Hatred in our land. Arrest, judgement and execution to the fullest extent of the law need to be applied ASAP.

  • Politics aside and in the least weird way possible, Trishs voice is so soothing though. Like in the way I'd listen to tapes of her talking about the economy or recite poetry to fall asleep to. 😁💤

  • And ANOTHER CORRUPT ACT that slipped by us ALL…shiff interviewed the witness which made him a FACT witness and yet he still lead as chairman….seems democrats still mad at republicans for abolishing slavery.

  • I fly a Trump flag,wear a Trump tee shirt, have a MAGA hat (that I wear) but also have a set of gonads. I personally do not give a shi* if someone is offended.

  • There not happy with it because they the Dems couldn't do it, your right Trish. Mad Maxine is inciting hatred, it bothers me too Trish, isn't it illegal to incite hatred?

  • Unfortunately, it may be too late! I totally agree with everything you said. I think it EVERY DAY! They have the MSM on their side and, for anyone uninformed, that’s the only side they hear! Sad really!

  • Let Trump release the subpoenaed documents if he's really innocent. And allow the administration staff he stopped from testifying to give evidence… if he's innocent. Who is really misleading the public, hmm??

  • I have news for the democrats. You don't own people anymore. That ended with the end of the civil war. Stop insisting that you own the black vote along with the person.

  • This is a great program, Trish Reagan!! Your voice is so pretty. Although delivering horrible stuff!!
    I think Mad Max and Anyone else is afraid their corruption will be discovered.

  • She is a PUPPET PARROT and only reason IT has a job because IT can read a teleprompter, OBAMA should be PRAISED, he is the Man that got this economy operating in the BLACK

  • It’s what they do. Misinformation, lies, and condescending attitudes. They believe they are better than you and me.. They’ nothing more than a group of hate mongers. They don’t like the FACT that our president has accomplished what they never could.

  • I do not FOX NEW . This woman that is talking for Fox News she sake. It is trump that is dividing the country in Fox News keeps feeding him what He want to hear. What they need to do is shut down Fox News.