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100 thoughts on “The Mouse Utopia Experiments | Down the Rabbit Hole”

  • He’s just a guy that plays with rats in rooms by himself for his whole life. And for some reason people think he’s amazing

  • Yea that’d prob happen to people if we locked them in a tiny box like that for over 2 years. Let’s see how this is applicable to humans in a city. Nope it’s not

  • The bullshit fantasy study with no control the left jerks off to, thing is mankind ain’t rats, all this does is prove the left who want to hand you everything will lead to to ruin & the right who expects you to make your own way is the only sane option, what happened to these rats “safety” afterwards? They were all killed

  • My brain just doesn't understand what this means. Are you saying if we all had everything we need and don't have anything to do we're all gonna go crazy and kill each other?

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  • It's hard not to see the similarities in developing social structures in the experiments and what's going on in society today. The bit about the later generation who had to grow up without mothers, resulting in social problems and the fact that the females essentially lost the ability to care for their young is especially poignant.
    Thanks for making this video. You did a great job summarizing the experiments without inserting your own opinion or theories. I don't know why so many people disliked it.

  • Overpopulation is a very real problem , we need a 1 child max per family and make 50% of men non reproductive … also fuck electric cars

  • I feel like him starting each experiment with a bunch of incetuous breeding, shows he's ignoring evolution in his comparison… Sort of a huge variable for experimenting.

    Kinda think he just wanted to justify his rat cities.

  • Great video Malhoun was an idiot!
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  • Now lookup critique of his barbaric experiments lmfao in his own expirement, there’s artificially no room to grow. Does not apply to the real world.

  • if we see his earliest experiments' results as a way to examine artificial scarcity of resources rather than overpopulation then it does kind of work when you look at humans living under feudalism/capitalism.

    the unnaturally difficult feeding style altered the rats' social existence. capitalism makes some people, like some of these rats, sociopaths, as it requires it to survive or feed comfortably.

  • The big problem is the rats had nothing to do. Animals do stuff. Normally they do stuff out of survival, but when you provide for them, they have a lot of down time. A bunch of wheels, or some blocks, something for them to do besides fuck were needed.

  • Nothing about these experiments had any relevance to city life, and the fact that it's so similar to prison life is a damning revelation to how terrible the prison industrial complex is.

  • I really really hate to say this but we've got girls now that leave babies in the big garbage bins and it's happening more now than it used to pro-life my ass. I wish I would have been aborted all my health problems I can't even barely stand up every once in a while. I mean I would have been better off dead instead of suffering like this all my life.

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  • fascinating a lot of these predictions were accurate yet many were not… broadly looking at this it kinda resembles our society but only kinda

  • It's so absurd to equate this with human behavior. When the study was made, New York City was meant to be the real life implication of it. Today the population of New York City is far greater but crime has become immensely lessened. It's almost as if human society is much more complex than fucking rats and mice. Meanwhile areas with low population densities that are more lawless are often where the most fucked up crimes happen.

    I'm amazed people still defend this study and think it's applicable to human society.

  • Using prisons as a stand in for overpopulated cities isn't exactly ideal either, considering the ratio of criminals to non-criminals is sligthly higher in such places…

  • So many flaws in Calhoun's research and yet some great significance to be drawn here nonetheless, despite the oft misconstrued implications in these "calls to action," specifically in what they might or should mean logistically and in practice of a "civilized" society, let alone one of this density and magnitude, yet so irregularly spread out, the most obvious and all but ignored "constant of paradigms", humanity, on the scale of a planetary and interconnected(perhaps "hopelessly" so) species, in the scope of millennial timeframes for epochs marking of specific and identified changes

  • Freaky how the results mirror the phenomena thats plagueing Tokyo : men and women isolating to their rooms, the hikimori, dropping out of society, then now interests in sex or relationships…

  • So population density in mice first leads to incels and then eventually, complete a-sexual individuals with fatal mummy issues?

  • Well I have to call bullshit on the whole correlation with mice and men in social experiments… we have the physical aptitude to logically reason outside the influence of our instincts simply because we have a pineal gland. If we are faced with similar issues we are not bound by our instincts and in this way have a natural advantage. We have the ability to be ferrel but also have the ability to rise above. We have the freedom of choice. Cheers, be well 🙂 x

  • Honestly though this made me think of the state of the world now, like there is so much more emphasis on being homosexual or other sexualities outside the norm, not that there is anything wrong with that but if the majority of the population starts to be a certain way, then the rate of births will go down, and there is such an emphasis on it now, and more and more people are coming into that state, wouldn’t that have something to say about the state of the world now? Back then there wasn’t much of that, now, it’s everywhere (again nothing wrong with your beliefs but what if there was something scientific behind you feeling that way?) also wouldn’t put any of the “evolution” we may be having for the state of the world today.