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21 thoughts on “The Mixed Media Society and How I Got Here [2019]”

  • You are awesome I love your teaching yours is the only one I have ever payed for and it's worth it thanks😊

  • I left a comment on FB, but wanted to comment here. This video is moving. I love how you are in tune with your students. You are so kind and giving. Thank you! I have learned so much from you!!

  • Today was a good day for your talk. I never had art growing up. I think I’ve already told you this but just wanted to share. Your talk was REALLY good, I think I bought one course plus also the faces link for $12 a month. I can’t seem to get back into the art room. Today I started there but sat down for a minute to look at the weather. Heidi, out spoiled rotten schnauzer got on my lap. Supposed to have extremely bad weather, high winds, rain.
    I’m going to see if I can figure out if I did buy the Mixed Media Course as I loved doing the dude, and I do appreciate your fun, and easy tutorials on drawing. As you know I DO NEED to do art. I just love creating, and your courses do that for me. Thank you sweet lady. Have a blessed and special Easter holiday.

  • You're such an amazingly beautiful person inside and out! I LOVE your story and thanks so much for taking the time to share it with us! I LOVE your FUN and WHITTY and ENERGETIC personality! I really want to support you by taking PAID courses; however, I am just not able to right now but I will soon! I applied for social security but won't start benefit until July. It's been VERY hard financial for some time. So, I am extremely grateful for Awesome Art School free classes but especially the Facebook group! I want you to know that I REALLY, REALLY appreciate ALL that you do for ME personally as a part of the AAS Community and being able to participate in ALL the FUN and interaction with ALL the other fantastic artists! With your group and Jenny Manno's group, my art life is so filled with FUN and HAPPINESS! Like you, I NEED and WANT art in my life. I spend 24/7 days a week alone so you guys are my extended family where I get support and encouragement I don't receive from my own family! So a huge thank YOU! Sorry, post it super long! 🤣😘😘

  • The return to art! You’re so right! I am so proud of my closet. Yep closet but it’s mine and most importantly it has a door. 😉 Thanks for the inspiration Karen! You have led me back to creating when I can with 3 kids and too many cats. I so missed it!

  • Karen you are truly beautiful! I'm so happy I "stumbled" upon you and your work. Thank you for all you do and mostly for simply being you.

  • Use this link to enroll free for 30 days.
    Not happy? Cancel anytime. 👉👉 http://bit.ly/free30MMM

  • In art room – looks like safest room to hide in case the rains and winds get worse. Prayers needed as tornadoes are passing with high winds and rain. I’m at art desk. Maybe it will keep me calm. Sorry I’m a little scared. It is hitting our islNd (Hilton Head, SC).

  • I am an artist been drawing and painting all my life , love to watch your videos and others too and practice always practice and learn new things as others do different things I never got to go to art school so pretty much self taught so love you tube and all of you who are here and share your knowledge , it is amazing how many talented people there are and as for therapy you are so right I Have used art as therapy for me all my life Art is Good for the soul <3 love you dear and thanks for your beautiful Heart and wanting to share <3

  • Wow, Karen, you are the awesomest person I know! I am someone who NEEDS art in my life, without a doubt. I am disabled with chronic pain, among a list of other ailments, & art is so therapeutic for me. It's a big part of who I am. It's the one thing I have in life that makes me feel fulfilled. Living on Disability checks is really hard. I'm lucky enough to live with my long-time boyfriend, who has a great job, so not everything is on me financially, but it's still rough. I LOVE your teaching style & your art style. The Mixed Media Society sounds like something I really wanna be a part of. I'm gonna have to try it out. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for understanding. You are just the best!!!

  • 💜💜💜I almost cried. I totally teared up. It is probably because you described me to a T. Please don’t ever change, I think you’re a wonderful teacher & your heart is beautiful. 😁💜👍🏻

  • Great video Karen. I am going to send your link to a dear old girl (school friend) of mine as she recently found out that her life expectancy has been limited by her heart. She fits the bill you described about being a talented youngster and then adult life got in the way. Her two daughters are grown up and only end of last week, I told her to take her sketch book and pencils to her caravan for the weekend and now is her time to become her creative self once more!

  • When I first started to watch art videos I use to watch art videos BUT know I am looking at the artist in depth! How the hair flows, the make up and the shape of their face and shading on the face and hair!!!

  • Anybody hum hawing? Just go for it. Oh my gosh!!!! Sooooo much!!! Karen you are beyond generous and I am so happy I found you!!! I started art journaling about a year ago more serious and since filling you on YT and boy having some of your books and classes, I have already sold some of my art! Total accident too LOL. People want to give me money for my play time. Crazy cool!!! AnaMaree💜

  • Is this the only paid course you offer? Want to make sure I sign up for the right one. Love your work. you are helping me get back on touch with my authentic self and rediscovering who I am again. I'm grateful for you…….ty

  • Miss Karen, you are amazing. Thank you for all you do and share, I've learned so much from you these past couple years. 😘❤