The Flat Earth Convention welcomed
special guest Logan Paul this weekend which created quite a stir on the
Internet. You’re watching What’s Trending, I’m Kacey
Spivey. Don’t forget to Like and subscribe for more social media news
daily. “I’m not a safe to say my name is Logan Paul and I I think I’m coming out
of the Flat Earth closet.” This announcement was either a startling
revelation or a well-executed trolling session and knowing Logan Paul it was
probably the latter. The internet went crazy after Logan was spotted at the
Flat Earth international conference in Denver on November 15th, but despite his
big speech, some people are calling BS. Check out what keemstar had to say. “Maybe
he’s just trolling. Maybe this is for a video.” Keemstar went on to make the point
that views have been down for Logan lately especially after Shane Dawson’s
revealing docu-series about the Paul family. Which basically claimed that
Logan was a sociopath. There’s also this photo which shows Logan and his video
team at the convention which all boils down to conclude reasonably that this is
all a joke. In fact the organization took to Twitter
to clear up a few things. They said “this announcement came as a
surprise to most given the complete lack of Logan’s prior interest in the subject
and the nature of the content he usually produces. As of the time of publishing of
the statement? TFES has not been in contact with Logan Paul and we have no
intention of offering him membership or otherwise affiliating with him. Claims
that Logan Paul is a member of TFES or that he may be considered for membership
are untrue.” Apparently the convention held in Colorado was not officially
sanctioned by the Flat Earth Society, and they claimed they had nothing to do with
Logan Paul showing up there. So what’s the big deal anyway? Well despite there
being abundant scientific evidence and photographic proof of our earth being a
round planet, this subset of people believe strongly that the earth is flat.
And while some people might be able to just roll their eyes and move on with
their lives, other people are concerned
this reveals a deeper issue. Former YouTube engineer km/h a slot expressed
his concerns about YouTube’s dangerous algorithm. He said
“the YouTube algorithm that I helped build in 2011 still recommends the Flat
Earth theory by the hundreds of millions. Flat Earth is not a small bug, it reveals
that there is a structural problem in Google and Facebook’s AIs. They exploit
weaknesses of the most vulnerable people to make them believe the darndest things.”
To help combat and bring awareness to this problem,
Chaslot created algo which scans YouTube recommendations
daily. If harmful videos get recommended by the AI, they will appear at the top of
the list. So what’s YouTube doing about it? Well in
March, YouTube added an information cues feature which has text boxes pop up
containing factual information on conspiracy theory videos. And a top news
section meant to offer up fact-based news covering current events. But as
Chaslot, pointed out these boxes don’t appear on Flat Earth videos. So what do
you think of Logan Paul stunt? Do you think it’s going to bring awareness to
the subject or just spread the conspiracy further? Let us know in the
comment section and for more of what’s trending head to what’s

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72 thoughts on “The FLAT EARTH Society DENIES LOGAN PAUL”

  • Thank you for introducing your subscribers to the Flat Earth concept. For those of you new to this, your world is about to change. Everyone laughs at first, but when you're done, ask yourself this: Can you prove the Earth is a globe without NASA? Because they didn't invent the globe. Do your own research, and ask questions. Long Live Flat Earth.

  • Flat earth is truth! The flat earth society is disinformation and controlled opposition! Everyone at the conference rejects it. All of you who laugh don’t even know what you’re defending. Keep watching movies about waking up, like the Matrix, while staying in a coma! Flat earth is still around because it’s true and the Satanic, Kabbalah that run the “governments”of the world can’t disprove it. NASA means to deceive in Hebrew, for starters. Try watching NATHAN ROBERTS and ZEN GARCIA for biblical cosmology and other proofs. This isn’t going away until it’s common knowledge! You wouldn’t trust your spouse if she lied and cheated so why aren’t others held to the same standards! Watch, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”. Also look up The Protocols of Zion! Jesus Christ is The Truth, The Way and The Life! I pray you all seek Truth and find It!

  • The Flat Earth Society does not speak for most people of that belief system… It is a shill organization (even if they correctly reject LP).

  • Flat Earthers may have a point. I actually looked into it. Without using information from NASA (and other agencies), it's pretty much impossible to prove we live on a giant ball spinning ball. They don't believe in "outer space," but that Earth is moreso a realm with everything in the sky (including the stars) much smaller and much closer than what we're told.

    I tried to debunk it, but can't… If you don't trust NASA, you really don't have any proof of Earth being a spinning ball.

  • Could be a prank. His a prankster but either way, I love him. He is an intelligent guy and I am also into conspiracy theories.

  • Given the fact that Logan Paul's fan base are mostly kids it raises concern. Such an idiot, but well we all knew that. I have no afection for him or his family nor for his stupidities but it is important to recognize that he have a strong fan base among youngster and that kind of influence could end up badly.

  • Flat earth society is nothing to do with these flat earthers, it was made to make a wrong information and evidence about the flat earth and besides, Flat-Earth society was meant to cause mocked to every globe earthers unto the true flat earthers! Because it gives a wrong and unsuitable Evidences!!!

  • Dear every idiot in the comment section nasa did not create the globe earth theory as you call it we have known the earth is a globe since the time of the ancient Greeks

  • As long as people are looking into flat earth, that’s good. Some will get it, most wont. Logan shouldn’t have come. And why wouldn’t you contact someone that’s actually going to the flat earth conference rather then referencing “the flat earth society” which has NO affiliation with the conference or any real flat earther. You must have clicked the first thing that Google brought up when you typed in flat earth.. you gotta look a little deeper for the truth.. Flat earth society is a dis information site made to look the subject look ridiculous. You’ll get some truth but also a bunch of false ideas such as the rising disk to account for gravity garbage. No real flat earther believes this. The biblical account of creation describes our true world best. It’s not as Freemason hoax nasa says it is.

  • "The community of people that believe the Earth is flat (not round), aka the Flat Earth Society…" I'll take whoever wrote that description is 100% ignorant for $200 Alex.

  • @What's Trending
    Really…. 'The Flat Earth Society?? Clearly someone forgot to do their homework.
    Because if you did… you would understand that not ONE true Flat Earther is associated with the "COINTEL" tactics of the Flat Earth Society.. This is known through out the Flat Earth Movement..

    You stated despite the Science that says the Earth is a sphere.. NO.. once again you are confused and the fact there is NO SCIENCE that backs up the Heliocentric model is Evident if you had researched it, instead of just parroting the MS talking points..

    1) You CAN NOT prove the Earth is in Motion
    2) You CAN NOT prove water will curve and form around a spinning ball = No Curvature..

    If you haven't given much thought to the implications of twentieth-century science, you may be chagrined…to realize that because of the concept of relative motion, no one can prove that the Earth moves."
    – Kitty Ferguson, Measuring the Universe, 1999, p. 106, 107

    "No physical experiment ever proved that the Earth actually is in motion."
    – Lincoln Barnett, The Universe and Dr. Einstein, 2nd rev. edition, 1957, p. 73.

    "In the effort to explain the Michelson-Morley experiment…the thought was advanced that the Earth might be stationary."
    — Creator of the first IQ test – Arthur S. Otis

    “It could have detected speeds as low as two miles a second instead of the known 20mps that the earth as in its orbital motion around the sun. It didn’t detect it. What’s the conclusion from the Michelson‐Morley experiment? The implication is that the earth is not moving…”-Professor of Physics Richard Wolfson- “The Teaching Company”, episode taught at Middlebury College.

    "This conclusion directly contradicts the explanation… which presupposes that the Earth moves."
    – Albert Michelson (Albert A. Michelson, “The Relative Motion of the Earth and the Luminiferous Ether,” American Journal of Science, Vol. 22, August 1881, p. 125)

    "There was just one alternative; the earth's true velocity through space might happen to have been nil."
    – Arthur Eddington, The Nature of the Physical World, 1929, pp. 11, 8

    “The data were almost unbelievable… There was only one other possible conclusion to draw — that the Earth was at rest….“This, of course, was preposterous”
    – Bernard Jaffe, Michelson and the Speed of Light, 1960, p. 76

    "…to the question whether or not the motion of the Earth in space can be made perceptible in terrestrial experiments. We have already remarked… that all attempts of this nature led to a negative result. Before the theory of relativity was put forward, it was difficult to become reconciled to this negative result."- 'Relativity — The Special and General Theory', cited in Stephen Hawking's, 'A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion', 2007, p. 169.

    “This ‘null’ result was one of the great puzzles of physics at the end of the nineteenth century. One possibility was that…v would be zero and no fringe shift would be expected. But this implies that the earth is somehow a preferred object; only with respect to the earth would the speed of light be c as predicted by Maxwell’s equations. This is tantamount to assuming that the earth is the central body of the universe.” Physicist Douglas C. Giancoli, Physics: Principles with Applications, 1985, pp. 613-614 and 1980, p. 625.

    Flat Earth 2018
    Reaching Critical Mass

  • There is only one reality. A Flat stable Earth with local sun and moon under a dome. He just dissed 500 years worth of main stream scientists and their data dummies. He has a huge youth follower..time to wake them up. There is a $10k challenge. It's on FB. What TF is your REPEATABLE EVIDENCE TO PROVE GLOBE EARTH? GRAVITATIONAL FORCE THEORY ISNT ONE. WHY…. BECAUSE ITS A FUCKING "THEORY". PLEASE..SMART ASS NERDS TO THE FRONT.. $$$$$$$

  • cannot believe youd cover this story while some ppl think the earth is flat other people think its a metaphor you shouldn't be the type of people to make them have to come out with a statement about logan paul. this is a very important time for him as this is when he becomes who he is and tfes trends are happening during his time. its important to look at many sciences from most angles.

  • The Flat Earth Society is controller opposition. No one in the flat earth community respects anything they have to say. They are shills!

  • The flat earth society is considered to be a shill movement which all flat earthers know…the FEIC has nothing to do with the above mentioned society as well as the modern FE movement. One of Logan's best friends is a flat earther and they are doing a doc on it which you'll see on Logan's channel when they release it. Legit or not the word is spreading about the flat earth!

    50 miles should have over 1400 feet of curvature and it does not! Get a P1000 and see for yourself, it's flat!

  • No real Flat Earther is a member of the Flat Earth Society because the Flat Earth Society is a group of people that has an agenda to make Flat Earth people look stupid because everything the Flat Earth Society is all about saying things that no real Flat Earth person believes !!! If by chance you are looking into the subject of the Flat Earth do not go the Flat Earth Society they are all bullshit and lies !!!

  • So the most stupid things go viral??? What about NASA landning inside? Guess it was a bit hidden in all of the mainstream media noise ..

  • The reason why flat earth is catching on like wild fire is because there is no proof for a Globe. Yes Logan Paul is trolling.

  • Calling it right now: Space tourism is gonna be the death of flat Earth belief. If a flat Earth really was a thing then there would not be this sort of push for space travel for the masses.

    Here's why you can't fake space tourism:

    Customers are not loyal. They are only interested in getting what they paid for. Customers who don't get what they were promised tend to expose businesses and corporations on a regular basis. If people payed for a space experience that turned out to be fake then you can be damn sure that they would get word out about the experience being fabricated. Even if a person was killed before they could say anything truly damaging, do you really think that others wouldn't notice the coincidental timing of death and investigate further?

    Here are a few miscellaneous things that spell trouble for a flat Earth:

    – Timelapses of star movement from different parts of the world show clearly different movement that implies spherical rotation, depending on how close to or far away from the equator they are.

    – There are multiple continuous, un-cut sources of footage that show zero gravity for an extended period of time, which is not something you can simulate with one of those special zero-g airplanes. just look at any Chris Hadfield QnA video from space. you can claim that he is suspended by wires, but he often lets the microphone float in front of him and it doesn't stay stationary; the mic moves a tiny bit since it is freely floating.

    – I've seen the argument that water conforms to a flat surface so the earth must be round. However, whenever people play with water on a zero-g flight you can see that it the water sticks to itself and naturally forms spherical shapes when not being pressed against a surface by gravity. A sphere is the shape with the least surface area so all matter naturally attempts to conform to this, hence why matter in space forms clusters in this very shape.

    – All other planets have been acknowledged as spherical by your own Flat Earth Society. That's your own group talking that supports the flat Earth model lol.

  • The "flat earth"SOCIETY" is a government controlled psyop to keep people away from learning about the true flat earth. Flat earth society believes the earth is traveling up 🔼 as it speeds thru "space". True flat earthers know the earth is IMMOVABLE, non rotating and flat just as NASA's experiments, documents and "models" for flying helicopters, air PLANES, and rockets states in their own words, not men. Planes FLY OVER THE PLANE OF EARTH. Sad the media can't tell the facts about ANYTHING!!! Flat earth, it doesn't move, no spin, no wobble, no tilt, no flying upside down to pick passengers up at upside down airports I. The land down under….. no clouds raining upside down in Austrailia……. no trees growing upside down in Australia…….. It's a flat plane folks, use your dam God given Brains and common sense!! Snap out of the spell your under. The globe is in a landslide, and there is NO ESCAPING THIS FLAT EARTH REALITY! Open your eyes and see said the blind man and women.

  • You know you're the world's most idiotic human on the planet if not even flat earthers accept you. Congrats Logan, your teeth are straighter than a baby's bottom.

  • A normal person could think that someone who believes the earth is flat and posts a flat earth video can't be that dumb, naive, and paranoid the gov is lying to us. The posters just need some attention – BUT then you have the people who comment on these flat earth sites who believe the earth is flat. Then you know there's some real morons out there. It's 2019, not 1500 B.C. Will there still be morons 5000 yrs from now? I think so.

  • Geocentric is are true earth. Just ask Bill Nye the Science Guy he said the Earth was a closed system and that we couldn't leave it. That's Bill and thank you Paul Logan

  • I think what flat earthers mean by the earth is flat is not floating disc in space or some don't even believe in space lol. They think that beyond our "map" there is more land and well there lives someone else I guess. Maybe different neighborhood with different political views and their agenda HAHA. I do believe the planet is round tho 😀

  • Why does it either matters if the world flat or round. That's information doesn't change the benefit of your life the slitest

  • R u fucking stupid woman… Your reading something someone has written for you!! There's evidence of the earth being round?? You mean flat the horizon is flat