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100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ reacts to the public impeachment hearings marathon”

  • If i remember well President Trump was claiming he wanted to testify in the Muller Investigation but in reality he always refused to do so, maybe and just maybe his desire for a trial is similar to the desire he had to testify for the Muller investigation.

  • Juan can't handle the reality that Trump spoke for almost an hour. THERE'S 24 IN EVERY DAY .
    Yet the criminal mentality Juan just wants more ADS to get a raise in his already grotesque income

  • What Juan was really supposed to say was Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is gonna be running 3 Honda Civic's with spoon engines. On top of that he just came into Harry's and ordered 3 t66 turbo's with NOS's and a Motec System Exhaust.

  • At least fox is unbiased enough to have the opposing viewpoint on their show (Juan, CONSISTENTLY) vs nothing but a group of people who all agree (liberal outlets that hate Trump) which at least makes it appear more objective and transparent than than the others.

  • Schiff should be thrown under the bus, the bus bscked up four or five times to run him over five times, picked up and hung by the balls with piano wire. And Juan along with him if Juan supports him.

    On fabricated, insane, disproven stories…
    Look at Trumps ethical history…Very bad. The Worst. The absolute worst corruption and fraud abuse imaginable.
    Look at Marie, the Ambassador he fired to hire his friend, who donated 1,000,000 to him.
    How does Gordon Sondlands experience compare to 33 years?
    Answer is simple, it doesn't.


  • Zip your mouth, Juan…Huh?…its over!…Luke 8:17 'For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall be known and come abroad.' – NOTHING

  • What is the average age of regular viewer's, 12? No education, out of touch with the facts. Sloopyist news show seen in long time. Waste of effort.

  • Juan is the Orange man. The caterpillar mustache the dyed hair and his awful liberal views are damaging The Five. I turn off as soon as his mouth opens and his foot is inserted.

  • Juan – so far you did not talk on my iPad
    I refuse to hear your swamp creature utterances
    I will click Fox off Mr. Silly Goofball Cult Talker

  • He's so right about these globalist they don't know how to do figures they don't know how to add up, we have a Labour party in the UK and the MP's are so stupid "check LBC a radio network in the UK". They go on this radio show and all of them can't count or analyse the future they have got into power on race baiting and belittling the country with help with the mainstream globalist media FACT wake the f++k up people…..

  • Please get rid of Juan – clear bias and there are several other media outlets he can go to. We don't care about his opinion.

  • 7:56 Gutfeld just said he's the one that made that phrase? 🙄🙄 I seriously hope that's what he meant and he's just child acting dramatic like usual. I don't mind what he says, it's just the way he acts that's totally fake.

  • Bring it I want to see schiff answer for his lies under oath in a Senate hearing along with Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Clapper Brennan Obama all these corrupt fools from the era of Obamas most corrupt administration in history.

  • Really Juan? LOL. You can't come up with anything better than that? One day soon that dude is gonna eat every single word he's spoken. Sad thing is, he really believes what he says.

  • LET THE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL PROCEED. Its about time that America will realize that Trump's "AMERICA FIRST" is actually " RUSSIA FIRST AMERICAN'S LAST"

  • It's a disgrace that I can only watch the five after it's been broadcast live just so that I can watch a little part of one of my favourite shows after the cringy voice of Juan Williams has been silenced, but it's fox so I at least know why he owns the show!

  • If Schiff or any of the others testifies in an impeachment proceeding, his being "under oath" won't make a bit of difference. None of the politicians got where they are or stay where they are by telling the truth. Integrity went out the window when they moved to Washington. They only tell THEIR VERSION of the truth. So, having a liar under oath doesn't mean a thing. It should mean everything, but you can't forget who you're dealing with. The truth will be bent to suit the current narrative. Good luck to everybody on this one!

    At the same time, Trump needs to say something more substantive than calling people names and hurling insults at them. He should throw more of his own "facts" out there for consideration.

  • "Up Schiff's Creek, without a paddle." Until the evil Democrat Party and their co-conspirators in the mainstream media are INDICTED for the ATTEMPTED COUP E'TAT of a sitting POTUS, America is not safe.

  • Adam Schiff : There's an overwhelming evidence of "quid pro quo", extortion, bribery, and obstruction of justice that are solid grounds for impeachment.
    Jerry Nadler : I hope so, because all I heard for the past two weeks were hearsay, assumptions, presumptions, personal/biased opinions, political analysis and conclusions.

  • He wants the hearing. All eyes on trump. I can’t believe the left doesn’t realize this is exactly what he wants. He’s messing with them like a dad pranks his kids.

  • Where is Mike Pompeo, where is Rudy, where is Mulvaney? I think that if we don't get these voices in front of Congress and the Senate doesn't call them then the independents will once again turn towards impeachment. If Hunter Biden and Adam Schiff are relevant witnesses, so are these 3.

  • I thought the Heaven's Gate cult ended in '97 with their mass suicide but their leader, Marshall Applewhite is reborn in Schiff. Those eyes, those insane eyes.

  • Juan it pains me to waste a second of my day when you spew out your bull cookies. Trump is a winner. TRUMP 2020.

  • Trump spent an hour on the show because literally none of the liberal propaganda media machines will give him such an opportunity.

  • To Juan: The goose stepping lemmings are the party on the left! Free thinkers, conservatives and those in the middle do not goose step in line!

  • When that guy was born the nurses ask the parent what would you like to name your beautiful son
    The father: what is this jawn why you handing it to me
    Nurse signing: is it U or W ok u

  • hundreds of TV stations and papers spending 24 hours a day bashing President Trump and lying about everything, then when President Trump takes One hour to set the recorded straight, juan thinks it is an opportunity to sell that he is ok. what a dipsh*t.

  • What I always find crazy is that ANYTHING the left comes up with is a bombshell. Literally anything. Anything that the right comes up with is a conspiracy theory. They just fundamentally think the other side is crazy and will discount everyone from the outset, while they sit there parroting absolute nonsense and everyone has to listen to them because they think they know best.

  • The investigator general is always been controlled opposition power protects power of course they will say that the blatant politically biased actions a legal actions taken by higher officials was in fact not politically biased at all despite the blatant and undeniable political bias of course the IG reports going to say that of course

  • Why would Trump spend an hour on Fox and Friends? Because the Democrats have been doing this for 3 freakin’ years, you Moron! This is not just important. Gee, Juan, I thought you were smart enough to get that much. Think of the thousands of hours and millions of words written against Trump and you come up with a conspiracy theory why Trump spend an hour on a talk show? Juan, you are a hack, a complete fool.

  • If the IG report comes up with no high level dirt there will be trouble. What kind I don’t know but the frustration levels are building waiting for justice.

  • Juan Williams is just a democratic token on the Five. He will always twist issues just like the democrats. They have to have him on the show to be politically correct.

  • TDS SORE LOSER HYPOCRITE dems & fake news are ALL "crazy as a bedbug" ON CRACK. They are just DESTROYING America because they can't accept the (LEGITIMATE) 2016 Election results & they will again not accept the 2020 results when President Trump wins & Congress goes all Republican. TDSSL dems will will have just a another smear/lie campaign ready to apply for 4 MORE YRS.

  • Someone needs to make a compilation of Juan saying this stuff over and over, and then tie him to a chair and play it all back for him when Trump wins again in 2020 and the Republicans take back the House.

  • Trump is right. This goes all the way to the top. Obama was involved. Obama had more of a hands-on approach during his last two years. He broke the chains of his advisors and became himself. The last two years of the Obama Presidency were exceptionally weird. Until that time, Obama didn't know how to be President. He didn't have any practice. All he did was give speeches. He was let loose during his last two years. We may never know how messed up his administration was during those two years.

  • Remember those words Republicans he wants a trial
    Just like he wants us to see his taxes and like he wants to talk to Mueller? Remember it