The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 84- Focus is the new IQ, Culture of conformity, Avoiding dependency

The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 84- Focus is the new IQ, Culture of conformity, Avoiding dependency

hello everyone this is Adam Meister the disrupt Bitcoin personal responsibility is new counterculture oh
yeah we’re gonna talk about that deferred gratification but I believe
we’re gonna talk about that Golden Age relentless strive for greatness ambition
avoid mediocrity we’re gonna talk about oldness alright first off I do want to
remind everyone I want to say hello to all my elite friends out there I check
out the links below please check out Fridays this week in Bitcoin show the
Venezuelan firaon that’s all I’m gonna say you want to learn about men as well
a Bitcoin might be on Bitcoin take a stop South America politics but but
important big course of the deals that doesn’t even deal with South America
check out Friday’s show disrupt meister calm it’s all 20 down you can follow me
on twitter at Tech ball tech-49 Ian protesters burned down in Iran Central
Bank no I that mean that’s nice day we shall
see they have a little bit larger problems over there than just their
their money I mean it’s yeah they need to get rid again get rid of the gun all
right sure though good for them that they
print down their central bank very nice it’s better than holding hostages at the
American Embassy I’ll tell you that now here let’s let’s start to stay last week
I forgot to say I was talking about Bloomberg and Jamie Dimon and dates Bill
Gates and these dudes they they have stuck up for themselves lately on
different levels in terms of not vilifying the wealthy because of
Elizabeth Warren’s proposed wealth taxes they said well hold up here a second in
their own ways but let me tell you these guys should be much more harsh toward
the Elizabeth Warren’s of the world okay they’ll get a lot more respect but and
they need to be proud they need to be proud
a wealthy to set the example for everyone out there that it’s not there’s
nothing great it’s great to be about that you should strive for this so yeah
they need to put a little bit more pride a little bit more oomph into it I think
people would give them a little bit more respect I mean they should straight-up
be brutal with her like you are a communist
have you ever earned any ever been productive in your life statements like
that I think people worry I think that’s setting a good example
there so I forgot to add that last week here here’s a guy named Brian Jones Adam
I can’t be the only one seeing that the US economy is in shambles right no but
it isn’t in shambles that’s the thing if you think it’s in shambles then your
life will be as jammed it’s I think it’s incredible the technology and that’s out
there you just I mean if you’re living beyond your means if you feel like you
have to fit in and get the fancy car get a big-screen TV you’re constantly in
debt you have to keep on working to get out of that debt then your life is in
shambles the economy’s not in shambles economy’s frickin booming the work and
all the Western nations it’s booming and it’s bad part of it is being fueled by
80 percenters he just needs stuff stuff stuff stuff so if you’re addicted this
stuff your life is in shambles that’s not the US economy the US economy will
remain strong people will continue you know well for the 20 percenters it will
always be strong for people who are productive it will always be strong if I
mean if I mean if you live off the government if you’re gonna constant debt
if you produce nothing if you rely on other people to employ you and yeah your
your life is in shambles what can I say this is its personal responsibilities
new counterculture blame it on the economy no it’s your fault it’s your
fault at first if you’re doing bad economically someone says you’re not moving moisture
are you in cryo I the screen freeze I’ll tell you one thing here in
Australia is last week or here in Adelaide the upload speed I’ve mentioned
this it went totally down the drain the upload speed so there’s been the shows
have looked weird apparently and yeah it’s unfortunate you deal deal with it
people this is not about fancy sets or graphics even though I have a watermark
now okay so that there’s a little delay by the way I found three berries again
I found another tree with berries even closer to where I’m staying much closer
so I’ve been eating those free small berries so delicious so the lid even
though today’s run I come get another tree I’m going to eat from that when it
looked a little decrepit on time yeah anytime I want free lovers I just walk a
few blocks down get me some free mulberries boots it’d
be nice it’s been nice I can’t complain and I love running in the morning but
the Sun is still ridiculous here in I didn’t run early enough I was feeling
that song on me I had sunscreen all these don’t feel okay to valid a crest
and five Canadian dollars thank you I knew you’re going to say it’s stupid but
it is it really that bad that some money that to put some money into a few alts
you deem worthy to to be fair some all gave good dollars well to pal what
you’re referring to and I saw this earlier and I already answer this but I
will answer it again I think it’s interesting yeah I will I will say
exactly what you said you said Adam I fo mode fresh Fiat into V chain did I do
80% behavior so there’s some altcoin ran the ball club B chain and you for some
reason all of a sudden boy yeah it’s completely idiotic when you’re caught up
partly it’s completely silly and for a guy who watches my show that’s
ridiculous you’re impulsive yeah when we say it was good it’s not good it’s
idiotic it’s impulsive it’s completely ridiculous it’s completely ridiculous so
don’t do it again I mean why do you use Voevoda them why
do you throw in the B chain you saw some fancy did a hot girl tell you to do it
was there a fancy setting graphics video it’s some guys
for ops for 2020 did you fall for that stuff
do you really fall for that the man I mean apparently you must because you
bought be cheap for some reason it’s just it’s ridiculous it’s absolutely
ridiculous I mean and you knew I wouldn’t give an answer like this I
think maybe you enjoy stuff like oh look that shit is here who I’m looking
forward to your next video um okay yeah yeah yeah yeah we have to know how your
test turned out I’m really curious about that
so hopefully that would be in your next video bench it is is a great guy heesu
we’ve talked about him before he’s a he’s mgt o w he’s go his own way bitcoin
holder galore okay and he’s got a great channel it’s been linked to many times
look at mob benching mg T Oh W uh so you ran in the more di man the more I would
do my sprints in the afternoon show you by the way I know on the East Coast for
the United States it’s nighttime sorry night here Adelaide it’s it’s the
afternoon on Sunday already beautiful beautiful Sunday afternoon but a spring
day now we’re moving on to the Baltimore Sun website on Wednesday had this
headline what instead to do first of all tell Matt but Baltimore Sun if I and
people who are asking questions remember dude bitcoinmeister so I see it I see
there’s a lot of talk or are super chat now and you know when people might be
saying would you be mean to the people who watch your videos no you got to give
tough love when it comes to foam Boeing all coins it’s not like you can’t be
nice about it I mean you gotta you gotta say personal responsibilities a new
character dude you’re making these mistakes it’s your own fault you’re
gonna end up with a bad financial situation so the Baltimore Sun website I
I’m from Baltimore originally and so I still check the Baltimore web and I will
be back in Baltimore in less than two weeks for Thanksgiving with the family
and what to say hey it’s on Wednesday this just watched impeachment hearings
and it’s so funny it’s such a you’re gonna win
who the heck what type of 80% of needs to watch the hearings the impeachment
hearings live these things is boring if you learn nothing you won’t even
understand half the stuff they’re talking about and these are the state
the people who watch it them they complain and they complain that being
poor and other people being successful let me tell you something successful
people don’t watch that don’t click little son website and waste hours
watching impeachment hearing Oh God it’s the I was out there producing okay I was
making my videos keep producers for 20 percenters were producing they weren’t
drooling over a TV soap opera and that’s all that is it is a very boring TV that
people drew all over and then they wonder rather poor cuz they’re drooling
on theirselves watching people talking about Donald Trump it’s it’s absolute
but Baltimore Sun has it as their top thing to click there they know they’re
gonna get clicks tip is what a world what a world
it’s a surefire winner for all the people who make money off any percenters
you say watch a picture oh let me just put off any productive activity I was
gonna do today but a waste my time watching a born hearing and then I’m
gonna think like I learned something no you’re not learning the dog saying over
there and so I was I watched come upon this video
I forgot the guy’s name here you watch it’s linked to below though he said
because I love this line focus is the new IQ he was talking about digital
minimalism okay the video is long so you don’t have to watch it I will summarize
it as best I can if you do watch it and it wasn’t sports weren’t that great
played it she would X be efficient basically get rid of what the video was
about get rid of all your social media that is not business-related that you’re
not learning from okay and understand time limits earn special media just
certain time periods in a week okay so if you
if you have to remain limit look so if you if you have to remain all social
media limit limit just say I’m only gonna look at it on Sundays or I’m gonna
go look at it on every other week night at 8 p.m.
okay and you can apply this and then he also said don’t have all the social
media apps on your thumb so have something only on your laptop for I
don’t have a phone so I don’t have to worry about wasting my time with phones
at all so I mean that’s my tip for minimalism
don’t have a phone you won’t have any apps distracting you
if you don’t have a thought and that’s my life so I’m very very productive and
efficient in that way but yeah he talks about how people’s phones are cluttered
with Instagram I don’t even do Instagram why why do Instagram I would say drop
Instagram unless it has something to do with your business and I don’t think
many people could say the Instagram has to do with the business but but again
your your laptop’s can get cluttered with distractions too
I I did something I closed some windows I always have open and I’ve closed it
during certain days of the week now so I don’t get distracted by them it might be
the Bitcoin price for you who knows what it what it is but if you find yourself
going back that to certain windows you have open all the time you close them
for seven days a week ii-i’ve learned from this video I became
a little bit more efficient after I did this video but uh so we live oh and he
also said if you’re a person who still dealing with phone calls from people and
people want to talk to me sometimes too and I think the I do phone calls it all
you schedule office hours you tell people politely you know what I can only
talk on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. all right but I’m
totally Freeman and it’s a very respectful way of telling people like I
don’t do phones I don’t want to talk to you I don’t want to do this so if they
really want to talk to you you can really have office hours I mean it’s
it’s sort of sighs obnoxious thing law I have office hours no it’s just a way to
make everything efficient so if someone says well I want to talk to you can 9:00
a.m. on the Lauren in the morning Tuesday that’s during
your office average okay well if you really want to talk to me my office
hours are X Y times D so I thought that I thought that was a good idea too but
so let’s go back to his line focus is the new IQ so even if you are a smart
person there this world is fruit filled with so much noise now so much noise
that you’re gonna get distracted from you know starting your own business that
there are so many distractions out there I think that’s I think it’s a really
important line to remember that you can be the focus is the new body cue that it
if you can just also focusing on the future there you don’t have to be the
smartest dude in the world to say in the web this is what’s gonna happen you know
bitcoins gonna do well I got a thought I can’t get distracted with V chain and
all this nonsense I can’t I can’t let myself start watching things they’re
gonna take me off my goal I gotta I gotta focus you and even though I’m a
genius but you might be a genius out there you don’t go you know don’t go
falling for stuff that they’re focused on your goals focus on your city folk
asan your system focus on your system don’t leave your system don’t forget my
system is a new I post new show every day and it’s brought me a lot of good
opportunities out there to say the least affirm my life it’s really structuring
my life very nicely and you know it’s not it’s not always the easiest thing to
do a new show every day is to stay on the system when I stand with focus focus
on the system so yeah focus is new IQ hang people want employees that can
focus to that aren’t good you might be the smartest in the world but if you
find yourself like you checking Instagram everything you’re not gonna be
very efficient employee and they’re gonna figure that out quite quick Steen
alright found that like button Rome EQ said bitcoinmeister drop goal drop
Instagram and town that like button there you go I like that a lot
I love that that’s very good you’re good at coming up with those things from cue
okay moving on I like that line oka system you like you but it’s a dude’s
line so it’s is clearly that guys lying in the video
and I forgot pull both guys into the video it’s like to pull up and here is a
tweet that’s all about envy and naivete by the way can you guys hear when the
planes flying over here there’s this part of Adelaide it’s directly over
where the planes fly over then it stops at nighttime it doesn’t much
some people don’t like it but they fly pretty low you can see the Qantas colors
and everything all right so this this tweet by called G in any other domain no
one feels the need for conspiracy theories to explain outliers anything
else except making money you can do extremely well by being talented
hard-working and lucky but anyone who does extremely well at making money
must’ve cheated okay so that’s a great point that people comp it seems like if
you’ve made if you’ve done well for yourself if you’ve been a productive
money maker people come up with considered conspiracy theories that’s
the big one right there incidentally he says the beasty business is the
reputation of this view if cheating or the way to make lots of money be seized
with select founders by looking for good cheaters and that is definitely not the
filter they use there you go so again it’s there’s a lot of people they get so
envious and they’re so naive about business that they just come up with
conspiracy theories and they spread like wildfire
really and it’ll just happen you just have to get used to it
it’s about that that says if you come to Toronto Jamie’s game the game is on me
okay thank you I’ve said this many times ever since I was a young kid I’ve wanted
to see Baltimore Orioles play the Blue Jays at the SkyDome or whatever you want
to call it these days Roger Center I like calling the sky but
hey I’ve seen the organiz players playing old Yankee Stadium old Tiger
Stadium and the Tigers you’re gonna be easy but die I’ve been
the Fenway Park but I haven’t seen Orioles play there I hope to see them
play there I hope to see the I was up to say I hope to see the Orioles playing
Tampa one day well not at that current location but anyway ok ok thank you
at about I’ve seen the world’s playing others these two Oakland other I can’t
name them all getting a Washington of course but other places too I think I’ve
been a lot of major ecstatic okay then shouldn’t you send two dollars then
be change the next big coin I heard it from Webb box yeah I mean think
basically that’s that’s of what people don’t they’ll hear from some wild force
and they’ll be like yeah everyone’s looking for the next Bitcoin of course
when we’re joking around your big coin is next big one town that like bun thank
you for a two dollar super chat and all the support venturing like I really am
looking forward to hearing about the you know what’s what’s going on next because
obviously the tests that you you took will yeah you’re gonna have to say what
wouldn’t but Pat what road you’re gonna take it this this fork in the road and I
hope it’s I I hope the test went very well
didn’t you know what to do you good from the New Mexico so we’re Casey we talking
about the envy and alright this is this is a Los Angeles story here now I like
the I like certain aspects of this idea that the in Japan certain people they
live in like pods little pods very minimalistic in Japan they have their
own bathrooms I think knowing this story you got to share a bathroom
yeah on that down with sharing bathrooms I don’t know how people can do that but
I guess if you’re if you’re you want to save money and you’re cool with sharing
bathrooms people think that fine that’s your thing that’s your thing that’s not
my thing but my biggest takeaway from this story
not to read you about Los Angeles pods living in pods in Los Angeles
is will the impulsivity let me let me read you this
que Wilson packed up her life in a hurry and moved to Los Angeles only to find
out that what she paid in Pennsylvania for a nice studio apartment would only
get her a 2.9 square meter box in California and some name of this story
from Yahoo is capsule living cheap option young people flocking okay so she
she decided to move to LA without knowing how much it was going to cost to
live in LA how comfortable everyone is in America LA I’m gonna be a star oops it’s
expensive to live in LA it’s amazing Symphony no research at all so now she’s
living in a pod in LA I mean she got lucky
she has little streets you just don’t move the outlet who the heck moves
without knowing how much it’s gonna cost to live in that new city it’s just
absolute but this is the world this for 80% of world in paws the world I mean I
really I didn’t think people like this exist they do exist all right so that
was my big take away or so yeah good I’m glad they have Hobbes in LA now and they
should do this in other cities I think it’s great to be creating creative with
living living arrangements to save money to tell people save money on their
living expenses but I also think it’s ridiculous for people to move to cities
without knowing you know what they’re getting into at all what they’re gonna
get through it all I guess la la in New York in the United States is people
that’s probably where this happens the most is everything’s think they’re the
cities they’re gonna become starved from watching TV 80% or TV all their life
whatever 80% of TV tells you to you because I mean again Alan a
Boulevard of broken dreams it’s there’s a lot of things they don’t tell you it’s
it’s rough if you don’t have the money to do it I mean must be horrible to be
put those homeless people on Sunset or whatever is that the Boulevard of broken
dreams sunset all right mouse says isn’t it funny how when runs happen like in
june/july all the people come out of the woodwork I remember at that time you
would have like 80 viewers people are so predictable yeah of course you’re always
you’re gonna have a doorman good times you’ve got all sorts of people coming
into space more people they they want to they want to learn more they want to
they want to just see more stuff that’s going on but they leave and that’s
that’s the opposite of what should be going on you should be trying to learn
stuff when things are bad you should be taking advantage of the situation when
things are bad you’re buying cheap you’re doing when people are stopping
you by okay nation says foreign minister yeah I got the test results
oh I get the process of next week okay if they improve I’ll continue as a as I
had been but if they’re worse I’ll go to Mexico for low dose chemo and came back
on the aapki kick back on the back to well here we go now yeah so that she has
cancer and so he’s been treating it by fasting by doing natural things and so
he’s got to get a test Friday but it’s gonna be oh he took the test on this
past week and he’ll get the results next week which is in a few days and yeah and
so I agree if he still has if the cancer has spread if it hasn’t gotten better
then yes of course you’d want to get chemo at that point was he he tried the
natural stuff and then you try something else if it has gotten works god forbid
god forbid I hope to god it’s got better I mean there’s so many people wanted to
know has it vengeance natural natural ways of
attacking answer is it better than the chemo we we
shall see we shall see and yes he yes he’s being your guinea pig for himself
and yes he knows he’s doing this and he’s documenting this whole thing so
people can learn from it it’s really uh I admire him for doing this it’s great
stuff it’s great stuff so we we shine my fingers are crossed all right so anytime
this is something to talk about during be on Bitcoin because we talk about
health because when people get cancer no one likes to hear that they got cancer
it’s it’s not it’s not something here they immediately want to do chemo they
want to get there’s things chopped off and all sorts of stuff happening um but
I have said before that if god forbid I ever saluted the first thing I would
just ask I would fast immediately that was one of the first things I mentioned
so again I’m not a doctor but I am setting this on the internet you can
learn a lot about cancer and a lot about treatments and a lot about diseases and
treatments that are natural not cooking poisons your body and a lot and the most
important thing you can learn about cancer and diseases is how to prevent
them how to how to be healthier and eat healthier I’ve talked about the best
thing I do the best thing I run I intermittent I best point two hours
every single day and it’s just it’s a lifestyle
the best thing is a lifestyle and it’s just it’s preventative measures they
don’t seem very glamorous when you’re just doing you have the system setup
preventative measure systems but it’s it’s long-term thinking but it’s pretty
glamorous when you don’t end up with some horrible disease okay if someone
wanted to start growing cues that if someone wanted to start a business to
get in motion how would you approach the decision of investing capital in the
business instead of a Bitcoin assuming they already have Bitcoin mm-hmm very
interesting welcome and so one wanted to get I would I would
suggest well what what I’ve it if it’s a business that’s really capital intensive
I would say you might not want to be in motion in that business you’re taking a
real big risk try to get into internet-based myth-making
internet-based I saw it advise people like okay you’ve
got your Bitcoin savings now you’re saying you wanna you want to start your
own business that is awesome don’t save the don’t sell those bitcoins
I guess you should stop buying big don’t save the but sell those bitcoins I guess
you should stop by Bitcoin but like ease your way into this business try to make
it internet-based try not I wouldn’t advise any physical location type of
stuff just keep keep your expenses down as much as possible I mean that that’s
my mantra though so like some people aren’t me and they’re gonna want to be
in different types of businesses and I’ll just say you know good luck good
luck to you and you are you’re definitely being emotion but the capital
intensive stuff is obviously much more risky than stuff that’s internet-based
that’s all and then you get into when you’re talking about physical locations
it’s there’s more regulation involved so I mean if you want to be an emotion
start your own business I would just say then it is a little bit more capital
intensive and then internet-based thing like my next advice would be like avoid
something that deals with a lot of regulations there’s there’s my thingy
but yeah I have to here just to the examples I I’m good and telling people
about specific you know they got a specific issue I can address it like
that alright but thank you uh yeah if someone says bitcoinmeister do you think
traveling is more valuable than material items yes
clearly yes I I do you get experiences but I mean there’s some material items
they’re few material if the material items can be productive for you
that can be more valuable than the most stuff most stuff out there stuff out
there is completely useless so yeah travel is is bad that and the mindless
stuff okay moving on and remember I just eval I’ll be nice to you didn’t I pick
one I saw that pop up there and let’s move back to uni so we talked about the
pod girl and let’s talk about this UK was this times of the time it’s article
what is this a culture okay I’ve got to split up really weird here students turn
against free speech amid culture of conformity fewer than half of students
consistently support the freedom of speech and 2/5 paper censorship and no
platforming of controversial speakers research is shown and it says a culture
of conformity may also be having an effect on undergraduates who are often
too intimidated to espouse unpopular views on campus according to a report by
the center-right think-tank policy exchange so I think a cop I think we
should address the culture of conformity that goes way beyond the freedom of
speech issue it is disgraceful does that many people don’t believe in freedom of
speech anymore and believe in deep platformer okay on its own that is bad
but some of the people who believe in that or just believing in it to fit in
and some of the people who sort of don’t believe in it won’t speak up against it
because they want to fit in so in effect if they don’t if they know
it’s wrong and they’re not speaking up against it and just trying to fit in
then they’re part of the problem they’re part of the problem the culture
conformity goes way beyond students and breaking away from it is he is so much
in life okay so you can you see this culture of conformity in so many aspects
of your life be it finances you know you have to get the biggest
house you have to have the mega mansion the McMansion whatever you want to call
it and you know d-damn you don’t but you won’t speak up
so you just conform and that that is the way of the 80% that that is definitely
been asked that company but there are 20 percenters something like that also
there plenty of productive people who produce who own businesses who saved who
actually are savers but on certain issues they will conform you know
freedom of speech and and and they should they should never better so
feeding in is overrated that is that’s one of the sayings here that is the
opposite of the culture of conformity but keep in mind that the mainstream
culture is the culture of conformity these days and it’s it’s even on the
Internet you get the peer pressure on the social
media sites that that’s another reason to avoid social media you get too much
in the facebook you’re just way part of that culture of conforming and you’re
gonna you’re getting all these reinforcements to conform to conform
that didn’t look how glorious it is to fit in look at all these mixed pictures
these people have up to the aim that they so yeah there you go
now he and here’s a related tweets from we I don’t know this dudes it’s linked
to below so many people are afraid of being wrong and alone they’re so afraid
to take career risks that ain’t migrate from being alone into being with the
crowd but when you migrate to the crowd side you take away being right and alone
that’s where fortune and glory reside pound that like button he absolutely
right about that I mean you could be right and be part of the masses okay
there are times that the the masses are right there they’re there on the right
side sometimes okay but the people are so scared of being alone and they

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