The Best Trends in Modern Cars and Trucks

The Best Trends in Modern Cars and Trucks

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about good trends in modern cars, now the first modern trend that I really like is,
the use of timing chains now instead of these rubber timing belts, and I’ll give
a little history for that originally your crankshaft was connected to your
camshaft that opens the valves, using just gears timing gear, strong reliable
lasted almost forever, but it cost a lot of money to make all these gears that
laced in right so then they went to gears they had timing chains connecting
them, it’s a little bit cheaper making them that way but it’s still pretty
strong these are strong steel chains, but alas then things got even cheaper, they
started to replace the timing chains with these rubber timing belts that have
cogs, much cheaper to make them that way but these are rubber belts they’re gonna
wear out a lot faster than a metal chain so this 2002 Lexus has a timing belt
it’s a v6 engine and changing that timing belt is a very expensive
procedure, but at least in this case it’s a non-interference engine, so if that
rubber belt breaks the Pistons don’t hit the valves and there’s no damage done,
but some companies like Nissan made most of their vehicles with interference
engines and a rubber timing belt when it broke Pistons hit the valve broke the
inside of the engine, goodbye engine in most cases, and that’s why I like the
modern trend of going back to timing chains, this is an 07 Toyota Matrix and
it has a timing chain inside it instead of one of those rubber belts, the chain
is hidden inside the engine it’s lubricated by the motor oil, as long as you
change your oil and the vehicle is made correctly those chains can last hundreds
of thousands of miles now the next modern trend that I think
is good, is the better and better gas mileage that modern engines are getting,
here’s my 94 Toyota Celica it’s got a 1.8 4-cylinder engine, but here’s a 2007
Toyota Matrix it also has a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine, but guess what
it gets 14 miles a gallon better gas mileage than the celica does, with modern
computer-controlled ignition fuel injection systems, hey the vehicles
just are more efficient at burning gasoline, and guess what they do that on
regular pump gas you don’t need the premium gas, they run perfectly fine on
the cheapest gas that you can buy, so you’re not wasting money on high test gas, now
the next good trend in modern cars has to do with the exhaust systems, this 07 matrix
has the entire exhaust system that’s still original, never
leaked nothing’s ever been changed, now when I was a young mechanic we used to
change out mufflers and exhaust pipes all the time,
they’d rot and leak and you had to replace them, but the modern designs are
better made, they’re not made out of plain steel like they were when I was
young, they have aluminumized ones stainless steel parts and all that let’s these
exhaust systems last a really long time, which is great for you because you
have to buy anything, but not so great for those muffler shops, if you notice a
lot of the muffler shops now they do tune ups and they do all kinds of other
work because they really can’t make a living doing exhaust alone, because the
parts are so well made they don’t wear out like they used to, I used to have
cars that over a 10-year period I might have gone through three or four mufflers
not anymore now the next modern trend that I like, is
better painting, cars are being painted by machines now and they do an almost
perfect job, looking at this lexus you’d never think that the thing is 17 years
old, but the paint holds up so well because of the way they paint them, at
least when the vehicles are new because if you ever notice if you get in a wreck and
have your car repainted, the paint hardly ever matches perfectly and it
never lasts as long as the original paint because guess what, the original
paint was done by robots and they do it in a really good sealed environment
where the humidity and a temperature is carefully controlled, so if you want your
car to stay looking great stay away from wrecks because odds are the car will
never look the same, unless the entire car was repainted in a really well
sealed environment, which I don’t see that much of any more, every time I get a
customer have a car get in a wreck and they bring it back, I look at it in
the Sun and I can tell okay this part was painted,
this part doesn’t match perfectly and then often a few years later they start
to fade all over the place, unlike the original one done by robots, and the
next modern trend that I think is fantastic, the anti rusting capabilities
that modern cars have, when modern cars are built they often make the paint that
they’re soaked into in the beginning the frame and the body be electrically
charged and the body is the opposite electrical charge,
so this anti rust paint usually rich in zinc, zaps right on to the metal and
keeps it from rusting, my mother still lives in Buffalo, she’s got a Toyota
Corolla it’s the only car she ever had that
didn’t trust out, yeah it’s 15 years old but there’s still no rust on the thing, they
learned how to seal the rust out when they build the cars, when I was a
kid we had a 53 Ford and we used to pretend we were playing hockey in a back
seat because there were so many holes the floorboards would fill up with water
and freeze, but eventually that rotted through
and you could see the road go by when you looked under your feet, so cars have gone
a long way since then, and the last modern trend in modern cars that I like
is, the improvement of tires, since I was a young mechanic tires have gotten
better and better, not only do they last longer, but they grip better,
they’ve computer design treads so that they work best for your driving
situation, when I was a kid up north you had to put snow tires on a car in the
winter or you’re gonna slide all over the place,
but now they got all season tires that you can just leave on all year, heck my
mother lives in Buffalo she’s got a 15 year old Toyota Corolla with all season
tires, she’s 91 years old and she still drives her car around there and doesn’t
have to put snow tires on in the winter and the tires themselves are better made,
if you buy quality tires, that’s the caveat there, you go out and buy say the
cheapest chinese-made tires you can get they’re not gonna last that long, you’re
gonna get flats as the nails go through them, I’ve seen that with customers over
the last decade over and over again, but if you buy quality tires,
I can’t remember the last time I got a flat in any of my tires, because I buy
quality tires, steel belted radials and unless you drive in an area where
there’s a zillion nails all over the place, you may never see a flat tire
again, which is a far cry from when I was a young mechanic and tires had tubes
inside, and they were always going flat and a royal pain to fix, cause you had to
take them apart, you had to either patch the tube or put a new tube in, find out
what made the hole and take it out, then put it all back together again and
re-balance the tire, was a giant pain modern tires hey they’ve gone a long way, so now
you know some of the good modern trends in cars, so you don’t have to be
depressed from my previous video telling you all the bad things that have been
happening, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell!

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  • Someone needs to inform GM about the new modern painting techniques. Why do White GM vehicles have the paint peeling off in huge sheets? Every time I see a white GM commercial van or truck (plumbers, electricians, etc) the front of the vehicle has most of the paint missing.

  • It doesn't Matter what they use as long as it is junk 2012 Chevy Malibu 2.4 liter engine complete junk lucky if you get 60k miles before the chain/tensioner is cheap junk just like the entire car.!

  • Why is "Chinese" associated to bad quality? It's time for "Made in China" to turn things around and get the "Made in Japan" label of quality!

  • Scotty I am getting out of my 2013 Nissan Altima have been thinking about changing to a Toyota Avalon with a 4 cylinder engine! Does it make a difference which year I choose?

  • 5:55 Scotty, that's not good advice for someone if they live where it snows more than 1-2 months out of the year. I can't count how many cars I see each year in the ditch due to "mud and snow" rated all season tires. Really, its about steering and stopping with snows. I have friends who refuse to buy winter tires and they're always getting stuck in snow. I've gotten stuck one time in 20 years, and it was this spring. I had just picked up a new car with m&s rated all seasons, and couldn't climb a medium steep hill after 2 inches fell. Needless to say , I've already bought a full set of steel rims and snows for next winter.

  • Scotty, have you seen lately Ford's "rubber timing belt in oil"? Only one oil recommended by them. Kinda weird don't you think?

  • What's the best tires you can buy for driving on your normal day to day driver?

  • "All Season Tires"? Sure, if you do not get any real snow or cold temps but, for most in the Northern States, winter tires are still a must.

  • I agree on the quality tires. I've pulled out several screws and nails from the tread of my Cooper tires, but none of them punctured the tires. They're US made too. Best tires I've ever owned.

  • Nothing replaces winter tires. All-seasons are good, yes. But not good enough. Safety first guys and gals and LGBT's.

  • Hey Scotty..Im from "Good Ole Austtralia"…Fairly new subscriber and loving your Vlogs heaps, Keep doing what your doing mate!! Im old school also and relate so much to what you say.. Plus your delveries are awesome. "Your one cool dude" and a lot of fun..all the best Mate…

  • Our 08 pathfinder with 137,000 miles finally had to get its exhaust replaced after 10 years! (The muffler too)

  • Sorry Scotty, there is summer tires and winter tires…dont put on a winter tires, YOU END UP IN THE DITCH IN WINTER TIMES, MAN! Who sell all season tires is a thief,
    THERE IS NO REAL SUCH THING CALLED A ALL SEASON TIRE! An all season tire have rubber that slip like it was TEFLON RUBBER!(Winter tires are sticky on ice!)

  • Dont forget. All the Democrats states ignoring the pothole problem. I see new yotas with blown tires all over chicago expressways

  • Instead of repainting the whole car after fixing it after a wreck, I think you can just wrap the whole car because at least it will stay shiny and the color will match on all the car's panels.

  • Last year my car died when the timing belt snapped and killed the engine. Wasn't even worth replacing the engine. 2004 Dodge Neon.

  • even the cheap tires are good now days. but the high end tires are amazing. today you can buy a tires for 40 bucks that will last for 30k miles if nothing happens to it. and i had a set of bf goodwrench tires last 12 years swear to god 12 years on the same set.

  • Scotty, I gotta disagree with you on all season tires. They are absolute trash in the snow. I live in Canada and snow tires are a must, not just because they are significantly better, but they are also mandatory from december to march. All season tires cannot be compared to actual winter tires. You might be able to get away with it in places where you get maybe 1-10 cm of snow a year, but if you're driving in any area with a lot of snow, you won't be able to make it anywhere with all seasons.

  • Very true report …. the new auto technologies are 100x better and still improving …. cars are much, much more reliable today and in almost every way too 👍🔧

  • I have a bit over 100k in my acura tsx. Do I really need to change the timing belt and fuel pump? Can it still go for another 100k with no incident?

  • My favorite modern trend is the use of electric power steering racks. No have to worry about leaking power steering pumps or a rock hard wheel to turn EVER!!😁

  • I own a 2011 hyundai sonata. The paint is peeling and rusting all over; primarily on the roof. There was a class action lawsuit against Hyundai but it was dismissed due to "insufficient evidence" 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😠😠😠

  • You left out vastly improved safety and less pollution. Not to mention overall reliability, especially compared to the junk made in the 70's/80's

  • It's amazing to me how a steel reinforced rubber belt can turn cams with all that pressure from the valve springs or hydraulic lifters.

  • It's amazing to me how a steel reinforced rubber belt can turn cams with all that pressure from the valve springs or hydraulic lifters.

  • I have 14 vw Passat and I’m so thankful for having a drive chain I know a friend who had to replace his entire engine on his deer old truck. He loved that thing.

  • Scotty, did you know that the 1.8 motor in the Corolla and Matrix is the same motor they put in the last gen Celica GT?

  • How about the return to real door handles you could actually grab, as opposed to those wretched fingertip things they used from the 1970s to the 1990s? That makes a big difference if you are trying to rescue someone from a wreck, or if you are trying to get to work in an ice storm.

  • I remember riding in my dad’s Datsun. The floor was rotted out in one part so you could see the road underneath which I thought was pretty fascinating. lol

  • 99 dodge rusted on the roof, sanded it and sprayed it saved me a ton of money not having to buy a new car with a fancy robotics paint job

  • All season tires are no good in cold weather loss of traction. Note the province of Quebec requires winter tire on all four wheels from December 15 to April 15 each year. Most new car dealers will include winter tires on new car sales. Love all your Youtube videos.

  • For your information, Scotty, the main reasons they went from timing gears to chains was the huge space required for the larger of the two gears to keep the correct ratio for the rotation of the crankshaft to the camshaft was reduced by the use of a chain, PLUS they had problems with the gears tending to get noisy after some wear, unlike the normal chains.

  • Fuel efficiency and emissions rules eat up a lot of the technological advances that have been made over the years. There is no doubt in my mind but that if they rolled back these rules to the 60s car companies could double their engine power.

  • 2:20 I live in California where regular gas prices are like $3.45-ish lowest for me. Fck this I'm moving to Texas.

  • My car has everything electric ,windows,seats,mirrors ect ect ect , but the fuses are ridiculously difficult to get at , why , money for dealers ???

  • Every single innovation in automotive transportation was met with skeptics and naysayers. Seat belts , not in my car. How about catalytic converters and emission controls. Modern IC autos have dozens of microprocessors to just get the damn thing to run. Imagine the simplicity of an EV, it won’t be just muffler shops going extinct.

  • My daily driver is a1990 tbird and I don't want a newer car because cad makes them next to impossible to service, I don't want servo controlled steering, brakes nor any more electronics than I already have.

  • I have being watching your videos!!! Why don't you run for President of USA i will vote for you,you always talk just the way it is i like that.

  • 😎 one instance where I was glad they used timing belt was the Ford escorts. Back in the day my ex got the escort in the divorce. I had the new timing belt hanging on the wall in my garage and of course I wasn't going to change it for her. Two months later she was driving down the highway and snap…..trashed the engine

  • The chevy straight 6 of the late 60's thru the 70's had just gears & no timing belt OR chain. It was expensive to make THAT? I don't think so! You always had to pay more for a chevy v8 with a timing chain!! I am NOT IMPRESSED. Today, if Chevy makes me a strait 6 with port fuel injection & no timing belt or chain & rear wheel drive, i'll be impressed.

  • When I was a young Gas Jockey a customer complained, "I just bought new tires and now I've got a flat! I replied, well, maybe you ran over a brand new nail." (insert laughing horse here).

  • Chain engines are better if you make them well, bad ones can last less than good belt engine. WV example made really bad chain engine (TSI) what broke down long before belt did 😄 BMW M60 V8 is twin chain engine and runs forever, successor M62 V8 has only one chain and have tons of timing chain problems. Cutting costs is something i hate a lot in modern world, you cant get quality even with money anymore.

  • There is a coating, paint shop in Denver that can nearly replicate factory paint quality. They advertise in Bandimere race tracks annual publication of NHRA track events.

  • if you are in Florida you will never ever need to change muffler or any part of exhaust system .Florida cars are in immaculate shape even after 20 yrs

  • To:Scotty 2002 Lexus: I think that's a Windom in Japan. The Celica is the only Toyota I can think of that kept the same names in both countries. Yes, of course Corolla, but did you ever see a Corolla Levin or Altis? How about the Mark II?

    YEAH!!! Buffalo!!! I have heard you mention Niagara Falls.. yeah where I'm from the Falls is just 15 mins away.

  • It does brighten the mood to think about all the advancements.
    However I would still recommend good quality winter tires and changing the tires in the fall/spring if you live in a snowy area.

  • is it possible to replace the rubber timing belt with an equivalent specd timing chain? do manufacturers even have something like that? hope you live long like your mom, people like you are rare. dont you die on us old man, dont you die on us.

  • To test anti rust coatings on vehicle bodies they should drive them in the winter in places where they overuse salt on roads like where I live in Vermont. The state puts it on the roads like its free. Its not just salt but salt brine and it does just about the same thing to cars that salt water mist if you live near salt water the ocean does to them. If the anti rust coating works in that situation and continues to work then it will work everywhere. All Season tires do not work as effectively as dedicated snow or studded tires do. In Canada they are actually illegal.

  • Hey Scotty, another great trend in the last 15 or 20 years is that cars don't require tuneup very often. The cars from the 50s 60s and 70s needed a tuneup quite often.

  • Hi scotty how many cats 🐈 do you have and car wise I have a 2007 Ford Focus 20 l duratec with 89 000 and my oil every 5000 miles fully synthetic

  • The best trend in modern cars is Chrysler/dodge air intake hoodscoops! The fiat multi-air engine with the mopar hoodscoop and cats ain’t too bad either, jack!

  • they are not really trends, just technological advancements, which are bound to happen with time. trends are supposed to be like fashion or business strategies, like everyone making suvs now, or running lights. the worst trends in modern cars video was good though.

  • i already had to replace my exhaust pipe and resonator from the aft catalytic converter to the muffler on my 2003 Matrix… but I live in wisconsin, so that's probably to be expected 🙂

    I really liked this video. it's good to focus on the positive sometimes.

  • All season tires are garbage for snow or ice, yes you can still drive the car somewhat, but if you get anything above 5 cm or some freezing rain , you better stay inside and not be a nuisance to other drivers on the road