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13 thoughts on “The 700 Club – February 24, 2020”

  • I'm happy for Ireland, praise the Lord. But you seem, to have problem. When someone emailing you, cause they have sin problem you cant make up your mind ,If there saved or not. When don't know there hart, or soul. Or what been in to. Some minds hart souls they been scared hurting Deep in there spirit. is it's like saying well might go to hell. What what did it mean when he said,bless those are poor in spirit.

  • Eliminate the terrorist prefects and comminism world can go back to guantaumino bsy. Bobby is the biggest fsilure in the world. Enough is enough. sometimes the donkey whom are never real donkey's have to fix what peefects mess up. Trump is nuetrwl irregardless. sometimes grsndchildren know better. thats why you have them.

  • I hope America doesn't go through what Ireland is going through we don't realize what you have until until it's gone , Democrats want socialism, and socialism has destroyed many lives "Democrats"

  • God knows that it's hard for you this is what you need to relay to him all that's about through a mirror Darkly and actually this is one of the main things it just goes to show the effect sin has had on our world. And if all you Christians suddenly disappeared guaranteed I'm going to stand in the gap there's too much fear involved everything it's really just cowardice this about what of this!? what of that!? what of it!?!?! The tribulation is what it is I don't want to be on the wrong side of History there is always time to make the choice. There's much being learned Abt longevity that Robertson etc should avail themselves of; Hormesis, magnesium, resveratrol, heat stress, cold stress, time release vitamin c, fasting, autophagy, vitamin D, balance between zinc & copper, cortisol level, & …………..There's massive breakthrough is with longevity memo to Pat Robertson Etc. Precious Christians!!!! Who else does all this kind of thing!?!? And just how much goes unappreciated. all this about me going to be the Antichrist it doesn't have to pan out that way. either way you slice it the Antichrist is a deeply unfortunate character they can say what they want to about power or Prestige or whatever because you still have these overlaps and they do indeed exist