THANK YOU! Putin: American Sanctions Boosted Russia’s Economic And Technological Sovereignty

THANK YOU! Putin: American Sanctions Boosted Russia’s Economic And Technological Sovereignty

Mr President, how do you improve relations with the United States, where is the common ground? And what are the prospects for reduction or reduced sanctions? Thank you. Dan Petruzzi, DuPont Capital. Well, as for the sanctions and the prospects for lifting them – you need to ask the US Administration. We did not impose sanctions on ourselves, you know. The US Congress did it for us, so you had better ask them. But I would like to make a point in this connection. Firstly, the sanctions actually forced us to focus on import substitution, especially in industries we deemed critical for the country’s security. This is a wide range of industries: agriculture, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and the defence industry. And in general, we have achieved very serious and positive results. I will be honest with you, and I can already say this frankly and publicly: the first steps of the sanctions policy made me feel somewhat uneasy. I would like to thank all my colleagues, and the people I do not know, but who work, each at their workplace, in various industries, at plants, design bureaux, and research institutions. They have taken a huge step towards increasing our economic and technological sovereignty. In this sense, all these restrictions have benefited our economy. But there is a downside of course, and that downside sours things for everyone. It cost billions of dollars. For example, for Europe, in my estimate, and according to the estimates of the Europeans themselves, their losses stand at about 50 billion. By the way, we have lost far less in our relations with Europe. The same holds true for the States. The restrictions that the Administration has introduced in recent years, I don’t remember how many, more than a dozen restrictions have been introduced, affecting more than 400 companies and almost 300 individuals – you know, it had a boomerang effect. For example, they forced their companies to discontinue their participation in offshore projects. What for? These companies had invested certain funds in a particular project and were then forced to leave these projects and lose their money. Who was punished? They punished themselves, shot themselves in the foot, and that was it.

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100 thoughts on “THANK YOU! Putin: American Sanctions Boosted Russia’s Economic And Technological Sovereignty”

  • I think Trump is working with Putin and other countries to kick the evil bankers and war mongers. I hope so. World peace for us all yes!? I hope so.

  • I believe that economic cooperation between the USA and Russia should happen. One country shouldn't hog all the business. Sanctions are stupid. Russia and the USA should work and cooperate together in all aspects. The USA and Britton helped Russia in her darkest hour. I see the festival's of russia and the beautiful people that are there, I just want world peace. I can pray for that.

  • his way of answering every single question is so genius. great..!! love from nepal hope one day we have leader like you Pres. Putin.

  • US hoped sanctions would be like dropping a boulder of Russia's economy. All Putin and the Russians did was shrug their shoulders and carried on, business as usual. No big deal. Other ideas US administration?

  • The only one that loses antrum sanctions are American businesses that can’t do business with those countries. Americans lose billions in sales and in jobs

  • US made loose-loose with Russia and now looose-looose with China. Whole world will feel it but people with A BRAIN will know who did this and it's not Russia or China.

  • In Russia western sanctions do not cause Russia damage. Russia causes damage to western countries with their own foreign sanctions. Молодец!!!!!!!

  • Never allow your own production to be substituted with imported products from the west again!!!! By allowing this you actully agree to destroy your own country in the long run. Never make Russia stupid and weak again as they were under traitors gorbachev and yeltsin!!!!!!!!

  • Suggest you look at the world ladder of GDP figures from the leading country economies. Especially where Russia was before and then after the sanctions came in. You won';t like it

  • In other words, & this I quote from Americans, "what can't make u die, only make u stronger", china already learn from this kind a dependency towards US, so therefore they learn as much as possible by applying a law of technology transfer to any company that want to do business in there, so when the time comes when they got trouble by that country like get banned & any kind of prohibition, they know how to develop their own, for this I think every country that still dependent so much from other countries need to learn from it

  • Now Russia produces the entire cycle of high-tech products from electronic chips to civil aircraft made of carbon fiber ("MS-21", before the supply of fiber and resin were carried out from the United States, just as "Boeing" still buys in Russia titanium products for their aircraft 30% titanium in Boeing Russian production) So thanks for the sanctions uncle Sam, finally we became completely independent…

  • This channel should be called Praise Putin….Or look at all our great Russian weapons channel…..90% of the comments are Fake Russian trolls….LOL

  • i want to share this video. but english subtitles are important for a wider audience througout our world. opinions and points of view from russia,
    really matter in our confused world…

  • The Slav shines when faced with problems to solve, obstacles to overcome, to endure, even if the problems are caused by self almost for having something to do ^^

  • I'm Crimean.
    This is the same Peninsula that did not want to live with Ukraine and went to Russia.
    America and Europe and even some international companies have announced sanctions against us. Probably for the fact that we peacefully left Ukraine.
    We do not work visa, flashplayer is not updated, Google bans us. We can't fly to Europe and planes from other countries can't fly to us. We were cut off from the "civilized" world.
    You know what we're doing here? We're LIVING in. not bad live. We don't have Visa, we have MIR. We don't have Google, we have Yandex (and it's cooler than Google by a lot). And so with all aspects of life.
    Your stupid sanctions have made not just stronger, but better.
    I say "thank you" for the sanctions.

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  • USA and NATO Otan Said: We Want Need Require Your Land, National Resources , Girls etc…
    USSR RUSSIA Said: Your Allies and You Must Have To Fight With US USSR RUSSIA People For US RUSSIA Great Greater Greatest Than You All USA NATO…

  • USA and NATO Otan Said: We Want Need Require Your Land, National Resources , Girls etc…
    USSR RUSSIA Said: Your Allies and You Must Have To Fight With US USSR RUSSIA People For US RUSSIA Great Greater Greatest Than You All USA NATO…

  • USA and NATO Otan Said: We Want Need Require Your Land, National Resources , Girls etc…
    USSR RUSSIA Said: Your Allies and You Must Have To Fight With US USSR RUSSIA People For US RUSSIA Great Greater Greatest Than You All USA NATO…

  • USA and NATO Otan Said: We Want Need Require Your Land, National Resources , Girls etc…
    USSR RUSSIA Said: Your Allies and You Must Have To Fight With US USSR RUSSIA People For US RUSSIA Great Greater Greatest Than You All USA NATO…

  • Аналогичная была ситуация с Сербией или тогдашней СРЮ во время западных санкций в 1990-х годах. Это было время величайшего СУВЕРЕНИТЕТА сербского народа на протяжении всего 20-го века.

  • The comments of Putin are so small and with the black background cannot read them. No use looking at it. Is this another YouTube attempt to censor?

  • President Putin! !!I hope someone can forward this message to President Putina (president Putin God want you to save the World from the Great Satan America )please God already left America and he is Looking for the Great Nation it can be Russia only if you Stand up for Justice and Peace in the World. …Please stand up for peace in the World God will be by your side. You can destroy The Great Satan anywhere don't be scad God are left Him ……thank you God bless you (president Putin )and God bless Russia.

  • It was the secret intention of the USA to make Russia more independent financially and economically. And, it worked, thanks be to God!

  • American and Some in West has a zero sum game policy in regards to Russia, it will take a generation for that philosophy to die out. Anything geopolitical what's is bad for Russia must be good for us , never take into account the Russian side to build consensus.

  • Jesus loves Putin. He had already prophesied long ago that the 2nd prophet Beast would chop a Mark of the Beast on the forehead or right arms of those who are allowed to Buy or to Sell.

  • No, this was to be expected and Russia is not an enemy of the USA it's an allie especially in space, too many of you are still living in the cold war. Wake up and change your paradigm, space is our new frontier TOGETHER! No one wants to rule this world anymore !

  • Total BS and lies, 53% of 18-25 year old Russians would leave Russia to live elsewhere. This man is such a failure for his people.

  • Russia should join up with other countries that are hit by USA sanctions and replace any imports needed from USA to nil, so they can evade all the sanctions… USA is abusing its position as a good business man to an evil one that blocks all sorts of things people were used to use… If USA keeps on with all the sanctions and tariffs they will be in a lonely world and lose lots of income and end up with a huge loan of around 40 trillion dollars…

  • Putin. They will only be white people in Russia soon. If we don’t stop them. They hate white people. We need to stop this now. If not you will be nothing and they will take your people too. War is the only way. I would die from war then them just walking in my house and the gov letting it happen like in every white country. They hate hate white people we need to stop them.

  • The US and EU had to do something after Russia captured the Crimea. The sanctions will surely be lifted if Russia stops supporting the war in East Ukraine. No one wants war with Russia, cold wars can easily lead to hot wars, so we are all at risk. Putin is the problem. He is a cruel dictator and wants to bully his neighbors, so he must be resisted. He runs Russia like a mafia boss, who won't tolerate any opposition or criticism. The world will be a dangerous place, as long as he is around. 🙂

  • President Putin makes me laugh with joy. I am so happy to see such openness and honesty. He is a great example to us all.

  • Russia is a self-made country and Sir Putin is a self-made, God-fearing and honest man, himself, Ameen❣ Zionist West stabs in the back whereas Russia comes in the face and calls spade a spade- nation of honest people, Ameen❣ May God bless mother Russia and Putin, Ameen❣❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💐💐💐💐💐💐💖💖💖💖💖💖🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😢💗💗💗💗💗

  • Ok, well then. I’ll just put it bluntly. Sanctions are not good for the Russian people. The EU and the US make a huge portion of the world’s economy, and Russia makes up a minuscule amount. They don’t need Russia, but Russia needs them. After 2014, the ruble crashed in value and Russia’s economy slumped, and its on the path of being surpassed by Canada in terms of its economic strength. I wonder why…🤔. While it has indeed become less reliant on the West, it is now on the path of entering a Chinese economic orbit, where it will increasingly have to do as China says if it wishes to do anything. So, Western sanctions are very bad for Russia and their people.

  • Russia 🇷🇺 Putin is evil and devil killing millions of incidents people 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

  • Russia 🇷🇺 Putin is evil and devil killing millions of incidents people 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

  • Barack Obama was the sanctioner. He cost companies here. Obama set out to destroy the United States, and here we are Russian President Putin is stating on video that Obama basically helped destroy the United States and boost Russia. Who was the real Russian colluder? P.S. Obama did this in the name of LGBTQ+, for them, because their feelings were hurt.

  • Stupid Putin is funny….the U.S. has the largest economy in the world..we don't need or want ANYTHING from Russia. I have never seen anything for sale in the U.S. that said " Made in Russia ". Let's keep it that way….

  • Russia is difficult to sanction because A- natural resources B- Extremely highly educated elite and a hard working labor force. C- Extremly good relations with China .C – a respected President that plays the political Chess game like a grand master.

  • Since when it’s Russia vs America. That shi is old, in this century it’s China vs America. Russia’s economy will never be a superpower. Russia wanting to take part of something lmao

  • May I also borrow Putin's words. Why should Washington shoot its own foot by passing a law supporting the violent protesters in HKSAR? US businesses will suffer in HKSAR, in China too, as a consequence

  • Russia and China should sign an MOU, preferably in the UN, that states if one country's sovereignty is invaded, the other country would help to defend

  • DuPont Capital first question was where we can find common grounds???
    Very easy withdraw all US Military bases from around the world , free Europe ……
    Sign a Peace treaty with the world and bring all those war crimes Heroes to justice that's all.

  • This is the period for Rusian to develop his country…Just continue your good will, never worry bcoz God watching you….