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100 thoughts on “Steve Hilton: The truth about impeachment”

  • This is no different that reverting people's attention from Hillary's crimes and turn it into 3 years Russia investigation. While all that time should be spent investigating her and putting to jail all surrounding her mafia. This is "Dead Cat" tactic described by Boris Johnson in his book, google it…

  • any mention about the truth of understanding the impeachment process without discussing Q, is not a true and complete understanding.

  • What we expect from RATS, IMPEACH Trump for using the bathroom. They ARE FOCUS everything just impeach but USMCA, FISCAL BUDGET which is very important for our economy and food on the table.


  • Dems….if there is nothing to investigate in your camp, why are you all fighting so hard? Transparent Trump isn't fighting it, he's giving us recordings, witnesses, evidence and testimony….what are you, the Dems, Nancy and Chuck giving us? –A bunch of Shiff.

  • Hunter Biden taking millions to serve on the Burisma board was totally illegal in Ukraine. They have a law against it. So Hunter may have legal trouble here and then get extradited to Ukraine. Bet their prisons are archaic

  • I dont believe Dems got Elected.. They got ballot harvested, they have friends who are making designing ballot counting machines..

  • Sondland is a MORON. I cannot believe he was put in by our POTUS. Well, our POTUS can take him out as fast as he put this piece of slime in…. What do you think about that SONDLAND?? Oh, take the marbles out of your mouth, please, before you answer and the cobwebs out of your brain!!!!!

  • About time. They can't just make up stuff & 'sources' have to be NAMED This isn't China, but America. Where our snitches (whistle blower)go on trial


  • The fact there has been so much job creation and there is still so much poverty is an indicator of how far down the well the democrats threw the American workers. Keep on pushing.

  • Come on you guys…. what is the concern? NONE. Anyone can say anything and Republicans will not move a finger. So what is the big deal? NONE. Ha ha all Republican men left their manhood at the door from the moment they walked into the WH with Trump. They will always be remembered for that…. the missing… Republicans. Ha ha.

  • It doesn’t matter how good this bold British guy is; he needs to find a job on British TV. As I watch BBC, I never find an American reporter.

  • There are Veterans that’s desire the amount of money Hunter Biden received monthly. They defended this country, to give us our freedom yet they are ignored. All the vets, and active men and women desire more than just monetary, they desire respect and recognition.

  • What is it with Clown News Network ARE they all Parrots One says one thing and the other 8 repeat the same thing. one track minds. 73 78 81 [84] q

  • EPIC presentation Michael.. Bravo!! Worthy of a standing ovation!
    ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ The Patriot Hour #1

  • It looks like the SD is not only weaponized they want the purse strings. Then have the US tax payers pay for their misrepresention

  • When have the dems EVER kept a promise or told the truth? Not since JFK, who also threatened to drain the swamp and paid with his life!

  • Steve keep doing what you do! I love your shows!! You put emotions behind the words and hopefully will get more ppl to think that are being brainwashed by the Left. PEOPLE SHOULD INVESTIGATE JOE BIDEN PPL SHOULD CARE IF THEIR TAX DOLLARS WERE USED INAPPROPRIATELY!!! Weed out the corruption!!!

  • The 6,000,000 unemployed are probably mostly lackies that we took in at the border SUPPOSEDLY looking for asylum!! Plus the refugees idiotic Obama took in!! They are probably all on welfare still!!!

  • I’ve become disassociated from all of it. It’s surreal, I don’t know when or how this level of common sense could be disregarded to serve a political narrative. How so many people could be this deceived to side with the political establishment responsible for the destruction of our country. The founding fathers did not want to include impeachment power for this reason.

  • Schools that don’t teach should be held accountable. Money should follow student and no indoctrination allowed. The pledge of allegiance and maybe a moment of prayer or silence.

  • He cant stand rules like we cant stand being toold what to do.Uhh like laws.Dems and rep "Politicians" just want us divided so they can rule us .And President Trump doesnt get a pass just because hes being treated "unfairly".Which hes not because none of this is true.Its all apart of the true deep states plan.Dont be divided people if so then we all loose because then politicians go wild.

  • Exactly! The Democrats star candidate was going down, and Barisma had given Schiff 126M, so he would lose too if Biden gets convicted. So, Schiff tried to stop Biden from being investigated.

  • Cant believe that they proceeded to the front with this ammo in their pocket!!! Did they think they could win with this lack of firepower? What is abundantly clear is that these people should never be in power.

  • We want all the corrupt assholes to be charged, arrested, and put away. Drain The Swamp is why we voted Trump. May Biden drop dead if hes guilty, and he is guilty. Arrest dems, and get this country moving again.

  • "Professional Politician" That's fkn funny and very sad at the same time!
    What do call a politician that is buried six feet under? Answer: No more of a threat!

  • What did John Kasich have to do with this? He's a former governor of Ohio. And the Republican national committee in Cleveland he did not go. Why Ohio is where he won 2 terms for governor. John Kasich ran for president so what he suspended his campaign for president right after Mr. Cruz did

  • I wish both sides would tell whole truth instead of half-truth. Such as there have been over 60 bills sent out of the house to the Senate that Mitch McConnell has refused to put on the floor for a boat. The problem isn't that they're doing nothing, they are just not doing what the Senate wants or will agree with.

  • Every day millions of Americans go hungry and have no roof over their head. The Average Americans, the ones who’s hard labor holds the whole country together are just one paycheck away from living on the streets. It’s a crime, an immoral act to take our tax dollars and throw them away on legal fees and prosecutors trying to find a criminal charge to impeach a seated President.

  • Fox please keep Steve around he is so right on for fairness and truth desperately needed these days. A breath of fresh air thanks.

  • The US shouldn't be giving Ukraine any military aid. And if they intend do, then it is only logical and sensible to make sure there is no corrupt dealings with the new prime minister of the Ukraine and particularly with any members of the US parliament and their families. So even IF Trump wanted an investigation, it's no different to the investigations done by the US of other countries like Iran which are dealt sanctions if they don't cease from developing their nuclear capabilities. It's far less impacting and sinister than the fabrication of dirt for the Russian collusion accusations by Hilary Clinton in an attempt to frame Trump. This impeachment is simply ridiculous, hypocritical, with zero basis and a waste of time and money.

  • You asked that we let you know what we think of your show while you were closing. You are one of the few who are honest and telling it like it is. I have followed this story closely and not loyal to either party, only the facts. They are what they are because of the people commit the acts. A reporter is supposed to gather those facts and present them without party affiliation, rarely these days, does that happen. Steve Hilton, you are a rarity!!

  • The democrat's case depends on the common person's lack of knowledge, and being gullible. In short they think we are stupid, and we can't think for are selves.

  • Why the heel is this Fox News channel advertising for crooked Bloomberg for pres 2020?!?! If they dumb enough to pay ya. I mean most Democrats are full blown morons lol

  • Their impeachment gaga means so little to "me" however getting something done does yet ALL of them "chose" not to for 3 years. I don't care to deal with the same do nothing BS from the Dems for another 4 years, or for the rest of my life, TBH… my life means something to me!

  • You say most 8th Graders can't read, neither can most adults. 99% of Americans have NO IDEA what What is meant by Washington, or DC, or the Corporation. Or what America is being represented. This entity is via the ACT of 1871.

    The United States FOR America 1776
    THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA (ACT of 1871) US INC, DC, Washington, The Corp. Also known as the
    Fed Gov, Fed Res, IRS, central bank satanic ILLUMINMATI ROTSchilds.
    Today called the FED , General George Washington called them FEDERALISTS, red coats

  • This world is greatly threatened by the ruling class CIA swamp crew. Schiff is overplaying his hand and just red pilling more Americans to be aware of mainstream lobbyist liars. Trump is a ruling class con man but Marxist traitors who have the nerve to red bait must be squashed. Protect and restore the capitalism that is guaranteed by law of our Constitutional Republic. We need to decentralize corporate lobbyist control of food, healthcare, military and our money supply. Restore regional organic farming, rust belt manufacturing and other mom and pop interstate commerce. Allow regional supply and demand to permanently determine the price credit, goods and services. We can fragment consumption in the private sector to rebuild the middle class and still keep consumer spending at 70% of GDP if we all work together like our lives depend on it. Guess what? It does. Wake up. Fight to decentralize lobbyist control and stop these genocidal ruling class CIA propagandists from funding and provoking both sides of every war debt boom, bust and bailout cycle with lies. The public speeches from Eisenhower on 1/17/61 and JFK on 4/27/61 were not the words of crockpot conspiracy theorists. These were back to back presidential warnings of what has been playing out ever since they made an example of both JFK ad RFK!

  • I used to have some respect for Steve Hilton, seemed like an honest guy a few years back. this is almost a totally different person – insincere, vicious and lost.

  • Trump is not a politician nor dishonest, that is why they don't like him in DC. Not only that he is the anti thesis to the New World Order, one world government

  • Look at fake news systems. One after another CNN NBC ABC … reporters are repeating speakers talking like repeating machines exactly same whole things

  • How can the dems lie so blatantly!? Who are the all protecting? Biden is so guilty and admits it himself. I want to know where the money went to in Ukraine and I want Joe Biden and his son brought up on charges for bribery while Joe was VP. Obama was in on it too. In the rest of the video of Joe admitting to have extortion he said the President of Ukraine said he was going to call Obama and Joe said go ahead! So Obama had to have known Joe was extorting the Ukrainians for his sons investigation. Why aren't we looking into that?

  • How many politicians leave the job poorer than when they took on politic as a job ,the higher there jobs the more corruption even giving them titles like the Brits mr Vice President b

  • What is going on in the economy has nothing to do with this issue. One does not mean the other shouldn't be dealt with. This was a clearcut case done very swiftly. There will be an impeachment case made and I think it should happen for the good of the countries future. Impeachment does not mean the president will be removed. This parallels Watergate trying to manipulate an opponents campaign and Nixon went down for it.

  • The thing is that POTUS Trump is taking the power back away from the establishment bureaucracy and they are furious that “We The People” are being put back into control of the government instead of the other way around. Which is the way the socialist left wants it, the government in complete control. POTUS Trump will end up going down in the history books as probably the greatest POTUS since Washington for the restoration of our Constitutional Republic.

  • The only revelation from the impeachment hearings is how abundantly stupid the left actually has become. Just look at those that comprise the left and you'll understand the knuckle dragging low IQ mentality of that group. Diversity brings stupidity. 🙄

  • That’s because the school districts are too busy teaching the kids about homosexual life styles !!!! Get BACK TO BASICS….READING, MATH, ENGLISH, REAL HISTORY ETC.