Spot Interview(좌표 인터뷰): Nam Taehyun(남태현)(South Club)_ I Got The Blues

Spot Interview(좌표 인터뷰): Nam Taehyun(남태현)(South Club)_ I Got The Blues

In fact, the two people I respect
the most in my life are my mother and Yang Hyunsuk. YG has been training me to make this sort of music after I left the team so I am very grateful to Yang Hyunsuk
for cheering me on. If I succeed in the future, I’d like to go visit him and thank him. (Spot Interview) (Spot: Nam Taehyun’s studio) Hello, viewers of Melon and 1-the-K. I’m Nam Taehyun who is doing music by forming a band called South Club. This is where I work on my music and live. I used to live alone in a small place. But living alone there made me a bit depressed. So I thought I would combine
the studio and a home. So it’s been 6 months
since I moved here. I painted the place myself and I designed the place like
putting up these posters. I had a busy schedule when I was
part of YG. I was used to being in the spotlight
all the time. But now I have nothing around me and no one is here to take care of me. So I’m in a daze all by myself I don’t know what to do. What am I supposed to do? That’s what was so scary. I got confused about my own identity. So many things changed around me so I had a hard time overcoming it. But those hardships turned into songs. How did you end up forming
a rock band “South Club?” I really prayed hard. I wanted to make friends
to do music with. So the first place I went to
was a church. After the service, I played my songs with people who play the piano
and the bass. It felt so good. I became certain that it would
work out great if we form a band together. I’ve spent everything I have into buying all these instruments. I got all the equipments and we’re producing an album here
and planning performances. I’ve stood on big stages when
I was a member of WINNER. It was such a valuable experience that does not come by easily. With that goal in mind,
I will start from the bottom now and start with street performances. I suggested this to the members. That’s how South Club got started. That’s how we got started and we now released
our first album “90.” The rock band suits
your rebellious image. My music may sound rebellious and sound free, but I’m not usually like that. I don’t go out much. I prefer staying at home
playing with my cats. We heard that you saw CEO Yang Hyunsuk
at a funeral. I heard the news about Yang Hyunsuk’s
father passing away and I hesitated a lot at first. I was quite worried because I wasn’t sure if it was okay
to text him. But I did text him. I texted him saying that I heard the news about his father. He replied “Thank you.” So I discreetly went to say hello and I met up with the WINNER members. The five of us said hello together and had a meal with him like we did when I was with WINNER. We spent some time together like that. He didn’t say anything in particular. This is what he said the WINNER members. “Since Taehyun is here you should spend time
together talking.” He calmly said it. I got somewhat emotional. I was very grateful to him. Relationships with others. They last forever. In a way, they were like family
to me. They are people whom I’ll continue to interact with
for the rest of my life. It was just as when I was
a member of WINNER. Will you continue to do music? Yes. No matter how much things change
around me and how much my lifestyle changes, they will all change within my music. I don’t think that I’ll be doing music
until the day I die. I have no choice, but to do music
until then.

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  • 몇몇 인서분들 진짜 정떨어진다 저는 아직 남태현 탈덕 못한 인서인데 태현이가 지뢰면 그냥 곱게 영상을 보지 말고 댓글을 달지마세요들 제발. 누구는 사우스클럽 팬이고 한데 굳이 여러분들께서 신나게 까줘야하는 이유를 정말 모르겟슴

  • I was devastated about NamTae leaving Winner but it seems like he's in a better space now, so I'm happy for him

    화이팅! 사랑해 ❤

  • I stopped watching and listening to Winner when Tae left because it just didn’t feel right without him. I’m happy he’s doing what he loves making amazing music. Forever my bias <3

  • Yang hyun suk is such a very nice person indeed, I don't get it why he get so much hatred. All YG artists always respect him but there still lot of fans who think that YG artists hate YG. it's so sad

  • I really like Taehyun, like I find him so fascinating for some reason lol he has this attractive aura about him. And he seems like such a nice guy too!

  • I'm crying right now!! I'm a diehard iKonic but I also love Winner boys so much and part of all of it was Taehyun 🙁 and even if my heart broke when he decided to leave I somehow knew he wouldn't find happiness in the kpop world, many times I found myself worried about his emotional ups and downs, so it honestly didn't caught me by surprise. I admire his courage to take such a hard decision, he's an amazing songwriter and will always support him, plus Winner is doing great so I'm no longer worried about that. I love all this boys so much.

  • Tbh I really hated him for leaving winner (dont blame me please) but after watching this and knowing that he still has a good relationship with the other 4 makes me at ease. Stay healthy now and take care of your health always.

  • 야이자식아 빨리 양사장 찾아뵙고 무릎꿀고 싹싹빌고 팀에 넣어달라고 간곡히 부탁해라…결론은 위너에 있을때 여자연예인들과 스캔들과 팬들에 대한 말투등 결국 모든 잘못은  너에게 있다 배부르니 니 꼴린데로 살고 팀웍은 개딱지처럼 여긴 자업자득이다…우린 그걸 배신이라 부른다승윤이를 비롯해 다른 팀원들은 그렇게 못해서 안하는거냐 다 팀이 잘되기위해 스캔들도 참고 다 그런거지….이세상 실력만 좋다고 능력만 좋다고 성공하는거 아니다 특히 연예인들은 이미지로 먹고 사는 사람들이다 이미지가 나빠지면 팬들은 바로 외면한다 강인,박봄,신정환,기타등등 그들이 능력이 없어 팬들이 외면하니???너의 천재성을 살릴곳은 위너밖에 없다 니가 빠짐으로써 너도 위너도 득될게 없다 인생은 짧다 제발 정신좀 차려라

  • Aaahhhh noona missyou the guy who always charming Nam Tae Hyun 😢😂😙 hope you will be better wherever you are. Hopefully your relationship w/ winner and YG always in good condition and cheering up each other. INDONESIAN HERE FOR THE NEW NAM TAE HYUN and Southclub. FIGHTING! 💛💛

  • 태현아 사실 탈퇴하고 영상 못보겠어서
    그동안 일부러 안봤는데
    오늘에서야 니 인터뷰 하나하나 본다.
    보는데.. 보다가 갑자기 미친듯이 그립다.
    위너로 5명이서 함께한
    3년이 주마등처럼 스쳐지나가네 .
    난 여전히 위너 팬이고,
    너에겐 원망 그런거 하나도 없어.
    그저 응원하는 마음뿐이야.
    아마 위너팬들 다 나랑 같은마음일거야.

    이젠 4인위너, 남태현 이렇게 익숙해진것 같았는데 예전 콘서트 영상같은것들 보니까
    막.. 이상하네 진짜 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    하 아무튼! 언젠가 “남태현” 의 무대도 보고싶네! 보러갈게! 노래 잘듣고 있어. 여전히 좋더라.. 오글거리지만 혹시나 볼수도있으니까 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그냥 새벽에 갑자기 감성 터져서 쓴다


  • I started being an incle about a month ago. At first i didnt hav much feeling about Taehyun because when i started to follow WINNER then Taehyun was gone. And i watched their variety shows like winner tv, half moon friends. I found that Taehyun is really a good boy! Though sometimes he is quiet but he is still concerned about his members. As a new fan here, i just hope incles please dont hate Taehyun. They just have different ideas about music. We all want to see they are happy, so lets keep peace and support them.

  • Stop hating him !
    He is so kind and pure.
    Seriously guys, mental sickness is something serious. Taehyun knows him self more than anyone else.
    So if taehyun happy right now, we have to be happy too..
    Winner support him too, so why didn't we?

  • If the subtitles are accurate to what Namtae said when he went to the funeral of YG's father: "So I discreetly went to say hello and I met up with the WINNER members. The five of us said hello to him and had a meal with him LIKE we did when I was with WINNER." meaning the 5 of them talked and met BEFOREHAND to go altogether in the said funeral. That means their relationship was really okay by that time.o

  • They still have a nice relationship like family the different is they not always together. They should live happily ever after. Haters have toxic hearts and mind and should get to mental institution to heal them self. Wkwk

  • I decided to listen to Winner songs because I accidentally clicked the part of Winner TV where Nam Taehyun showed his demo songs to the CEO. I didn't even what show it was. I thought it was a Bigbang show (because on the thumbnail was Bigbang members, I clicked it because I just discovered Bigbang and got interested) or maybe a survival show (I don't know what 'survival show' was, I've only heard it once from my friend, I thought it was like X Factor lol). At the moment I was like, well the song is so good and it was just a demo song of a survival show contestant.

    It was a few months ago when I know nothing about Winner and Taehyun or Kpop in general and here I am right now being a Winner and South Club fan.

  • I think he shouldn't worried less when he left group and create new one. Whenever he felt lost or whatever he always had his hyung by his back.

  • 남태현이 위너를 나가고 깨달음.. 나는 남태현의 음악을 좋아했던거.. 남태현이 좋아하는 , 남태현이 작곡한 블루스 풍의 baby baby랑 센치해 앨범이 내 최애곡.. ㅠ 다른 앨범에 비해 음원성적이 낮았어도 나한텐 진짜 명곡 ,,특히 베이비베이비 들을때마다 전율돋았음ㅠ물론 한 때 위너팬으로서 남태현 나갔을때 너므 속상하고 원망하기도 했지만 뭔가 아이돌로서 사소한행동에도 욕먹고 그런거생각하면 안쓰럽기도하고 미안했음ㅠ 근데 노래나오는거보니까 자기 색깔을 찾아서 잘하고있는거같다. 앞으로 음악활동도 응원하고 싶다 멋진 아티스트가 되길!!

  • I dunno what to comments about, yes i used to hate him, he destroying the group that i cheering since trainee era. But, if he is not happy doing that what should i do?. I just had though, if the part ways was not a sudden way like that, maybe a last goodbye song or anything it would be less hurt, yeah maybe. So in the conclusion i will just focus on cheering of OT4 instead and hope the best for Taehyun.

  • On the other side, look at Taehyun comment bout him, respect not come from nothing. Can y'all not hating YG like that? Its so terrible, it hurt not only YG but other artists under him, too much drama with YG stan nowadays or maybe they're not a single YG stans now? I think they just thinking bout their fav group n lost respect to others, even the groups are a bro-sis in real life. Get a life!

  • 인서들 되게 지랄하는데 태현이나가서 팀이 해체까지갈뻔하는데 신경도안쓰고 미안한마음이 없어보인다고??ㅋㅋㅋ 무슨 심리학자세요?????ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 니들 그런댓글 다는것도 태현이 마음 신경안쓰고 말하는거임 내로남불지대로네ㅋㅋㅋ 그리고 위너언급은 인터뷰에서 물어보니까 하는거지 그러면 태현이가 아 전 탈퇴해서 언급은좀… 이라고 말하는것도 에바자나ㅋㅋㅋ 질문이고 방송인데 그럼 또 인터뷰 질문 거절했다고 실컷 까대겠지ㅋㅋ 재밌어? 인서들인성 뼈저리게 느끼네ㄴㅋㅋㅋ

  • 서로 갈길 잘 가고 있으니 옛날처럼 잘 지내도록하고 응원해주면 됩니다.
    옛날일은 잊고 새롭게
    한계단씩 남대표 음악팬을 늘려가는 것이
    지금인것 같네요.
    힘내요. 남의 시선에서 벗어 날 수 없는점, 잘 참아내고, 좋은 음악 만들어가요. 홧팅!

  • 위너 땐 아이돌에 관심이 없어서 몰랐다 이제 팬됐는데 요즘 영상이랑 너무 달라서 나도 모르게 눈물이….
    이 영상을 보는데 이때도 좀 아팠던거 같고 음악으로 어떡하든 살려는 의지가 보여 넘 슬프다..
    난 진위여부도 모르면서 카더라만 믿고 날뛰는 정신나간 악플러들이 정신병자들 같음.
    설령 문제가 있어도 당사자들 문제를 자기네일마냥 득달같이 달려는 게 이상하고, 본인 일들이나 신경쓰고 다니지 남에 인생을 이렇게 바꿔놓는게 무슨짓을 한건지 알고나들 있는지….
    남태현이 제발 잘되길 ….. 암튼 요즘 표정들이랑 너무 달라….ㅠㅜ

  • 그냥 안맞았던거 뿐이야 사이가 안좋은게 아니라. 현재 서로 지금이 편하고 행복해 보여.

  • 음악에 대한 열정.. 다놓고 바닥부터 다시 시작하는 저 멘탈..자립심.. 진짜 높이 평가해야된다.. 뮤지션으로써나 인간대인간으로써나.. 뭘해도 성공할 사람임..

  • I recommend listening to Nam Taehyun's beautiful rendering of "Losing Heart" by Nell on King of Masked Singer

  • winner is doing just fine (pun intended) without him and so is he. they all have their own talents that'll help them succeed

  • テヒョナ~やさしいよね(*T^T)ひとりで社長のところに行くなんて😭😭いい子だよね💓

  • I'm just a new IC, Namtae's supposed to be my bias but I'm really late abt that. 😅 This vid kinda make me emotional. Like, Taehyun's now all alone. Not a WINNER member like what he is 3years ago. I regret not stanning them since. 😭