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16 thoughts on “Special report: Trump holds news conference after Davos trip”

  • How can you not be proud to be an American these days? They are called government-paid missionaries traveling the world at taxpayers' expense. The only prerequisite is that you become evangelists, this is the same religion that got Donald Trump elected president. Donald Trump president of the United States had to pay $25 million in restitution for illegally misrepresenting a university he created. You have hate groups brandishing their weapons behind the Second Amendment. You have house leaders of Congress claiming the Republican Party is in a cover-up regarding the impeachment of a president. I do not need a brick to fall on my head to suspect that it is organized crime that is pulling the strings behind the American flag these days. Organized crime has had a history of being involved in American politics since the time of prohibition. I guess the only question worth asking is does anybody think they're doing a good job? Personally, I don't vote in choosing between red-collar and blue-collar crime. Who in their right mind would want to give taxpayer dollars to the needy when you could give it to the rich and these soldiers of fortune. At boot camp, soldiers are worked to death (brainwashed) so they can be receptive to the idea of putting religion to the flag. Without people of God judging more people into homelessness life would not be much fun, would it? How can America get any better than this everybody loves the smell of success (people who sleep in their own urine)? Everybody knows it is the military that the police of tomorrow come from (love American style, make America great again).


  • Best President in American history! Every tight grip politician is threatened by President Trumps successes he has made for The USA 🇺🇸! Love him or hate him, he is a badass massive crap mover! Here here to moving the crap out of Washington DC!

  • USA!!!!!USA!!!!!!!USA!!!!!! Trump shoves liberals face into the ground!! He NEVER loses!! The ONLY Pleader to stand up to China and WIN…look at your 401K !!!!!! KAG2020