Some Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

Some Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

You talk about all this online stuff. For
somebody that’s maybe you know just passed the millennial generation or even
somebody in the millennial generation, what advice do you have, would you give
somebody, just a simple one, two, three. What steps would you take because
how important is social media to your group? Very. I mean that’s yeah, that’s a
big. Is it the majority of the growth in your group? Yes. Absolutely. Okay. So, what would you teach someone and just kind of generically a step one, step two,
step three when it comes to using social media in order to be able to grow a
business. That your social media profile that you know is your private, public or
private personal profile and once you decide to start a business is now your
business profile. And you build your brand through the things that you put
out into social media world. So that can has to folds. You know one, don’t be
afraid to put things out there when it it has to do with business.Oh yeah,
you’re going to annoy people cool. They’ll move on. They’ll come back and
talk to you in a year from now. Trust me. As long as you’re consistent, right.
The other side of that is, emotion. Keep your emotions in check on social media,
you know. Be very aware that social media is how you’re branding
yourself and your business. Okay. A lot of people that I’ve seen have said to kind
of try not to post every single post about join me, join me, join me, join me.
Right. What mistakes do you see people making? Exactly that. Right. So they
throw up their website link. For example, let’s go back to the girl that was sharing
her story. You can share your story on social media and then put a sign up link.
No. You know and then that becomes, oh you’re just trying to sell me something.
Trying to get me to go there. It’s, we call, lifestyle post. So utilizing how
your business fits into your daily life. What are you doing? Are you at a meeting? Are you hanging out with people that you met only through your
network. Of course showcase the products on yourself. That kind of thing. So a
mixture of all that stuff together, but yes definitely
lifestyle. No, I just think of, you know, the TV like buy now and free shipping or
not, but you have to pay the shipping and handling or whatever. It’s just don’t
be so commercialized about it, but just a daily post of what you would
do if you weren’t working the business, but leave it in there. Leave it in. Have a
little curiosity. Have a little subtle, but don’t just be so blatant.
That’s right. You know trying to close people in every post. That’s right.
Private message me. Join my businesses. This amazing. Yes and real pictures versus the put
together pictures, you know of product or even like…their I don’t
know what their technical word is. You know pictures of product saying oh,
don’t you want to buy this this Christmas and throwing that up there. Like
no. Just showcase the products that you’re using on you or when you use the
services if that’s what it is. Put that up there, but don’t try to
like you said close a sale from a post. Right. Hey my name is Eric Worre and if
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7 thoughts on “Some Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media”

  • watching all the way from Kenya in Africa always motivates me especially when that am new to network marketing just two weeks old there

  • Yaaaaas she is keepin my SEAT on FIYA! So proud of my amazing Ysista and no nonsense Sponsor & Mentor! 💋💋 she is Fa real DOPE!! ( I luv u "uncle E" for seeing her SHINE)

  • This lady just actually summed up my attitude towards social media engagements. Never show your emotions and don't ever be too pushy or patronizing. If its working for you, tell about it and create massive curiosity and folks will ask you for more details. Thanks Eric for putting this up. Your fan from Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Read Jab Jab Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk, it's not a network marketing book but it explains leveraging social media to promote your business perfectly.