Social Status and Confidence. Attracting Attention. Your Place in Society [Jordan Peterson]

Social Status and Confidence. Attracting Attention. Your Place in Society [Jordan Peterson]

Dr Jordan Peterson. Social status and confidence. David Jaffee
with in this video we’re going to discuss the best
way to attract positive attention to yourself and how it is actually
extremely complicated because of the way society portrays and judges people let’s
discuss boasting verse attention verse humility if you are too quiet then you
are ignored and if you’re ignored because you don’t have people’s
attention then for all intents and purposes you are irrelevant however if
you are too boastful if you’re too arrogant
then people will hate you or specifically people from the same sex
will hate you for example if you are a guy and you dress in really nice clothes
and you walk around and you flash your money and you make it be known that you
are worth twenty million dollars then girls might like you and girls will be
attracted to you because you are financially independent you have high
social status but men will become jealous and historically speaking when
men hate you and they’re jealous of you then there’s a possibility that your
personal safety will be called into question because historically speaking
if men are jealous or they don’t like you then they might actually kill you if
you’re a woman and you dress too sexy then guys will be very attracted to you
they will lavish you with attention but at the same time women will look down
upon you they will call you a slut they will call you easy they will call you a
whore and these are some of the things that people have to navigate because on
the one hand if you’re a man you want to attract a substantial amount of
attention from females because the more attention from females that you receive
the more options to mate and the more options that you have to pass on your
genes if you’re a female then for the most part you want to do the same thing
you want to capture the attention of the opposite sex because you want to attract
the most viable mate that is going to provide you with security and the best
odds of you having a healthy and successful
child the problem with this as I said before is that if you are a man and you
are too boastful too successful too arrogant
then you will attract other females but men will try to hurt you if you are a
female and you are too physically attractive or too successful then you
will attract the attention of men but other females will get jealous and they
will try to undermine and hurt you you see jealousy is a very powerful
emotion in our society and is one of the deadly sins because people have died and
people have killed others because they are jealous of other
people’s success they figure that because this person has it better than
me then therefore they are a threat to the way that I view myself so instead of
trying to improve myself and build positive habits then they will actually
try to hurt and injure the person that they are jealous of this happens less in
modern times than it did in the past but definitely in the past when we lived in
more violent environments one of the ways that people would try to rid
themselves of people that they were jealous of would be that they would
simply kill them so what’s the best way of walking that thin line I do believe
that attention is everything because if you do not have people’s attention then
for all intents and purposes you are irrelevant however some people do not
seek other people’s attention they are incredibly introverted and they are
completely okay with living in the forest or living by themselves and
keeping a very low profile however for many public figures or for many people
that are extremely ambitious then they are walking a very thin line because on
the one hand they want attention because they want to be relevant but on the
other hand if they act too arrogant or if they flaunt their wealth or if they
flaunt their success then it makes them a target for others who want to hurt
them and it is a thin line because if you are too successful then you have to
deal with jealousy and hatred if you are successful enough then you straddle the
line of being irrelevant and then no one is going to pay any attention to you if
you are a man and you boast and you’re too successful then you will attract
women and attention but you will also attract a lot of jealous men if you are
a woman and you are too successful or too attractive then you will attract the
attention of a lot of men however you will also attract the attention of a lot
of jealous females so what’s the solution the solution is seeking high
social status when you have high social status and you have a brand then you do
not have to work hard in order to attract attention when you have high
social status such as when you are a professional athlete then you already
have very high social status and you have already been validated by society
in that respect you no longer have to put forth a lot of effort to attract
other people’s attention you don’t have to boast you don’t have to show off your
wealth in order to attract attention because you have a brand you have high
relative social status when compared with other people and as a result I
believe that that is the social currency that is governing a lot of the behavior
that we see in our society I’ll tell you a story of when I worked as a nightclub
promoter I initially graduated from Cornell University I then worked as a
Wall Street investment banker when I told women that I worked as an
investment banker for some reason they were not impressed however when I
started working as a nightclub promoter I could walk up to a hundred women and
70 of those women would give me their email and phone number within 30 seconds
of meeting them it didn’t necessarily matter what I was wearing it didn’t
matter if I was wearing any jewelry the only thing that mattered was that I
established my credibility I gave them my business card and I told them that I
thought that they were attractive and I wanted to bring them out to my
parties of these 70 girls there were probably 10 or 15 of them that I was
interested in and I would text these 10 or 15 girls to come out to my parties
and also ask them if they were interested in hanging out outside of the
club of these 10 or 15 girls around five of them would respond affirmatively that
they were interested in hanging out so remember if I approached a hundred women
I would be interested in about 10 or 15 and of these 10 or 15 about 33% of them
or 5 out of 15 of them would actually show reciprocal interest in hanging out
and getting to know me this is one of the primary reasons why I believe that
if you are feeling lonely if you are not happy with your social life the best
thing that you could possibly do is try to establish higher social value and
higher social status and feel completely comfortable walking up and taking action
to meet other people and it doesn’t just have to be with people from the opposite
sex if you see successful people in the gym or they are your neighbors just open
up your mouth and start a conversation with them it is highly likely that the
conversation that you and that other person have will be the highlight of
that person’s day because it’s exciting to meet new people so if you see someone
who’s walking their dog and you have an interest in talking to them just walk up
to them and start a conversation with them you will discover that for many
people this will be the highlight of their day it will be exciting for them
to speak with you because a lot of people they live very monotonous and
boring days today is going to be very similar to tomorrow tomorrow is going to
be very similar to the following day so when you’re able to break up the
monotony and provide an exciting experience to another person that is
extremely memorable they will were you and they will give you
attention and they will respect you and as a result your relative social status
will elevate in their eyes and you will build out your social circle remember
access to people is one of the most important things in our society if you
have high social status then it will be much easier for you to meet people and
to accomplish your goals than someone who has not been validated in our
society this plays out all over in our society whether it’s having hundreds of
thousands of followers on Instagram whether it’s having a verified profile
on a social media network whether it’s having a blue checkmark in Twitter those
types of clues provide social validation and it becomes much easier for you to
accomplish your goals because social validation is a lubricant in our society
that enables you to accomplish your goals much easier so to summarize this
video so it’s very important that you take into account how people of the same
sex and opposite sex will treat your behavior if you’re a man then you want
to attract the attention of females but at the same time if you’re too
successful if you’re too boastful then you’re going to draw a negative
attention from other men if you’re a female and you’re very attractive and
very successful then you will attract the attention of men but you will also
attract jealousy from other females so the best thing to do is to recognize
that social validation social proof and social status is incredibly important
but one of the main ways that you can hack this system is simply by out
working other people and taking action to initiate conversations both with
people from the same sex and people of the opposite sex there are a few good
books about this but I think that a lot of the information is outdated there are
a lot of takeaways from this video but I think the primary takeaway is that you
should focus on things that you control you should
always take action if you see someone that you want to speak to open up your
mouth and initiate a conversation because it is highly likely that the
interaction that that person has with you will be their most exciting
interaction of the entire day the second thing that I would highly recommend
focusing on is building up in elevating your social status because social status
will be the social lubricant that will make all of your interactions and the
attainment of your goals that much easier David Jaffe with best stock
strategy comm leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts about this
video let me know if you’d like me to make more videos that are similar to
this and you can visit and enter in your email
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29 thoughts on “Social Status and Confidence. Attracting Attention. Your Place in Society [Jordan Peterson]”

  • You're dead on target. I lost a management job a while ago and had to go back to working as a regular joe employee. I still make good money however, my social status went notably south.

  • Hi David,

    Marxism has it roots in envy, jealousy, and class hatred.

    While in the past, murder was a valid tool, nowadays progressive taxation is how the less fortunate seek to equalize the field.

    I disagree that social status on its own dramatically improves social interactions.

    A person needs to develop a force of personality, commonly referred as "game" to be truly successful.

    Some have a natural talent for social interactions, but with training, coaching, and effort most can develop this trait.


  • People need to be careful. As you said, if they're too good, then they get hated on, but if they're not good enough, then they're ignored.

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  • Hey David, You might want to look up the three words "verse" "verses" and "versus" because you are misusing the word "verse" when you mean "versus".
    A "verse" is a literary phrase, sentence or statement; or a stanza of a poem or a song. "Verses" is the plural form of "verse". "Versus" means instead of or in rivalry to or in challege of.
    The abbreviations for "verse" and "verses" are v. and vv. respectively; while the abbreviation for versus is "vs" (except in a court filing when simply "v" is acceptable). Even in a court filing, the word is "versus" not "verses" or "verse"

  • I dont have a ton of money, but if Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination I'm thinking of buying inverse ETFs on the health insurance and pharma sectors (and hold them for 1-2 days) and again if he wins the presidency…is this a dumb strategy?

  • Please make more of these videos, David. The information is very relevant to me right now.

    I tend to be introverted and generally don't care to interact or socialize with people. However, it's become more evident to me recently that having a low "social networth" is hindering my ability to achieve my personal goals.

    Building social status will attract "human capital" which eventually can be used to increase financial networth. It's an intangible asset people often ignore (including myself).

    I have been too focused on building financial capital and have largely ignored the value of a good social network.

    Your video has encouraged me to relook at my personal balance sheet and focus more on building relationships.

  • I have no interest in social status..I like being by myself and being stoic.I'm a different"person" in my sales job..



  • I don't know David this video is just ehhh! In modern times Its extremely uncommon for a man to murder another man just because he is jealous so there is no reason you shouldn't try to be as successful, rich, famous or what have you possible. The feelings of losers don't matter.

  • I definitely relate to being the quiet low key individual! That is my personality. I am trying to show credibility with results as opposed to flair and sizzle. I am ok with a low profile. I am only really looking for one key investor with 800K. I am willing to put up 200k and take the first 200k in losses and split profits 50-50. That means my investor does not lose until the account is down more than 20% which I don't see happening!

  • Another great video david, love these life lessons. My social status dropped after my girl left me, so I can use more of those videos.

  • Cool vid, interesting topic👍

    I’m actually surprised that telling women you are (were) and investment banker didn’t impress. Most women I know think investment bankers are loaded and live high quality lives, and the ones who are materialistic oriented will have been quite interested. However, I don’t think many of them know about the long hours, high stress etc. Maybe they’ve been watching too many Billions episodes🤷‍♂️