Social Media Branding-Realtors® Triple Play Convention 2019

about social media branding in three
minutes or less. Are you ready? are you ready? OK. What’s branding to you? You are your brand. I’m not here to tell you that you should make specific color choices and
a certain font that represents who you are You are your brand! We are in a highly visible business that everything you do, everything you say, everything you represent on social
media, IS your brand. Would you agree? Yes. So what makes you stand out?
that’s the one big question I have you. If you can answer that sentence, well I
sell real estate and I’ll put your property into the MLS. Is that your
unique value proposition anymore? NO. Okay. Where, what’s your experience, your
expertise, and your education. What sets you apart from the competition? not just
other brokerages, but other people in your office. You are your brand,
you are your own business so I want you to identify in your head, the knowledge the
experience, the expertise that’s what sets you apart and that’s how you build a brand with social media. OK, everything that you do, everything
that you post, all the content you create should be answering those three things.
So start focusing on what matters most and what matters most to you and is different
for every person. Right, you have to identify what your
core values are and what you believe in. For me it’s 3 F’s -Family Fitness and Fun. Okay if
you look at my social media. Most of everything that I post has to do with
my family have two kids that are four years old and nine years old and a beautiful
wife who is in real estate. Woot, Woot! I won’t call her out because she is here, she’ll get embarrassed and will yell at me later on.OK, that’s the majority of my. everything that I do because that’s who I am. the
client, People like people who are like them. Hey
right. Part of the brand. I managed to do that using video. It’s the #1 thing that I added to my real estate business in the last 10 years, that’s made the biggest impact and I know that every year is the year of the video, every year you
come in triple play like oh this is it I’m going to do it this year and I swear
well this is this should be here because I’m going to say why not you why not do
something to make a difference because the video is the biggest thing that you
can do to have an impact on your business but to also grant you with your
core values this video we do know who I am Who I am and what I represent and
that’s how it really do business together
so tell your story and any one of the social media platforms and your brand will follow. Thank you!

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