Social Anxiety – 6 Tips from a Navy SEAL

Social Anxiety – 6 Tips from a Navy SEAL

Hey guys Sean Ryan with Vigilance Elite
I did aq a a while back on the old IG and I got a question asking me if I deal
with social anxiety and for anxiety and crowds and I thought that was a really
good question and so I answered it and gave me an idea I thought I would do a
video on it so I put a couple of feelers out on YouTube and Instagram and I was
gonna cater this whole thing towards kind of combat that’s transitioning and
the social anxiety that we deal with coming back into regular society but I
want to put the feelers out I realize totally shit a lot of people deal with
this shit me included I deal with it probably on a
daily basis if I leave my house so which is why I bought a place out of the
middle of fucking nowhere because I don’t like talking to people and I get
anxious when I have to go to social functions so so I’m just gonna talk
about these six things that I’ve used to kind of help me power through that shit
and overcome social anxiety so here we go social anxiety really hit me hard
when I left CIA that’s when it really kicked in for me I got out I left CIA I
had no clue what the fuck I was gonna do where I was gonna go I had no hobbies
other than drinking and which made me feel
pretty fucking insecure especially when you go to these social functions and
it’s all you know doctors and lawyers and fucking stockbrokers and this person
has fucking truckload of money and this person you know and you just constantly
feel like you’re being judged because you don’t really have anything going on
at that time and for me the two questions that I fucking was terrified
of is what do you do and what are your hobbies what do I do
well I wasn’t doing anything I could talk about actually I couldn’t I
couldn’t even talk about what I did most of the shit for I never be able to talk
about and that’s fucking embarrassing to me it’s well I’m you know for the past
14 years I’ve been doing this shit but I can’t tell you anything about it and you
know I’m it bothered me and then the other one was you know what are your
hobbies well I don’t have any fucking hobbies other than getting shit-faced
from the time I get up until the time I go to sleep and I don’t sleep so those
are two questions that I would avoid and I amongst the whole slew other emotions
but and things that I was dealing with but I found a couple of things that
helped me out and I’ve kind of broken them up a little bit here two things
that get me through social events still to this day I still use this shit
everywhere I go is one I don’t ever put myself in a situation
that I cannot get myself out of to I need to find things that boost my
confidence doesn’t mean when I mean confidence I don’t mean you don’t have
to be the loudest motherfucker in the room and the one that talks the most you
just have to find things that make you confident which make you a little more
comfortable in that particular setting so let’s go through these six things so
the first thing that I do is that kind of helps me and it relates to
I don’t ever put myself in a situation that I can’t get out of is I don’t do
fucking ubers I don’t do taxis I don’t do burrs I don’t let friends
drive I don’t ride with people I want my car with my car keys in my pocket that
way if I feel the anxiety is starting to come on and I don’t want to be there
anymore I know I can get the fuck out of there at a moment’s notice doesn’t mean
you can’t take a taxi out of there but at least you have that sense of comfort
and which gives you a little confidence knowing all right if I am in a situation
that I just don’t want to fucking be in socially I’ll just leave and that gives
you a little bit of comfort you don’t have to wait on a taxi or call an uber
or make a big scene you just fucking leave so that would be my first piece of
my first tip take your own car if you get drunk leave it there go get it
tomorrow but at least you have it hotel rooms as I kind of mentioned before and
if you want to get more in depth you can click the link above and listen to the
tnq podcast I was on but I had ruined every relationship all of them and it
got real fucking awkward even with family I’m still rebuilding that and I
still get a little anxious sometimes friends family everyone if I’m gonna go
on an overnighter somewhere I always run a hotel it gives me my little buddy
we’ll just call it a safe space but if I start getting angry or anxious a lot of
times my anxiety switches to anger immediately I know I need to leave
before shit gets bad and knowing that I have a hotel somewhere I can go to it
comforts me and gives me that confidence knowing like alright if things get out
of control or if I just don’t want to fucking be here I don’t have to make a
scene and go out you know I’m fucking leaving alright it’s just
no I just I have my hotel I go there I fucking cool off nobody even has to know
why you’re going maybe you just say oh yeah I’m gonna go
turn some emails and or I’m gonna go I gotta make a phone call real quick go
over there go back to your hotel or wherever it is and you know do the whole
blue shopping code words and or little phrases that you can say to a friend or
your significant other or whoever alright but it has to be somebody that
you can really fucking count on okay I use my fiance Katie my special lady
friend and she knows when I say this is my favorite song it’s time to fucking
roll I’m feeling uneasy and it’s time to get the fuck out of there and she makes
it happen I don’t have to do shit she comes up with the excuse on why we’re
leaving or she just says hey Sean I want to go and then it’s not even me it’s her
I just nobody now I’ve got to change it cuz everybody’s gonna know when I say
this is my favorite song it’s time to fucking roll but come up with anything
and it’s got to be somebody that you trust you can’t have can’t be your buddy
who’s trying to pick up fucking chicks at the bar who is not gonna listen it
can’t be you know the football game nut that’s gonna sit there and go just wait
till the end of the fucking quarter when you say it it needs to be somebody you
trust that when you do say it they’re gonna wrap it up then you’re out the
fucking door and just knowing that you have that
phrase and knowing that you have somebody that has your back no matter
what is gonna help give you that confidence
and it’s gonna put you it it’s gonna put you you know at ease a little more it’s
gonna make it a little more comfortable and boom there’s back to I don’t put
myself in situations that I can’t get myself out of so find somebody a trust
maybe it’s just significant other maybe it’s your best friend I don’t know who
the hell it is but find somebody come up with something and stick with it don’t
feel like you have to talk all the time alright I get
intimidated all the fucking time when I’m out in social settings especially in
the very beginning when I got out about four years ago it was real bad you know
you constantly feel like people are putting you down they might not even
mean it but you don’t always have to talk quick story I used to go out to
dinner all the time when I first got out my neighbor’s mom
her name was burned and she was probably mid seventies early eighties eighties
she’s passed away now but I really liked going out to dinner with her because I
felt comfortable with her and I would tell her you know she would ask why I
don’t go out more why don’t you know go to these social functions more and I
would tell her like I’m fucking intimidated I live in Boca Raton Florida
and every motherfucker I meet is a fucking plastic surgeon for a doctor or
a stockbroker or a money manager or some badass attorney and Here I am NOT doing
shit don’t have a clue what the fuck I’m gonna do I’m a social mess and so I
wouldn’t go anywhere and when I did I wouldn’t say anything I’m not a talker
and I remember fern told me Shawn you don’t have to say shit she’s like she
said to me just by you sitting there and listening with your background makes the
entire room intimidated she’s like you’re and she’s like I can’t even
believe they’re telling me that you’re intimidated by these people
she said just do what you do just take it in listen to them you know people
love to talk about themselves let them talk about themselves alright
so and I thought about that and I tried it and I’ll be damned
I think she’s fucking right so don’t feel the need that you have to fucking
talk don’t be the person that’s you know live live live a blob that doesn’t shut
the fuck up okay just take a wrap off you know
did you feel in anxious then just take a wrap off stop and just listen you know
you don’t have to have some badass explanation every question that’s asked
and you know I mean if you don’t understand something that somebody’s
saying tell him yeah I don’t have a quote what the fuck you’re talking about
I do that shit all the time and you know it kind of is uncomfortable at first but
then when they realize oh yeah I’m talking over this guy’s head and he’s
got the confidence to say yeah you’re not fucking impressing me why don’t you
just dial it down a little bit to fucking layman’s terms I don’t know what
the fuck surgery you’re talking about here so anyways that ship really helped
me a lot drinking this is the one nobody wants to
hear but when you’re in a social setting at least how I was is I would pound
fucking vodka non-stop straight vodka on the rocks well if this kind of goes back
to getting yourself into something that you can’t get yourself out of once
you’re fucking hammered you’re hammered which means you can’t reverse it you
can’t get yourself out of it you’re just there and I don’t know you guys are but
when I’m hammered nothing really good ever happens
my anxiety gets worse eventually the anger gets worse a lot worse and I wind
up doing shit that I regret in the long-term so take a wrap off you know
how I did it is I don’t drink hard shit anymore don’t do shots of the fucking
whiskey I don’t do shots of anything I drink wine I have a
couple glasses and I call it quits there’s another thing I get made fun of
sometimes cuz I drink bubbly out of the can but here’s the deal its water with
bubbles in it now look I have an adult drink it gives my hands something to do my hands are doing something part of
anxiety for me was what the fuck do I do with my hands now that I’m not drinking
anymore well now I have a drink it looks like you know it’s got bubbles in it
looks like it’s a fucking vodka tonic or something and it gives me something to
do and I found these like they’re nobody’s business but lay off the booze
it’s gonna nothing bad it’s gonna happen by you laying off those I
guaran-fucking-tee you that and the last thing get some therapy all right I went
to therapy for I believe three years twice a week every fucking week that is
a lot of therapy so and you know what it helped me tremendously and I know you
know there’s like the the stigma behind it where oh yeah I don’t need any
fucking help and you know if you’re like that and you’re worried about what
everybody else is thinking of it you’re fucking weak
alright so just try it nobody maybe it doesn’t work for you I don’t know but I
tell you the one thing that helped me more than anything was going to therapy
getting some help and it’s not all like what you think we’re like oh you know
talking about your fucking problems it also helps you understand what’s going
through other people’s heads and when you can understand what’s going through
other people’s minds that gives you confidence because you don’t take shit
so personally you realize not everything this
asshole is talking about is directed at me in fact I have nothing to do with it
you know and that puts you at ease and then you start you start building that
confidence you know you understand you start to understand how the human mind
thinks and and look I you’re not gonna regret going to therapy and if
somebody’s gonna give you shit for it they’re not your fucking friend anyway
so tell them to fuck off but anyways those are six things that
have really helped me a lot I still struggle with it but I’m leaps and
bounds where I was and anyways remember those things find ways to build your
confidence and don’t put yourself into a situation that you can’t get out of and
those two things combined I think will really help you up if you think about it
so anyways not my typical video and I’m a not an expert by any fucking means but
uh hopefully that shit helps alright see you guys soon go grab a bubbly social anxiety I think it he’ll have a
lot more of us have it than I thought we did so I’m just gonna try to cater it
towards everyone so I’m not a fucking expert on this shit by any means but I
do deal with it probably damn near on a bait on a mother fuck fuck fuck
hey guys Sean Ryan vigilance elite hey guys Sean Ryan vigilance elite and
there’s a fucking airplane going over right now so I’m just gonna stop and
wait till this fucking piece of shit flies over my property a lot of it boils
down to confidence and when I mean confidence I don’t being in the loudest
fucking asshole in the room yeah of course it’s another fucking plane
hey guys Sean Ryan vigilance elite I put a little feeler out on

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100 thoughts on “Social Anxiety – 6 Tips from a Navy SEAL”

  • Hey Shawn! I have been sober now for 11 years, but I do not go to A.A. or any group. I was a heavy drinker like you,and it all stemmed from social anxiety. I was surprised to hear this video, and greatful to see it . You made some valid points and I feel you man. My thing has always been "What the fuck do I do with my hands now that I am sober!? Well, I will take your advice to heart and try it out the next time I need to go to a wedding or some other fucking function that tests my nerves every time. Thank you for all that you have done for all of us here in the U.S.A. and Bless you man. You are a true straight up good man!

  • I love how real u kept it bro. Whether u kno it or not. Your really relatable. I'm no vet or anything but over the years I have made some poor decisions and I feel like I'm not the person I use to be or people knew me for. So my social anxiety is terrible now. Thx for the video brother

  • Your talk reminded me of the Grinch. You know how his heart grew 10x larger? Only your heart AND balls grew 10x larger! Thanks brother

  • Never was in the military but great, honest video. You are giving people strength just by talking about it. Props to you and your family!

  • Here is where you are all jacked up. Being a navy seal is about 1,000,000,000,000 more prestigious than being a lawyer. Hilary Clinton is a lawyer for Pete’s sake.

  • How does a navy seal get intimidated by office monkeys like myself? It’s not so hard to do well in these things and make some coin over the many years of grinding in the corporate world.
    What you did, only few can do.

    And why are you socializing with douchebags that are bragging about themselves?

  • Much of this seems like you should have known it already: 1. Don’t socialize with douchebags 2 don’t worry about what other people think. 3 don’t get drunk

  • My personality in terms of social settings reflects this guys. I just signed up for the military so I’m already socially awkward before heading in.
    Me being socially awkward is a result of me not having patience for idiots and self centered people. I’m 30 and the older I get the more I seek intellectual people than sheep.

  • "Drinking.. this is one thing nobody wants to hear"

    Oh, great, he's going to tell me that I have to drink to loosen up.

    proceeds to tell us not to drink alcohol

    Me: [wants to hear]

  • This piece took more courage to execute than ANY mission anywhere in the world. This is why you were chosen to do what you did for a living. Good luck to you.

  • I am a 55 yr old man who is living on borrowed time, 52x to be exact … I am somewhat successful in business with the “looks” (perhaps overconfident since time has obviously done its thing) and the “gab” … I socialize frequently but I always feel uncomfortable until I have the “juice” so I seek it … even with all this “success”, the “hulk syndrome” is ever so present, and if someone pushes the wrong button at the wrong time (currently, both have to happen simultaneously, thankfully), well, we know. I no longer question why things happen in my life, and coming across your video, has crystallized my anxiety during social events, despite my cheerful, apparent character…I just hear so much fake shit….people wanting to one-up each other, or cutting down…thing is now, what do I do with this? Leave success and keep pretending? Tough one! Thanks though, as I now have Six additional tools in my pack. Thanks for letting me share, and I note your most-funny closing of this video! Life is funny even during really bad situations! Keep sharing your gift brother.

  • Man Im glad you made this vid, I’ve been dealing with social anxiety since i got out. I hate being like this as it constantly feel like im letting my two kids an wife down because I avoid activities that could lead to social interactions which caused them to miss out even if I force myself to go i end up secluding myself whenever possible. Example is if we go to a local fair, which is a nightmare for me, when my kids an wife get on a ride ill go to the back side where there isn’t anyone else, ill also plain our route on the back side to avoid all the people. I feel it is getting worse with each year, I continue to battle but feel im losing.

  • One of the most impressive videos I've seen in awhile. MY dad had similar issues (atomic vet, airborne during Korea), and thinking back, a whole lifetime later, I remember him doing a 2 or 3 of these things on the regular. didn't get it til now.

  • Man I do bad. Spent pretty much my whole life trying to be invisible. For me growing up getting attention was always negative. Now I've started to think about how many opportunities I've missed out on because I couldn't put myself out there or I don't know how to communicate with people unless I'm around them for some time. I wish like hell I could have seen this problem 20 yrs ago. My life might be a thousand times better

  • Great video Shawn! Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences with social anxiety. That’s the worst neurosis or whatever you want to call it that I have. I mean you’re better than I am, you’re on camera. I won’t even do that my social anxiety is that bad. Then again you are protected with the hat and sunglasses, which is what I do regularly. I noticed many of us social anxiety people hide behind the hat and sunglasses. Which actually intimidates people. Haha. But they don’t realize we’re the ones fearful.

    And I lit up when you said that’s why you live out in nature away from people. I thought that’s my ideal dream. Well, I’m by the beach which is nature but it’s still in a busy Southern California city.

    And I used to drink like a fiend in my early twenties, and I was the life of the party. Imagine that. Someone with social anxiety is the life of the party. That’s because I was fucked up. When I cleaned it up and focused on fitness and nutrition, then the social anxiety came back because it never left.

  • Turning my trust to Jesus Christ got rid of my porn and video game addictions. This stuff is embarrassing for me but it is the truth. I have nothing to gain from admitting it. He saved my marriage and I place my trust on him.

  • Great talk. I needed it. Glad you said get help. When I got help it was 2am, I went to a hospital. They gave me some medicine to calm down, then started therapy 👍🇺🇸

  • I've been in therapy for about a year now and I quit drinking in July. The clarity and perspective I've learned from that also illuminated the fact that I was hiding behind my weight (no confidence). Since July I've lost 71 lbs and I'm still going strong. Thanks for putting this out, man. This is actually my first video of yours to see but I'm subscribing based on this content alone.

  • This is a great addition to your channel. To know you, the baddest coolest mother fucker I've ever seen is dealing with this is actually as comforting & helpful as the tips themselves.

  • Man,I am so glad I ran across your channel 😂 Thank you for your service and your raw and unwaivered honesty. I am the same way

  • Majority of the 900 probably comes from special operators who believe they are immune to PTSD, PTS, or anxiety. Yet go untreated most of their lives and show all the classic symptoms and lie to themselves about their behavioral issues.

  • Shawn, you definitely are not alone in this arena. Thanks for having the courage and strength to share with the world what it desperately needs right now. We can all use a little help with stress in life. Glad to hear that you are taking charge of your stress and helping others in the process.

  • This video helped me out a lot. Thanks for the input. I'm also not a big talker, I just got out of a relationship earlier this year and to be honest it was the only one I've ever been in. How do I meet someone if I'm not much of a talker, someone that can be supportive like your fiance?

  • Awesome video this guy had me cracking up with the bubbly situation loved it! Social anxiety sucks it's ruined friendships, girlfriends, family bonds and work. When I was smoking weed it made it %1000 worse I got so jealous and still am of people that can smoke weed and have fun it blows my mind. All I do is overthink everything. I got sober and still have trouble talking to people……..

  • That nose certainly tells a story of alcohol consumption.
    I’m not being an asshole, I’m just saying that is a clear sign.
    Best of luck.

  • Life is often one giant obstacle course. I love the mental attitude that you SF guys have, because everyone can apply that in any area of life. Thanks brother!..

  • Meditation on the deeper levels changes the game. Play solfeggio frequencies on you tube they help me. Drinking is a bad thing when you running from what your trying to deaden, be nice if it worked. You get conditioned to do a job not many want to do or can do. To be honest with you, helping people makes me feel good. I am out here in the sea of millions watching you. You are in the man caves of millions! LOL wrap your mind around that for some quality SA moments.
    So I dove into the deep end and joined a medieval reenactment group called the SCA. Met a lot of good friends and no body give a sh*t about your past. Hang in there, Love what your doing shawn.

  • Thank you brother…I never served in the Military but I still suffer from some of the same things you spoke about. Thanks for putting this out here!

  • Thankyou for your video, as someone who served for 22 years in various theatres I can relate. when I left the profession I turned to drink to divorce myself from a reality I could not comprehend, I was quick to anger and have ended up on a cell floor in my own puke too many times to mention. Fortunately I met my present wife who is a Dr who specialises in mental health. I gave up drinking 4 years ago, and started to take ownership of my behavior. Once you realise you have control over what you want to do, and where you want to be and most importantly WHO you want to be around, things start getting better. Anxiety is an evil messenger.

  • I feel you man…
    I didn’t go through what a Seal went through, but I did a lot of time in prison, and have them same demeanor as yourself…

  • Never really realized it but after listening to you talk about social anxiety and the things that bother you and putting myself in your shoes thats exacrly how i am. I thought it was just me getting older and getting grouchy easier but i realize now i have social anxiety. I hate being in crowds or being at social events. I hate talking on the phone. I hate not having my car places or being driven bc im not in control. I hate being at other peoples homes and having to stay their bc i feel awkward and like i have to walk on egg shells and cant be comfortable and lile you said if you start to feel anxious you get mad easily thats exactly how i am.

  • As someone who has never been to the military I can really appreciate the psychological effect war has on soldiers. Society doesn't give enough empathy to what these guys have gone through and the toll its taken on them. As Goggins says – stay hard

  • The key takeaway ideas:

    1. Don't put yourself in situations you can't get out of. Always have a clear way to exit at any moment. This roughly translates to: Don't depend on others for anything. Always have that control in a situation. If you are going to depend on someone, make sure they are exactly on the same wavelength as you a.k.a. someone who, if you ever tell them you want to leave, they'll look for the best exit for you – someone you can really trust. If you place yourself in the hands people who don't respect that, you're going to have a shit time, mainly because you'll just feel cornered and at their mercy.

    2. Don't feel the need to talk all the time. It's important to remember that, to be good in social scenarios, you don't need to be a great talker. Another option is to be a great listener. If you're someone who struggles to talk a lot, then learn to be a great listener and always let them know if you don't know what they're talking about. Give them a chance to explain it to you in layman's terms. The plus side to this is that it shows that you are listening, you are interested, and it'll push them to keep talking so that you won't have to.

    3. Alcohol will not help and can actually make things a lot worse. Avoid getting wasted. Keep alcohol to a minimum. Avoid hard alcohol, if possible. Stick with a few glasses of wine or maybe beer. We are pushed to have something in our hand during these situations. It's important to remember that what you have in your hand is irrelevant, just as long as there is something that you are holding. You can hold a glass of coca-cola and just say it's jack and coke and no one will know a thing. Just don't ever give the need to be holding something in a social event an opportunity to get wasted and make a fool of yourself, because there is no undo button on it. Once you're in that zone, you're in it and can't turn back.

    4. Get some therapy, if it's really bad. Ignore the stigma behind it. He said that therapy helped him more than anything and that he went twice a week for three years. It isn't just about going on and on about your problems. In therapy, they teach you how to view people and understand their minds. When you understand what's going through other people's minds, it gives you confidence and you don't take things so personally. He doesn't mention books, but I would recommend books before considering therapy, as they are far cheaper, more efficient, and exponentially faster than therapy (from my own personal experience).

  • I know it’s obvious but you are the reason those doctors are able to be doctors! You fought so we could live worry free. Even though you struggle with it you at least know how to manage it!!!

  • Hormones Hormones Hormones !!! People who are suffering from any kind of Anxiety, Anger Issues………..Bro, take care of your stomach, digestion, sleep..Do some Breathing Excercise now nd then……Take chia seeds, Macaroot Powder, curcumin, Vitamins etc……i know-how (Anxiety, Anger issues) fuck your life … but overtime you get over it by learning from your daily day to day mistakes…..Hope people who are suffering from it find Peace and Take control of their life.

  • Shawn, long story short, at the end of this video you made the comment "hopefully that shit helps". Brother I could have written your video. I have been struggling for 25 + years, and the hardest part is not being able to tell people what I have been through. I am going to show this video to my wife hoping it can explain why I am the way I am to her without me having to break a commitment to help her understand. Thank you for taking the time, and also for the courage you display in your honesty about your struggles. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made in your life for our country. Wishing you hope and peace in your life. Thank you for making this video, it has helped me with my shit………

  • I understand your social dilemma—you live in country side—great!!—go find a reputable modern day horse trainer—buy 2 horses and learn horsemanship from the ground up—takes discipline which you know about very well—time which you have—consistency and being responsible—the horse is the only unique animal we can communicate with on a certain level in which the horse gives back more than you could imagine—a horse know what you feel and think when you approach them—-check into this—I have helped many people by introducing them to horses-(unknown to me at the time that they suffer much the same as you)—at least seek out a horse therapy centre and try it for yourself—it has renewed many peoples lives—I myself -(retired)—came from a high stress—potentially dangerous occupation background-with lots of accountability in incidents for people—horses keep me level and fulfill me which nothing else can—-just an idea for you—-good luck

  • Being able to get out of there is definatly the biggest aid. They dont call it fight or flight for no reason.
    Shaun is a hero on many levels with great advice.

  • Holly shit! Damn I wonder how many of us do these exact same things but never say it out loud! We all know how to create our “happy place” and if we cant we roll the F out! Ha! Cheer’s Bro your not alone! It’s good to see you on the other side! Good work!

  • i was three years in prison and after it i had then same problems like you. the fear that someone ask me "what are you do for living" almost killed me.
    wish you all the best buddy. your not alone.

  • Came across this video and it really speaks to me. Been dealing with this for a long time and you feel like there's no one who can comprehend what your going thru.

  • You have no idea how much you just helped me with my life, thank you! God bless you and may the other one never get you.

  • You have done more to help me see my problem than anything I've seen.same issues with people who don't understand what I do or worse "think" they know something about it.among other issues I have.

  • Thank you for this video and your service! I served 20yrs, retired last year, and now adjusting to civi life, this video was just what I needed.

  • I'm a 23 yr old that is in boca, i swear this town creates the anxiety. As a "kid" in most people eyes its annoying in boca raton, everyone doesn't really listen to your opinion or criticism just because your a kid with tattoos. I have habits i need to fix but this video helped me out a lot brother, especially w/ family. thanks
    Edit: I also am hooked on nic vapes because I need something for my hand LMFAO

  • Interesting video. It sounds like some of these symptoms could be related to PTSD. Many of the things he is talking about could be helped though Cognitive Processing Therapy, EMDR, or Prolonged Exposure therapy. Even general cognitive behavioral therapy is very helpful with anxiety.

  • This is me brutha! I've moved to the woods out in the middle of nowhere I've definitely lurnt something from this and I'm taking it with me (cheers brutha) 💪

  • Amen! Thank you for sharing! Not many people have been as tough as you, both physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and so on. HOWEVER, the platform you have to share and change peoples’ lives and perspectives is enormously helpful. Drinking and isolating makes things worse. Reaching out and overcoming is courageous. You’re the man! Thank you!

  • VE – Thanks for your tips in dealing with anxiety. Hope they help many to cope with life. I'm not trying to hijack your video, but I would like to offer up some simple suggestions to be free from anxiety.

    PTSD, social anxiety, panic attacks, et al are usually rooted in burned out adrenals that produce epinephrine(adrenaline) instead of cortisol in even moderately stressful situations. The adrenaline turbocharges your fight or flight response, your pulse goes up, your blood vessels dialate, and you're uncomfortable. Heal your adrenals, and your body and mind will fall into line.

    The cure for myself and others I've shared this with is –

    1) Gaia Herbs "Adrenal Health" (rhodiola rosea) which is an adaptogenic herb that takes some of the load off your adrenals so they can heal.

    2) Natural Vitality "Natural Calm" (formulated magnesium) Magnesium is essential for many processes in your body. If you like to take bathes, throw in 1/2 a cup of epsom salts in the tub and your body will absorb magnesium through your skin.

    3) Salt water if you're craving salt. Hormones that regulate minerals are produced in the same part of your adrenals where cortisol is made. If you're craving salt it's a good bet that your adrenals are exhausted. Don't believe the fearmongering about salt. Every cell in your body needs it. Salt will only effect your blood pressure if your sodium and potassium are unbalanced. If your fingers swell up from drinking salt water, back off the salt a little, or take a potassium supplement.

    If you get leg cramps or have restless leg syndrome, eat a couple of deglet dates or take a potassium supplement daily. Avoid noise and stressful situations as much as possible, take control of your thoughts, and you will slowly heal and become whole again. With your adrenals functioning properly you'll be able to handle the bullshit the world throws your way.

    You can take control of your thoughts. We think along neural pathways in our brain. The more you think of something, the physically larger the pathway becomes, and the easier it is to think of that thing. It's a vicious cycle. The way to be free of these kind of thoughts is to identify the thought processes that start you down that neural pathway, and then to stop yourself from going there. Stop the thought, and think of something else. The earlier in the thought process that you can stop the thought and divert your mind, the easier it is to be free from it. Just as thinking about something frequently will widen the neural pathways, denying those same thought processes will cause the pathways to shrink to the point where the thought will no longer afflict you.

    Been there….done that. I've been stressed since I was a child, and shit only went downhill from there. I had a nearly fatal adrenal crash in 2011, but am now healthy, happy, confident, and living free from the effects of stress.

    Be well, and Semper Fi from an old infantry Jarhead.

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