Smile Direct Club | 5 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE ($200 Code)

Smile Direct Club | 5 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE ($200 Code)

Hey guys! Senny here, and today I’m coming to you with
5 things that I wish I knew before starting Smile Direct Club. Number 1: I wish I knew that the initial process
actually takes quite a bit of time. From the moment you send in your application
and your photos to be approved for the impression kit. It takes time to receive that in the mail. They have different sized trays that fit in
your mouth. When I got my trays, they were a little bit
too small, and they weren’t capturing all the teeth in my mouth. I had to email them and request “hey I need
a bigger set of trays” and they sent it out pretty fast. So I was actually approved on my first try,
but I had some issues with the mail. Once I was approved, it took another month
for them to actually create the trays and get them to me. So I signed up in like July last year, and
then in September last year is when I actually started using the trays. The 2nd thing I wish I knew is that you have
to be aware of your bite. If you have an underbite or if you have an
overbite, just be aware of that and make sure you can either communicate that to Smile Direct
Club or maybe you should talk to your dentist. I don’t recommend the program for people who
have issues with their bite. I had a slight underbite when I started the
program. My teeth kind of met together like this instead
of my tops going over the bottoms. I had spacing on the top and crowding on the
bottom. By their plan pushing my teeth together, it
kind of pushed my whole top arch back a little bit and then the crowding on the bottom spread
out and pushed my bottom arch forward. That created a more dramatic underbite. I can show you that right now. I was considering just stopping the program,
but I figured my bite is going to be a little bit off either way, I’d rather have my teeth
just be really straight. But I know that down the line I’m probably
gonna wanna have some kind of jaw surgery or something just to get this corrected because
I want it to look nice, you know? And I’m sure it’s better for my overall health,
too. The next thing I want you guys to be aware
of is fillings you have between your teeth. I’m not 100% sure if Smile Direct Club caused
this, but I have a metal filling in between two of my teeth. Toward the middle of my mouth. I’m pretty sure that the shifting of my teeth
caused my filling to come out of place. Because I went to the dentist before starting
the program and after, toward the end of the program, and all of a sudden they say that
my filling has come out of place. The filling is only a couple years old, and
these types of fillings are supposed to last anywhere from 5-10 years. Number 4, there’s such a thing as a “black
triangle” that they don’t tell you about. Let’s say the bottoms of your front teeth
are wider than the tops of your front teeth and you’re trying to close that gap. It might not be able to be closed all the
way. You’ll see that they touch a little bit but
you’ll have this gap, but it’s not a gap all the way through. My main concern was getting my front teeth
gap closed. It used to be pretty big. My plan showed that there was still going
to be a slight gap at the end. So I was like “what do I do about this?” What I wound up doing is that I went on Amazon,
and they have these “polishing and finishing metal strips” I guess they’re for dentists. They’re almost like sandpaper. It’s like sandpaper but it’s on a piece of
metal. You can actually put this between your teeth
and file it a little bit. Don’t be scared, I mean I was a little scared
at first and you’ll probably think I’m crazy, but it actually takes a lot to get a little
bit shaved off your tooth, you have to do this for a long time. So I think it’s pretty hard to mess it up. This is where I am right now. You can see that my teeth are at least parallel,
but there’s still that slight gap, so I’m hoping that my refinement trays are going
to fix that gap. And that brings me to number 5. Most people are going to need refinements
at the end of their plan. If you’re at the end, and things are a little
bit off, don’t worry because all you have to do is email them or give them a phone call. Actually, give them a phone call because they
actually don’t answer their emails very fast. But I just made a phone call, they sent me
out an email. I’m in the process of having my refinements
looked into.Hopefully, I’ll just get these little tweaks that I need. One thing I want is clearly the front gap
closed, and I want the side gap — I have this side gap that wasn’t even in the original
plan. I feel like the time has really flown by. I thought it would feel like it was taking
forever, but before I knew it I was just DONE. If you’ve made it through all 5 steps and
you’ve still decided that Smile Direct Club is right for you, I have left a link in the
description box that will give you 50% off your impression kit, as well as a link to
those sandy strips I got off Amazon, I put that link in the description box as well. If you’ve found this video helpful, please
consider Subscribing, and I’d love to see you guys here for the next video. Thanks so much!

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79 thoughts on “Smile Direct Club | 5 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE ($200 Code)”

  • I went to the office to get my 3D scan done. Most of these problems for me were avoided because I was able to talk to a person before getting my aligners

  • I didn't do the impression kit, I went in for the 3D scan. I figured for the $$$$, that one trip was worth the time 🙂 Your teeth look great btw 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Wow, very helpful, thanks. I can't believe the invisible braces actually changed your bite that much. It's not good actually to have them biting like that and it can ruin your teeth down the road. We see your smile looking so nice, and ignore the issue. I guess I should just go to an orthodontist!
    Also, I can't believe anyone would risk filing their own teeth! Just go to the dentist! I've had dentists do minimal filing and not even charge me.

  • Senny you are such a joy to listen to. A bright light… intelligent, kind and a great speaker. Thanks for the information. I am considering moving forward with smile direct club. Your video really helped me consider issues I may otherwise not have known. Thanks again and stay as wonderful as you are.

  • Smile direct club absolutely screwed me over. I received a package with week 1, week 2, and week 3 and 4 aligners. After that month was up and I didn’t see any aligners after that, I got concerned and contacted customer service. Before I had great representatives to speak with me, but this person was rude and didn’t believe that I only received a month of aligners. After a lot of fighting, they finally said they will send the aligners and they will come within 14 days. Well it’s been almost a whole month and I’ve been emailing an accounting management team member who was helpful at first, but he sent me a copied email with a return policy, telling me to return aligners THAT I NEVER RECEIVED! Now my emails are being ignored and I’m still going to be charged for aligners that I DON’T HAVE!!! Please watch out and save your money! It would be a good process if I received what I paid for, but now I’m going through hell to stop them from charging me thousands of dollars for a single month of aligners when I was supposed to received 6 months of aligners.

  • Hell I'll just be happy to have straight teeth for the first time in my life. I'd take a front gap over my front tooth sticking out 4 whole millimeters

  • What you don't know can come back to bite you in a few years.  Of course teeth can be made to look straight.  Professionals know that orthodontics involve more than just the part of the teeth you see.  Kind of like the iceberg.  Moving teeth through jaw bone is serious business.  Hopefully this company has really good malpractice insurance.

  • Handsome you can get Dental Bonding
    Schedule a free appointment with cosmetic Dentist and find out how much to close triangle gap it should only cost 300 or less

  • SmileDirectClub is giving friends of the Club $150 off their purchase of clear aligners. Plus, I get a gift card when your aligners ship. Win win!

  • Your teeth look great, you really inspired me. I also used your code and it worked! Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Look into functional orthodontics!! Smile Direct Club is a dangerous, dangerous thing! Just say, "No!" Everyone needs to be aware of tongue space and taking that away can have horrible consequences (especially, in the long run)!! This ortho's website gives an amazing sense of what a healthy mouth is and how to achieve it:

  • You don’t need “jaw surgery” to correct your bite. You just need actual braces with rubber bands that pull your bite back into the correct position.

  • Seriously, your teeth are goooorgeous!! Thanks so much for the bite tips though because I so have bite issues more than anything cosmetic. Ugh! Stinks. Thanks for your candid review.

  • Great information! Thank-you! FYI – a gap between the front teeth is sexy. LOL. It's not just me who thinks so! It's a real thing. But yes, your bite is important, although yours doesn't look too pronounced. What does your dentist say? Your teeth look great now!

  • Just stupid how you're being about that so called gap u say u have. Most of those 5 things u say are a given.

  • These people are bugging lol. Like complaints about little shit like they was going to be perfect. There is no such thing lol.

  • Smile Direct preys on gullibility (and anyone’s idea they can get true orthodontic pro care and results for pennies, paired with the laziness of getting your aligners in the mail).
    THE TRUTH: I, myself, have actually attempted treatment with Smile Direct and it was an epic fail from a disastrously disorganized company, set up for quick, cheaply acquired profit from gullible consumers, who neither knew better nor could afford better. I’m still fighting for my money back from this nightmare of an experience from smart mouth, callous customer service reps (adding insult to the injury of an already botched treatment plan). I’ll have to write a voluminous series of literature to tell of the entire fiasco I survived dealing with the horror story named Smile Direct Club.

    TRUE poor performance and poor ways of doing business with consumers.

    Smile Direct Club needs to either seriously do an overhaul, IMPROVE, their handling of patient treatment to be of true quality and dental professionalism, get organized, cut out making promises they can’t deliver, I.e overall DO BETTER – OR -just wrap it up and go out of business and spare anymore disgrace to the dental (orthodontic) industry! Spare consumers their time, money, and hopes. More people need to know that this company as it poorly operates today is to be AVOIDED. GO TO A REAL ORTHODONTIC OFFICE AND SPEND THE EXTRA BUCK, ATTENDING SCHEDULED VISITS AND GET YOUR TEETH STRAIGHTENED CORRECTLY PERIOD.

  • Hey Baby! First off your gorgeous! Second, I had an underbite and I was told as a teen I'd need jaw surgery or headgear to fix it….DONT believe them I got a second opinion as a teen and the orthodontist said those people are out for money. He fixed my bite with metal braces. But I lost my retainers and my parents never replaced them. I'm 29 now and work at an orthodontist office ironically and my doctor says my excessive spacing and bite can be fixed with braces or invisalign. DO INVISALIGN with an actual orthodontist babe!

  • Guys….
    Bite issues are important to watch. Just because they look straight doesn't mean its healthy. I work in the dental feild. Let me tell you, just because it fast and cheap, doesn't mean its good.

  • I love you- you are perfect. I went to smile direct today and did the whole process and I’m waiting for my aligners to come in the next couple of weeks. Thank you for this video. I subscribed! I’m looking forward to seeing more of you XOXO

  • Please stop obsessing over the tiny variations in spacing, you'll be healthier to accept yourself the way you are. You have an incredible smile and a very handsome facial profile. Leave it alone and go enjoy your life!

  • Jaw surgery isn’t the only way to fix that , just go have your teeth professionally shaved. That’s probably not the right way to say it haha but dentist do it just to push the teeth together and back a little bit before the braces usually but I’m sure you’ll be fine!

  • I got lots of questions, after you eat, like if your at a restaurant, can you put your alligners right after you eat, or do you have to brush your teeth then put them on? And how do you deal with being too lazy to put them back on and you aren't that strict with your plan?

  • Your top teeth look amazing!! You have a beautiful smile and look great! :)) I just signed up for smile direct and got my scans today. Luckily, don't have bite issues. Loved your review. <3

  • Your teeth look good – it appears the product works. That “gap” you are concerned about looks completely normal – you are seeming a bit OCD there.

  • You smile is beautiful! I have an appointment with them tomorrow, but your concerns are making me want to cancel. Plus, I don't like the idea of having to keep buying retainers and molding trays every six months…I'm too poor for that. Crooked teeth it is then!

  • This guy has great teeth, the gaps you notice one other person In normal walks of life would notice – accept they're great and Bette than most

  • Your teeth look great. I'm most worried about the bite issue. I'm on month 2 week 3/4, just put this set on, and the top left hangs just the absolute slightest bit. I think it should be alright, but It got me to start doing this research, and everyone has me paranoid.

  • Good grief man… You have perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect eyebrows and a perfect physique. And you’re worried about a small space between your teeth? Seriously, who cares! Trust me, you have so much going for you that no one is even going to notice!

  • I was recently told by my dentist i have TMJ… I have an appointment next week for Smile direct Hub but i’m really skeptical. Idk if i should even bother bc i wouldn’t want to make things worse. Anyone with the same issue can help??