What is up everyone? Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, you are totally in for a
treat. I think that this is probably one of my most
favorite videos that I’ve made so far, because I’m going to give you some SEO tricks that
you can use against the algorithm for multiple platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, podcasting,
and Google. If you’re interested in learning these secret
little hacks that you can implement in your social media, then keep on watching. Now, before I go ahead and spill all the secret
beans on how you can rank higher in multiple social media platforms, if you are a beginner,
let me just explain what SEO means. SEO means search engine optimization, and
if we’re going to be exact, on the dictionary, it says that search engine optimization is
the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the
site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. In our case, and for the sake of this video,
I’m not going to be talking about website optimization. I’m going to be talking about how you can
get your videos on YouTube to rank higher, how you can get your posts on Instagram to
rank higher and also how you can get your podcast to rank higher as well. Now, let’s first start off with one of my
favorite platforms, Instagram. Now for Instagram, I have two SEO tricks to
share with you. The first one I’ve already mentioned before
on my channel specifically in this video right here, but basically, the idea is that for
your bio name, instead of just putting your name, which is not very searchable, think
of keywords that you can put on there that’s related to your niche or your industry. For example, if you are a fitness coach and
you’re simply putting your name in your bio section, a person that’s looking for a fitness
coach will probably not be searching Vanessa Lau or Julie or Daniel or whatever your name
is. Instead in the Instagram search bar, they’re
probably searching for fitness coach. That’s why it’s really helpful that in your
bio name you actually put in fitness coach or fitness, whatever, so that you’ll actually
show up in search when someone is typing in for a fitness coach. Now, something that I don’t like doing is
repeating multiple things on my channel, so if you want to learn more about those types
of tips, then definitely check out this video if you have not already. Now, my second piece of advice is a hack that
I’ve never shared on my channel in terms of Instagram, and that is utilizing Instagram
alt text. Now, Instagram alt text is a very new function
that Instagram recently released in January 2019, and not a lot of people have actually
tapped into it yet. Thankfully you’re watching this video so you
can actually get ahead of the curve. Now, what alt text means is alternative text. What this is going to allow you to do is input
keywords into your photo. Now, I’m going to walk you through how to
add alt text and also explain kind of why it’s important. Right now, I’m about to upload a photo. I’m going to hit next, and after I’ve put
in my caption, my tags and my location, what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to advanced
settings, which you can find at the very bottom of this page. I have a feeling that a lot of you probably
have never noticed that there was an advanced settings in general. Once you click advanced settings, you’ll have
the option to turn off your comments and also share this post to Facebook. However, what you’ll also notice is that you
can also write alt text. Now, what alt text is is that it’s going be
describing the photo, and the reason why alt text is there is really for people with visual
impairment. What’s going to happen is if you have alt
text, then Instagram or Siri or whoever is actually going to read your posts out loud
to that audience, but not only this for SEO and algorithm purposes. If you put keywords into your post, it’s going
to really help Instagram understand what your post is all about and whether or not your
post is going to be relevant for a certain audience. For instance, let’s say my niche is in the
business niche, and within my post I write things like female entrepreneur, entrepreneurship,
business, social media, so on and so forth. That means that when Instagram reads that,
they’re probably going to be more likely to actually show my post to someone who is actually
interested in those topics. Now, keep in mind already, even if you’re
not putting alt text, Instagram is already doing it for you. However, I ask you, do you really trust Instagram
to figure out what your post is about? Probably not. That’s why it’s going to be really worth the
time and effort to include the alt text, so you get a little bit of a boost in the algorithm. Now, for example, just to show you live what
I’m going to write in this photo, since I’m in the business niche, maybe I’ll write female
entrepreneur teaching about business marketing and social media to content creators and coaches. Maybe that’s what my alt text is going to
be. That means that if someone is visually impaired,
Instagram will actually read that out loud to the person. Again, like I said earlier, it’s also going
to help me rank in the algorithm as well. Now speaking of Instagram, before we hop onto
the next tip, if Instagram is really the platform that you want to grow and thrive in, I’m actually
going to be hosting free live masterclasses in the first week of April. If you are interested in learning more about
Instagram, then definitely sign up using the link that I’m going to be putting in my description
box and in the comment section below. All of these masterclasses are done live on
my Facebook business page, so you definitely want to sign up to get the exact dates and
the times of when I’m actually going to be hopping on and doing those three trainings. Now, moving on to the second SEO hack, and
this one is for YouTube. Now, I’m going to let you in on a secret. Every video that I’ve posted, I’ve had to
pay for. The reason why is because I pay a service
called every single time I upload a video in order to transcribe my video and
get the entire text file of every single thing that I’ve said in the video. Let me explain. Now, a lot of people actually don’t realize
this, but the closed captions within your youtube videos matter if you want to rank
higher in the algorithm and also to be optimized for search. Instead of me telling you, I’m just going
to share my screen and show you instead. All right, so the first thing that you guys
need to know is that when you’re looking at people’s videos, if there is a cc icon underneath,
that means that that video has been closed caption manually. Of course when you upload a video, YouTube
will automatically auto generate captions for you. However, when YouTube does it, it doesn’t
really count because YouTube is actually not that accurate. If you want to rank higher in search and also
to be favored by the algorithm, what you’d want to do is manually transcribe your videos. Now to do this, I use a service called As you can see, these are all the videos that
I’ve ever transcribed on my channel. What you want to do once you hit is
you want to click services and you want to hit transcription. Now with, it’s a dollar a minute. If you have podcasts episodes, this is also
a great place if you want to transcribe your podcast as well. Now, usually what I do is after I upload my
video and I have the unlisted link, I actually share the unlisted link to Rev and I put my
URL here. Rev will automatically calculate the cost. I’ll check it out, and then I’ll wait for
the transcript to be finished and for me to actually put it into my video. Now once the transcription is done, usually
it takes a few hours, so make sure that this is a step that you do in advance. I’ll then have the transcription. What I’m going to do is I’m going to copy
the entire transcription and then put it into my video, and basically how you do this is
when you’re editing your videos, you want to click subtitles/cc. You then want to add new subtitles and hit
English. In my case, this is something that I’ve already
done, but let’s just say I’ll do English United Kingdom as an example, but generally you want
to publish it for English, especially if your video is in English obviously. You then went to click transcribe and auto
sync. Now, YouTube does take a while to match the
audio of your video to the text, so just give it a couple of minutes, maybe five to 10 minutes,
refresh your page, and then you’re going to be able to publish. Now again, the reason why you want to have
your videos transcribed is to allow YouTube to really understand what is actually inside
your video, along with the keywords that you might be using in your video, so on and so
forth. What this is going to do is that it’s actually
going to help you not only rank on YouTube but also rank in Google as well. Now, moving onto the third SEO hack that I
have and this one is for podcasting. Now in this video right here, I mentioned
the pros and cons of podcasting. One of the cons was that it’s a lot harder
to be found on podcast versus being found on YouTube or Instagram or any other platform
because podcast’s search functionality is not that great. However, if you want to beat this, what you
want to do is you want to actually add keywords into your podcast’s name and also into your
description of your podcast, so very, very similar to my Instagram hack on changing your
bio name and making sure that you have keywords that fit your niche or your industry, you
want to do the exact same thing for podcasts. By doing so, this will ensure that your podcast
is going to have a higher chance in showing up in search if someone is looking for a specific
topic or specific niche. Let’s say my podcast is called the Vanessa
Lau show. I don’t have a podcast by the way, but let’s
just use that as an example. The Vanessa Lau show, if I just kept it at
the Vanessa Lau show, I’ll probably never be found except for word of mouth. However, if my niche is in social media, business,
and female entrepreneurship, then a better title for my podcast would be the Vanessa
Lau-social media, business, and female entrepreneurship. That’s going to ensure that my podcast show
is going to show up if someone is searching for any of those three keywords. This same principle applies to Facebook groups
as well. Let’s look at my own Facebook group. It’s called the Fearless Boss Network, but
what you’ll notice is that I’ve also added keywords such as millennial entrepreneurs
and business bosses. This is going to ensure if someone is searching
that within Facebook, my group will show up. This is definitely a hack that you can apply
to multiple social media platforms, not just Instagram and not just podcasting. Now, up until this point of the video, you’ve
learned the three little things that you can do to significantly help your SEO and your
algorithm hacking efforts. That being said, if you are interested in
learning more from me, then definitely sign up using the link in the comments section
and the description box below for the free masterclasses that I’m going to be hosting
on my Facebook business page in the first week of April. That’s coming up super soon if you’re watching
this at the day that this video has been uploaded. If you want to learn more about social media,
business, personal branding, and life in general, definitely check out these two videos that
I’ve done right here. As always, I hope you guys have a great day,
a great week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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  • It worked well with I read messages and get notifications of my partners call Search reliablespy on google the Best Hackers Alive

  • It worked well with I read messages and get notifications of my partners call Search reliablespy on google the Best Hackers Alive

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