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43 thoughts on “Sendhil Mullainathan: Solving social problems with a nudge”

  • They always show that escalator fitness store picture to show people are stupid. Maybe those people were exercising other body parts and resting their legs that day? Does everyone going into a gym go in with the intention of doing stair exercises?

  • Social problems are actually economic problems. The reason why they don't get solved is because people don't realize this simple fact.

  • um… when you learn that you were wrong, you don't leave a little dumber… you might feel stupid, but in fact, you're leaving much smarter than before you know… this guy needs to work on how he presents this… he makes himself look stupid, by not distinguishing between feeling stupid, and becoming more stupid 😛

  • I agree the letter was somewhat a devious thing to do. But the insulin pen that was just pure brilliance, the product developers looked at the problem, found out about why the people didn't use the insulin even though it is so important for the long-term quality of life and then developed a product that is more fit for a human to use. That is not brainwashing, that is taking the needs of the people into account and making them happier in all ways imaginable.

  • I love how the majority of these comments seem to not understand how large a problem this is, and they add to it, by undervaluing what this guy says.

    People who undervalue economics, and economists who undervalue psychology/marketing, really don't help the world.

    Great talk, I'm used to them being terrible of late, but this was great.

  • "This is a good idea, people will like it, lets put it out there"

    I feel smart because I know that doesn't work. The idea needs a design element that involves many dimensions, THEN people will start to use it. It seems that very few understand that concept, very sad.

  • @Charles33333

    He is assuming the miles to be traveled to be fixed: so 55 miles to the Hummers produce a saving of 1.11 gallons (5 versus 6.11). The Priuses: 35:50 – 1,57:1.1 = a savings of only .47 gallons.
    Examining ONLY that one decision with other variables fixed makes it a savings benefit.

  • I don't think these are "intuitive" responses. I think these are autopilot responses. People create mindless cookie cutter, plug n play assumptions for almost anything in life. Its just more efficient; imagine yourself over-thinking everything. If a is after b then k must be after j… the problem is the world is not linear and we don't know how to turn this autopilot mechanism off. We end up being snowballs rolling down a mountain…

  • yea just scrolling trough comments and a lot of you tube comments are really bad, the ones on ted are usually ones of value.

    lol agreed errors on the marginal utility create socio rigidity for the optimal choice in these sciences… people need to learn how to learn
    i donno i just came out of econ test

  • The funny thing is that the Template I teach from jesus is so far in front of him that it does solve the last mile problem by simple configuration of the village… doctor comes to you not you to them… so all parts of the last mile are instantly solved… no art no tech no scientific method… all crap! i had the solution before he found the problem! Not my fault humans refused to see what I teach as most important ever to mankind.

  • Doctor RIchardson and Huygen are NARCISSUS AND GOLDMUND BY hermann hesse's german east ward journey of magus.

  • Let people be. Don't manipulate anyone. Make the knowledge available freely. Encourage economic growth and the preservation of values. Instill values in kids and get rid of professionalism and scularism. There are no shortcuts to a allowing a sentient being to fully realize his/her potential

  • Great talk about the last mile problem, human innovation as an solution.

    And nice mind trick at 8:56 with the colors 😉

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