Sen. Sherrod Brown – What Happened to the “We” Society in America?

with good people i’m sure brown in the
united states senate welcome back thirty four minutes past ventrilo coca-cola
says that i think so glad to have a great day thanks party i i’d made a
reference to a kennedy clip awhile back and uh… just wanna show i’m gonna play this
everybody can hear it on the radio people into you’ll be able to see it i
just want to show this to you he said it private he’s talking about you know which
hospitals in new delhi but included who pay their hospital bills through
social security bell hospitals in every avenue apartment united one one or two thirds every last bit of the national
government week eight fifty five percent of all the research done we have young man to come back where our concern at the progress of
this country and those who said but that they are now or but spoils are great their heritage here remember that with children action by the national
government warner and president led his
administration played a holistic levin one led by a and eighteen sixty clearly set aside
government property that there are led card this cooperate deleted this cooperation
in europe and and and and it’s it’s an amazing piece and i’m just wondering senator brown what happened to them
around and go collector family uh… settled in or central ohio and uh… eighteen nineteen and they had a land
grant six hundred forty acres you paid a dollar to are startling and to clear the land and park to get a
block square mile part of the northwest territories of a legal support belcher sample departed state was corporate
state by ted yet some people that’s how they settle the west wesleyan reform
where the government basically gave the land of people treat department solis
writers but i know you were you wonder where a and he really is since the early
eighties when we have just failed to find
infrastructure infrastructure everything from kiddie colleges hospitals uh… highways bridges beatriz broadbent
all that we should be doing in we’ve under-funded
it in and that’s why kids have the kind of
student loan debt they do and why working-class kids can’t even go to
college and too many cases why we don’t do the medical research we
show and and and why we don’t find our highway system the way which yeah so i the the sense that idea is that with this election with the
winning against and abolition tens of millions of dollars of well company money in banks to money
coming down on your head rock obama winning we now know that there was even
saudi money him working against brock obama uh… the final report in this
nation magazine yesterday on the track to know some of this money from summers trade associations american
petroleum institute this case that even in the face of all of this the
american people are still same or appear to be saying we would rather live in a
we society than in the society and yet the same time john bears response to
president obama signed okay what you want to cut is well let’s raise the
medicare eligibility age whittier it seems to me
like that republicans are doubling down on insane insane that lost and what they are and i think that
that’s what races stakes excessive the president were to back down i don’t
think he’s going to but if you were to back down it would be next on possible for us to
ever even attempt to catch up on what we need
to do republican estimate and indeed damn near impossible for the
next decade or so raise taxes well well text in this country bitter really
kimberly is bigger than just this one showdown on this one budget in this one
tax increase and hats of that relate to be just emphasizes the importance of
standing strong which i was senator shared brown shirt
brown dot com is the website and what brown dot senate dot gov yet and and uh… you know what’s on your plate right now
what what eight what do you really passion about what what what are you
excited or concern rally but i mean what we not not replied defense in some sense to
make sure that altered or the age for social writers breeze that medicare doesn’t cut uh… but we’ll plan offered sits on the
other way said to me it’s it’s how you know how to how do we how do we deal
with this terrible terrible increasing chasm between the pretty wealthy and everybody else
partly through tax system partly through better jobs policy partly through uh… helping unions organized we know that you can
look since the seventies profits by and what we were profits have continued to by large go up uh… productivity is continued to go up
in wages have gone down is unionization rates have gone down in and clearly that’s not the kind of
society one i have in this country where people don’t have a chance to
organize and where on people that create wealth for their
employers don’t share in that well that but that is the kind of nation that the
cooper this one it is that the nation that wal-mart seems to want to make it
hits one one of the historically errors that
were used to push back on the things like franklin roosevelt jack kennedy taking the bully pulpit give giving open giving speeches like jack kennedy
just said you know they’re you know arc are part of your heritage actually is consistent with progressive
values and and how can these guys tried
hijacking those kind of things have suggestions for out of one as it is
suggested jess and the president but uh… you know i think they really don’t
see compusa coming on people like you that our progressive strong solid
well-disciplined when broadly listened to places and people like me in elective office to
talk about the role of government i mean i i a m i stayed in my campaign i
talked about the our rescue that that was a partnership it was some at the time it was a bit
bipartisan and dot blots plus that way and it was uh… partnership between the
federal government and local communities and local businesses i wear
a pilot hello i’m optimistic you before that hits at canary in a bird cage it’s
a depiction of the they re going down in the mind if the mayank the canary died
the mine worker who had no union is strong enough for government turned up
in those days uh… was on his own and you look at what’s happened in these
last hundred years since the today realistic in the mind the role of progressive values in this country that helped to
create medicare and social security and safe trip he modern clean air of women’s
rights and civil rights in disability protections and in
prohibitions on child labor at all the things we did as a society that was it wasn’t that politicians just did it
cuz we were good hearted it did it because people in trade unions people in
their ethnic organizations people and in their church basements people in the
civil rights movement women’s rights movement which government to do these
things in it really was or in it together and really did bring
up uh… he created a middle-class in gave working-class kids an opportunity to
actually join the middle class and that’s that’s what we have less off today than
we had fifty years ago honeys how do you communicate that i know bernie has done is brilliantly in
northern vermont you know i i i’ve lived in vermont and we drive through the
northeast kingdom which is kinda like he’s kentucky i mean it’s it’s just solid red and out in front the in two thousand
remember driving through their maybe a bush signed him sanderson innocent i mean hundreds of you know hundreds of houses with the
bush science anderson how do genuine progress is and i’m i’m guessing
the same thing was happening ohio that there were a lot of people who voted for
you who might have voted for a few republicans or maybe not i don’t know
but hot how do we communicate to the to those red state folks who used to get it and i think that the nz
nockard frankly well sure they have them uh… we don’t talk to them well it’s
it’s partly a populist economic message it’s a it’s not eight liberal-conservative
left-right issue immediately but public doesn’t see things across the
political spectrum they they only think is is she on my side issue on my side i think you make you need to make that
case for government you make that case for medicare you make that case for so sure you make
that case for student loans make that case for safe drinking water that
government has he is in partnership with the private sector i_t_n_ and i mean i i just think we back off those
arguments far too often mt as a as a as elected officials and
its people that our progressive democrat typist i
think we make it a strong enough for frequently it’s always seemed to me that we’ve only conveyed half the mean to that we say
you know uh… uh… the republicans will say we don’t want a government
between you and your doctor another is paying the bill nobody then skies here yeah out but yahoo then who do you want
to do what you want a private for-profit insurance company like united health
care the pays to consecutive c_e_o_’s moreau over a billion dollars and both of them had player in stephen
j_ hamesha both men more than a billion dollars is c_e_o_s a health insurance
company really that’s who you want when you know
i think we aren’t and i’ve seen that with number of doctrinaire though the the a_m_a_ is conservative
organization increasingly numbers of doctors aren’t
and i think they they increasingly see that they want assurance come easily with the
government that friend let me whether it’s health insurance you’re it’s sad
that case i think that’s at gap yeah pretty much anything though you
know if you do you really want the government of all of your banking well
ye do you really want unregulated banks terse on an ohio there’s a out fight now the governor it’s sort of implying that he’s about to unclear if
he’s gonna try to do it before his reelection on campaign to uh… privatized states
turnpike and people increasingly are saying wait
a second turn it over the private sector uh… wages will be cut that excuse me
that that these old turnpike toll so go up dates will be delayed as that is that
what you want and or making that argument by the ritz
privatizing prisons or pike or medicare or social redeeming we win these we when these fights and
privatization if we wait and that people think wait a minute the
private sector probably wouldn’t do this as well as the government it is that it’s using the word
privatized as you say wal-mart isaacs wal-mart was about to rise notarize yeah
i think it’s it’s an outright certainly suggest connotations to medicare that
people yeah it does and and and the sand and
again the republicans the house of you know just come out and said you had
to attend flies two years or are we passed a
budget but dont resin medicare where de that they find it looks like it walk archive senator richard brown thanks so much for
being with us please visit the city are to have you in the studio with us please
equipment much appreciated engine brown dot senate dot gov as website and of
course your crown dot com will be back its forty five minutes past
the hour young talent program to come back with your calls up mike wants the
news today and you’re listening to the time-honored man
program visit some hardman dot com for audio and video arcade and please dot
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gov check money that there’s a lot of great information

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