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100 thoughts on “Sen. Elizabeth Warren On The Standoff Over Stimulus Bill | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC”

  • She's such a liar. She know the stuffed the bill full of irrelevant isdurs like a abortion, and people being able to see greehouse gas emmisions at the drop of a hat. I have a new bill proposal
    How about any bill introducted can only included 1 issue at a time!!! One issue!!!!!

  • They are attempting to add some of the political agenda for the 'New Green Deal' (or new world order) into the relief bill. They will hold the assistance for the American people until you agree to the far Left agenda. This is political bullying as far as I see it. Those 'extra' taxes/policies will become 'raised taxes' on the American people as soon as they return to work. We need to protest against or remove politicians who hold American citizens hostage at their most vulnerable time. The 'Relief Bill' is to assist US citizens and to make sure our jobs stay in business until we return to them.

    The Far Left is also trying to push through adding some identity politics to the relief bill. So you will starve until you agree to their agenda.

    I am a Democrat but I protest use of crisis for political gain. You cannot represent the people if you blackmail them for a vote.

  • We don't have testing because we don't have enough labs. The ones we have are backlogged. The 'Wartime' bill the Prez created is utilizing military, labs and supplies now and opening up access to have manufacturers produce medical supplies rather than waiting for supplies from foreign countries. Also the war bill allowed the Prez to use construction industry's to convert and/or build medical facilities to care for victims of this virus. The Prez has a handle on it if they let him do his job. ( And don't forget the 2 large medical ships he put into use. one for E&W coast to make emergency medical assistance available for critical hot spots as they happen.)

  • Want to Save yourself, mom and the economy ?

    "Asking the right questions, saying the smart things."

    Watch: Cuomo on coronavirus: We won't put elderly at risk to boost the economy


    More comments:

    "Nailed it!!

    A true leader.

    Smiling through the tears.

    So intelligent, love him!

    Not just the elderly, 1/2 of people in other countries like France under 50.

    Sure wish we could find someone with this guy's Intelligence, Compassion, and Leadership!


    His words were stately & admirable.

    Leadership, a plan, stern speech, reassurances of the future. No Ventilators? Let’s innovate." Try using the corona virus immunity produced from those who have had it and gotten better

    P.S. Warren and Cumo would be a great team

  • We haven't even resolved the issue of testing, how in the world are we going the "re-open" the country, if we can't even accurately pinpoint the infected or even protect the medical staff appropriately. Where is the government for the people! (regardless of party)

  • Deleting links from comments – go to truthstreammedia watch their latest vid

  • Once again, business over the people. This newscaster is more worried about a business rather than a person. I look at it this way, no people….no business. Plus this crisis shows that our political leaders are rudderless.

  • Trump is lieing , he gave the big tax pay off, supposed to have helped the workers, but eAs put back into the stocks.

  • Another evil witch , stalling and laughing as people are dieing. Eviition,repo of cars no money for toilet paper.

  • Elizabeth these comments are why I fell in love with you!! Sniff, sniff sniff😥😢 What happened? As Whitney sang" I will always love you!♪♪♪♪ Thank you! "We the people" needed you right now and here you are. Thank you!!


  • Mitch McConnell??? What's holding this up is Pelosi putting ridiculously unrelated things in this bill, like the word "diversity" 32 times!!!

    I don't think I will ever vote for these people again. Really a disgusting game to be playing at this time.

  • People who get student loan forgiveness should not receive a penny more… and Id much rather see it deducted from their future social security payment..
    Better yet, drop the student loan BS and just treat every worker equally in this situation… stop trying to give massive windfalls to largely irresponsible people


  • Tell everyone, please, that you know from experience, that, pretending to be native will not help in the fight against this virus.

  • Tell them Elizabeth. I think restrictions should be made so if the money's not earmarked for what's it being used towards, then the President gets a blank check to do what he wants.

  • How come repub lick ans do not apply term socialism when they rich friends who own multi billion dollars corporations are asking for handouts billions of dollars of handouts? Just saying.

  • Just go through the IRS to send checks, that way you can tax people on the back end if they really didn’t need it. canceling my student debt does not help me buy food or pay rent when my loans are in deferment…or the people in default 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Seems like areas with blacks and immigrants are the hot zones. Maybe we should shut down those areas and and reopen the rest

  • This would have been done had it not been for the dems adding stuff that has no bearing on the virus. Typical dems adding voter stuff, green new deal stuff, etc. Get rid of that and this would have already been done.

  • The GOP & Frump Are RUSSIAN assets!! Putin is doing a happy dance right now.
    Anyone supporting Frump is a TRAITOR!

  • I need to be isolated at Home Until There Are Mobile Testing Centers Everywhere-Disabled in Chronic Daily Pain waiting for 2 Outpatient Surgeries, but Post-Op Physical Therapy Should Be Shut Down Until The Physical Therapy Treatment Will Have To Be In Home; OR AQUA rather Than Mass Germ Sharing with Seniors in A Occupied/Crowded Physical Therapy Germ Sharing Center-Thank You For Social Security/Disability Expansion Lifting The Hardship Of Poverty To Keep-Up With In Increased Inflation-Please Bring & Instill Your Progressive Values into The Convention in Milwaukee-Shortage of Low Income Housing, HELP?


  • LOL MSNBC still covers Pocahontas?? Slow day in the newsroom? Apparently nothing going on with the CHINESE KUNG FLU? MSNBC needs to look for Joe Biden or Bernie Sandernista

  • Oh maybe after we bail the corporations and wall street if any is left (there will not be) maybe we will give a little to working people and the poor. But do not hold your breath

  • Warren has no credibility she blew that away by snubbing Bernie who is working his but off to help the Americans buy raising millions for to help.

  • Really feel like the corporations should have enough money for at least 3 months of hard times.b if not no bail out. They can pull themselves up by the boot straps

  • Hey low life we paid our taxes and this money to helping us time of need; like the real American born President Trump, said before…….We have an low life Obama, was not even born in our American soil. where name the evil Obama, really sucks in our Country in his mid birth how? His birth Document is fakes……..I see why! We had a Fake President…Sleeping Joe Biden , knows anything? or just hiden it…….Not knowing the real true really is? i think White Mother cover up, by stuck in her lap bring this crap baby in our Country. with out documents paper back then. I just found out…. Go read more.

  • Available testing is a must. I know people who have requested testing from their primary physicians only to be told that testing in not available and basically to ride their symptoms out until they drop.

  • I feel like the argument in Washington is so black-and-white and has been framed as business vs. workers. The truth is that they both need relief, so I think the Democrats and Republicans should at least stop fighting during a pandemic, and pass the stimulus package now.

  • If you don’t keep your mouth shut Pocahontas, your going to lose your Senate seat ! Man, you’ve got to be the dumbest, self centered narcissist in Congress !

  • i like the idea of a couple hundred for ssa. but it should be for those making less than 2000 a month not for those at the top of the food chain

  • It must be nice to not be interviewed with questions…this "reporter" used comments and speculation to lead into the next statement Warren said. Ask about the abortion and voting rights additions she isn't talking about

  • Why don't you ask her why the Dems are trying to sneak funding abortions, post office bailout, and 20 other of they're pet projects into this bill? Oh I guess that would be a question a real journalist would ask!

  • Dammit its no wonder nobody voted
    For her i say to Democratic donkeys
    Get it done or face
    The Wrath of the
    Voters 👹👹👹

  • I've been saying that for weeks a mortar torium on bill paying freeze all assets and then you start up in 4 months from now everybody's Even Stevens EBT cards for food that's all you need to stay home you're not going anywhere stay home have all the food you want

  • People: i lost my job, have rent, car, food, gas and 2 kids. Government: We're gonna cancel your $75/mo student loan payment. Ohhhhh, wow, I'm good! and give more payments to your mother and aunts who are over age 65 that are retired and don't even have bills.

  • The Kennedy Center gets $25 million. According to Feb 2020 data, the average salary there is $63107 per year.

  • Giving money to banks and corporations to manage for the working class will not go well for anybody but banks, corporations and politicians, even Warren should know that duh!

  • Delusional. Student debt, windmills, and airplane emissions should have nothing to do the virus. Just the democrats trying to pin green new deal pork onto this bill.

  • ok so mas sent a ding-bat to the senate , you need to understand that she was elected by minimally taxed people in the "BOSTON" area ,, the rest of mass. knows how stupid she really is..

  • Elizabeth Warren should have her picture come up when you look up the definition of "Hypocrite". She hates corporations but helped corporations NOT PAY VICTIMS of asbestos and other widely used poisons and cancer causing materials. She even helped write laws that are protecting huge corporations to this day – and made a LOT OF MONEY doing it (like $1000 per billable hour)! She got her positions in academia by lying about being an American Indian. This woman IS the corruption she says she's fighting!

  • Putting cash in the hands of workers so they can put it in the hands of the corporations. Good idea I'm glad you politicians thought of that for us.

  • Elizabeth Warren says the right thing but doesn't DO the right thing. She agreed to the version of the stimulus bill that caters to the corporations and screws over the American workers..One payment of $1200 for Americans???!!! That doesn't cover expenses for one month!! She enables the corruption in the government. She is inauthentic and a liar!!!

  • Now that you've realized not everyone likes you, maybe you could try to do something for the people you represent. Instead of flying around the country puffing up your ego. My taxes haven't gone down since you've been in office. You talk a good game but you're a tax and spend beneficiary. And a fraud. Native speak with fork tounge

  • How about warren you all don't take paychecks like President Trump and his Family.? You haven't done a lick of work in almost.4 years anyway. All you Dems are good for is Hate , lies and Treason.
    You are the mosr Corrupt bunch on history.