Sali Arauz – A Word from Our Fellows

My name is Asalia Arauz and this summer 2018 I spent 10 weeks at the Boys & Girls Clubs here in Portland working on
their youth of the Year program, focused on leadership development. And leadership
development as something that I’ve been working on and been a part of for the
last eight or so years. It’s something that I’m completely and whole heartedly
dedicated to and one of the few things that I noticed this summer that I want
to make sure that if I continue this work, which I plan on doing, is that I focus on
making the programs accessible accessible to specifically
underrepresented and marginalized communities. So that’s something that I
in the future plan on doing. I also realize that after some time in the
social sector world or nonprofit world it can be easy to burn out. And this is
something that one day with my co-workers here we sat down and had this
very intense conversation about the work we are doing and about the significance
of self-care. And that’s something that I think I took away from this fellowship
is remembering that self-care is important and that you can’t give of
yourself more than you have. So if you’re burnt out and you’re tired there’s
nothing left for you to give. So I think that’s one big thing that I definitely
learned from this fellowship.

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