Role of Labor Unions in Today’s Society

are back on the excerpts and now joining
us stuart ego uh… he’s the director of career as a
political c_i_o_ and uh… that is your labor it’s the does indeed for a long time as you might be able to
have a look and haven’t pattaya uh… sql play need you to use drugs
prospective headed come but i’ve been an organizer for about thirty two years now
no i don’t know what did you reach that i’ve had a hard time hydro throughout
seller no-man’s and other kinds of trucks and
uh… i did just that every kind of job that
he could do on one point or another in my life eugene like or dislike the diner
food distressed asset on a life through the process concert
now death isn’t as if i’m not at all the third year insists that he’s the man
connelly at the earliest really should wait until i got like the
right but you know i i’d probably did it first but by the time you’ve been over the road for six weeks at a time and then you’re watching a closing
thought stops initial reports on and you’re sleeping in there in the sleeper of the cabot uh… everything itself addresses slightly disastrous identity
that it is indeed especially in the summertime himself of countries more christian knows what
back in the seventies gap that was in the late seventies seventy right around
okay all right now you’ve been of course it organizer for
all this time honey let’s bring you down the basics
how do you do that any new you go into a town and you can’t get rafts law clerk guys emily was organizing a lot of the
state well i think that it know it uh… it starts where his finding people who want to make a
change in their lives and perfectly change in our work lives and it starts five finding the folks who other people listen to on
the job done and building a committee of leaders and teaching people how to work
collectively something we forgot men america in the age of uh… back in the age of the individual but
organizing is basically about teaching people how to work with each other and had a lift everybody up at the same
time yeltsin firmly corporate media tells us
to do it now but push in anybody’s side not the
climate over anybody’s that buckets in the bosses to direct anybody
out but health and everybody lara how they can lift one another up in the
family sought but all at the same time i think uh… you know obviously i’m biased but i think it’s one of the highest ah…
forms of human endeavor because it’s it’s about using the social
nature of our species to improve the lives of all apart everybody around this
but you know what let me challenge i don’t think so it is a key one of the
things that the about what people don’t you use is if you don’t joining the near is
pressure and there is consequences right i did the reason why
you’d want to do that but he also hinted that was a beater turn-off across
america and no i i would take issue with your question i don’t think their is consequences uh… i i think that fair candy peer pressure to join just like in that the other
setting but there are there aren’t consequences that i don’t know why i’m
not any it larry somebody’s really chosen a major are
better prepared a right at at at at at a minimum of the
progression in the light uh… for your job for example harmony i think i mean after right okay that if you were in a nineteen
sharpening do you mean doesn’t want to be back in a union shop is those cattle rules for example and n
enacted after some people practicing where their word uh… absolutely and uh… and i i i can totally understand uh…
your point there uh… and i think that’s one of the things
that as we involved with the work force and campaign with uh… today’s work environment we need
to revisit here’s my central thesis on why do you use have lost lost a large percentage of the we report the dissolution fee are because now politically you get you know for the
last sp thirty years you’ve been getting crushed again i’m just call it like a sacrament and it’s fairly out straight now you’re
on the resurgence but the reason for that was insisted you
have politicians who who were republicans and one uh… it would democrats came to power
they didn’t really deliver a lot of times in one ninety two
that’s right because this is at public sentiment that the unions are somehow that for the economy bad for the country
so that the other side has won the p_r_ battle so how do you reversed that i think we’re we’re doing
that now i mean the three scenarios that no last two
years we’ve had the largest growth with and generation reporting better then we have since we started polling
twenty five years ago uh… and i think that we’re polling as
well as we are because people want a counterweight to corporate power the people understand in america the
corporate powers that way out of control a out again and people want a counterweight they
look around for who can counter corporate power and then
and the number one uh… candidate for that is the labor
movement you know i think that we did go through a time when we lost the p_r_ battle but i think
that time is behind us and in fact where that their demographic that were
most popular with the age demographic is the uh… nineteen to thirty year
olds uh… and that has a again a lot to do with us trying to access the blogs here and work
at that trying that uh… be available and
excessive all too all kinds of media uh… it’s you know
it’s great to be on your show for instance i’m doing v_-twenty introduced uh… this week bob dole is a national
treasure question on that and it is with that sounds encouraging or trying to dig
up he’s director of organized for their trust you and i would say moment
ruthlessly yes next question positive people locate what the unions did in the obama campaign and who had the hard conversations in white working-class
communities about race and class in the future of the country and who’s gonna control your lives who really challenged people on their feelings of discrimination are
racism in a way that they had been challenge before it was it was the union’s and those were hard places like pennsylvania indiana ohio those were hard difficult conversations
uh… that could that absent those i don’t think obama could
award what you know addy totally agree with you and i saw a
fantasy and anxious i’d feel bad that i forgot who was myself and pasok speech before the election rich trumka richard
trumka necessary treasured a_f_l_c_i_o_ as i stated gracie shot only one bad
reason not to vote for perot obama right nowak agrees right right and it was fantastic and we did
that that that repeated thousands of ta incident in different ways in different forums in there smaller venues people’s households
expect the worst side you know yeah probably made a similar speech thousand pounds myself right the problem because i see it on beaches you know as we always a completely
honest with you guys are in terms of hot public perception in for my point of
view zero is that when the democrats win and you guys do a
fantastic job of backing democrats was cuba replicate that that’s what happens
threat andy field they pulled into but they
always slide that’s where you over the reason is the u_n_ peacekeepers for
them turn around and go c we didn’t do what he is one of her
we’re at work you know we’re not partisan bipartisan he said that they were really moderate
pata in a sense of the everytime does it go to move seems really
fantastic rectified and then it makes me think
that you’re spending your money in the wrong place right well i can sing out
how you would think that i i think it’s much different president bomb in his administration
look he’s moving on one the priorities that people voted for
which also happen to be our priorities delhi universal comprehensive health
care uh… changing the rules on trade you’re creating an industrial policy moving to agreement on a main and restoring the freedom of workers to
form unions and bargain collectively so i i i you know as they can in the past sometimes we’d
works hard in the election and maybe we didn’t have they completed gender this time we have
a complete agenda uh… everybody understands what it is uh… we got uh… sign off on the agenda before the
election and uh… if you diffuse see what’s happening both in the
administration in the house and senate what uh… speaker pelosi is doing in
the house and will be restored in the in the senate you see that they’re focused on economic
issues which by the way champ is how democrats weren’t is by focusing
on kitchen table economic issues that
affect average americans i really believe and believe this in the depths of my being at this time democrats have to produce real change change that changes the quality of
people’s lives change that changes the quality of kids’
futures and and that means so that every american has health care that means it for creating good jobs instead of just
had job to catch up after bad job and he’s gone back to an economy where people work are forty
hours a week again and can’t aspire to raise their kids in
the dignity of the middle class i think that president promise on that
program with the story destroy your listeners and so is the vast majority were
completed i’d hear you on that day for you guys on
the right regularly in the wrong many suggest to p_r_ campaign subject
her to take they’re gonna buy used to write uh… if you’re looking at this all
fifty four year old bald guy group obviously don’t know a lot of f_d_r_ but
glad that i had a little bit that you know he has a pretty savvy theft so
uh… stronger together as if he missed for strength or castle along took event number two
together work together right soliciting painted as you know were to split up the workers and you’re
on the side you’re on that side in letter was stronger to your exactly
right who it is accurate number two is uh… who before you come to me how we push dismissed too late is solicited isn’t having just gone when there’s a debate as to what to do
with the labor guy you know for example the
genome of workers a chrysler workers the spots is not what you want is a mess
everything up asu to come on uh… how do you get those guys on and
number two should be just flat out wrong per month well we are running commercials in
support of the employee free choice act where herb weary and we intend to spend it uh… several million dollars star running
commercials his foreign policy choice act we don’t ronan positioning or feel good commercials i mean we’re on
a commercial it’s got case-specific strategic point this welfare state because this is people’s smugmug this is the these are these are paid by by to start but i hear
you but you know this value in building a prayer estos white coat does it i mean probe is
what a waste money just like his little waste money they believe that the issue
could return for a great into built and the bread for
example is stronger together correct right usurp and have for the email and i
would be for them to you by the way right for you the and that’s a that is a very good
point are what are you that when we split up the funds that are excessive both of us you know we have to prioritize real strategic war election work organizing work policy work that again is aimed at changing the quality
people’s live and in fact ac you know right now the best commercial for the labor
movement in in in the united states is president mama talking about unions and which he’s done
openly and honestly in very positively most before the election and after the
election but you’re right there’s a lot of things
we could do better there’s no there’s no question about that and and in one is uh… appealing to people better with were
constantly searching for stop staring at her naval and and the externally focused uh… and and we do that and perfectly but
uh… it is a priority for us and i want to come back to have it a
plea issue effects employee free choice act in one
question but let me just but overall moment discipline is that your question you know i’ve been on so i won’t boxes
officer inviting and they’d been and about their own flocks uh… ten times as the democratic convention
uh… done story there is an alaska airlines from
cnbc and sometimes interviews on fox a very
hostile uh… it’s much better have a hostile
interview and be able to make your point even if
if you have to have sharp elbows to get to a your point made then it is to see that airtime to to just a negative perception right so we uh… we we actively seek interviews and we
need take interviews false or not and uh… are appreciative of the
opportunity to talk to the people of the country abuse that’s happening ok so
that was good to have an employee the distance effect simply creatures that because was when you talk about that specific issue i think you know you have good points
you know they’re gonna make counterpoint since and i get all that but this is the
reason i bring up this foundation is because they feel
that you win or lose based on the foundation this by the time you get to the specific
issue people have said in their minds either jesse would help the lean towards
the union at this point it in the countries you know or did now you know what it’s like and how
that’s going to hurt right issue out of this error that now so that that informs
how do how they think of employee free website is there that recognition within
the union will absolutely lowell absolutely uh… we need to have worked very hard to at canceling and antiquated uh… outdated image of unions uh… and
we’ve worked very hard at uh… making sure people understand that this
is there unions push for the issues are that
positively affect the majority of americans so who stopped the privatization of social
security well a lot of people but the foundation of it
was a leiberman is who has been the most outspoken on promoting universal comprehensive
health care the labor movement hamas uh… did as much as they could to stop bushes domestic agenda the labor movement who for the first time hand and it’s just really took a position against award uh… on foreign soil they are still
scenario came out against them in the invasion of iraq and then after the invasion came out
against ed you know that their continued war in the
occupational so we’re rear who’d the labor movement has always seen
itself in this country and every other country as the voice for average workers whether
they were union members are not and hands the engine of the movement for social and economic
justice it sounds like you told me this we’re for you we are for you okay uh… i twelve well you know i was in
the employment because you have ’cause then you’re not
brother you know my sister your math aunt earmarked alkyl you know went by locate union members icy america i mean
rick honest-to-goodness you know we represent about there thirteen percent ansari fifteen
percent for the american work force all altogether there’s no other
institution that represents fifteen percent of the average american we represent gun owners we had represent pro-choice to represent
pro-life represent every spectrum of the other public every part of the political spectrum but we focus on those issues that affect the economic quality people’s lives like and one one last piece of business advice
for me now and i know this is how to enjoy this conversation okay the is abundant okay thank you and that’s important in american mentality black to pieces so eternal liberal into a uh… about work they turned union into about predicate their conservative media kit
fact and corporations that if you let people know hey you know what the corporation spent a lot of money to
turned union into a dirty word because we were trying to look out for
you nyserda underground is the way i say
that because i think a lot we exist approach down wealth and power from those who have too much to those
who have too little and in in the corporate funded medium
were always going to be unpopular for that reason but understand adsense this counterweight for corporate
power john mccain as president uh… tom delay as speaker the house uh… and mitch mcconnell is run in the
senate so soldiers here benefit benefit value technet we don’t have a minimum wage reckoned he
you know my bottom line down the stairs i think that as with all things is a spectrum sometimes things lean-to for the ride
sometime soon for the left in any country including this country right and sometimes it might be in any country
that you lean that you use have too much power to
little i’d and i think it’s in arguable at this point of view years lakewood that country could be helped by
the year is having a little bit more perhaps a little right at seven might
become a day with you guys have to watch from right we’re not near that nightmare
that day and rapid mass did not know that that’s why immigrant regardless of the eight deaths
the details of employee free choice act i feel like we need to put a farm on the
scale in favor of the union’s at this time magazine innovate let me let me tell you what’s really at stake
here in part because he or listeners are in
the car and parking close to your treatments if we don’t change america right now in
very fundamental words my generation fifty four years old will be the first generation in history
of this country believer cake kids and grandkids with
all this talk to us has across ethnic lines across gender
lines s cross regional lines the history of america from the
beginning from the colonies has been the struggle to leave each succeeding
generations better off uh… and we are and uh… if the if we have made the change
we have made in impelled last november we would have been a first generation to
leave the succeeding generations were solved so that’s what’s at stake that’s really what’s the story in whose interest is this economy going
to work we now know that we now have proof positive thirty years of failed
trickle-down economics if you leave though wealth and money at the top of stays at
the top does it trickle-down it might take hold down but it does it
take over it uh… and back if we’re going to this country
out of the case that it’s in mail we have to give workers the ability
bargain collectively with their employers for greater share of the wealthy
reproduce the return yeahh registers you know i’m activities at the right now
but it didn’t work topped one hundred company c_e_o_s just
did forty five to one type of the average employee which is a
healthy difference forty-five wife but now it’s in the ballpark it wasn’t for
hundreds of one i’d read somewhere fifteen hundred or you know for design depends on how they they measured by the
activists for and conservatives for a group of right that’s that’s too much it’s ridiculously
fifteen by exceeds too much as a matter of logic not as a matter of motion i don’t see it at all because hey you
know what we should we get more right active technically on the c_e_o_ of the
interplay charlotte so i thought that it’s a matter of wealthy fireman on the basis of the
shareholder in that business very i don’t think it logically skin do the
business and good for the c_e_o_ to get that much more fun uniting value out of that in fact he’s
going to want to cheat in his own interests rather the core hello stella
bo but i think i think i think that’s absolutely true that i thought right at
this juncture in american history that’s why i do want to know if you will need a
more standing statistic richer listeners don’t know in the last thirty years worker productivity in america’s gonna
pay seventy five percent for twenty of those years wages are
stagnant flap line the last ten years wages have declined average take-home pay today is less than
it was in nineteen seventy three median family wealth is less than it was
in two thousand one workers are slipping behind as we
produce more and more wealth it’s just not right sarah all rights to a cup director board
as they are kelsey simplicity decision there was a great
conversation christian or it will be right back young turks

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