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100 thoughts on “Real Value | Economics Documentary with Dan Ariely | Sustainability | Social Entrepreneurship”

  • I feel the need to participate by offering a wider angle on the potato famine, then just the crop failure. Please read the Great_Famine_(Ireland) page on Wikipedia, which lists the potato as a problem, but not the entire problem. The blight swept the entire Europe, but Ireland was hit with famine disproportionately. In the same years of potato blight, Ireland has produced a huge crop of meat, and corn, and many other yields, but they all went abroad, and the money was grabbed mostly by greedy middle-men, in service of absent land lords. These landlords long left Ireland for a life of luxury in London and elsewhere, and left their land in management to people who extracted very heavy rent on the people who worked it. People living there had only the potato to feed their families, and once that failed, the entire "system" collapsed, people died, and those who survived left Ireland. A lot of them to the United States. The story of the Irish famine is that of a disgrace of human greed.

  • Most people I talk to about the ideas in this movie call me a communist. Nowadays I don't even try to explain the difference between socialism and communism. I've accepted most people have just accepted and don't (want) to bother. I love the fact that there are some people left who keep trying to divert, to discover, to THINK.

  • https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/back-to-basics-a-sustainable-community-project please join me in living a sustainable life..donate whatever you can and help make this project a reality

  • For me, this is a pretty amazing and inspiring documentary.  I cannot believe that there are SO many people, in this documentary, speaking SO MUCH WISDOM; SO MUCH HUMANENES AND HUMANITY!!   HOWEVER!!!  I've seen absolutely NO PEOPLE OF COLOR; no African Americans, no Native Americans, no Latinos, no Asians.  Progressives have been accused of being just as racist as conservatives.  Is that what's going on here?  Is our exclusion intentional?  I truly don't know.  What I DO know is that it is VERY UNFORTUNATE!!!!

  • American must promote the social benefit of a sustainable economy and move away from monopoly corporate capitalism that supports profit at the expense of social value. This is a culture shift of monumental value o humanity. Supporting your local economy is also key. Excellent documentary on social justice economics.

  • Thanks!❤️❤️❤️ I worked in a bank before. I am a teacher now. I love sharing thoughts about organic, permaculture, tiny house, minimalism, solar energy etc. I don't regret my decision. It pays less but now I have found what truly makes me happy. Thanks for the video!❤️❤️❤️

  • at 1:01:02 he logic doesn't work. Taxing the pollution IS the solution. If the tax is too low, he is right, it would produce the opposite effect but if the tax is high enough, without changing people's values, we would change their consumption habits. The product of the tax should equally redistributed to all so as to introduce a wealth redistribution from polluters to non-polluters.

  • Three years later, here's a harsh reality up until now, universities/ college/ schools/ business schools (most of them) are outdated and dont actually teach you about life, let alone those debts/ loans for paying yourself the knowledge that doesnt pay off.

    Profit is essential otherwise youre dead. The essence of business itself is to solve problems by earning profit/ money. But often times we just dont care the process how bad it is just to earn money.

    We need to recreate the process where earning profits actually brings positive impact that solve social problems. Thats Social Entrepreneurship, thats who I wanted to be.

    You need people to support you and to work together. But the pressure will be there and remain to be challenging until we can change ourselves and our own mental perception.

  • The Irish didn't starve because of a potato blight. They starved because the English were robbing the people of their land, and exporting the bulk of the food produced in Ireland while men were imprisoned, and women and children were dying on the road. To reduce colonization and an attempt at genocide to poor agricultural planning is incorrect and quite insulting.

  • "care, honesty, fairness, respect and responsibility" (basic human values worldwide)
    "buy better, buy less, buy local" (sustainable living)
    inspiring and uplifting, thanks for sharing.

  • Made off with the money. 💩💩😡😡🤑🤑🤑👹👿👺💩💩😡🤑
    Bernie Madoff.

    Chicago???? We are our own worst enemies. Brown KKK are killing us in Chicago.

    Google: Judi Grace StoryCorps. ( 75 years of wisdom for you to listen.)

    Google: Murders in Chicago. ( God is going to bring karma.)



    Judi Grace Storycorps ( Wisdom of the elder)

    Google: Judi Grace StoryCorps.



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  • The video starts around 2:24! Gosh dang it I wish someone would have put that in the comments already. 🙁

  • Nah that coffee thing is stupid because for 1. posers drink coffee too much these days so they will do whatever you tell them to or suggest they do. And secondly experiments like that have to be done over time because with my experiments we found most people were drawn to the break in the monotony and were willing to pay a little extra for an unusual experience. If you had done the test for at least 6 weeks to 6 months as we do then you would have found all the coffee drinkers except a few eccentrics in some rare cases would have been sour about spending the extra money only to be let down. Also 100% of them went back to the normal of their coffees within 1-3 tries of the nasty new is what we call it jokingly. You would call it the same if you see all the faces of disgust and disappointment we are witness to. hahahhahaha

  • Universal core values = caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, fairness

    YES! This film is fantastic, inspiring, genuine and realistic (and much more!)…

  • 'all profits are not created equal'. neither are all people, so get back to work on creating that genetic virus that exterminates africans, you screw-ups.

  • great documentary! there is a small issue about Kevin Trapani: why do you wear Ralph Lauren? you should wear TS Designs t-shirts or Patagonia's. We like what you say, but for sure we won't do as you do…

  • Wonderful documentary and it can only happen when everyone has purchase power. If 60% of the American population can not afford good product then bad products will always exist and so we have the system we currently have. It's not going to change because there isn't enough wealth to allow most ppl to make the best decisions.

  • PRICE and VALUE are two entirely different things. Many of us are running behind money to just pay price of things they need to possess or consume. In this process, we've lost sense of VALUE and impact of price-based consumption on environment. I hope that this documentary might enlighten and awaken both consumers & manufacturers and ultimately help us in saving ourselves and earth from unrecoverable destruction.

  • One of the few films (the entire sustainability movement) that gives one hope for a better day , instead of the horrendous waste and horrendous greed of the current market predatory capitalism that exists today

  • Shared profit is the way forward .
    If it destroys the environment do not buy it .
    If it funds WAR do not buy it .
    Great documentary

  • If only we could stop governments from giving big multinationals our tax dollars, giving them an unfair advantage. Instead, small business should receive subsidisation as those profits tend to stay in the country and community.

  • It's nice as an owner to want to do better for others, but I feel investors often shut these ideas down or remove the owners control.

  • A very American documentary. America and the west in general only wakes up when the policies that once helped them now hurt them. Free market is now helping the developing world and hurting the west, so change the narrative and tell the world what's REALLY important.

  • Change that makes sense… any change… scales on its own. If it isn't scaling.. it's because you don't understand how it doesn't make sense

  • A very
    good video. This is also a fantastic video explanation of social entrepreneurship. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wplIVJ3qQ8M. Please see

  • I'll be as brief as possible:
    1) a) Thank you for the doco – I appreciate the effort
    1) b) Only three segments touch on "Real Value". The rest of the doco focuses on future sustainability and Dan tries towards the end to try and tie it all in but I didn't buy it.
    2) Dan Ariely's segments are great however.
    3) As soon as that seed lady spoke, I fast forwarded it. Contributed nothing to the documentary
    4) I appreciate Dan Ariely and the rest of the people around the USA "trying" to be green. The bio fuels guy was saying he used to travel 27,000 miles a year! Taxi's I don't think travel that much. The fact that he asked his wife to pick up something from the town as opposed to driving is not being green, that's genuine common sense that seems to be not-so-common in the US.
    5) Remember USA, it's not USA., et al. The other developed coutries are already onto your "advancements" in being green.
    6) Your contribution to being green is trumped tremendously by the Asian countries that give less than a f**k about the environment. China and India have 1.2ish billion people per country compared to USA. The rivers of plastic they have going on in the Philippines for example make the toughest people on the planet weep.
    There's plenty more points I wanna add but i'll leave with…
    7) The fact you want to make products locally is not an achievement. There is a documentary showing how thousands of workers had no work and their families were lining up at red cross for food hand outs. You take work from Bangladesh or Thailand and they suffer, you take it from locally, citizens suffer. There's no right or wrong.

    1) Buy second hand. Why recycle it when you can sell it. Give the object a second home. I sold a gaming chair for $100 IF they took another chair I wasn't using. If they didn't want the other chair, I would increase the price of the gaming chair to $950. Sold in 4 minutes as the guy was looking for a chair for his kid and himself.
    2) Common sense: why does it nearly always seem that the US doesn't have much of it. Why would you travel by car when there's a bus stop 300 feet from your house? Do you really need 3x 40 minute showers a day?
    3) Stop buying everything. Nike released a new shoe. WOOOWW! I cannot contain my excitement *Rolls eyes*.

  • Thanks for a great film! On my channel I also make clips on democracy, economics, gender roles and other interesting matters… welcome 🙏🏽

  • YouTube stop these EU add's. It's not funny. The EU is a corupt club of people not chosen by the European people. miljons of euro' s have disapeard, nobody knows wat has been done with that taxpayers money and nobody is accountable. 75% of it's members don't pay there fee and nobody is doing anything about it. so stop thes add's.

  • Very insteresting Doc and I kind of found a great correlation between this on the debate of separating an artist from his art. Companies are people, and I remember one of my art professor saying your work is you. Shared values is all about creating value by doing good, not creating value with what you got and being a monster like RKelly, Bill Cosby or MJ or ExxonMobil ,Mosanto or companies squandering our environment why making profit. Oops.

  • Nice and very inspiring, but it doesn't go far enough according to my taste. These impact businesses are still subject to the current "tyranny of value" an expression that Michel Bauwems from the p2p Foumdation likes to use. This is ironic taking into consideration the name of the video. In other words, all these businesses rely on fiat currency, on money, to function.
    See more about how we can go off money on http://metacurrency.org/
    See https://holochain.org/
    See www.sensorica.co as an example of a new form of organisation, a hybrid model designed to reduce its reliance on money, designed to function in a society where money as we know it don't rule the world.

  • Fantastic! 😍🙏🔥

    The true heroes of today, 💝

    Small business, local, change agents. Leading by example. ☝️

    And the documentarians to spread these examples, far and wide. 😀👏

  • There is a price to be paid, for justice and equality, the Soviets a long time ago, that price is in blood, just as the Nazis too, mankind has become too big for its britches, bring back the horse.

  • In a video like this, to put a lot of people saying they believe in saving the environment and they believe in local economies is extremely superfluous!! Most people clicking on this TYPE of videos already believe this. No one who doesn't believe this is gong to watch an eighty minute long video. I wish they fill that time with SOMETHING ELSE, because long term if I click on videos like this and they keep wasting my time repeating things I already think and know and believe, I stop watching them. It's like the guys with the electric cars, or electric wind turbines, they keep making basically the same video with same info; only showing different people saying the same things in different places. Sustainability, yes!! I got it… now tell me MORE of what I don't know!! Recycle, so I recycle, then there were vids saying it is not enough, so I donate to those guys picking up the plastic in the oceans, then stop being bottled water, got it, stopped; then the poor countries stopped taking the rich countries' teach, got it, then computers use rare minerals and we should recycle computers or update them, got it, mine is five years old, then drive less to minimise your personal carbon print, done; recycle batteries properly, done, then… I mean what else??
    So then there are lots and lots of vids telling you to become a billionaire because everyone can do it if you try and change your mind with quantum meditation, or you're a pussy and weak and Don't you have any ambition??… but to do it, you must use more shit and "create" more jobs that will inevitably produce more trash, and yet even those people telling me to be "sustainable" I see them in videos with bottled water, brand name clothing, etc etc…

  • We only have an economy that makes us think that social benefit and profit together is a (Wow!) remarkable thing because we allow prices to lie to us about costs. IF we make prices honest (if we account for externalities) by charging fees to industries that put pollution or deplete natural resources or destroy wildlife habitat, THEN all industries will try to reduce harmful impacts on the environment. Profits will align with what is good for society and the larger environment… for ALL businesses, not just for those that cater to a socially-conscious clientele 

    If we share proceeds from environmental impact fees to all people, we will end poverty. People will have more freedom to choose the work they want to do. Those who do the most difficult jobs will be most likely to want to leave (given the greater latitude to choose what to do). This will mean that the pay offered to those who do the most difficult jobs will necessarily increase. That seems fair.

    Biological model for politics and economics:

    Biodiversity as a Public Good:

    If we charge fees to those who destroy wildlife habitat, we could charge reduced fees to those who plant heirloom seeds (more genetically-diverse crops). This will encourage a more resilient food-production system.

  • We should be real with concerns for self-reliant food supply, life realization, and fulfilment. We cannot attain them if we rely on others including the government and societal expectations. Free ourselves from conventional thinking.

  • Please study : YouTube: Agenda 21, and UN Agenda 30 and Pyramids and Ethos Genesis Documentary. J F K to 911, Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick / part 3. Thank you for this Video .please Study , Alibaba -Jack Ma. And Real Vision Finance .

  • Here's a pertinent question: why aren't politicians arguing this, right now, or ever? Responses to this would be very informative. There will be NO improvement, until those setting policy get on board. So far, all politicians care about, is keeping us blind while they raid the coffers. Until we put and keep politicians feet to the fire. Nothing will be done. That's the reality.

  • Fucking YouTube with the adds ,,,,, they force you to 🐝 a paid scribe ,,,,, To many adds.. yes YouTube,, you r very irritating

  • Implement "scale up limits" and "profit margins" to stop the greedy bullies. Thousands of smaller businesses are better for spreading the wealth than a single large corporation drying up American cities. I'm not trying to be communist but extreme problems demand extreme solutions.

  • Good documentary, though I believe we need to get away from the "war mentality", like the war on climate change, war on drugs, war on you name it and move to a "love mentality". Living a sustainable or better yet, regenerative, lifestyle out of "love for" nature, community, other people and ourselves.

  • I do believe value is determined by a subjective and human element but not of the mind.
    Value is subjective in that it a human being has pulled together the raw material and made a product from it now contains a value.
    I do believe value is a social relation but not a social relation that involves two people exchanging money for a commodity, but, rather a social relation of value between the money (buyer) and how much of the average labor-time of society is embodied in the commodity of the seller that the money seeks to exchange itself with. A dollar represents 1/trillionth of a fraction of the total amount of dollars as represented by the value of gold. Bricks are cheap but a diamnond is not because it takes longer to produce diamonds than it does to produce bricks. Value is then to me, anyway, not a mental perception and it is not something that is whatever people want to pay for it, rather, value is a internal relationship between all the values produced by average labor-time. Two things equal to each other express their relationship to a third thing. I see value like I understand gravity, as a relationship of the object to the center of the planet. Its weight expresses that relationship.