Rape culture panic is not the answer | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Rape culture panic is not the answer | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Sexual assault on campus is a genuine problem—but
the new rape culture crusade is not the answer. That’s coming up next on the factual feminist. Now watch these protesters shout down a speaker. The speaker—a left-leaning “anarchist” concerned about police over-reach had once
defended the idea of due process for those accused of sexual assault. The rape culture
activists were having none of it. They may think of their movement as progressive and
world-improving. In reality, it’s just the opposite. Professors at Oberlin, Rutgers,
UCSB they’ve been been urged to place “trigger warnings” on class syllabi because they have
books like the Great Gatsby—Or Things Fall Apart— which contain misogynist violence.
Students at Boston University have demanded that a Robin Thicke concert be cancelled:
His hit song, “Blurred Lines,” is supposedly a rape anthem. Meanwhile, the list of schools
being sued for their horrific mistreatment of falsely accused young men is growing. Presumed
guilty is the new legal principle where sex is concerned. This movement will not help
victims, but it will turn our campuses into hostile environments for free speech and for
due process. It’s already happening. And so far, university officials, political leaders,
the White House they’re siding with the mob. What is going on? It appears that we are in
the throes of one of those panics where paranoia, censorship, false accusations flourish—and
otherwise sensible people abandon their critical facilities. We are not facing anything as
extreme as the Salem Witch Trials or the McCarthy inquisitions. But today campus rape culture
movement bears striking similarities to a panic over daycare centers in the 1980s. In August 1983, an anguished mother called the
police and reported that her 2-year old son had been horrifically abused in the McMartin
preschool in Manhattan Beach, California. She described a network of underground tunnels
where school staff had sodomized her child and forced him to watch animal sacrifices.
The mother was mentally disturbed and her story had no basis in reality. But the news
media seized upon it, and paranoia about Satanic Cults became a national epidemic. Parents
were on edge too because advocacy groups, had been telling them that as many as 50,000
children had been abducted by strangers. As news of the McMartin barbarity spread, a national
network of abuse-therapists promptly materialized, and they used these intimidating interview
techniques to implant false memories of abuse in children. These abuse therapists were joined
by an influential group of conspiracy-minded feminists, including Gloria Steinem and Catharine
MacKinnon. Now there were some fantastic civil libertarian feminist who tried to blow the
whistle on this witch hunt, they were vilified by the conspiracy caucus as backlashers, or
child abuse apologists. Today’s college rape panic is an eerie recapitulation of the daycare
abuse scare. Once again, the hysteria is incited by the constantly repetition of a fictitious
statistic in this case the claim that “one-in-five women on campus is a victim of rape.” Once
again, conspiracy feminists are at the forefront of this movement. Just as feminist psychologists
persuaded children that they had been abused, so feminist activists have persuaded many
young women that a foolish druken hookup was actually a felony rape. Some people say that
these moral panics, while overblown, they do call attention to serious problems. This
is deeply mistaken. The hysteria about daycare abuse and campus rape it confuses and discredits
genuine cases of abuse and violence. Molestation and rape are horrific crimes that warrant
serious attention and vigorous response. Panics breed chaos and mob justice. Please let me
know if you have any ideas on what we can do to stem this rape culture panic. I welcome
comments and suggestions. And if you find this video useful, please share it and subscribe
to the series. And follow me on Twitter. Thank you for watching the Factual Feminist.

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  • Men have crippled themselves to clothe, feed, and protect women. They've sacrificed themselves for our rights to exist which are slowly being taken away.

  • Conspiracy feminists? Feminist psychologists planting false memories in children? The women who report rape on campus were just regretful of a drunken hook up? This is insane. You either choose to believe women who report their rape or sexual assault or you don't. And the idea that men need to be protected from false rape accusations is similarly daft! Rape has the same false-report statistics as any other crime! And only 20% of reported rapes actually lead to a conviction.This video is pathetic–AND UNFACTUAL!

  • +Auron530
    I'm also a scholar…


    I took the 20% figure from a documentary, but it seems the more generalized reality is even less, with only about 2-6% of accused rapists seeing a conviction…


  • This is a neo conservative organization && has been cited on rightwingwatch.com!

    The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI) is an extremely influential, pro-business, think tank founded in 1943 by Lewis H. Brown. It promotes the advancement of free enterprise capitalism and its people have served in influential governmental positions. It is the base for many neo-conservatives.

    && DAVID KOCH is on the National Counsel.

    PRO TIP: Don't learn your feminism from David Koch and other corrupt business people. This woman doesn't care about feminism.

  • i got it. if we all just rape enough college chicks, the statistic wont be false anymore!
    no more lies! 😀

  • Satan's work was not the child molestation, it was feeding lies to the public and the public swallowed its dirt like it was pie.

  • I honestly feel that the first step to fixing this issue is for universities to come together and take a stand against these ridiculous policies that demands universities to take an active part in what is ultimately a criminal matter that should be handled by law enforcement. Universities are so afraid of having their funding pulled that they bend over backwards for any feminist rhetoric. The safe spaces alone blow my mind. I spent 8 years in the U.S. Marine Corps in a field that had more women than the average and they did just fine without "Safe Spaces" in an environment that was by in large male. Rather than teaching people that their feelings are valid, we should be teaching people to have thicker skin so they don't overreact and label someone trying to kiss them, who is probably just a young kid reading the signals wrong like we all have, as assault.

  • During my college time 80s and early 90s, I found that the most militant feminists were English majors, all feelings, no logic, numbers matter, truth matters,

  • I say we start beating our children again. I was raised with one rule, don't do stupid stuff. growing up my mother and father also realized laws in society like how a minor can drink with a parents consent. I hated the taste of beer at 12. i learned quick about consequence of action and saw around me what people became without it. I am far from a model human being, but i'd most definitely be much more of an asshole without a couple whacks from a spoon for dissing my mother (and worse offenses). Also note, there is a vast difference between beating and hitting. beating is earned by the child through an act voted intolerable by the parents, and is a legal action. hitting is dished out for no reason and s child abuse. so don't tell kids that if their parents are mean to them or hit them that it's child abuse, and don't always take the side of a child whom broke a vase and didn't realize why he/she got a belt across their backside.

  • Freedom of the Press is an essential feature of a democracy, of course – bu there's one thing missing. We have GOT to find a way to ensure that the News isn't tied to advertising in any way – far too often, society undergoes an almost hysterical response to shocking, but nonetheless extremely, statistically insignificant occurrences. The News, then, inevitably, alters the tenor of its reporting to suit a particular audience – even as it retains its claim to being unbiased.

  • i had a friend recently invoke "rape culture" in reference to a mutual (male) friend, who does indeed glare very intimidatingly at women, my sister had a problem with it for years. I've also seen him engage in unwanted touching. if a woman is clear and says no to him, he does definitely stop, but he has a serious problem with taking initiative and will stare at womens breasts with a raper vibe for minutes on end. IDK what to say to my friend, she is right he does seem to take license from a culture that legitimizes people behaving hyper sexually. i told my female friend that its about our oversexualized culture in general and NOT rape of women solely. What are YOUR thoughts Christina? ….or anyone else?

  • So if 1/5 isn't right what is? Where did it come from and why is it wrong? How was the alternate stat recorded and how was it done. Horrible video because these things weren't addresses.

  • We need false accusations to be treated like labile and slander pled guilty cases and hold the accuser to the same thing.

  • Regret is not rape! And If I get drunk and sleep with some random drunk guy, If I say he raped me because I was drunk, then that same goes as I raped him because he was drunk too? I've been saying the same things that were said in this video. Rape is a problem, but calling someone looking at you sexually, or bumping into you in a crowd rape is making actual rape look not as bad, and the poor women, and men who deal with actual rape are being lost amongst this lynch mob of idiots screaming "I've been raped too!!" It doesn't happen to everyone, so normalizing it is not fighting the issue. I'm sorry I am losing my temper this subject makes me very upset.

  • I missed it. Where were the facts? I just heard her summarize some events with conclusions where no data to support them was referenced.

  • A suggestion: when a campus rape allegation is made, it should promptly be referred to the police, campus administrators should stay out of it. The police investigation should focus on each person's actions leading to the alleged event, what was each person doing immediately before and leading up to the allegation, what actual behaviors comprised the alleged event, and what transpired immediately following the alleged event?

  • I had an idea for solving the "rape culture" problem. It's going to sound a bit ridiculous and beurocratic; but it's just an idea, so please don't insult me too much on this.

    Step one: women or men can choose to be provided an affidavit. in the affidavit, they declare in their sound mind what the extent of what they are comfortable with.
    (they could have counselors to assist with establishing the affidavit, or they could have standard forms)

    step 2 : provide a list of names on that list on an affidavit database, but not the details of those things she's comfortable with.

    step 3 : if someone persuades the woman (or man) to do something they aren't comfortable with (possibly under intoxication or induced drug use) then her witness testimony holds more weight in a student court to allow expulsion. Because the name was available in a public sense, more responsibility is put on the accused to know whether there is an established legal line that's being crossed, (much like checking if the girl is of legal age)

    step 4 : only the woman have the authority to repeal the affidavit when they feel comfortable to do so.

    Anyways, it's just an idea.

  • Hmmm there is no evidence that suggests people report drunk hookups as rape cases.
    I watched her several other videos but she seems to present one sided evidence if she presents any.
    She can have her own opinions but opinions are not facts and what she is doing in her videos seems a bit too misleading.

    I felt like commenting on this video because historically and still to this day, allegations of rape have not been always taken seriously, and unlike other crime, sexual crime victims often were treated as if they were responsible for the crime.
    Unfortunately this video seems to trivialize rape and shame rape victims by implying that some reported rape cases are just drunk hookups. Each reported case should be treated seriously and decisions should be made based on evidence.
    This video seems to imply that "some reported rape cases are just drunk hookups so we don't necessarily have to take rape accusations seriously". This will only deter people from reporting crime when it happens.
    Report rate for sexual crime is already low… why create/perpetuate another rape myth?

  • I've noticed that when I posted on my Facebook about if anyone believes in rape culture. Most the people who believe rape culture exist in America have been victims of rape or sexual assault. I'm not saying that we should blame the victims cause what did happen to them was very tragic, but I've yet to meet one person who has been a victim and said that rape culture is a myth. So I have to ask why is it that more victims of rape are believing that rape culture exist in the west?

  • I tried to share this with my sister when we got into an argument about Donald Trump's remarks, she just batted it away and called me a sexist.
    Gotta love that mob mentality

  • Why do you call yourself a feminist when all your videos are about defending the status quo? How slippery of you. Make a video that speaks to feminists, already. You don't have to use issues you disagree with, but feminism would seem to require at least the occasional act of commission. What do you believe, if you don't believe any of the dozens of issues you talk about in your videos?

    American Enterprise Institute…funded by…?

    For example, if I wanted to use a slag to convince people that global warming were false, the first thing I would do would dress up someone in a scientist's labcoat and put glasses on him or her. I think that's what's happening with your Factual Feminist video series.

  • MY ANSWER: the cultural discouragement of casual sex in favor of emotional intimacy will slow and stop rape by giving men due reverence for women and the sex act, and giving women the same reverence, causing them to abandon casual sex. After seeing this, reasonable men would stop trying to bed strange women, and all you would have left would be the real torturous maniacs. who you could then focus upon, and prosecute to the fullest.

  • i would like you to talk about the case of Brock Turner, analyse the conduct of him, the words and acts of the judge. tell us there is nothing wrong with this case, and also tell us that is a unique case.

  • Y'know, I hadn't even heard about this use of the term rape culture until this year. Before that, the only use I knew of it as was as a subset of BDSM. A surprising amount of women actually fantasize about being raped. I'm not saying they want it to happen for real, just that some have fantasies about it.

    And you can't tell me no woman would ever fantasize about it, I have an ex who broke up with me because I couldn't get in to it.

  • Check out Yuri Bezmenov's interview with G. Edward Griffin, particularly the bit about ideological subversion. This is clearly the result.

  • keep telling the truth, the fact is this sort of feminism is getting less and less popular hence why they have to shout and use airhorns. i would also enquire as to why news agencies are able to so blatantly lie or mislead the public, i get why some news is biased but thats usually done by twisting the truth, in this case they seem to have pulled the numbers out of their arse

  • Well this is still a problem and its going so far that people lose thier jobs and reputation at the accusation of rape. So for the moment its quite bad. One way it can be solved is to punish fake reports about it. (and thats when its proven to be a lie.) And then have the punishment reflect the damage done. If the target loses thier job well then the accuser will have to make sure that the person gets the pay they lost untill they can get a similar pay again. And if its so bad that the persons life is in ruins. Then a harsher sentence. To put it simple make it a crime to cry wolf when there are none.

  • as much as I want to go to college, have a family, get a job…. the normal stuff for life. But With these idiots called "Feminists" and females who don't know what is "Rape." Mcdonald's isn't looking so bad compared to college. Sure I won't get a job that pays really well, but at least I won't get falsely accused of "rape" or become subject to those "Trigger warnings" and idiots who believe anything they read, I mean I bet they would believe a white van had "Free candy and Wifi" if they saw one. seriously I'm in middle school and I can see how bad this is. MIDDLE SCHOOL! So yeah, as much pressure as there is to go to college……. I think I'll pass or at least go to another country that knows how to deal with problems that america is now facing, like trump…… and these stupid w….. I mean feminists(I know not all feminists are stupid but I just can't see how this is a real issue. I mean come on, this really seems like women are asking for more special treatment, I've been called sexist for not voting hillary. I don't have anything against a woman as a president but it's more I just don't like hillary.) Oh and why the hell did I just type a whole paragragh explaining why I'd rather work at mc D's than go to college? it's not like my opinion matters. but heres the simple solution to all of this. MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY OR JUST DON'T GO TO COLLEGE AT ALL! IT'S SERIOUSLY JUST PLAGUED BY STUPID PEOPLE!

  • I don't know a lot about law but if this is already a law then I guess just police it better but, I think there should be a law against falsifying information to cause panic. This happens far too often in the media and nothing has happened to them for this. The amount of bullshit they spread, that has been proven bullshit on multiple occasions, that they can claim as fact knowing full well the panic and bigotry it will cause and they can just shake it off like, "Oh, we were given this information that we didn't look enough into," WELL MAYBE DO YOU FUCKING JOB AND FACT CHECK!!!

  • My only comment about how to stop the hysteria is to keep doing what you are doing which is tell the truth. Eventually, the truth will set all of us free.

  • it also all devalues actual rape when looking at a girl funny is called rape and makes it that much harder for justice to be had. trying to kill due process and free speech is easily going to bite these guys when tables turn. and i consider myself a liberal. these guys are just extremists and kind of a cult and it kind of terrifies me because calling them out will essentially kill your career and image forever, even if you are a nobody. because you wont be a nobody for long after you go against the mob.

  • Anarchist means that the government does not exist. If someone is an anarchist, that means that rape should be controlled by self defense instead of punishing criminals.

  • We have been utterly failed by national & international media.
    Why don't we hear this common sense perspective from them?

  • It's ashame these so called 'enlightened people' have to shout people down because they have An opposing view point or just A different way of thinking.I know there are some good people who want to help society and there are some good Feminists who want equal rights for both Women and Men.However,these crazy people shouting people down for just having A differing opinion than themselves makes all these marginal genuine people look like Neo-Liberal SJW Mobs and degrades their cause significantly.

  • I always viewed rape culture as the way rape is viewed by society, it is a shame to see people trying to use it to create fear, like women should be scared of men, that women can't enjoy a drink at a bar or afford to ever walk alone, that we're constantly at risk. Giving out warning and pamphlets on how to stop sexual assault is not going to guarantee you immunity from a predator, we should focus more on recovery for victims and not shame them for not doing "more" to prevent things like this

  • I like her common sense. Only one thing bothers me. The statistic said 1 in 5 women experience sexual assault, not rape.

  • Why is assault on college campus up to college administrators to investigate and punish? Should this not be investigated by law enforcement? Is this a result of an in loco parentus status of the college?

  • The solution is simple. When a women have been PROVEN to have made a false rape report she should be put in jail for however long the man would have been in there if he had raped her.

  • i have been falsely indicted for sexual assault in the past. I also destroyed my false accuser with recordings of her own voice. The only thing that prevented my case from going full blown Salem witch trial was modern technology. A smartphone with a recording app….

  • My God, is personal responsibility a thing of the past? :/ it´s a moral obligation not to portray serious things like rape unrealistically, what are these people thinking…

  • This woman uses intelligent sounding words to express illogical and unfounded ideas. Please don't listen to her. If college students do not wish to be taught literature from books and authors that express ideals no longer accepted in our culture than I personally applaud them. I also applaud them when they disagree with the use of books and authors that promote slavery, racism, suicide, etc. These students peacefully protested a speaker they disagreed with. That's their right. They pay their tuition and the speaker was promoting her own agenda not related to course material. Do women not have the right to peacefully protest? This woman is not a feminist. Calling herself one is absurd. She isn't even for human rights

  • Speaking about Satanic Cults, clothing line "Black Craft" has messages like "Create your own future" and "Believe in Yourself". I find these messages empowering yet the images/graphics aren't seen as such.

  • The McMartin case and the hysteria was as bad as the Salem Witch Trials, in a way it was worse because it happened in the 20 th Century. It was so horrific what was done to that Family.

  • This was a great video. I was hoping the drinking could be expanded on further. What are the thoughts of date rate drugs? Intentionally preying on drunk people for hookups? I do think that the idea of getting drunk and consenting to having sex with another person who is also drunk and consented being considered as rape is a bit ridiculous. With that being said, I do however consider a sober person that intentionally pursues a drunk person to have sex with them, knowing they are vulnerable and incoherent, as more of a concern. And sneaking in date rape drugs to me is 100% rape, which seems to often accompany alcohol. Thoughts?

  • Congo the rape capital of the world has less than 10% of women being raped. 20% for American students??? Wow, lord please have mercy on America. Lol.

  • As I watch this in March, 2018, it is amazing how little has changed. This critique of "rape culture" is as prescient now as it was when this piece was published in 2014. Sadly, the dogmatic, often hysterical "third-wave feminists" continue their witch hunts and burnings at the stake with an alacrity that is utterly mind-blowing.

  • Feminists probably never heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf.

    This rape culture is only going to hurt the women who are actually hurt.

  • A "Factual" feminist is still a feminist. 3rd wave is her baby, The stances she took and the demands she made is what paved the way for the insanity which is her legacy.

  • For decades now, all these news organizations care about is getting eyeballs on the screen, NOT to see the news, but to see their sponsor's commercials. THAT is all they've ever cared about. And in today's 24-hour news cycle, with multitudes of 24-hour news channels (even local ones) the rush to get the viewers watching THEIR show and not their competitor's makes the problem so much worse.

  • Okay, this might not be a popular question, but I just have to ask it. Why is it, at just about every rally like this, do we see at least one (if not more) hefty feminists in ugly horn-rimmed glasses shouting their heads off at people they don't agree with? Don't they realize what sort of image they are projecting? And those anti-feminists will just jump all over that, pointing it out and saying "SEE! SEE! They're all just ugly man-haters!"

    Do they care about the plight of all women? Or are they just bitter that they may have never had a date in school because no one found them attractive enough? Are they just tearing down others in order to build up their self-esteem that they believe was ruined because of all that? Don't they realize that sort of tactic – often used by those bullied in the schoolyard, who then turn around and bully someone else younger then them – does not work and only encourages even more resentment towards them?

    Or do they just not care?

  • All you have to do is watch a handful of this brilliant woman's videos to know exactly why Modern Feminists don't like her.

  • Rape culture panic?? yeah id say its something too take seriously. The politicians care more about votes than the people's well being. Thats derranged and sick.

  • Honestly, I really believe that part of the 'rape culture' phenomenon is a consequence of the self-esteem movement of the 90s in schools. You tell people, (kids), that they're special, they don't need to change, that all of their flaws are ok – and they can externalise the world's problems on others – rather that looking inward, too. (Thus, a drunken encounter becomes sexual assault – the fault of the other person).

    People need to clearly realise that everyone is deeply flawed so that they can examine their own actions – and the consequence of their actions – critically. You teach them that they are 'special' and it becomes all about their feelings, that they can't be wrong and that the blame must lie elsewhere.

  • These people should be banned from going to college. Rapists, Mean girls, mean guys and strict people should not be allowed to go to college because all they do cause trouble on campus. A college campus is a place to learn and achieve your dreams, not a place to get raped or rejected for wanting a girlfriend or boyfriend.

  • I am sad to say that we are "ahead", here in Argentina. This kind of topics are not even debated while being concidered as an absolut truth and no politician would debate that because it would damage their reputation.
    We even invented a special term like "femicide" when an homicide occurs but under "gender violence" which aggravates the punishmen while is almost impossible to really prove in curt. The thing is that ideology took over and almost any kind of homicide having a female victim and a male perpetrator, would fall into that definition because they will assume that he was being mysoginist and feeling superiority over the woman for being female.

  • What is going to happen folks…Is the "gender-feminists" who now run the American DOJ, Are going to keep pumping "Extra DOJ bloating monies" to state and local law enforcement's across the US to "Pervert" the course of justice against hetero-males / hetero-sex Via "manufactured rape statistics"……until we reach the point where guys are forced to go gay, or go MGTOW just to not be harassed. Than when American males are "gender-engineered" away from hetero, ( because of the legal liability involved)…only that will women see the stupidity of what they have done.

  • Any man who does not accept the "rape Culture panic" is called a rape apologist.
    When it comes to rape apologists, feminist win that prize. You never hear feminists
    acknowledge the sexual and physical violence perpetrated by women. Incidents of
    violent crime perpetrated by women is much closer to the rate of these crimes
    perpetrated by men. Instead of leading by example (owning their responsibility)
    and challenging men to do likewise, feminists use shame, and guilt dumped on all
    men and meanwhile play innocent victims. That will ultimately be the downfall
    of feminism.
    Don Michael

  • The phrase "Rape Culture" is idiotic and not helpful in understanding why people commit rape. It is helpful if you are looking for someone to blame though which is precisely the point isn't it.

    I can't think of anything I was exposed to growing up with my culture which made me think it was acceptable or desirable to commit rape. I wonder what exactly are the parts of our culture which proponents of the theory of "Rape Culture" think encourage this sort of behaviour? It's utterly baffling that someone could believe that.

  • We can start with charging women when they file a false complaint. Set down rules of what is really sexual assault. And none of this I got drunk had sex and now have regrets. So it is rape. And make sure that if a false rape claim is made the women gets the same prison time that a man. Would had he really raped her.

  • i can solve the rape culture np
    everbody who pretends they were raped to get attention has to be put in a cage with a real life brutal rapist so they can see the difference between them

  • While I agree that due process is important, and that young men are being railroaded on college campuses today, you're mistaken about the McMartin preschool. Investigations took place because multiple children were saying the same thing, and were able to corroborate each other's testimony. Retired FBI director Ted Gunderson proved the tunnels underneath the schools had been sealed off in secret when he excavated and found a candy bar wrapper which could only have been produced during the time at which the children were claiming to have been molested. I recommend you read The Franklin Coverup by former senator John DeCamp, which highlights multiple children with corroborating testimony regarding child sexual abuse by high-ranking government officials, including information the children couldn't otherwise have access to, such as details of private sectors of the White House, and verified details of specific events which took place at Republican conventions. The news media has, indeed, tried to paint some of the more vulnerable people making these claims as mentally disturbed, but many reputable people, such as other former senators and war heroes, have investigated this and found the children's stories to be reliable. Child sexual abuse is, indeed, real, and is well documented.

  • I'm currently an antifeminist because of the lunacy in feminism's historical roots, its fallacies (such as claiming that feminism is responsible for female suffrage) and ungrounded radical demonization / witch-hunt of men, but I would reconsider my current antifeminism if feminism became as reasonable and logic as Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Sommers are.

  • I was raped when I was about to start kindergarten. I support feminism but the rape culture hysteria hurts victims like me by making it seem like what happened to us was normal and will probably happen again. I used to be scared to leave the house.

  • The only solution, I see, is gathering women, and try to make a reflexion about what went well, what was a mistake , where there was in evolution of the situation
    It's like, believe all women. It was not meant to be believe or die. It is because at one point, some guy and a part of the justice system could hardly believe that a woman had been rape, especially if she had sexual relation previously.
    It was not meant to silence the voice of the accused and believe blindly and making excuses when obviously you are in front of a liar. You have to admit it too.
    Kangooroo court and that type of thinking is bad for the real victims and might makes a terrible backlash eventually
    Well, actually I am gathering myself to write a book on what I see in the evolution of feminism
    To me a rape culture would be a place where rape can flourish because it is not punish or worst; the victims are punished. it is not actually the case, not for what I can see.
    When I was younger, a woman who had been rape lost her values, she was seen has something like lesser…. I don't think it is the case now in north american culture