Stop R-Men! You can stop training now! What happened Professor? You are doing everything wrong! What do you mean? We destroyed all the dummies in the room Oh my god! I bought this in Japan! “Destroying everything” is not the goal here, Monocle We’re actually trying to build something here Who are they, Professor? This is Scott and Rebecca They are a team specialized in identifying and solving issues I’d like for them to have a chat with you all, so we can be a better and more efficient team Well it doesn’t sound so bad As you can see, Glass managed to destroy the first robot by throwing a metal bar at it But through our reasearch we figured if he could do it like this, We would have a much higher efficiency rate He did the same thing…but from a much less compelling angle.. And now I have a cacth phrase that makes absolutely no sense Of course it makes no sense….Now But if we give your uniform a little more personality, not only it will make sense, but it’s going to be a huge success! So you want us to dress like cooks now? Of course not! Only Glass…and only sometimes. The more you vary your outfits, the more possibilities and options we’ll have for the action figures. Wait a minute!…This is all to sell action figures? Hey! Why does my doll looks like Charlie Hunnam? That’s our mistake…very sorry We really thought “King Arthur” was going to be a hit this summer Wait…so we won’t be ourselves? Oh God no! You keep doing the things you do best, which is beating up people, getting shot, dying and getting resurected every week The boring part that happens before and after all that we can leave it to the professionals They’ll be like your stunt doubles Stunt men that make twenty million to do all the non-action parts Is that what you’re saying? I think you’re oversimplifying things here We’re talking about a much more complex and bigger picture Do you even know who your target audience is for example? Of Course. The villains of Megalopolisville! Wrong. According to our research, your demographic are kids age 8 to 14 and 25 year old hipsters that think it’s cool to call themselves “nerds” because they’ve watched three Marvel movies I cannot believe this! Is this a marketing meeting?! I thought our fight was to save mutants! Of course it is! And what is the most eficiente way to do this? Changing human perception from the “mutante threat” to “I must buy this FUNKO the emo Bear or my collection won’t be complete” I have a Funko action figure? Sure…but… Since this is a very rare and limited edition, and all the real fans are dying to have one… We’ll only distribute it to collectors on Ebay so they can re-sell it for five times the price You want to turn us into media clowns?! Is this your plan to save the world? Do you even know anything about it? Oh I think you would be surprised on how much can people respect a media clown that goes on TV saying he’ll sabe the world without having a clue of what he’s talking about…

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