Quality vs Quantity: How Often Should You Post On Social Media & YouTube?

Quality vs Quantity: How Often Should You Post On Social Media & YouTube?

“You know what they say, quantity is better
than quality” You don’t normally hear that, do you? It’s
normally the other way around. Of course quality is better, right? Well, actually, it turns out it’s not so
quite straight forward. In fact, there’s a lot of debate on what the right balance
is, and so after spending a lot of time looking into this and testing various things, I want
to give you 3 points that will answer this question once and for all. Before we get into that though, I just want
to clarify that when I say social media in this video, I’m really talking about business
media. Because social media is what we use as individuals,
and in that case there’s a strong argument that you shouldn’t spend too long on it
or post loads of things, as the effects are often more negative than positive. But, when I refer to social media on this
channel, most of the time I’m talking about business media. We’re still talking about
the same platforms – facebook, twitter, instagram and so on, but there’s a clear and productive
objective behind using it. Because, when it comes to building a personal
brand or growing any sort of business, there probably isn’t anyone who wouldn’t benefit
from regularly posting. In fact, I think everyone can agree that making content for social media
is an incredibly effective way to get traffic and make sales. It’s free marketing that
anyone can do. And so if you’re viewing it as ‘business media’ rather than ‘social
media’ and using it with a clear objective, it’s undeniably a good idea. The question Point #1: You
Can Be A Leonardo Dicaprio Movie or an Adam Sandler Movie – Both Work! With Leo, in the last 5 years he’s only
been in 2 movies, both huge epic, unique films. With Adam Sandler, there has been a lot more
movies, and this isn’t a criticism at all, but I think most people can agree the quality
of those movies isn’t comparable to Leo’s. But here’s the thing: both are very popular
in their own way. There’s demand for both. Both work. And I think this analogy helps explain why
there’s so much disagreement over quality vs quantity. Because some people have great results posting
really regularly, following the same formula every time, and so they conclude that quantity
is the answer. But equally there are ome people who have
great results posting much less frequently, and really pouring lots of time and effort
into every piece of content, and of course that does well too, so they conclude quality
is the answer. I see both working. It comes down to which
suits you and your audience best. For example, for building a personal brand, it might be
better if you’re showing up really regularly so people get to know and trust you more,
but if you’re trying to build a brand for a luxury product, maybe spending extra time
to make a really unique piece of content could work better? And so I really don’t think there’s a
right or wrong here as some people have success going quantity-heavy, some people have success
going quality-heavy. But… Point #2: There’s a point of diminishing
returns for both quality and quantity For example if you listened to that first
point and thought, ok great, I’m gonna post 10 youtube videos a day, – well, calm down.
It’s very unlikely that in a single day you can produce 10 videos that are good enough
your audience would actually want to watch them. At that point you’d just be churning
them out for the sake of it, and as a result people are probably gonna stop watching them
altogether. So it’s about finding that sweet spot where it’s still good enough that the
majority of the audience want to watch. Likewise though if you were going the high
quality route, don’t get into that state of pefectionism where you say you’re going
to make the best video imaginable, because you’ll end up obsessing over little details
people don’t even care about, which will just delay you ever getting content out at
all. So it’s not as binary as quality or quantity
– you can focus slightly more on one or the other depending on which suits you and your
audience better, but there’s a cut off point for both where it stops being effective. There
always has to be some trade off between the two, and you just have to do a little bit
of trial and error to find that sweet spot. For example, if you start increasing the quantity
and your engagement isn’t dropping, keep increasing the quantity until it does. It’s
all about really watching your analytics and statistics so you can make an informed decision
on what’s working, rather than just assuming you know what your audience wants. Which brings
us to Point #3: Quality is subjective, and not based
solely on production value When we hear quality we often think in terms
of the production levels – expensive cameras and microphones and so on but quality is very
subjective, which is how it’s possible to have both quantity and quality. Now, I’m not gonna tell you equipment doesn’t
matter at all, because it does a bit. But generally when we’re talking about the
quality of a piece of content, we’re more talking about the value it gives us. I’d rather a 2 minute video filmed on an
iPhone that really changes my perspective on something, than a long video with really
advanced editing and a fancy camera that doesn’t have a useful or meaningful message. In fact, I’ve heard some people say that
their less edited content, the stuff that’s more raw, actually sometimes does better because
people find it more genuine and authentic. So look, if you can put out a lot of content
but the audience feels the quality of your message is high, well then technically you
can have both high quantity and high quality. Again, your analytics and stats will tell
you what you need to know, so start experimenting to find the perfect sweet spot for you and
your audience. Now, on a very related note, I want to invite
you join me for the 30 for 30 challenge. YouTube viewing statistics in December apparently
are typically higher because people have a bit more time to watch stuff. So, join me
in committing to posting for 30 days straight, starting December 1st, and then new years
eve you can go out and celebrate finishing. Even if you’re don’t want to do it for
youtube, if instagrams your main platform commit to 30 posts on instagram. If twitter’s your main platform well, you
should probably commit to 3 posts a day as twitter’s way easier to post more often.
But the point is, comment below if you’re in for this challenge, and we’ll hold each
other accountable. I’ll report my own results at the end of
it all to give you an idea what effect it had, if any. For now though, my call to action for you
all today is a little different, and that is to check out the first link in the description
of this video to join the new young magantes VIP list. Here’s the deal: it’s not some
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It’s sort of like the inner circle for young magnates, and if you’re still watching at
this point, I’d love for you to be a part of that. Check out the link, and you’ll
hear from me next time I’ve got something really exciting to share. Thanks!

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13 thoughts on “Quality vs Quantity: How Often Should You Post On Social Media & YouTube?”

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    Galaxy Trail's news regarding their game "Freedom Planet 2" is rare but it's always great quality.
    Meanwhile my friend YoloSwagStudios posts on twitter often with stupid meme videos and he's recently passed 5k followers.
    It really depends on the person posting and their intended goals/brand.

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  • Always REMEMBER that you prefer watch 1 AMAZING VIDEO than 10 that are USELESS,… Master first the QUALITY of your CONTENT

  • Exactly!! It depends the type of channel, content and audience involved. Besides if you're starting out quantity will give you quality.

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