PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia modern city – Beautiful and impressive! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia modern city – Beautiful and impressive! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I got a comment. People are saying
that you don’t speak much. What are you talking about?
I speak all the time. [laughs] Off camera. Off. Selamat tinggal (goodbye) [music] Tickets. A lot of tourists
when they come to Malaysia only stay in the capital
Kuala Lumpur, but did you know that Malaysia
has kind of a second capital? This is Putrajaya,
the administrative center, the seat of the federal government, just 20 minutes by train
from KL Sentral Station. Plenty of space here for our luggage. Really nice train to Putrajaya. It also departs from KL Sentral, but don’t get the Express,
the one that goes directly to the airport. You need the Transit.
The Transit will stop in Putrajaya. Putrajaya is located
in between Kuala Lumpur and the international airport. So, you may consider spending
your last night here. And why should you consider visiting?
Because it is a beautiful place. Just too bad,
I can’t see much today. [music] Putrajaya is a planned city
built in the 1990s with the purpose of moving
the federal administration to here because Kuala Lumpur
was already overcrowded and congested. Kuala Lumpur remains
the national capital of Malaysia. The King and the Parliament are there, but the Prime Minister is here. In fact, this is where he works.
This is his office. [music] Everything is so enormous here. This is the Putra Mosque, the most well-known
and recognizable symbol of Putrajaya. It’s also supposed to be one
of the most modern mosques in the world. Now we can’t get in
because it’s praying time. We got to wait until 2 pm.
It started at 12:30 pm. Totally planned city. We are right here. See? This is the mosque and government building,
Perdana Putra. [music] When you come down one level, there’s an area here full of restaurants,
places to get something to eat, and it’s also a good place
to get some rest because, wow, it is so hot here. It’s 31 degrees today,
but it feels like 50. Let’s see if we’ll be allowed in
with these clothes. I have the scarf here.
Can’t I go in like this? Oh, okay. -And then…
-Okay. Thank you. Thank you. You, no need.
You can go because of your long pants. -Oh, long pants.
-Ah. -The shirt is not a problem?
-No. Thank you so much. Putra Mosque. I guess I’m ready now. [music] It’s very impressive.
Really beautiful. There inside,
only for the Muslim men to pray. We have Friday prayers, so, every week, 6,000 men
come pray together here. Wow. So, this is men’s area,
upstairs for ladies because of privacy. -Right.
-And also because in Islam, the woman has higher ranks
than the man by triple times. -Wow, triple.
-Yeah, triple. -The Muslim, we also believe in Jesus.
-Uh-huh. And we believe
in the second coming of Jesus. -Okay.
-Prophet Muhammad, during his life, he already mentioned
where the location that Jesus will return soon. -Oh, really?
-Yeah. Is it well-known, like, everybody knows
where’s the location? -Yes.
-Where’s the location? Damascus, Syria. -Really?
-Yes. Wow, that’s so interesting to know. Thank you very much
for all your explanation. I appreciate it. Where people are coming from, really, all over. There are some people from Brazil.
Look at that. There’s a lot of people from the U.S. Not many from Canada. Where I was born, right here. Now where I live. I think there’s a lot of people
from Austin already. That lady was so nice. She explained us details
about the mosque, about Islam Really kind of her. Women are three times
superior than men. It’s true. That’s true. I got a comment. People were saying
that you don’t speak much. What are you talking about? -I speak all the time
-[laughs] Off camera. Off. [music] It certainly feels cooler near the lake. In addition to the amazing view,
there are lots of restaurants here, too. Perfect place to close the day. Look at these drinks here. Three-layered tea. You got to love menus with pictures. This is the national dish of Malaysia
called Nasi Lemak. And I got a variation here of this dish. I know that people here
eat this for breakfast, but it got so famous that today
you can have it at any time of the day. I got the vegetarian option, but it’s still based on the rice here, rice cooked in coconut milk. It should be delicious. Curry chicken. Oh. It looks good. I love the coconut flavor. Cucumbers. There are peanuts here, eggs and green beans. This here is sambal.
This is spicy. I love it. It’s one the best dishes
I had in this entire trip. I’ve been in Putrajaya for a week now, but this won’t be your typical vlog because I couldn’t really go
sightseeing and exploring the city like I normally do. I got some work that I needed to do
and to prepare for. So, I spent most of the time
admiring the city from here or from down there. That’s [email protected] 8 is the presint here. It’s where I was before and where we’ve been going
every day to eat. Thank you. Cheers. It’s so good. There’s an enormous lake here
and it’s right in the heart of Putrajaya. And guess what,
it’s a man-made lake. Really, it was designed
to cool down the city and also help with flood control
and water purification. You can go for a boat tour. Putrajaya is famous
for the architecture and the parks. And I guess from the lake,
you have a really nice view of it. I’d love to go,
but look at the rain right now. [music] A common mistake a lot of people make
when they come here to Putrajaya is only come for the day,
and then they go back to Kuala Lumpur. You should spend a night here.
Look at this. You can also go to the nearby
city of Cyberjaya, which is an entire city built
on internet and technology. Really, really cool. And it’s very close also
like 10-15 minutes from here by car, Grab. The ride costs like US$3. And you may find even cheaper
places over there with equally nice infrastructure. If you like this video, give me like. It was a pleasure to see you here and I hope to see you back. There are way more videos
in Malaysia coming up. Tired? -Of you?
-Oh. No, never, never. What is that? Is that who blinks first? Come on, come on. [laughs] If you want to be on camera,
you can just tell me. No. I put you on camera. [laughs] [music]

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  • ur malay pronunciation is right, u have such a good warm voice to hear , thanks for visiting my country, pls come again ;),

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    It's a verson v 2.0 city project designed to ethnically cleanse all influences other than Islam and Malays. Did you find a church or a Hindu or Buddhist temple? Did you see anything other than Islamic inspired architecture?

    You were totally sucked in by what you saw as are so many are without even realising what they DIDN'T see. I don't blame you for that. A few miles north you saw normality and a multi ethnic capital KL but missed the obvious difference in Putrajaya. It's a very clever trick and it works.

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