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100 thoughts on “Psychological Illusionist Derren Brown Test The Audience With Social Experiment | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  • He’s done very well for himself! I remember he did a show at my Hall of Residence in Bristol in 1999. One guy was hypnotised so much he fell on face (he leaned too heavily on the alien that he was convinced had walked in front of him). Derren was already brilliant back then and even stayed behind after the show to just chat with a bunch of us. Seemed like a lovely chap.

  • Walked away from group gift giving rituals (Christmas, etc) and only give gifts when personally moved and desire to do so. Feels good to think for myself.

  • As has been said, too bad this segment was Derren's big "debut" to mainstream America. He's had so many incredible shows, stunts, illusions, etc. This is just a run-of-the-mill obvious segment, and he really has no part in it, aside from the short explanation he gives Megyn Kelly. But luckily anyone who's interested can see a good part of what he really does here on Youtube! And just for the record, there is no way I'd be so ridiculous as to stand up and sit down with the rest of these idiots. A big part of Derren's set ups is he screens out the non-gullible ones.

  • We are living in a spinning world with bombardments of drive safety signs that eventually takes over the free will directions of life and stalling our self governing thoughts to deep underground stations within us

  • Great evidence to show just how people's sub-conscious minds have been manipulated over many a millennia to effect the behaviour of the masses by an elite few that control the pyramidal system we live in.

    Time for people to awaken and take charge of their own minds to create the sort of reality (energy, vibration and frequency) that can bring about an eventual change the system we live in to be more in line with universal laws of balance and love (meaning do no harm).

    Otherwise it becomes ever more difficult to leave a system that is becoming ever more nonsensical and satanical to live in.

  • this is called the Bandwagon Effect "The tendency to do (or believe) things because many other people do (or believe) the same" which is a cognitive bias of conformity.

  • Megan Kelly is demonstrably a right wing religious nut ( you have to be to last 10 years on fox news) . I wonder if it dawned on her that part of the reason Darren does this stuff is to expose her kind of religious indoctrination. Stand up, sit down when the bell rings…this sound familiar Catholics..?

  • Derren once did an experiment where he placed a fake stone in a village and made up a story that it had special powers that could do this and that and then weeks later called all the people into a hall and about half agreed with what the stone was ment to be able to do and how touching it made things in their life happen,he also did another one where he "read"what 100s of people were like and most agreed with his diagnosis of them was accurate but it turned out everyone in the hall had been given the exact reading meaning if you "suggest"things to some people they are often very easily taken in,people can often get sucked in and carried away by hysteria too like an football games,concerts or political rallies etc…

  • Brian: Look, you've got it all wrong! You don't NEED to follow ME, You don't NEED to follow ANYBODY! You've got to think for your selves! You're ALL individuals!

    The Crowd: Yes! We're all individuals!

  • Conjurer of cheap tricks, trying to sell it off as a deep understanding of human behaviour. You compare to shrinks and psychologists, like faith healers compare to doctors.. Seriously, stop trying to oversell yourself as a super genius that could rival sherlock holmes, and just get real.. you a great magician, and thats enough!

  • So some people follow the flock, some don't? Come on mate, don't become a sell out to Americans just because they're an easier audience.

  • Megan Kelly a news anchor questioning how easily the people can be manipulated. Oh the irony! It's what she does for a living.

  • It's not only about fitting in, it's about pure survival. Humans have a deep, sub-conscious need to preserve their lives and will conform to what other living humans are doing to maintain their existence. All governments, media and corporations run on this premise.

  • I'm pleased to say I have never been a sheep. I have got up on a number of occasions in my life to lead where everyone else just sat or did nothing. Taking control of a situation is so liberating. I'm pleased to say my children have done the same.

  • Thank God I enjoy doing things my way, I love being different, i love confrontation, arguing, and questioning every little thing I encounter.
    I think people that enjoy an adrenaline rush, like myself, won’t have this herd mentality of blindly following others just to fit in, rather I think they do it because they don’t want to stand out.

  • This is why people just believe social media "facts", why Hillary was supposed to be a landslide victory, why cops are easily influenced by corrupt cops, why people protest without knowing any facts or thinking for themselves.

  • This becomes so annoying after I while. One time there was a fire at my apartment complex and as I was going through the emergency exit, I looked back and 10 people were blindly following me

  • At 3:58, Megyns eyes just glazed over like a lizards eyelid when she got hit with the truth. Not surprised, but nice try Derren.

  • When you do choose to occasionally walk against the tide be aware that heroic as you're being you won't often be perceived as one. Doing the right thing in the face of the angry mob doesn't often end well.

  • and people still think that Sirhan Sirhan and other CIA/MI5/FSB/MOSSAD etc etc programmed patsies / mind control – are silly conspiracy theories… Look what just happened over ten minutes. Imagine a whole team of people like derren brown working night and day on government "projects" … Scarey thought, no?

  • She sure was a lemming when she apologized to the world for initially believing kids should be able to dress up as anything for Halloween

  • Sheeple, the Luciferian Banksters and psyops masters love this. And just like Derren, they laugh at you for being compliant slaves.

  • Why didn't they communicate?
    In these days we need to more like the woman that stayed sat and the woman that rebelled.
    Very interesting experiment…..sheepl ??????

  • Been a fan of Derren’s since I was 13 watching him first perform 18 years ago. So good to see him finally getting the recognition he deserves

  • Experiment for Derren Brown – have a diverse crowd of people loudly and angrily calling someone a racist, who has done nothing racist, and see if others join in or if people defend that person.

  • It is called a herd instinct, when there is a lack of awareness; Conformism, when a person has not developed a strong personality.

  • This is why I feel uncomfortable in large groups of strangers, they tend to act as a hive mind. Become identical to each other and when you don't comply to that you'll find yourself outnumbered which your reptile brain is telling you is dangerous. That's when fight, flight or freeze mode sets in. Neither of which are good causes of action when there's a formal ritual taking place. I guess it's best to in such situations try reach anyone's true persona under the fake persona that they put on to fit in. Easier said than done since that is going to put them in a similar situation.

  • This experiment only proves that there are those among us that are weak minded. That don't question the normal protocols of life. The black woman was the only one who mentally and physically broke protocol. These are old military experiments from the 60's.

  • It's called "Social Proof". We frequently look to others to determine correct behavior ("She stood up, I should stand up to"). Dr. Robert Cialdini explains it in his book, "Influence".

    It also leveraged operant conditioning from B.F. Skinner (They stood and sat even without the initial people left and the rest learned to stand)

  • This man got a normal man to shoot Stephen fry while in a state were he wouldn't remember he did it.
    I don't doubt he can get some one to commit a murder

  • What is a religion? There are many "religions" that are not religions in the classical term of religion. Everyone is part of a religion. And in these days, to practice "a religion" is way more "standing out of line", than not be practicing one. Not saying there are no social dynamics in religions, because it is always and everywhere, unless you live all by yourself in the middle of nowhere.

  • lol, we don't need darren brown to show how easy people can be manipulated. All Megyn has to do is recount her days on Fox News, of which she was complicit

  • 5:11 Megyn Kelly just said "Lemmings"… Megyn… the lady from FOX just said "Lemmings"… FOX NEWS… wonderful Darren… i don't know how you do it. BUT WE KNOW HOW FOX DOES IT.

  • megyn kelly is so fake. her demeanour, appearance, everything really.
    moving from fox to msnbc should be indicative that she has no real morals to speak of.

  • Telling someone who used to work at Fox "News" that people will go along with a lie just to fit in is a little on the nose

  • I see the same thing while sat waiting for the train. One person will stand up and the others will assume the train is here and get up too. I sometimes just stand up randomly to troll them.