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100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Reportedly Also Pressured China For Political Help | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  • Since when are supremacists allowed to use America as a bank and its military to carry out attacks against Syria and Iraq, who were both US allies against nazis, just to take their oil. That oil would ward off world domination attempts by supremacists. I'd like to think that Trump is merely playing up to supremacists when he is insensitive to Americans of all kinds, and when he says things that supremacists like.

  • JOIN THE GENERAL STRIKE TO END TRUMPISM >> https://www.commondreams.org/views/2018/07/17/its-time-general-strike-because-trump-treason-demands-brave-response
    boycott the large corporations that the GOP needs >> https://www.businessinsider.com/fortune-500-companies-republican-democrat-political-donations-2018-2#general-electric-3

  • He also has everyone convinced reporters are enemies of the US and fake news. PBS is the only station I don't really know whether they're Democrats or Republicans. Judy Woodruff has be reporting and broadcasting new since 1976. I still don't know if she's a Republican or a Democrat. I nominate her to be asking questions. Maybe everybody will listen. My sweetheart and I would watch that because it seemed nuetral.

  • Of course he loves China. On a trip there for conference his daughter Ivanka established her own new trademarks while on official USA business.

  • Rachels irrelevance is getting worse. She never quotes the phone call or what trump wants investigated. She know talk points and spin makes her audience queasy…too many lies rachel.

  • Hey Rachel!.. got a message for you from the Communist Party of China:

    Love your show Rachel. Keep up the good work.
    We wish to recognize the vital importance of your strategic role as lead American propagandist for the Communist Party of China. Our appreciation for your assistance in our quest for global domination cannot be overstated. We fully expect your efforts to provide us with a continued weakening of America's arrogant and disrespectful resistance to the natural order of Chinese global hegemony. Soon our destiny will be fulfilled, and we will take our rightful place as World Government. Rest assured, someday you will be rewarded greatly. Perhaps we can even throw a parade for you in New York City when we take over your country.
    Thank you so much Rachel and…

    Make America Dumb Again

  • WOW! Not that this moron could ever be considered a "journalist" but even I am embarrassed for how low & completely pathetic she's become…  What a shame!!!


  • FYI, I read all those books, and my life is the same. I think the magic was fake. (The previous was a joke. Please do not reply as if I was serious and force me to explain my jokes.)

  • For those of you(both of ya) who honestly thought that Trump could never find anybody dumber than Betsy(Taking the Education out of the Education Department) Devos- I TOLD YA SO!

  • I know Rachel expects her audience to know better… but I bet she just sold thousands of this guy's books on the Illuminati for him. Showing the actual covers and titles of the books does NOT have the result she expects, her audience will buy those books.

  • I bet Manafort groomed trump into the picking members in his cabinet members to stay in power. I mean all crooks, who does that?

  • Ok, this is spooky stuff. One thing I'm wondering though. The experts in China were advising that engaging in them with trade would result in a more liberalized and free China. That idea informed US policy towards china for decades. That was as much bull as the so called China expert in this video.

  • I thought my Mother was an intelligent, well educated woman, until she voted for Trump, but then again she also thinks OJ was innocent!

  • I am so sick of the pathological liar in the WH lying about ever dame thing he says. I think he actually believes it himself, but that’s part of his insanity. Far too core& dangerous to continue as POTUS!

  • This guy [George Mentz] learned his tricks at the Trump University now-defunct… LOL, he needs to recoup his fee paid Trump University – LOL

  • I love using a VPN and watching just how crazy you Americans are…the rest of the world laughs hilariously at you all

  • "But don't worry, Peter Navarro hast it all in hand… Ron Varra told him not to eat the chow mien". I'm dead 😂

  • He's very smart he's a stable genius and he has unmatched wisdom… Proof that he picks the best people.,. he has the best words now let's all go covfefe

  • Dems are stepping in it bigly.  Pelosi will be so shocked when she finds that the dems in Trump won districts bail on her stupid little witch hunt.  Trick or Treat!

  • You’re right, Rachel, Trump had no idea any of this was bad. He’s been pulling this crap for years without repercussions. SDNY has not been able or interested in pursuing him or Fred Trump until now. DJT has just assumed he hasn’t done anything wrong or that he’s so important that everyone will look the other way. So as potus, why would that change? His attorney showed him how to avoid getting caught by hiding the transcript, Bolton was angry and left but didn’t cause trouble, same with Kelly and Mattis. Now we also see the number of ppl who literally left their jobs over the Ukraine issue yet nothing happened to DJT for months…

  • trump is a lier. he has been bankrupt so many times, its the foolish public that voted for him,
    he fooled the American public to vote for him, he hasnt delivered on many points, but some Americans want to vote for him again, that will be ther downfall, a possible resession wil hit America very badly, but doesnt affect the rich, only affects the poor, he dont care, he will take advantage of the resession, please dont vote for trump. please dont vote for trump.
    please forgive me if iv said anything bad,

  • An scholar INVENTING his sources is called fraud and plagiarism, and straight grounds for losing all credibility as a scholar and an expert – in the academic community at least.

  • The problem is that your country voted him in using your own democratic 2-horse process and Trump still has much support. Asia as already taken the view that Trump will be re-elected and are preparing for a long-draw fight (I said long drawn but not hard fight). Trump surrounds himself with his own swamp friends and his supporters love him. Quid pro quo is done for the benefit of the country, not for the individual. Trump has exposed USA for all it worth, corrupt and money-thirsty with a gullible ublic who loves larger than life public figures who trash talk and never use their brains. As long as have money means he is successful and good enough- this is the mentality that will bring the downfall of USA. The rest of the world will soon leaveUSA behind. A lot of damage can be done in 8 years..

  • Rachel you wouldn't know the truth if it hit you in the face and wiggled. You'd probably like it!! 🤣🤣 Elect That MOTHERFU**ER Again TRUMP2020 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • The question nobodies asking is, who paid off the "electoral college members", ( The secret cabal that installs US Presidents)…

  • I wonder if 1 of the 100 secrets of the Illuminati for life success” is to publish a multitude of non-sensical books

  • Well it figures, Trump is working and hiring people from his home world of CON ARTIST, THEIVES, LIARS, AND SOCIOPATHS, PSYCHOPATH, LUNATIC, and republicans, there the only creatures not people creatures he understand.

  • the Iluminate started in 1776 and disbanded 227 years later…the Truth is ..there is NO such thing as the Iluminate..never was ….

  • Roswell rachel maddow conspiracy theorist told me trump was a Russian asset since 1987 ..Schilling for Hillary&establishment?
    vote trump or vote establishment

  • Maddow is wrong (as usual) Ambassador Bill Taylor did not implicate quid pro quo in the Biden investigation, in fact Taylor said under oath in his written statement, he sees no quid pro quo, nor harassment, nor pressure in the phone call. Military aid was held up, however not to the knowledge of President Zelensky, nor in any relation to the Biden investigation. Zelensky concurs with this fact. The Ukraine is better off now under the Trump admin, than it has in recent history. The democrats may try to use this as bribery to investigate, we give you all this aid, now do your job and investigate. You see, whatever the president does, the left will look to use it against him, and the United States, in order to restore power to the ruling class… yes the ruling class who doesn't give a cr^p about you.. who can not get over 2016.

  • Esoteric Kabbalah witchcraft..a Ambassador candidate for sure..
    Just when you thought Hollyweird had all the luciferians locked up & on contract

  • tRump's thinking…."Genius! I didn't even need the 'university'. I could've just skipped that part and sold them the certificate!"

  • Devin Nunes, also Lev & Igor biz partner, the Republican leader of the intelligent committee that insisted to speak, not investigate at the impeachment hearing, just to yell & intimidate witnesses and illegally attempt to force them to name protected whistleblower while continuing wh lies that they never once conspired with putin to interfere in our elections … turns out HE was part of the Russian conspiracy from the beginning, met with Ukraine official on Putin & #45's command, to force new Ukraine president to find the nearest microphone and tell putin's lie that it was Ukraine, not Russia that committed election & campaign fraud, or else they would not get our funds to fight Russia, and from the beginning #45 has been helping putin re-build the Berlin wall by saying he didn't recognize Ukraine independent as if the USSR has been re-established but with putin having ALL the power! Rudy crying that Hunter got a job on his daddy's name, RNC bought jr's books to make him #1 wasting fraud campaign finance laws, and giving Rudy's boy the job as wh sports liaison @ $96,000 tax funded payroll. While it was potus & Rudy & perry & all the boys that went to ukraine who had biz interest wanted changes in way they did in ukraine gas biz, to open their own with Lev & igor – potus has done that in ukraine, saudi and turkey where he has clients, personal business with Rudy

  • Trump has telegraphed everything. You really just need to reverse what he says. "Drain the swamp" means create an endless amount of corruption. "Make America Great Again" means destroy its democracy, rip off its people, sell out its foreign policies, and undermine its security. Stuff like accusing people of treason, while committing numerous traitorous acts. Attacking the intelligence, courts, and justice systems, while appointing or covertly supporting shady people, while accusing others of corruption and illegal acts. It goes on and on. But some people bought into what he was saying, amdnhe poisoned the well. These are propaganda tricks he learned with the help of Russia and organizations like Cambridge Analytica.

  • My question is . Why are the Democrats so afraid of being investigated by China or Ukraine ???  That's what they said about Trump . Besides the fact that if Trump pressured Ukraine or any other country to investigate possible corruption by American officials , then he would be doing his job . But the real funny thing is that Hunter Biden isn't even a political rival .