Potential Father Tracked Down Through Social Media (Full Episode)

Potential Father Tracked Down Through Social Media (Full Episode)

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Payne v. Yates.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day! Ms. Anna Payne, after years
of searching
for your father, you have brought the defendant,
Mr. Yates, to court today to prove
once and for all that he is your
biological father. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Yates, you say
that you were
completely blindsided by allegations that
Anna was your daughter only four years ago, and have serious doubts that you fathered her
20 years ago. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Toni Payne,
you are joining us
from your hometown and claim to be
100% certain that Mr. Yates is Anna’s
biological father. Yes, ma’am. So, Ms. Payne,
when did you first
learn about Mr. Yates? I was nine years old, and I was
in the living room
watching cartoons, or playing
with toys
or something, and my mom
told me
to come outside. So I said okay,
I just figured we were
going outside to play. When we were
walking around
the front yard, she said, “Well,
I have some news.” And she said that, “Well,
my ex-husband is not your dad.” And I was like,
“Well, what do you mean?” She said, “He’s not
your biological dad.” Bad news is, he’s…
I don’t know
where he’s at. He’s somewhere
in Alabama.
That’s all I know. I was kind of confused.
Very, very confused. You were nine? Yes. And I asked her
who my dad was. And she told me
his name,
and she said, “I don’t know
why it matters “because he’s not what
you’re gonna expect.” JUDGE LAKE: Really? ANNA: Yes. He’s not what
you’re gonna expect? He was exactly
what she
said he’d be. He was very,
very arrogant. I believe the term
was (BLEEP). Yes, yes. Yes. ANNA: Yes, definitely. I don’t… I don’t allow
foul language
in the courtroom. But, if
but no. Mr. Yates? ANNA: Very much. YATES: Yes,
Your Honor. You said you knew
absolutely nothing until four years ago. Your Honor,
I have here a summons
for child support
dated four years ago. Let me see
that evidence. Jerome, will you
hand that to me? So, you’re
saying you received
a summons. Your Honor,
I was at work, and Mobile County
Sheriff’s Department
showed up at my job calling me
to the side to talk about
the summons, telling me
I had to appear
in court. Just four years ago? YATES: Yes, ma’am. Before that, you had
absolutely no clue. No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: About
Ms. Payne. I hadn’t even thought
of Ms. Payne in 20 years. It floored me. It literally turned
my life upside down. I had to go and
explain to my wife I just got
this summons. Oh. And so, what was
the nature of
your relationship with Ms. Payne? It wasn’t a whole
lot of a relationship. That was… We was really only
seeing each other
for a few weeks and then we both
went separate ways. All right, so you were
having just a casual
dating relationship? We had a sexual relationship. JUDGE LAKE:
A sexual relationship. Yes, Your Honor. Did you ever know
she was pregnant? YATES: No,
Your Honor. You were never informed
she was pregnant? No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Did not know? Not once. And so, Ms. Payne,
I want to ask you because I see you
shaking your head. This isn’t true? No, ma’am,
it’s not. Tell me what
your account
of this is. He would drive us down
to the place where I
found out I was pregnant. And he was
in there with me
when I found out. Oh, so you went
to a clinic, a facility, to find out
if you were pregnant and you say
he went there
with you. Yes, ma’am. You don’t remember
that, Mr. Yates? Your Honor, I have
five children. I’ve been
to the doctor
with all of them every time
they’ve had ultrasounds. I wouldn’t have
skipped out on this
if I had known. Did he believe,
Ms. Payne, at the time
he was the father? Did you tell him? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: It’s your baby. Yes, ma’am. So, then,
at what point
do you lose contact and you lose sight
of where he is? What happened? I figured
I already
had one baby, had another
on the way, I didn’t need to be
raising a third one. ‘Cause all he did
was whine and cry
about what he couldn’t get, and what his parents
didn’t do for him. I made a decision
to end the relationship. Oh, you did? Yes, ma’am. So, you broke
things off. Yes, ma’am. With him. TONI: Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Do you
remember her breaking up
with you, Mr. Yates? I honestly
don’t remember who
broke up with who. JUDGE LAKE: Okay,
that’s fair.
It’s been a while. A couple
of decades ago. (AUDIENCE SNICKERS) And so, after you
gave birth to Anna, Ms. Payne,
did you ever
track down Mr. Yates since you were so certain
he was your child’s
biological father? I caught him one day,
he was at work. And it was about,
between six
and nine, I guess, and I talked to him
for a few minutes. And he’d tell me
he’d call later. And I never
heard from him. I spoke to his mom
a couple of times
over the years. So, I’ve tried. JUDGE LAKE: So,
you feel like you
tried to reach out, but you’ve
been ignored. Exactly. Were you aware,
Mr. Yates, that she was
reaching out to you? She reached out
to you and your family? No, Your Honor. You never knew? I had not heard
anything about it until I got the summons
four years ago. When I got the summons
four years ago, I requested
a DNA test. JUDGE LAKE: You did?
Let me see that, Jerome. So, as soon as you
heard of this, you did not do like some men
in this courtroom do
and ignore… YATES: I wasn’t
just gonna accept
the responsibilities. I wanted proof. JUDGE LAKE: You
wanted proof. So you
requested a DNA test. And here, in fact, is a DNA test request. YATES: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And you showed up. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And what happened
when you showed up to court? I get this statement that says that they
didn’t show up. JUDGE LAKE: Let me see that. I went down
and I took my test. But when I go back to court,
I’m told there’s not
gonna be the test. So, here is
a failure to appear
for a DNA test. And the order of court,
the box that’s checked, is “Respondent
not appearing.” So, Ms. Payne
and Anna weren’t there. Do you remember
this action, Ms. Payne? I remember
getting the notice, but I don’t remember
if we didn’t have a way,
or if we’d forgotten about it, or what happened
or why we
didn’t make it. So, you do
remember it. That it was
supposed to happen but you can’t
remember why
you didn’t make it. Right. It’s either I
didn’t have a way or I forgot
about the appointment. All right,
so, Mr. Yates, you felt then
that they didn’t show up because it
wasn’t true. I’d basically just
put it out of my mind
at that point. If they’re not gonna
go through with the test, I’m not gonna
give it much thought. And so,
after that time, once you knew,
and you knew
the parties, you knew what
was involved, did you ever
say to yourself,“I wonder what happened
to that little girl Anna?”
Or, “maybe I should
go look for her.”
Was it in the back
of your mind somewhere? Not until about
nine months ago. I had made some changes
on my Facebook account. I got about 50 messages
all at one time. And it turned out
she had been trying to
contact me
for two years. But I wasn’t
getting any
of the messages until I made
that adjustment
to the notifications. Oh, so you
had your settings set a certain way
in your Facebook? You can only
receive messages
from friends. And then I had
changed it one day. And all of a sudden,
like 50 to 60 messages
came in all at once. From Ms. Payne.
Anna. YATES: From Anna. So, Anna, you had been
trying to reach Mr. Yates. ANNA: Yes, Your Honor. I’ve been trying to
get in touch with him
since 2014. I was senior
in high school, I was about
to ship off
for the military, so I wanted
to at least
talk to my dad before I shipped out. So, I found
his Facebook, or what I assumed
was his Facebook, ’cause the
date of birth was
about the right time. Mobile, Alabama,
was where he was. And so, I stalked
his Facebook. Awkwardly, stalked
his Facebook. I sent him
on Messenger, I said I have
a phone number. Messaged when I
graduated high school, right before I
shipped out
for the military.When I was pregnant,to inform him
that he was about
to have two grandboys.
He, uh… Couple of days later,
maybe a week or two later, he actually
messaged me back and was like,
“Who is this?
Who are you?” And I was kinda like, “Well, read
the messages.” JUDGE LAKE: (LAUGHING)
Haven’t you read
the messages? I kind of stated
very, very clearly
I’m your daughter. So, Mr. Yates,
when you saw
all of the messages, did you read
through them or did you just say,
you saw all the messages
from one person and just wrote back,
“Who is this?” I didn’t get a chance
to read all of them right off the bat. At first, I saw
a couple of the messages. And I decided to
take a break at work to step outside
to call her, so that we could
talk and see. Literally, first thing
through my mind was,
“Who is this person?” That was the first thing
that went through my mind. He was asking me
who I was and what-not. I was telling
my mom that… At the same time
when he was
telling me that stuff, I was telling my mom
that he was telling me he didn’t know
who I was,
and everything. And she was saying,
“Well, tell him you know
this about his sister “and his mom
and his dad.” And I’d inform him,
and he’d say, “Well, how do you
know all this stuff?” I believe, at one point,
he did tell me that I could find
all those answers
on the Internet. JUDGE LAKE: Oh. ANNA: Yes. He accused you of just
being able to google
that information. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Do you remember
saying that, Mr. Yates? Not in
those words. JUDGE LAKE: But do you
remember feeling
that way about this? JUDGE LAKE: Yeah, well,
she’s saying things. I remember feeling that since I went
and took a test
at one time, and they didn’t, that there must
be a reason why they wouldn’t
go through
with the test. And so, in addition
to their failure
to appear for the test, what are
the other reasons
why you doubt Ms. Payne is your
biological child? Me and Ms. Payne
were only together
for a few weeks. We only had sex
a handful of times. Well, you know
it only takes once. You have
other children. But unprotected sex
clearly leads to children. I’m kind of
living proof. And you do admit
that it was unprotected? Do you
admit that? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. I think
sometimes we
were protected, but I think
not all the time. Clearly. Okay, so we have all
the ingredients we need to make the recipe
of a baby. Clearly. YATES: Yes, Your Honor. So, do you believe
her mother was also dating
or sleeping
with other people? I honestly
don’t remember. I don’t know
what was going on
at the time. ANNA: Your Honor,
I was very hurt ’cause he was
very abrupt and rude whenever I first
tried to get
in touch with him. And whenever I was
explaining to him
that I was his daughter, he was very
abrupt and rude. And he just kept
denying and denying
and denying. JUDGE LAKE: Okay, so,
Mom, Ms. Payne? As you hear this testimony,
what is your response to it? My response is,
he’s doing nothing
but lying ’cause he was with me
when I found out. I talked to him
when he was at work and we talked
about it at the end and he was supposed
to call me back,
and never did. His mom’s
known about her. I took her over there
when she was
a couple weeks old. And I spoke to her
a couple of times
over the years. And so, Mr. Yates,
were you ever
told a story about how Ms. Payne
brought her daughter over to your parents’ home
and saw your grandmother? Anna let me know
of that story when we finally
got in contact. My family doesn’t
even remember her. Now, that’s something
you don’t forget. Somebody
bringing a baby by. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) Yeah, that’s an
unforgettable moment. You can’t just
look at a child,
and forget a child. Exactly. Especially when
the mother
is claiming… ANNA: Yes. The way I see it is,
if there’s a possibility that that child
is there, you should still
be there for
all the big moments. If not, later in life,
you’re gonna regret it. You can’t… You’re not
gonna be there
for the first steps, you know,
when they
get their first teeth. You won’t be
able to see them
ride a bicycle for the first time,
or maybe school plays. Or graduation,
or in my case,
the military. I mean, the birth
of my kids.He missed my entire life
pretty much so far.
JUDGE LAKE:Tell the court,
Anna, what it was like
growing up
without a father.
Well, we managed.
My mom was
my mom and my dad. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. A single mom
raising four kids. She did the best she could. I helped her when I could,
but I was a kid, so… And so, your mom
did the best she could. But at the same time,
if you are a young woman, literally making
Facebook connections, sending messages like, “Today, Dad, “I had my sons.” “Today, I went
to the military.” “Today, this happened.” Yes, Your Honor,
I even made
a little memory book. I started
a memory book
for him. JUDGE LAKE: You did? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And you
brought that with you? ANNA: Yes, Your Honor. To give to him when he
gets the results. Oh, only when he
gets the results. ANNA: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: He can’t
see it now? ANNA: No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: That’s the law. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) She laid down that law. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Okay. I want the search
to be completely over. No more of trying
to figure out
who my dad is, I’ve spent
way too much time
trying to figure that out. JUDGE LAKE: And I
must ask you, what if he is not
your biological father? Well, then,
sadly, Your Honor, the search shall
start up again. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: All right. (CHUCKLES) I found him, I’m sure
I can find another one. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) I love the confidence. Mr. Yates, how about you?
What are your hopes today? Um… I’d like to find out
and get that settled. And I’d like
to be a part
of my grandkids’ lives. And I’d like to be
a part of her life. I think it’s time
for the results. ANNA: Yes, Your Honor. Yeah. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Thank you, Jerome. You’re welcome. These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics and they read
as follows. In the case
ofPayne v. Yates,when it comes to 20-year-old
Anna Payne, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Payne, you, are her father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (AUDIENCE CHEERING) This is special. ANNA: Yes,
Your Honor. And I want you to understand
you are such an example to so many
young people here who are
still looking
for their fathers. You, my dear,
are an example of what you do
when you just continue
to step out on faith. I have to say, Mr. Yates, there are many times
when we talk about
the failures of fathers and how
they didn’t
go looking, and they didn’t
climb every mountain, and they didn’t
dot every “I,” and they didn’t
cross every “T.” And I believe you did show up at a time when
you were notified to see if you
could get this test, and it just
wasn’t time the universe
was gonna reveal
this to you. But I hope you take
solace in the fact that this young woman,
who is your daughter, had the spunk, the tenacity
to persist even when things were
so difficult for her, when she did
not get answers. She persisted. Yes. She’s an amazing
young lady. JUDGE LAKE: Yes, she is. I’m very proud of you. And I thank you
for your service. ANNA: Thank you, Your Honor. Thank you. JUDGE LAKE: And
most importantly, (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I wish you
and your father many, many
happy times. All right? Yes, Your Honor. I wish you all
the very, very
best of luck. Court is

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