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100 thoughts on “Politicians react to U.S. drone strike in Iran that killed Qasem Soleimani”

  • Well it’s only fair… I remember all these democrats screaming when Obama ordered air strikes over there, ( I read as many as 2800) without letting anyone in Congress in on it…. Or was that a dream….. Yeah, musta been a dream….

  • Washington post, please fix the typo in your headline. This is why people use the term FAKE NEWS. IRAQ not IRAN

  • We shouldn't of done anything when they attacked our embassy. We should of waited 13 hours to send any help and waited till 4 Americans were dead. They're responses are exactly the same as Obama's and Hillarys were. Scary.

  • Obama ordered over 300 drone strikes and killed over 250 civilians. And none of it had to be approved by congress. Trump orders a airstrike and kills a Murderer and biggest terrorist alive and they want to bring him down. Ridiculous

  • NO, Americans(and everyone with at least some common sense for that matter) should recognize that assassination for what it actually is: just another brazen illustration of American arrogance, of the U.S.(this time via Trump and his minions) once again being the callous bully it’s been for so long. But YOU relish that idea of such arrogance making you just another “ugly American”.

  • America your president just fucked you over again….Iran is coming for you, ordinary Americans are going to die while trump deflects attention from his criminal activities. America the blind and stupid should be the first line of your anthem

  • Hahaha all politicians in USA are so scared. Be ready Iran will take revenge. A hug mistake what that pig Tramp done. Gud plessed that guy sulaimani and abu Mahdi. They are the best persons in the world whose released Irak from USAs evils plans.

  • Im really confused that general soleimani is a terrorist but he is one of the generals that stopped terrorism in the middle east

  • God asks Trump:"Who is your Lord"?
    Who is your Prophet?
    Do you believe in His books and in His Angels?
    Outcome: Directly to the Hellfire.
    Do please as you want Mr President,you dont even realise what Will happen to you after you die.
    Would love to see that debate😂🤣😂🤣
    Trump says to God"I think your wrong"🤣😂🤣😂

  • good luck america. Calling other countries terrorists while america also killing many innocent people and they say it is ok.

  • How many people have had American killed claimed to save American people? Liars American leaders only thirsty for blood idiots.

  • USA/Israel leave the Middle East alone. No more killings! No more wars. Stop bullying others! God Almighty is watching…

  • So…do  you still believe in trump…the biggest lying criminal in history? If so, you are now in more danger then ever before…and your 2016 choice is probably really going to hurt, or al least SCARE, you and your family now!  So Sad… if I was an American…I would be worried about those wild angry people in Iran! It's all because of trump and the Republicans! So Sorry! I hope their revenge will not be too harsh. I blame trump.

  • What a two-faced hypocritical war-mongering liberal leftist globalist!
    …"Samson replied, “No one can blame me now for being ready to bring down trouble on the Philistines!” Then Samson went and caught three hundred foxes. He took torches, turned the foxes tail to tail, and put a torch between each pair of tails. He lit the torches and released the foxes into the Philistines’ grain fields. So he burned the stacked grain, standing grain, vineyards, and olive orchards.
    The Philistines inquired, “Who did this?” So it was reported, “Samson the Timnite’s son-in-law did it, because his father-in-law gave his wife in marriage to one of his companions.” So the Philistines went up and burned her and her father to death. Samson then responded to them,
    “If this is how you act, then I won’t stop until I get revenge on you!”
    The Philistines marched up, made camp in Judah, and released their forces on Lehi.”
    ‭‭Judges‬ ‭15:3-7, 9‬ ‭CEB‬‬

  • A whistleblower told Pres. Trump ,General Soliemani was going to hurt Americans ,we must protect the whistleblower

  • Soleimani was responsiple for the death of MANY AMERICANS. Any politician who shows negativity to TRUMPS removal of this dirt bag is just showing again that they refuse to give him credit for anything positive. When Obama, (you remember him, the guy who was born in Kenya), had Osama bin Laden killed, NO ONE ATTACKED OBAMA FOR HIS ACTION. Liberal democrats are showing thier hypocrisy again. True AMERICANS can see thru this easily.

  • Iran shot down a drone in the gulf. It is just proper that a fellow drone shoot Soleimani & cohorts to death as retribution. Fair enough !

  • Here you go again washington post with the false reporting . the drone strike was in iraq not in iran . why was this terrorist in iraq anyway doing drills after killing one of our own cictizens . they had to pay for that . so now yall are saying that the presidents generals didnt have knowledge of future attacks . good job trump .

  • Killing one bad guy is better than fight with a whole country like Iraq war, Afghanistan war. Commons rule not always working.

  • Chuck, you should become familiar with the Constitution you jackass. My President does not need Congress' approval to declare war. And your opinion doesn't matter. Screw yourself and all your cohorts!!!

  • No one believes this fat pig, People of the world will hold CIA and Zionist regime responsible for ALL  the killing done by Mosad  and CIA in the world, particularly in Middle East.  Live In fear, be scared of retaliation. IT WILL BE END OF ZIONIST REGIME.

  • Let's de-escalate the situation in Iran/Iraq and in exchange for assassinating Soleimani, let's give them Pompeo!
    The American government has no right to shape the political landscape of the world by use of, targeted assassinations on leaders of countries that American "wing nut leaders" consider to be a perceived threat, and for nothing more than political advantage. Are Korea, China, or Russia the next targets? Or does Trump consider these countries, allies?

  • Lockheed Lindsay Martin can't even make the triangle sign As Good As Trump anyway Lockheed Martin is up 5% good dividends coming down the road

  • When the politicians preface their statement about Iranian General solaimani it usually goes like this… soleimani was a brutal murderous man with blood-stained hands killed millions of civilians and hundreds of thousands of Americans and threw babies out of incubators and he did that with pitchforks he is a really really bad man nevertheless…..

  • They're not saying American lives are more special than Iranian lives. They're saying that by killing one, it saves many other lives.

  • Trump is going on a political suicide mission.
    Since he is no longer running for presidency (He is impeached)
    he wants to make it a hell fire for the next president. Simple as that.

  • USA politics is biggest hypocrite and terrorist on the planet" who is terrorising the whole world? That's the US everybody's knew that'

  • If America closed all its military bases down, got all of its fighter jets and bombers and helicopters and warships and aircraft carriers and rockets and WMD's, all its troops, HMMWVs, tanks, APC's, surface-to-air missile systems, Drones, artillery, all its guns, submarines and every other weapon of war it has around the planet and took them all back home, if the CIA stopped messing with other countries affairs, if America stopped selling weapons of war to any one who wants them and if it stopped all the boycotts it has in place, in short, do what the world has been asking it to do for about 60 years..Yankee, go home, who would attack America, how would they do it, and why?

  • How do you know his attacks didn't stop one. Regan did it with libya and terrorist actions stopped till clintons took over.

  • Yes you all we now live in a crazy world and It's so sad. Too much hate and no love anymore it seems. God Bless You All. Stop blaming Trump for everything.

  • This shows them we are divided and they will use it as motivation. We all stand against terror and it will coward.

  • As a Canadian, hearing these Democratic nominees talk makes you realize they don't love America. They just want to continue the path laid in front of them by Obama as Do Nothing Democrats. Their lack of leadership and Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff screwing up everything in the House of Representatives will be why President Trump will win again in 2020. This time by a land slide.

  • im surprised cnn still got money to pay their host after bad raitings and that covington lawsuit . they keep getting sued for lies and defimation but still do it . its utter stupidity . followed by its dumb viewers .

  • All the presedential candidates use this as an opportunity but most of the politicians agree that his assassination wasn't done in a good way

  • Liars !
    Trump has said why the American troops are in the meadl east and the purpose is clear ,to steal more oil from Iraq but the case of Iran is not the same ,the Iranian oil will be a bad adventure for the American dream , a bloody one .the american dream has stopped on the vietnamian land and now in the Persian gulf !

  • When you can't get your pipelines through the two nations into Europe, these are the end times for the petrol dollar. Desperation from the US and it's ruling class..

  • UTSA- United Terrorist State of America. You killed innocent General Qasim Soulimani and break million people heart. Do you need more reason why world hate you and I am one of them.

  • Too funny, my dems can't get ding thing right! Thank god we blew him to pieces, send giving away 2020! Great job turning party into clown show!! Switching sides, go Trump !