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100 thoughts on “PLUGGED IN : The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed (Mental Health Documentary)”

  • This is what happens if we let cluster B's (narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths) roam amongst us, unscreened, unregistered and allowed to do any type of job or have them produce toxic products. The main problem is TOXICITY. It has poisoned our language, behavior etc. If the environment poses severe problems, our mental environment is in far, far, far worse condition. Please just read this, you don't have to like it or push a like button. I'm not writing this down to get likes ! I'm writing this down to warn people. Learn about personality disorders, talk to victims and don't listen too much to mr. Vacnin. He's just another narcissist telling 90% truth and ads 10% toxic, warped view that easily casts a shadow over the 90% truth. We need empaths, or normal people to talk about this. Listening to toxic people will only make it worse. Sam is just another example of how extremely sick people can become a psychologist. Not that he has nothing interresting to say but the risks of getting bad or toxic information is not worth it.

  • Evey body I know suffers from depression, somehow we are being trained to be depressed and angry young people should be excited and motivated not filled with anxiety …I myself stopped dating a couple years ago its almost impossible to have a 1 on 1 relationship nothing is sacred any longer

  • Beyond these serious issues, smartphones have made people terribly impatient, arrogant, lonely, antisocial, zombie-like in public, and just a bit of the mystery of life is gone making life more boring, pedestrian, and banal.

  • Yeah, this will never stop being a problem until we the wielders of our word do something positive to change it. Be it. I am good.

  • is commenting on you tube social media. it nay be a stupid question but I cant say i dont use social media if im foing this

  • Wow!! This has to be the single most insightful video I have watched on You tube Ever before possibly ever again… I'm sending this to everyone I care about right now. Thank You for taking the time to do this!

  • Wow!! Im so glad someone is talking about this!! Ive been seeing this so clearly since i stopped working about 3 months ago….it had been 15 yrs since i took part in social media because i was addicted to work due to undiagnosed cptsd. Now im 38 my daughter is 16 and i cant begin to describe the harm social media is doing to this generation before our eyes. I have to get my baby to know to this…its easier said than done

  • This is a great video. It is so sad what social media is doing to us. I was getting insane plus I was struggling with ptsd and social media made it worse. I felt more sick and more different than all the people in the that seemed to have a “happy”. It is insane that I believed that it was reality. I deleted social media 1 month ago and I felt more anxiety because I felt I was quitting te world but I actually was coming back to it. Not I feel less depressed and there is life outside social media. We can still text and this is the limit for me. I hope you all guys see what reality is.

  • The youth, utilizing social-media has shortened their attention-span, dramatically. It seems as if they cannot do something, with intense focus, for prolonged amounts of seconds, minutes, hours, days, and etc. Even a genuine conversation (like a pointless, but nice and simple conversation). They would do something, give up in a semi-temper tantrum like way, and go back on their smartphones to update their feelings (which is either full of happiness to pretend or depressed to gain attention, through sympathy) on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

    Majority of these people want to delete their social accounts, deep down inside, but cannot because their program has locked them into a grip of indecisiveness, which reveals that it is too late for them, secretively. Their programming has set them to be a social-media user, forever, until they die. Just a few, which can be counted on one hand, will have a certain amount of strength to deactivate their social-media accounts. Good luck to the few, who will.

  • This was great, it’s odd how it’s obviously bad for us but we are unconsciously addicted. I had to delete the app off my phone. Instead of checking Instagram I now read more books , take more actions towards my goals and enjoy nature, family, and simple things!

  • Damn this was deep. I'm doing a social media addiction for my project in my Sociology course. I found this video to be both helpful and informative 👍🏼

  • This is NOT just an issue teenagers are experiencing, it can be and is just as severe and destructive for the entire millennial generation as well.

  • Ah, yes…the 'experts' are now aware of what has been blatantly obvious to the inquisitive. A decade +plus too late. Pathetic.

  • Ignorance so much on social media & algorithms. Both are man made. Algorithms can be built & re-built. If you want time, age & other limits, these can be put into algorithms. So simple.
    Instead of being enemies of social media, become active & friendly allies. Social media is just a tool. We can create more useful & less harmful tools.
    Like any tool, it is possible for bad things to happen. We cannot prevent bad things. With suitable changes, we can minimise these bad things. Happiness is not total happiness for everyone. Near-enough happiness is OK.

  • Timings & TOPICS
    3:04 Past 3 years, more than doubled, young people in psychiatric hospitals

    3:15 Teenagers with eating disorder doubled

    4:50 Social media usage against face to face contact

    5:30 Affects dopamine reward systems

    5:38 Affects reality itself

    5:49 Unbounded accessibility

    6:08 Social media is self hungry

    6:30 Quick rewarding

    7:08 Creates confrontation, resentment, hatred, anger, aggression,

    8:08 Reality cures depression, anxiety

    8:38 Firewalled from reality: positive feedback into toxicity

    9:22 Affects all ages, sexes, etc

    11:04 Social media is about mental health

    11:20 Rewarded for being controversial; punished if not controversial

    11:28 If neutral, ignored

    11:48 Social media is a conditioning tool

    12:00 Envy amplifiers, weaponizer

    13:30 Writing differently, compared with face to face

    13:38 Emotional, psychological violence

    14:08 Creates anxiety, aggression, anxiety hate speech fake-news cyber-bullying

    14:41 Twitter, aggression has shorter messages

    15:28 Teen suicide rates are high; mental health

    16:57 Exposes self to harassment, depression, imagery

    17:19 If drug had these effects, it would be banned by now

    17:50 No inbuilt clock

    19:40 Three generations of internet babies

    20:16 Replacement for telephone, mail

    21:08 22:10 22:40 Replacement for life purpose

    23:00 Symbols; further away from reality, depression, anxiety

    23:44 Shared delusions; mass psychosis

    24:01 No reality outside of the digital world

    24:13 Simulated people, inside a simulation; The Matrix; bits & bytes instead of atoms

    24:32 Families are their peers

    25:10 Post more self-obsessed things; appearances; narcissism

    25:52 Body weight; selfies=60% of all activity;
    27:00 cathexis; encourages baby-like behaviour

    27:40 Like or dislike; binary

    28:30 Pressure to not be private

    29:26 Become targets for bullying

    30:15 Internet feeling of invisibility, so hostility

    30:40 Dehumanised; bullying

    30:47 Narcissistic, psychopathic; want to eradicate weakness

    30:56 Weakness in self wanting to eradicate

    32:45 School bullying continue in cyberspace

    33:24 Bullying because of boredom?

    34:44 Bullying & its structure

    37:34 Attention span shortened, defence mechanisms activated, aggression & negative mechanisms,

    39:16 Smartphones needed for group projects

    41:00 Need to put pressure onto schools

    41:30 Parents teach validation comes via smartphones

    41:46 (Validation by audience proxy) = narcissism

    42:24 Smartphone validation dehumanises

    43:01 Social media intimacy is plastic (not "true")

    43:47 Remove the manipulation machine behind social media

    44:00 Learning social norms via social media

    45:38 Social media was built for addiction

    45:57 20,000 teens die every year (UK ?)

    46:18 It is exactly the same as tobacco addiction

    46:56 Craving for smartphone (addiction)

    47: 11 Smartphone craving is simulated interaction

  • Social media is like eating fast food 3 times a day which is pure crap but in psychological way
    I’m one year free of it
    I feel more optimistic and I have more free times to do something creative for myself and community

  • What people don't understand is
    The word never changed

    Is the human Rače had been changed so much that their
    Created this narcissist psychopaths borderline careless
    No awareness and only a place
    Where it is OK for this people
    To play drama King and Queens
    And people walking around blind
    Supporting this crap of shit behaviour

  • We bein forced to use technology
    And cyber security hack is not see like u breaking the law because
    Internet is meant to be socialist

  • Social media is a narcissist
    Manipulation play ground

    If internet was not made then narcissist and the other people disorder had never gone this far
    With this type of behaviour

  • Narcissist around the world
    Had come together and created
    Creepy disturbing groups of cult
    And their have their own
    Code and language what only
    People with narcissist autistic
    Borderline psychopaths personality would understand
    This people or ok with breaking
    Laws and their help each other
    To get away with it and their don't
    Care about innocent people 🤨

  • Facebook was previously named Lifelog which if you look up the founding it wasn't Mark Zuckerberg who implemented it.

  • I've always seen social media as dehumanizing people. I have a theory that the dehumanizing aspect of social media releases the true nature of people… so your " shadow self " or your true nature emerges. If you are sociopathic or narcissistic, it will emerge…

  • Using social media in moderation seems ok to me. It's up to the users whether or not they choose to use it and for how long. The companies that try to draw you in are naturally going to make it as enticing and interesting as possible as they are a business and want to make money. However I do believe the social media companies (or the big ones like Facebook and Twitter) should get to gather and act responsibly (as they are aware of the problems over use of social media is causing) and do as this guy suggests and allow only 2 hours per day of use and no more.

  • A l ot of people have formed relationships and got married as a result of social media. It can be beneficial or damaging depending on the user's strength of character.

  • Hi Richard my name is Christine I live in the United States I am going through a really bad time right now I believe but I’ve been married to a man for 35 years and just now realize there was a name to his madness a Covert narcissist I really believe that I’m having a nervous break down and they’re gonna put me in the loony bin even has my daughter convinced please Richard could you give me some advice and some help I don’t even know where to go for this kind of help in United States

  • It took me ten years on Facebook, to realize that as soon as I post something (or someone else ) it is INSTANTLY in the past. That was eye opening for me. I was living in the past and wondering why I wasn't happy. I don't even remember my memories anymore. When FB shows me a memory, I think "oh yeah that happened." Thanks Richard! Everyone needs to see this! When I share this, it will get NO likes, but I feel good by sharing anyway. LOL!

  • Also worth mentioning (on the point of parents teaching their children how to seek validation through SM), the amount of kids with parents who have their noses in their phones are ending up getting terrible attachment styles. Not just the ones who are handed devices of their own to stay attached, the ones whose parent's are busy checking their OWN SM.

  • I'm 17. My parents are barring me from having social media until I am 18. I used to be upset when I would see my friends talk about what's going on on instagram and such. I was so bitter about 'not having a childhood', whatever that meant. Now, I thank my parents whenever I can, for not allowing social media. Social media? No thanks.

  • Can it be that a portion of the population that suffered from developmental issues in the parts of the brain's cognitive functions (e.g. ADHD w/ the Prefrontal Cortex) were predestined to develop an addiction naturally &, in effect, the rest of the population is slowly experiencing these same neurotransmitter wipeouts through the constant release of dopamine that we experience through the use of said platforms thereby developing those said disorders or at the very least the mimicking them? Just a thought…
    – ADHD Sufferer

  • The saddest thing I've experience in my lifetime is walking into any place and everyone but you is glued to their cell phone. They don't look up to see you walk through the door, their is no friendly smile and hello, and they avoid any conversation with you at all. This unfortunately is the modern day reality we live in. FIGHT AGAINST IT PEOPLE AND TALK! It's good for you!

  • Social media is intentionally designed to increase people's dopamine and to keep them trapped in a state of constantly wanting more dopamine in the form of "likes" and hearts. And when dopamine increases in our brains, serotonin decreases. This is one of the biggest reasons why social media is causing depression and anxiety. When people have too much dopamine in their brains, they become aggressive and competitive and feel discontent. And when their brains aren't producing enough serotonin due to the increased dopamine, the feel depressed. I began to notice immediately after deleting all my social media accounts that I felt so much happier and content, and I'm quite certain that it's due to my brain being able to produce serotonin again.

  • For not acknowledging homosexuality as a mental illness is an issue in itself. They lobbied their way to get it removed from the dsm

  • As evident right now…lol….I'm quite addicted to social media. I feel lost without it…lol. Really. I have to find a way how to limit my use of social media. Thank You.

  • This is great! I’m reading Sam Vaknins book Malignant Self Love (Narcissism Revisited) Thankyou for this refreshing documentary such an important problem we need to be aware of.

  • I unplugged from all interactive social media sites and found not until after I left , what I truly missed in life. Social media should become a thing of the past . It’s truly destructive to our brains 🧠 and lives.
    Whose here in 2019?

  • At 47.33 "…..promises to, but doesn't deliver." Richard said this as i thought of all the 'friendships' and relations that have been destroyed or have withered just because i leaned or relied on soc media apps and programs. Certainly my bad- but not entirely.

  • 🧠 💪 I think you're either in or you're out of this thing. We will lose the people who are in unless they become more self aware. But we can't stop and wait for them to change if WE want out now. We need to go find people who are already out, or want to be, or be happy going it alone for a while. This is putting our values first, which will lead us to be fulfilled in ourselves. I'm doing it. Who's with???

  • Do you ever pine for your youth? Days without a phone? Imagine this. Imagine being born with this tech around. Imagine it being the thing that brings you joy. Then imagine as you get older it being the thing that you feel so attached to and sentimental about. We have to focus on this youngest generation, because one day all of this is what they will WANT, because they grew up with it. At that point, we're screwed because they will raise their children on the same things that they used to love – tech. And every generation on will be tech loving and tech dependent. Unless we educate this generation now. Unless we showcase the harm and set the limits NOW. Every generation prior to this generation is not as important as the one that was born with a tablet in hand, as this generation will seal our future, depending on whether we get to cut its tech attachments now, or not. WE HAVE TO GIVE THESE KIDS A CHILDHOOD WHERE THE HARM IN TECH IS SHOWN TO THEM AND LIMITED. Because they will remember when they are older why it got limited, instead on how much they loved it and how much they want it in their own kids lives. This is CRITICAL.

  • THAT'S why there's so much drama on YouTube!
    And we the sheep fall for it. Embarrassing! 😲
    Going to detox from social media!!
    Social-Media Rehab 👊

  • It would be very interesting to see a video on family channels on YouTube, completely revolving only around turning children into content. Like, what would that do to a kid who grew up like that.

  • Excellent doc. I came off all social media, except whatsapp, which i just use for family and close actual real life friends, no digi people…. about 6 months ago. Although an "oldie" i found it freed up masses of time. SM is a total time thief. It really irritates me when people are constantly on their phones. So rude!

  • We would love this documentary to go worldwide too every parents and children.
    This could help everybody massively if they know the real true about Facebook.

  • 35m48s: The bottom line: we've lost our purpose and connection to Self and Other, this diminishes our humanity and we suffer as individuals and as a collective.

  • Human beings are programmable software. These social media platforms, such as 'Facebook' are designed to be addictive.

    Social media is a conditioning tool. That's it's purpose. To keep you hooked and wanting for more.

    Social media should be regarded as a 'disease'. It's like a measles of the mind. An infection that potentially could be deadly.

  • My wife of 22 yrs got one of those stupid smart-phones about 1 1/2 yrs ago….I noticed the behavioural changes…the almost bi-polar stuff of gloom & raging mania…just a few weeks ago this bed-side device went off in the middle of the night, rather loudly….in the early stages of amorous caresses..she snatched the phone off the nightstand without skipping a beat….she says nothing has changed, nothing is different…the "blindness" is complete.

  • These issues are so important. I realized long ago that there is a mass psychosis and acceptable narcissistic behavior within society. Social media only amplifies that effect. This has made it and so that if you do bring up important issues in public, you will be singled out as negative and antisocial. I've learned that if you must stand by your beliefs, alone if you must.

  • What's missing in peoples' lives is a relationship with the living God. If you try to live without God, you'll never be content, never be fulfilled. Freud reinterpreted Biblical doctrines of sin and guilt as mental illness. Mental illness requires treatment which is increasingly "medication", psychotropic drugs, which may provide temporary relief but in the long term exacerbate the problems, depression, anxiety, etc which is why they are labeled with warnings of possible aggressive behavior, against others and against the self. Sin, ignoring God, on the other hand calls for repentance and turning back to God, cultivating a relationship with Him. Jesus began His ministry by preaching, "Repent, and believe the gospel." (Mark 1: 15) God is real and so is the devil. We have to recognize both so that we can seek and find God, in whose presence is joy everlasting, and avoid the destructive methods of the evil one, whose purpose is to lead people to hell. Read the Word of God daily. "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God". (Romans 10: 17)

  • Excellent. I´m from a Latin American country where I'm professor at a university and I sent this video to a collegue from English Departmet because I believe this documentary must be watch at the campus

  • I gave it up. All my "friends" never call, never enjoy the moment, never get into hanging out. Its pathetic. Its nature, music and art for me like it always has been.

  • “Didn’t you know beforehand how the world of men is? Sometimes we have to let go of things we like. What you like, others will like. Lust awakens the desire to possess. And that awakens the intent to murder. “ Buddhism ☸️

  • The old users of social media have become just as bad as the teens and young adults, stupid attention seeking nonsense. Sad times.

  • So seeing endless pictures of other people's meals causes depression? To me "had a shit, ate a kit-kat" was so boring that I could never see why anyone would bother. Never got hooked.. no problems.