Pivot Point with Maya Rockeymoore (Full Show) –  March 10, 2013

Pivot Point with Maya Rockeymoore (Full Show) – March 10, 2013

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point shall bring in diverse views it is on the news on your host my rocking americans’ worst reminded of a first-term barackobama
this week as here in newark his efforts to court republicans to join his ongoing
effort to implement cuts to social security and medicare is for additional revenue increases i
will talk more about the politics of the grand bargain when we have guide is
clearly a sign later in the show i and uh… he will also talk to us about the
politics of sequestration uh… it what’s really happening with
sequestration it will it have the impact that we all see here uh… we will be joined by eric so many
of them here again federation of government employees who will talk about
how government workers are being affected by on the cuts and towards the
end of this show will also talk to surrender jaya rama about the growing evidence showing how
the restaurant industry mysteries as workers at and will also hear from
judges to crawl who’ll talk about the status of comprehensive immigration
reform by in uh… the american political system that
we’ve got a lot to discuss today my price like to get started by inviting
that well-heeled sick heidi is the uh… prize winning feel it’s
their prize winning i’ve journalist at the los angeles times he actually has a
business column where he discusses a lot about social
security medicare on the part of politics of entitlements and he is also
the author of several books on to a which include the plot against social security how the
bush plan endangers our financial future air new deal a modern history welcome
michael well packed certainly aren’t it’s my
pleasure michael i’ve gotta tell you that followed you work for a long time
now and i think that you get it right when so many of your
colleagues in journalism industry d_n_a_ wrong elect why do you think that you
have them in the right lands but very likely that the affect what one
thing that i do that unfortunately a lot of my colleagues do
not think that i go to the back to the raw material to the to the
original numbers ah… i make sure that i read the trustees reported uh… uh… basically i i i feel very deeply
and the the basic that day and the basic figures about all of these programs social security
and medicare nice a if i don’t accept anything uh… really uh… on right in that a lot of their colleagues
in media in the industry actually listen
the sound bites and then take it from there instead of died doing the the
primary research the missiles well uh… it’s been very frustrated
over the years but i know you cement but certainly i have uh… that
is that the the basic uh… arguments never change the members
sometimes change but at going back to nineteen thirty-five
uh… we’ve heard that same thing from opponents and credit really enemies of social security and and exp of medicare two three three three
arguments are really a moving target a and yet they seem to ah… ah… every
recently that into done a lot more per trip limited great so
this week’s colony wrote about the top five lives about entitlements what are you well uh… these repeat for the five biggest current live there it certainly many
more wham reliable one of the event but it was was that this idea that the payroll tax
hike is killing the retail economy and when i
pointed out of that there hasn’t been a payroll tax increase uh… what what we’ve done this week to where it was two or three years ago uh… when it was
cut really as a stimulus instrument rather than as a change in
social security and the recent what’s really killing the
retail economy at the low end of the income mail it
that we haven’t we what president obama and clinton three years ago which was making work
pay tax credit payroll tax holiday with uh… these
substitute for that uh… but we always knew that for the day that the real problem with
that we were not delivering stimulus we’re not delivering equipment people who will intervene rights of the payroll tax actually was
basically restored says previous levels as a result of the new year day deal
which extended deeply scary tax cuts and sell and you know the sent mail
people are trying to spend that as something that’s harmful to the economy
right and that that really accepted uh… flight number two but pointed out with the idea so you get from pete peterson you know
the the the infant billionaire who’s really got an acceptance of
security and medicare this is the idea that entitlement and i put them in quote they really don’t like that uh…
arbitrary manifest and invent bright red benefits for millionaires in
billionaires are costly problem when i pointed out is that uh… the football of the social
security benefits that go to people uh… more than a million dollars or
more in income that about uh… something in the neighborhood of three quarters of one percent of all the
benefits that go out complex the idea of their is that if you try to
meet them social security you cannot do it by cutting out payment the millionaires
billionaires you have to dig deep deep down in in baker great economist uh… progressive economists as part of
the study at the peak dig deep down attitude to people who aren’t thirty and
forty thousand dollars uh… that that means supplements of
cutting path then uh… the third rod that point
uh… is reasons that so-called infinite arrived in at the met this is where you
get the figure that social security and medicare are
sixty trillion dollars in the whole this is really to provide
as their taxes real actuaries really kind of don’t you
think because basically there is there an
attempt to give you the present value of all of the deficit that you might the in the program going out to infinity michael where
where have the real economist and i haven’t seen them on television anne
don’t seem to be conferring on capitol hill uh… because a lot a policy makers are signing beyond the fake numbers well i think they’re not invited that’s
one of the problems with that in nineteen ninety eight thirty you gave people leading the infinite
arrived in projection that you notify game they
couldn’t get invited very much um… on t_v_ and when he does he’s out
shouted at the would you get a r uh… reporters in correspondent an
economist who just parenting resolve civil uh… they have the floor so i think what we really need to create
visited them with a more balanced presentation so that progressive economist those
who’ve really done the work and actuaries really independent programs get their voices heard and and yet we
can’t do that unless somehow they can access too uh… to the megaphone that uh… mariann told us i think that’s right the
numbers to make it seem like the sky is falling and you have to do something now that threat was similar to it now in the
report business idea that you’re paying you
much for your benefit or turnaround you’re not paying penned up
for your benefits this is the idea that you get uh… you
know we saw it in the wall street journal op ed from the hedge fund managers delhi
druckenmiller who said uh… typical third grader will
only get that seventy-five them for every dollar he puts into social
security while many senior is with great i mean are popping a handsome profit and it
goes back do the urban institute a road biking
earlier stephanie ram uh… said yeah that uh… if you have largely said on a
present value basis most americans put a little bit more into social security than they’re going
to get back in in value because it’s not a pension program it’s indicative social
insurance program it’s their if you need is a lot of
unfair when you need it desperately a minimum that everybody gets but the basic misunderstands like we we
pay more out and i are in our car insurance in our home
other common as insurance and whatever did back in because he wanted there as
protection for the what is in the just in case is separated by the way that
benefit from europe car insurance interfere photo interest when you can get them they’re not mean
that if you get what your promise well you do you keep and on the
insurance companies to uh… to handle your premiums with prudent and i think special
security has also done well that’s an important point because
this week this says this week and the president has offered means testing as a
part of the grand bargain cuts that he’s going to entertain he’s trying to sell republicans on this
may have embracing assisting in the past separately but they seem not so much and
grace the president’s efforts to cancel security i think it’s worth explaining
to our listeners because a lot of progressive think okay why not let that
the wealthy pay more for these benefits well the fact of the matter is that the
wealthy uh… i think we compute the idea of mean helping with the idea of a progressive structure including carried me in that
thing to me is that if you want to get the benefits ripped
it from show your wealth your picture your net worth in your
income he took them to arrive bureaucrats the
people sort of means that things that harry hopkins try to eradicate in the nineteen thirties when he was in
charge of quickly program preppy are what we do have it the progress of
traffic a social security you get relatively rare as a replacement your income the the wealthier you are and of course over a third level you can pay income taxes on some of your social
securities my that’s proper in fact you you pay a higher premium for
medicare if you get wealthier that’s proper because the patch repeatedly the payroll tax but the particularly chris social
security it highly regressive uh… people lower-income people pay a much
higher pre-planned of their income for social security said
upper income people do and the only way to redress that is buddies adjustment uh… wealthier people get relatively
less from social security than the middle
class in the working class tape a relatively more so we’ve already done
that and i think it’s important to keep in
mind that that we probably got it about as
much as we and because it’s really important that we preserve the idea of the universe salary for all of these
programs but that they don’t become scene as well as welfare and the second do you
have welfare then you lose public support for it that we’ve got the right and we have
been about them over and over again welfare is is always
a dirty word it’s always the first thing that gets
cut uh… one of one government decide that
that uh… one of spending too much money and the one thing that save social security and medicare all these years is the idea
that it’s really there forever about well in fact you know that you know
they’re trying to turn that word entitlements into uh… than their
that’s something that means welfare uh… in an effort to pull that kind of
jr my interest on the american people number five number private is that medicare social
security well it’s all the saying though if you get a few opposite here uh…
give credit to these programs say well but you have pretty flat really and my
purple trouble medicare is in a lot of people trouble
but they’re both entitlement so the way to get at this at the type of
health care uh… the fact of the matter is to point out many many times eve it’s if you want to if you accept that social security has a
fiscal imbalance and i think it’s probably not as truants most people
think it is you can always deal with that within the four walls social security you pick up benefit you can take up the payroll tax and you can rebalance the program you cannot do that with medicare because
medicare fiscal problems really are external for the structure of
the program they think they have to deal with that what we spend on health care in this country and the only way to
really address medicare fiscal imbalance depicted that
act finality reduced the the cost of health care in the general economy and that
something quick that health care reform reportable carrot had started to do but it’s only a start but but uh… if you don’t do that that all you’re doing is really hacking
away at medicare benefit tonight i a m aedt something that we
really want or avoid because you do that you end up driving
upon for health care apart the entire spectrum of users and
sell them tonight is the structure of medicare is not the problem the problem
is that we have skyrocketing health care costs in this country that i’m part
driven by rising health care inflation and that poor health and uh… unhealthy
population that has uh… you know preventable
chronic diseases that are expensive right of these programs are very very
different from one another issued a very different and it is really
alive certainly in the state really it’s a lie to treat them as survey they they’re
really but the got it so now there are three other mess
and i want to tackle briefly before i let you go line is the intergenerational
staffed mess that’s right missus sunday that we’re hearing more
and more and as i told my readers uh… a few weeks ago you’re going to hear it even more in the
future the needy today this is the idea that uh… we dependent upon children we
spend too much on so the answer to that effect that seniors benefits expended on children bought what i pointed out of first of
all that the real stretch uh… even to think in the political
terms that appellee say by cutting benefits by cutting social security benefits
you’re gonna end up spending on children the other thing is that it that uh…
it’s really uh… uh… omit anid it’s really incorrect to treat these to program relieved you need as as a kid part of a single zero some game lou back to if you agree that we don’t spend enough money on early uh… on preschool education or on
child health sees no reason to stay well really
plates we can get that money act is the setting that we do i know that he
can get it from anywhere you can raise taxes upenn
determined at this time and you know the exact eat spending mods are are by no means connected to one another except in the minds of people who really just want to cut social in fact i mean i
like to point out that our children will need social security and medicare even
perhaps more so than their parents these are the
children of the recession generation and people who are arguing that we need to
cut the benefits to save the benefits actually on china undercut our children’s futures
that not correct for that that absolutely surrender righted because
racial who would really pay the price who
started cutting benefits now dancer and uh… and i also want to point out
that something i i did and i found that uh… what we spend a tremendous amount on behalf of future kena rations all the
money we spend on infrastructure all the money we spent on national
defense uh… the uh… the money we spend on
services and and schools and keeping heat redeployed capital invested in the future and i
will in red our children and our grandchildren best that we have
been in red standing at this country and that starting in the nineteen thirties with
the new deal that’s right uh… which would we bills we drive on those
roadways fly in and out of those airport we take
the we take trail train that run on the trail we have studied at the polls belt that were built and
there fill the air force they’re still there
and they are crumbling unfortunately we do need and asked uh… though last run i want to touch on is that
um… i’m hearing more and more that you know the sky is falling because the baby
boomers are retiring in and we can’t you know we can meet the needs of all these
baby boomers yet the nineteen eighty two eighty three
reforms actually create dance style prepaid for the baby boomers at least in
social security correct that absolutely true and and that was
acquitted of the time uh… you can go back on the record from bob dole who was on the greenspan
commission saying we know there’s a baby boom
coming and we want to who want to pay for an all of the money that’s been
built up in the social security trust fund point eight trillion dollars right now and it’s
relapses uh… this who this is money that was
gathered in the payroll tax starting in nineteen eighty three we uh… or all of us have been paying
payroll tax uh… since that have paid more into the that we needed for for current benefits at the time and in fact
yesterday so we need for ourselves we bank that
money we’ve invested in it treasury bond with their is uh… it throwing off interest which gets
credited to the program every year and by the way every treasury secretary republican and
democrat every labor secretary republican and democrat who’ve been
trustees of the system which they are uh… x aficionado has signed off on
trustees’ report since nineteen eighty-three certifying that these are
real upset uh… that they are real funds and real
interest payment republicans and democrats of the notions
that that money doesn’t really exist aware that we have not pre funded the
baby boomer retirement that i think that that’s more than a life fraud on the public alright and then the
last resort ronan startled in the last summer’s alas on this one is a big lie uh… and that is the only way that you
can see these programs to cut these programs i think that’s one of the biggest allies
out there uh… the fact of the matter is that you can also bring israel and
scrapping the cap is one part of that equation right i think that you can help
rapid pero at ab i think their their if there are
legitimate historical reasons to do that uh… the payroll taxes something on all
americans really should be paying hand-in-hand and
by the way but let’s not forget that the very idea of cutting benefits retreat is
that given the economy and given the structure of retirement in this country today what you really
would need to do it increased uh… so that’s right you need to increase
benefits you need to restore programs like the benefits for for their children pcs workers so
that they continue to get benefits through their college years uh…
something that paul ryan uh… benefited from in yet doesn’t
recognized how important it was for his family that should be just as important
of the family past right i advocate and i’ve written too we should uh… benefits should be
increased not yes exactly right time so we need to be looking at denison
increases are not cuts in terror and in fact decommission among my social
security my my social security dot org came up with a plan to show exactly how
you can do it not only hiking you extensive security solvency
for an additional seventy five years that you can also raise enough revenue
doing that’s actually strengthened benefits over the long haul to ensure
that our children get i’d just retirement themselves so with
that yeah dot absolutely thank you very much michael helsinki you are an inspiration to us all
continue to talk about those great articles that los angeles times thank
you for your time welfare trapped ninety camp and i’d like to welcome to this values who believes he is a trend is is that correct correctly are a very good he is a contributing editor america
blonde dot com guidance and that is lacking is that correct ipl apnea of are not latin but uh… i
think uh… name and what that meant that the patriot okay very good and what does it mean
just for identification well uh… uh… in in early american history who’ve
lived with the main underwent the federalist papers were of britain’s done are problematic an animal of cutthroat
appropriate whenever defending the constitution as a result modern political writer paul
victim lovely ok though i’d started writing approve leave discovered there were about eight never
proved he texted me the first place very that list thank you very much and
and thank you for all the great work you do in america blanc and the fernandes already mentioned a
lot and this week the president of resurrected
at the grand bargain uh… you know he has proposed to do that uh… that
democrats uh… and republicans pursue grand
bargain either to cancel the sequestration uh… win a grand bargain deal alicia
take on it well arm when you previously karni uh… looking at them is worth looking
down the road of july you’ve also less less process out okay
and as you are well known by the president came into office in two
thousand nine talking about a grand bargain uh… it was a part of the and the big
debate about that in the hand the debt ceiling several years ago i has continued to deny a suspect a
rally in the political arena uh… anniston resurrected again this
week as they are part of the concept of
cancel the sequestration so that we can get the grand bargain and then on the al
the longer term there’s even a connection to the debt ceiling again so let’s talk
about this in pieces so uh… meryl first and then i’d like
to broaden out if it’s ok uh… meryl uh… sample that the court threw the
pill h_r_ nine hundred and in the capital requested but the president of looking for is camp
of the pic wester by implementing grammar would you don’t have to do which you don’t have celeste talk about
eight or nine hundred first and then was back into why the president is not to go
in the easy read haha requested october eight or nine hundred uh… the
help how progressive caucus put out a statement that does not have a
one-sentence bill we’re favorite camp over sequester just by canceling but
whatever congress and hindu congress can undo and there were couple of other afl
c_i_o_ came out in favor of at camp or you don’t mind elected catholic told bill worked all night move within
the help prevent the pocket last week and out of that king john conyers to it
did more than just make a statement you get some action brought out a one-sentence filled with
the coupled with the quote you’ve got fifteen co-sponsors they’re
going to be looking for more than a bit more and backed the alternative to the
president grand bargain but we actually have a bill before congress that as an alternative to the grand
bargain that really fixed cluster so if we can actually just
cancel the sequester with a ten uh… when the one-line bill and congress that
the president assad could could sign page is he trying to negotiate with
republicans to implement a grand bargain in exchange for the cancellation of the
sequester well prepared to that question admitted
required uh… to answer that question you have
to go back to bill clinton and his attempt to cup safety net uh… in um… nineteen ninety something
a rather it was just before to uh… improve reduced uh… benefit from the waking up in a
moment he gamble pain on two thousand six brock oklahoma just
several weeks into his new senator ship given speech before the opening of a
hamilton project in the presence of robert rubin and a bunch of other people like him thinking flight ralph reed ralph strong
free-traders here and we have to we we can’t be wedded might play paraphrased
we can’t be whether the social program we hear it what we’re really looking at them you gotta give her the main there is a
new liberal agenda that has been operating in this country um… reagan took office and changed
everything for the democrats are you gotta explained that because mia
liberalism has the words in the liberal which sounds good it sounds progress in
the why isn’t neil liberalism dangerous neo liberalism is in america what new labor is in britain
that doesn’t mean anything to my listeners break that down corporate liberalism is new whipple
mexico back to the democratic leadership um… how uh… helpful uh… which bill clinton and al gore were www founding members of they decided that we could not be
democrat the way uh… johnson and franklin roosevelt were democrat anymore we’d have to be
more corporate we have to fight the corporate democratic over republican on
on their own ground and this is the beginning of the weight but you could say or at least servitude some form of the democratic party the big money which moved up by now we have to a party
captured by billionaire it couldn’t be more obvious people and productive neoliberal within
the cockpit using the happening liberalism in it but not at all liberal you look at these
guys their they’re around rockefeller republican you know they’re not go while
republicans uh… fairly moderate republican doing billionaires work so as i mentioned
privatization privatization but it looks different
from other from the right uh… you don’t have medicare vultures
for example what you do it i have the expansion of medicare to alter the but
you do it for a public-private partnership the affordable correct so basically the president and some
other democrats in congress are neil liberalism’s leading hour and neoliberal
a city well they are actually embracing and big
business one percent of america agenda uh… yet they have a perspective that
um… is only slightly different from the republican perspective on this well
if you look at epi what locally called the one percent
which is really the point over one percent of people who really big money they are different on the left in the
right when it comes to pinpoint gay rights and immigration they’re not there for like a becca nomic
policies they’ve really all of the all of the big
money in this country all one differently they wanna keep wages low they want to
move manufacturing offshore milwaukee’s strong free trade agreement that if in
power government-controlled corporation yahoo strong victory and it it the payment both parties we had a eight billion dollar ad campaign anyone
attacked entitlements anyone who attacked entitlement because left money for your guide the more money
for up and and at that what kind of being ruled by a bunch of people that are more preterm actually driven to make money at the expense for their
favorite in the world so big democratic voters there twenty
twelve owners actually let the socks in the hand house when they reelected
barackobama i mean there was no choice on it well i’d look at it a little bit
differently after statement you know what you can take the fifth
docking herald of england weapon attack by the way in the car who he was
attacked by the norwegians as well there were two armies in the field against it he defeated the first with the law
effective in two thousand twelve if you’re looking
at it from a true progressive standpoint there were two armies in the field
against it romney’s anti obama we use via vomit to defeat the romney now we have to deal with the apartment so when you say deal with the obamas
what does that mean we’ve got uh… president obama actually proposing cuts
to social security and medicare uh… we yeah the timing of this looks like it
might even found the on the c_r_ into the debt ceiling the buckle could it be uh… from your perspective do you think
uh… that we could see another debt-ceiling to buckle where where the choice this time is um… between either leading the uh…
u_s_ style default on its l full faith and credit verses that cutting social security
medicare well i think that i’ll pay the mamnoon uh… mark president barack it if not
just some people in the party attacked with the leadership of the party
throughout you know there’s a lot of good democrat you know but that’s right and a lot of good democrat in the in the
country but if you look at uh… the leadership
of the uh… about how for example on the democratic side it all moved in it just basically new democrat missus
nancy pelosi has been touted as progressives she have you know uh… during the debt ceiling she kind of
overplayed that hand and and said that it happens whatever
biel rock obama and um… uh… bear come up with player and i will put port so i don’t
have to black cut benefits well we know that lawyer has long held
these views that i think that nancy pelosi has been delayed as being
progresses inclined than has been viewed as being
progressive n how is that an easy india new delhi well the for their little i mean it
someplace we’ve with i think that there is a track record of
those that show that um… that there has been uh… an attempt to support
godsend symbol tight uh… since in most of the little period and send it really is going to come down
to a political point of palm up being a walk on the report
would benefit cut and it it’s going to be you know you you grab your courage in
your hand and vote against the democratic leadership of will pick would
be hard for it i’ve been using the phrase uh… picking
benefit concert plane ride or how you’re going to have to vote
uh… your your progressive ideal and it’s not
a matter of making favored anymore and the one who vote or benefit cuts are going to get the price computer
reporting well so this is what kills me right time because democrats who want to
take back the house so wide support an agenda that uh… cuts entitlement programs
knowing that the american people is going to be a backlash well i think that period a little bit of i think the republicans are more clear
in half or more clear that will prevent the cup
can hurt them at that uh… at that at the polls and the democrats i think they’re that
kind of buying the cover story that it be you know if this can be that we’re gonna photo on have this nine tax-cut coating
on it what somehow insulated so let’s talk
about that the republicans and have been saving the american people from the
repeal of the new deal and and and and great society programs working for greater on you prefer a and
approval rewrite i’m i’m in favor of putting the
republicans who are resistant to being a rumor that compactor to boat their conscience what happened to be
voting the way we want them to and putting the progressive to vote their set their ideals of the
proposed ideals and the coalition that so far have uh…
albeit have to cut benefits without the benefit cut yet we don’t have benefit
cuts because republicans have been resistant to going along with the uh… obama grand bargain agenda and and that has benefited by a man crew yes oh this is interesting so less than
what is the new way for western new direction went and what does this mean
for democratic party politics uh… open the way forward i think uh…
got a kind of a become grower idea as a and i’ve been out uh… win the battle
idea the become bad ideas that we’ve got to really any democrat who by were action support
benefit cuts and it bad democrat and rebranding and not let them have cover story and the purpose it better to make it
pocketbook anybody stick their head out of that whole pickup in that will put opac dot does that mean that we have an
internal or in the democratic party between the progress and we need and the
conservative wing we already have that war that the other wing has been winning all right at war for quite some time ip like saying uh… now do we have a
class war well we’ve always clapboard that the
other side condemned right back guys who believes uh… contributing editor at american
blog dot com thank you so much for your insight today it’s my pleasure thank you for having you’re listening to ten att point with
my rocky more brought to you by the national committee to preserve social
security and medicare stay with us after the break lyndal disillusioned pati lyndon johnson symptoms muslims in mission mhm diseases businesses boosters wasn’t
particularly return circles sixty six really understand the importance of that not just for myself but for generations
of working americans who need security steer as they get that’s what this election is sold for
fill out the way coupon fearful and means and traditional if you’re seeing
is a partial immigration is is that you overtime raises or health care costs as
much as five hundred dollars more each month complaint it also puts us at the
university of private insurers making it harder to pick our own doctors all of
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host larry king live sequestration what is it was happening and pleased to be
joined by eric so many is the legislative representative of the
american question of government employees do you largest federal employees union
representing more than six hundred and fifty thousand federal in d_c_ workers nationwide in around the world welcome
aaron thank you claire to be here cell you know there has been a lot of stand
in the media that sequestration and there’s nothing but a name that it
will not have real uh… consequences for the american people as you take what went wrong it will have real consequences for
america for the american people and be consequences may not be help immediately uh… but they will be felt and they
will get worse over time selam with that sam we had died last week i’ve
told the story about a woman who came over to us talking about cheated she’s a
human resources manager at the department of defense and that they’ve
already been notified and that they will be furloughed and that the amount of day
that she has to take off actually amounts to a hundred dollars a month in
cuts uh… take uh… pay cut for her uh… do you have evidence of
real furloughs taking place across the federal our work workforce well uh… in order to do a full the government has to notify employees uh… we have to provide them with
thirty days notice handsome nobody has been furloughed yet uh… just the other day for a while notices went out who uh… all uh… the uh… border patrol agents and customs and border protection
agencies will protect the border that notice said that they will indeed
be facing furloughs over the course of the rest of the year
perhaps one day a week so long period of time so yall boats are
being uh… helped in in i think almost every quarter of
the federal government book but the part goes beyond jokes burke to federal employees let’s talk
about that yes uh… huh um… older people people on social
security for instance uh… the social security administration is
going to be experience zing significant budget reductions as a result of sequestration many people have heard social security is exam and natural benefits scott what level of the program and the
operation jim social security are uh… funded through the appropriations process and
therefore subject to sequestration as a result people who um… are applying for benefits or have questions about what their benefits will be or questions
about whether they might be eligible for
disability all that apply themselves waiting quite
a bit longer for a personal question in fact and i i
actually have a notice from the acting commissioner carolyn called and he says
as a result of sequestration visitors into our field offices elite
significantly longer and colors timely hundred-number will lead almost ten
minutes first answer we also has to make
attending levels of initial disability claims will rise by over a hundred forty
thousand people and on average applicants will have to
weigh about two weeks longer for decision true so thats real cuts and that is from
directly from the acting commissioner of social security administration carolyn
called in who’s talking about the likely impact on
people who are looking to be sent by social security how does that work for medicare are better care actually will have the
same administrative impact because the administration of the medicare pull
program conducted by federal employees through
the social security administration and therefore we will see problems sociated with applying for medicare
benefits and finally notice of receipt of uh… benefit payments and that sort of thing
also troops sequestration and will create
problems for beneficiaries for for as long as it’s in a flat and in fact and then up to ten percent
uh… doctor payments on uh… are out there right as well correctly uh… you know one of the problems with reducing
payments to doctors is when you get to a point where doctors in certain areas around the country
simply decide but it’s not worth it to them they are
monday night sexual purity answer and so people are intent on some areas
around the country to be a part of doctor who was killed yes great um…
now there are places around the country where that’s not possible because so many patients or under medicare that the
doctors simply can’t afford to ignore that that very large patient
population but form but that is not the case everywhere nag we’ve heard the
horror stories about the lines lines that are going to be long and the airports on eighteen seasons on the
fact that you know air traffic controllers are subject to cuts and and is that a
new jersey chin arguable we uh… aware of that saying reports state you heard without warrants an
airport and um… and in other places i i don’t know purse shoe or whether they’ve begun to
materialize certainly wouldn’t be surprised west personnel less coverage and less coverage means
smaller lawrence chan less safety correct endlessly we have to be concerned about the whole
issue of the impact of a lot of the structural used to be that uh… in the in the years after
nine eleven the congress would never think of
reducing spending for homework security but now
world you know beyond the decade out electric you’re spending is on the block
in the same way that there’s so much other spending is on the block in the chivalry remember concern and should be
nervous about road those reductions tinker saying including disaster relief and he
would have thought that after an anime hurricane katrina and hurricanes sandy that we wouldn’t do you do that sort of
cells but it seems likely reno sucker for pain the uh… the reduction or in all appropriated programs as
sequestration is a marvelous failure by the u_s_ congress
to come up with a better players for reducing the deficit because there
was no agreement because they have not been able to it protrude related uh… this automatic series of across-the-board cuts went into affect air on march first stand as i say it represents a failure
of congress too do the right thing but this comes on top
of that mean that the federal pain was frozen and couple of years ago and men
there men out there on already huh uh… cuts to arms a federal employees is down more on
federal employees do you think is often the case that way and members of congress
particularly republicans talk about reducing the budget no paper clark is several employees they believe for wells except for themselves yes michael when walter federal employees should be subject to the budget night and whether it’s their retirement benefits
or they’re paid war over time benefits uh… there is a perception among some on capitol hill that federal
employees uh… deserve these reductions and it’s just it it quality harold police are paid uh… lower wages then their
counterparts in the private sector and there is no justification for
reducing or the benefits of or pale federal employees saying more than there
is reducing the payoff non-federal employees cross support so irix also
about sequestering central handling tasks is doing had to fight back well one of the that agate reviews doing is conducting a series of rallies around the country
on march twentieth many of these rallies in fact will take place at social security officers along and that we are approaching um…
anybody who’s concerned budget reductions and the sequester to turnout whom show up and um… march in uh… in march with other folks of white wine want to shown there there’re anger and frustration and
concern these and economic policies that uh… uh… that the congress is working
on the american pizza where can i listeners goto lend more enjoyment the team well art exploratory area she is
certainty of the events as i say you’re going to be a local social security office many
website of the they can go to a happy that go and get more information about where of
the issue of the hill and uh… um if they haven’t heard on march twentieth or at lunchtime take a walk or ride down
to the social security office because i suspect that most officers will have some kind of an event soap and hopes will be booking four or ways to reach the news media and
public schools married a down parents only legislative representative at the
american federation of government employees thank you for your time my pleasure you are listening to at that point with
my iraqi marcus allen brought to you by the national committee to preserve
social security and medicare stay with us after the break when we talk about
how we treat our restaurant workers in this country have conversation with sarah dieron behind the kitchen doors lyndal conjunction angel’s usual lyndon johnson thompson muslims in mission mhm cynicism producing fourteen e visit social security and medicare these
programs such as the lives of virtually every american family yet with so much misinformation out
there and i can simply confused about their future you deserve the troops for
more than thirty years the national committee to preserve social security
and medicare has been leading the fight to preserve our nation’s most successful
programs join us and find out how to keep social security medicare medicaid
strong for all generations learn more online at the truth now dot org this is the you know that that’s their
spouses formally approved some of us uses of what kind of the issue like this
for the since the at the national committee to preserve social security
embedded some politicians claim they want a
project that fear but the truth is they support the romney ryan who brought
their plants which would and traditional medicare this could raise our health
care costs as much as five hundred dollars for each month any medicare doesn’t protect learn the
facts and join our national campaign at the truth about our works sts welcome back to pay that point on your
host my rocky morris my pleasure to introduce a friend and colleague and a
new author her name is so true entire almond see is the co-founder of
restaurant opportunity center is united and the author at a new that you must still get is on amazon dot
com in other places behind the kitchen door and expose on how the restaurant
industry to treatise workers while concern thank you think that having the land so what’s the bottom time what is your argument the bottom line is that there is farrow much that we don’t know if people
who eat out that really need to know because impacting our health americana b arabic ten million restaurant workers in
america is actually the largest just going to have to have our economy
one in ten americans workers breckenridge on industry and fortunately
it also happens to be the lowest paying employer in america seven-up attend
lower-paying jobs in america i restaurant jobs and the two absolutely
paying jobs in america my restaurant jobs which means i think that the
largest and fastest growing sector the economy proliferating the lowest paying
jobs and it also means that the people who are putting food on our people’s
catholic heat itself because bootleggers uh… waitresses waitresses in our
country foods and at double the rate of the rest
of the u_s_ workforce people often baby that people in a lot of money
and kept when in fact the vast majority of these workers are women and date poverty wages and can’t afford to put
food on their families people cocaine just in the lobby got an
entire merely taxes added that the reason why uh… the restaurant i mean
industry is expanding so rapidly is because americans normal americans
eating out correct that play reading everything creeping frequently more than any other
country in the world immunity most of us don’t even know how much
restaurant workers get paid can you tell us about the pay structure of workers who serve our food chile and era back in nineteen ninety herman cain former presidential nominee determining why do you think
that determine k_p_r_c_ herman cain back at the end of the head of the
national effort that featured corporate lobbying uh… n_b_c_ after he had to have a national at
repetition struck a deal with congress saying that today the national restaurant fifty she
would not oppose the minimum wage frightening all other workers as long as workers to turn kit father wages religion at two dollars and fifteen
cents an hour for ever and philip and stuck there for
the last twenty two years and it means that i put are not on top
of the wage state are the wage most of these workers he paychecks that
literally today this is not a paycheck because two
dollars and fifteen cents goes entirely to taxes and for their living occupant i which can fluctuate which are incredibly in here if he leaves workers you don’t buy a car
you’re story that’s in my book ivy young woman in cardiac immigrants
from mexico uh… trying can make her way through
school uh… working out and i hopped uh… earned two dollars and thirteen
cents worth of in texas and with incredibly clear couldn’t
afford to peter stuff and so would wait to get to the restaurant he pancakes uh… and not only did the paper not bring her out
for them minimum wage but you know that lecture i would say to
her we don’t want to be held liable for the
fact that the tapes are not cleaning up the minimum wage at that i have not some
writing giving him a bit of a mega corporations if it would indicate to the government
that you’re making seven twenty five and internationally including here sometimes the proprietor five respect
but never took seven veto one evening she worked at graveyard
shift many nights she would like to go get shipped without hurting kept but at one evening he liked the
graveyard shift that protect and a couple walked out on the record in
the bekaa without paying the bill would she ended up having cable restaurant twenty dollars one
hearing loud ten-hour night an additional on it and i and indeed on
the preparatory cable are incredibly impoverished campus if kathy themself and we’re not talking
about a trainee if you were talking about huge industry with medical operations
that are making a condom cannot only earn a living wage that they don’t have
the dances to ensure that they’re healthy actually thought about see this
week because there was any report about he and uh… two-star michelin
restaurant in denmark were sixty feet people ariel how is that i really
gastroenteritis sab and they were basically vomiting et
cetera and i didn’t see this coverage in the u_s_ uh… newspapers nassau
discouraging u_k_ newspapers and that the health department and is
narrowing it down to a c worker separate actually in the u_s_ sixty to ninety percent of all noel
byers outbreaks in our taxes discover winter vomiting back they call
it uh… fifty to ninety percent of the
irish outbreaks can be traced back subject
restaurant workers because ninety percent about her work in america don’t
have page dictate which means that huge eric record cooking serving food with illnesses like the flu
like each one and one of the story of a kind of uh… collected each one and one pink i mean with just horrible illnesses
because they don’t have a choice they don’t have health care coverage they can
afford to take a day off if they are sick and so they end that china power
through their sickness by signing up to work to ensure that they get it that’s right added at the national
restaurant locations literally paid millions of dollars each
year to lobby local state and federal legislature should not be paid fifty ordinances or
bills passed that would guarantee that these records at least have the ability to k_k_r_ nationally this is
a danger to american themselves actually they are going to be like a
character their collective that they expect and to the public thoughts that you know nine have one out of ten restaurant this
report working with severe diarrhea accommodating on-the-job
twenty-year may six risk about going out in the senate resizing about going up that came up we have a hard thing and
clean campaign a_t_f_ easier you know we just need everybody the have really bad correct right so
let’s talk about what to do that let what is the nature of the solution heroically actually welfare than we’d adverse tend to really
building a groundswell of public support and moving the issues uh… through
congress so and that your honor a pet nobama mention
minimum wage in his state of the union and in the white house constantly
actually mentioned at the minimum wage for kept a record
should also go up gravy dollars and fifteen cents an hour and her shortly thereafter repudiate
handwritten on the house senator harkin bennett introduce the first bill in two decades that what grade are you read that
admiral age to seventy percent of the regular we’re really gaining momentum
and we need helping three-way collective legislators know that people
are watching and he picked up the path um… first with the book called behind
the kitchen work we’re really trying to lift it up to the national bestseller status so that everybody he even knows
what’s really happening behind the kitchen door and more speak up about it so happy everybody by the book and let other people know to buy the book called behind the
kitchen door and then and then to andrea and then the second thing is that we’ve
created a new online organization called the welcome people it had babbit v_w_ the welcome cable dot
net we need people can’t join the
organization and find out more about uh… what’s going on on the website
advocate signed petitions on that website asking congress to do the right
thing and on that website actually did that
guy after for diners let nine years now uh… which restaurant they’re doing it
right and which originally hundred information
and to whom everybody who needs help on that website and then the third saying it police speak out every time we eat out you know ten years
ago there is no locally first atlantic producing restaurant for free range
chicken people thought that ben and they learned
of the redbook psychopathic nation on the right the rama they couldn’t be poco reported that they
can make it just rearranged chicken and restaurants respondents we feel like
if people can release at the end of ambience sale of the food
lovers but you know i i i don’t want to eat in
a restaurant where workers through half page sixty its growth or i want to keep
coming here but i’d love to see you pay more and three dollars and fifteen cents
because that’s important to me as a customer and then even talked about the issue
rates we want people to speak up and play you know i noticed on your servers are
waiting on your back thursday people of color the back and have to
know people cried largest you could write commercial opportunities today and
i think the people of color in a restaurant has been sent in your book we
talk about the racial caste system in the restaurant industry may be conveyed aboard our wage gap
between white workers an elective the car and that you were
kind of car and left in fast food restaurants and has a
restaurant or lead a rally behind the kitchen door more lower-level paid
another pain topic doctor another position though uh… lepidoptera pumping consumers can
you can speak up and actually value a diverse wait staff dialect
interactive people up them different backgrounds who left the
restaurant knowledge now cant only to be about at what they fear will well i think there is the rate look
faraway tara elections united lazaro thank you so much fear advocacy
and for basically lifting the veil hahn was going on behind the kitchen
daughters and dad found much answer i will do
everything in my power to help you spread the word and to ensure that we
can uh… the uh… working conditions for workers across the country thank you so much
thank you thank you very much image that i would also like to invites
you to show i’d use it to crawl as she is uh… the director of the line
conceit pat the opportunity agenda welcomes you my daria very few i’m well in in the interest of
full disclosure i do lily and i have also worked together in
the past and she is a phenomenal havoc in on everything from comprehensive
immigration reform uh… to housing to violence against
women say you are and you know uh… how are the basically do many policy issues
correct all right so um… can you tell us the
status of comprehensive immigration reform it seem like it how a lot of legs are coming out of the
elections that um… it seems so that we must all right now adhere idea as happy e relocate right
now federal immigration policy is obtained at gain brewing for a while for a number of
years and communicate finally anti-obama excited at this do you do it but there’s
also a number of other issues on his plate anticommunist focusing on and the the movement of activity around
migration that it’s very determined and and very excited and feeling confident
that something good will happen to hear the question is
could it be what is grandly cattle aquatic atypical few how you are tired of the about
citizenship forward do you folks who are already here in this country working
contributing it i wouldn’t make sure that we don’t
hold our values and protect the due process right for a awful that
perpetrator elegant ideal deal look like to see you until advantage word have that person
for men grove baptist citizenship for the give
the eleven million people who are undocumented right now at most of whom are working in
contributing and already really trying to show that they are part of the
american mainstream i hope the also want to make sure that we’re looking at at issued a family unity period it big back well i think a innovation system
has always been uh… something k c needed a lot more in terms of making
sure that it may affect the plea and to we want policymakers right now jacobs a
champion speed things up for people who can’t wait in line for a
long time and uh… you find anyone to make sure
it’s a planned recognizes that pecan plantation protect all quite significant so convicted cling to include on the
provincial profiling burden on the two feet now you have done a lot at stake so do you think it’ll happen i clearly p the move it around the very strong and i think the opposite
side of the elections in their is deal with it you’re changing demographics country and
more and more people are either unaffected by phone from democrat
telling myself and safety of my parents came here in the u_s_ u_s_ in seventeen alliance is much more quickly and it was
a much more overly processed and i think people looked back at that and
you were an offense is paying for an opportunity to seventy percent while more people recognizing infecting
a grant artist huge tributaries whether it acting out front near whether it is people can come into our homes workout affect workers in pro-children more
people to are out in the field taking a third of the off-key experiences huge of the life that we have both culturally and in an economic
status honors so you know as you well know there’s
been a very big conservative backlash against uh… immigration uh…
releasing arizona we’ve seen you know pockets of the nation georgia
you know do you know if you name it uh… we’re laws have been passed to
basically uh… right outside immigrants in the communities and to racially more
ethnically profile than if you will uh… and and even on the progress of
side that there are some who you argue that you know like our economy
is suffering you know we’re bringing more workers and at this time may not be the best thing what is the
opportunity tendons argument against that kind of movement but if you want respect brother excuse
me getting first of all if you look at
these you’ve logged pet sitter daily encouraging you know what local police too if you take a look at people’s
immigration status and all that to happen based software restroom when more
more that one person is coming out and saying
that this is not something that they think is either via paul for here’s a picture of the the on the fact that they have their
photo if also really create situations where
they can establish trust in community to get the information they need to kill
sab so we see more like a lot of questions is not in favor of depicts the proposal you know more than that e cream quart dat m wolf is passed attitude state wanted very much to make sure that
any maw two-fifty path around innovation at yet but they
acquire careful not she thefind out what’s considered federal policy priority welfare not she engaging racial
profiling can still be able to keep warm or that you know i want to get returned
as about capacity building that advocates in the
field in a lot of a peculiar book on public opinion research l_d_p_
over and over again that american ma solutions etc are around immigration and they’ll look activity there that sell
policies and think i think it might make sense to when he realized one more
deputy processor chip related it’s not attractive and that the more
that we can talk about things like a broken up citizenship to the opportunity to network fourteen
labor rate of workers and it making sure that we are protecting family that some think that is actually to have
a lot like actual convective complex money in your website the opportunity actions that have order neary good zoos across thank you
so much for your time in for your insight accepting and thanks to all of you for joining us for yet another edition
until that point with my iraqi more always i’d like to give a shout out to
my production crew team that includes p_d_ james kept by hand rich western
cortney walters finely i like to remind our listening audience
to please join us live every sunday at three p_m_ eastern time on we had radio
dot com org fourteen a m in washington d_c_ we have
also started sleeping live on you to so go to our channel van until next time
america must est things truce first system sc you’re listening to the revealed that he
did you see for two years visit us online at we have to reveal dot

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