Obama Slams Hashtag Activism, Vindman Contradicts Trump & “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” | The Daily Show

Obama Slams Hashtag Activism, Vindman Contradicts Trump & “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” | The Daily Show

Barack Obama, the 44th and,
as far as I’m concerned, only black president
of the United States. (cheering and applause) He’s been pretty quiet
since leaving office, but every now and then, he likes to remind us
of what we’re missing. Barack and Michelle Obama holding their third annual
Obama Foundation Summit, and the former president talked about being a little too pious
about politics. This idea of purity
and you’re never compromised and you’re always
politically woke and all that stuff, you should
get over that quickly. The world… the world is messy. -There are ambiguities.
-Yeah. People who do
really good stuff… have flaws. Like, if I tweet or hashtag about how you didn’t do
something right or used the word…
wrong verb or… then I can sit back and feel pretty good
about myself, ’cause, man,
you see how woke I was? -I called you out.
-(laughter) I-If all you’re doing
is casting stones… …uh, you know, you’re probably
not gonna get that far. -Man, wow.
-(whooping) You know, when you…
when you watch that, you really remember
that American presidents used to speak English. (laughter) Also, I’m loving this whole
relaxed Obama no-tie swag. You see that thing? It’s almost like Trump
has set him free because he can never look worse
than Trump. Now he’s just chill.
You know, he doesn’t care. He’s like, “Oh, you don’t think
this looks presidential enough? “Uh, okay, what if I tuck
my shirt into my front butt? “Is that the dignity you want? “Uh, is that what you want? Uh, I’m not gonna do it.” And, look, I’ll-I’ll be honest.
I hear what Obama’s saying, but I’m not sure if he should be
dismissing hashtag activism. A lot of real movements
have blown up online. You know, #BlackLivesMatter,
uh, the #MeToo movement, #ManCrushMondays. You know? Yeah, in the old days, you had to wait until Friday
to crush on hot men. Social media has changed that. But at the same time,
I get what Obama’s saying. If you believe in a just cause, you can’t just sit at home,
ranting on Twitter, right? It doesn’t make you an activist. It makes you the president
of the United States. Speaking of which, let’s move on
to Donald J. Trump, the 45th and,
as far as I’m concerned, only current president
of the United States. Because while Obama was talking
about fake canceling online, Trump might get canceled
in real life. NEWSMAN:
A dramatic new revelation in the impeachment inquiry from Lieutenant Colonel
Alexander Vindman, who was on that controversial
July phone call between President Trump
and Ukraine’s leader. The New York Times
reporting overnight that Vindman told
House investigators Tuesday that the rough transcript
of the call released by the White House omitted crucial words
and phrases. That explosive new testimony directly contradicting
President Trump. I had a transcript done
by very, very talented people. Word for word. Comma for comma. Done by people
that do it for a living. I… We had an exact transcript. “Comma for comma”? (laughter) Yeah, that’s when we should
have known he was lying. No, when has Trump
ever used commas? Like, every since he came down
that escalator, it’s been one four-and-a-half-year-long
sentence. That’s all it’s been.
Like, I’ve never heard a Donald Trump sentence
and thought, “Yeah, there’s punctuation
involved there. Uh-huh.” In fact, it seems like
when Obama left the White House, he took all the commas with him. He was like, “I’ll take
this one, uh, and this one, and give me the, uh…
ellipses, as well.” And then Trump was like,
“Now there’s none left for me. “I can’t pause when I speak. “This is total chaos. So much. “Chaos nonstop. “Speaking.
That’s why I don’t stop. “Never stop. Never. At all. “I try. I can’t. “No pause for me. Not good.” So, this development looks bad
for Trump, And he’s really got to hate
that Colonel Vindman wore his military uniform
when testifying, ’cause it’s hard to fight
against that. I wouldn’t be surprised
if next time, Trump shows up decorated
with his own achievements, which is basically a sign that
says, “I banged a porn star.” And finally, moving on,
it’s the end of October, which means it’s time to start
fighting about Christmas. It’s a Christmas classic,
but in this #MeToo era, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”
sends the wrong message. ♪ I simply must go ♪ ♪ But, baby, it’s cold outside ♪ -♪ The answer is no ♪
-♪ But, baby… ♪ NEWSMAN: The Christmas classic
“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is getting a #MeToo makeover. John Legend has announced
he’s rerecording the song with Kelly Clarkson
with more appropriate lyrics. The new lyrics go this way. “What will my friends think?”
sings Clarkson. “I think they should rejoice,”
Legend responds. “If I have one more drink?” “It’s your body
and your choice.” Okay, that’s maybe
a little too woke. I feel like Obama’s
about to pop up like, “Uh, now, what did I tell
you people? Come on, huh?” But to be honest, to be honest,
this isn’t a bad idea. Yeah, because who watches
that old scene and feels comfortable
other than Harvey Weinstein? Like, she says no. So I think it’s time
to update that song. In fact,
I think we should update other problematic songs,
as well. All of them. Yeah. And we can
still listen and enjoy them. Like that Robin Thicke song.
That could just be… ♪ Blurred lines ♪ ♪ Let’s make them sharper. ♪ (laughter) Yeah. Then we’re just, like,
clarifying consent. And we definitely need to redo
all of R. Kelly’s songs, huh? ♪ My mind’s telling me no ♪ ♪ And I’m listening to my mind ♪ ♪ ‘Cause my body
doesn’t want to go to jail. ♪

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100 thoughts on “Obama Slams Hashtag Activism, Vindman Contradicts Trump & “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” | The Daily Show”

  • What people fail to understand about "Baby, It's Cold Outside" was that it was a product of its time- when women had the OBLIGATION to say no to sexual advances even when they wanted them. In the song, she's giving all the then-textbook excuses for not being with the guy, which were actually code phrases for her to be saying yes: "My sister will be suspicious", and "The neighbors might think", for example. "Say, what's in this drink?" was a way for women to have alcohol to blame for their sexual activity instead of desire, the latter of which was considered very shameful. He's not persisting because she's saying no; he's playing the socially mandated game so it SEEMS like he's convincing her. That way, she wouldn't be considered loose or easy, and allowed her to keep her dignity.
    It was the ONLY way that was socially acceptable for her to say yes and give consent.

    I'm not saying that that kind of message of needing convincing is okay; in our modernized world, women have the freedom to choose who they are with and to make consent crystal-clear. That's why so many people misconstrue this song: we consider anything other than that basic decency an atrocity. People either need to be educated about the history of the song, or it should remain in the past as a reminder of how far we have come with regards to sexual freedoms and social expectations. Personally, I think it's cringe-y to change the lyrics rather than leave it alone.

  • We shouldn't be rewriting historical songs/movies to fit today's views. They should remain intact as examples of how it was. Of course people today are shocked when seeing "It's Cold Outside". That's the point! We don't allow that kind of behavior today. That's the point of being woke.

  • I was raised to include the president and his family in my prayers the Obama's are the only first family that have left the white house that I still pray for.

  • Trumpeting The Trump Trumpet! Hey, YOU LEFTISTS, can you hear us yet! Well, DON’T worry about YOUR EARDRUMS “BREAKING” decibels are getting LOUDER! REMEMBER 2010, we VOTED, you WOULDN’T HEAR, the same in 12 and again in 14! In 16 you went knee wobbling ignorant, DEAF! You employed your ARSENAL of dirty, corrupt tactics AGAINST AMERICANS! By shoveling misinformation and lies, you had a paltry win in 18 against AMERICA/TRUMP! The truth is/has come out, AMERICA will NOW… “BREAK” YOU! Incoming…

  • Mister Obama responsabile di troppi crimini mondiali perpetuati a casa di altri popoli( Mister è premio Nobel per la PACE!!!!!!).

  • Obama is praised by host of this show for making a statement againat calling out others, yet this show is about calling out Trump… does that sound hypocritical?

  • All the pc crap. Just leave the movie alone. Most Men and Women have evolved from those times. Learn from our mistakes don't fudge the history.

  • The choice of lyrics dont sound right. I'd write:
    What will my friends think?
    I think they'll rejoice.
    If I have another drink?
    Well, whatever's your choice.

  • I like how Trevor can make fun of the stupid cringe-ifying of old songs, without triggering woke backlash because the virtue signalers aren't subtle enough to detect the sarcasm hidden in his multi-ethnic smile and left-friendly humor.
    His Between The Scenes segments showcase his insight and intelligence. You have to watch his "everyman" comedy commentaries through that lens in order to fully appreciate what he thinks.

  • Interpersonal relationships are no more crisp and clean than political opinions, aka, the idea of that healthy relationships will never involve any pressure is silly.

    Also, its a song, if the banter was over the moment she said no, there would be no song. You can't judge a song by the same standards you'd judge a normal conversation.

  • I get what Obama said, woke ppl are the party police and they need to chill as they’re starting to piss him off!

  • I think Noah got it wrong on this one. Obama wasn't dismissive of the movements he was dismissive of self serving people that make themselves feel good by tweeting something and not taking actions.

  • Fuck Obama racked up $20 trillion dollars worth of debt an gave terrorists money an weapons of mass destruction. Flipping evil corrupt prick

  • I have always been creeped out by that song and would change the channel…glad it’s getting the boot but not sure about the reboot…

  • Great. He ruined beauty and the beast classic song bad enough that they waited till the very end to play it, now let’s give him another classic.

  • Anyone here knows what ambiguity means because i bet you most Americans do not know because our education system sucks and that why trump became president because we are not all fully educated. Think about it. you might say your smart but what do we really know. nothing. Think about it. i wasted 18 year in school to pass high school and do what with it nothing just make a few friends.

  • Now there's none left for me I can't pause when I speak
    This is Total Chaos So Much Chaos non stop
    Speaking that's why I don't stop never stop never at all I try I Can't
    No pause for me not good
    God love Ya Trevor

  • "My mind is telling me no, & my body… I'm listening to my mind because my body doesn't want to go to jail!" 🤣 that was gold

  • If we are talking about changing the lyrics of this song because of it's problematic nature, then probably means we should getting get to work redoing a lot of rap songs… I'm looking at you Lil John. Haha

  • I completely agree with President Obama here. But he's NOT BLACK. He's half black/two or more races/multi-racial.
    He's not the first black President. He's the first bi-racial President.

  • I forgot how empty, inconsequential and lacking in courage Obama was. Thanks for reminding me. fluent English seems like a pretty low bar for president

  • Don't miss him and his shit really. Nearly destroyed America. Sure he is articulate but sure is with a forked tongue. This show is funny but full of lies and hoax!. The impeachment inquiry is HOAX2 Eukraine. The first Russian Hoax 1.

  • The highly intelligent, good-humoured and usually well-meaning former frontman for the oil and banking cartels doesn't like people who refuse to swallow his brand of weak kneed liberal groupthink OR succumb to conservative hate. People who think in a way that leads to truths dangerous to our rulers. And Trevor is cute and has dimples, so that means he is totally honest and is not just shilling for the much-missed ex-Pres.

  • "Oh, uhh, you don't think this looks 'Presidential' Enough?!"
    Damn, I miss those days, they were a simpler time.

  • Of course this show rebuts Obama’s message…Literally most of this show’s material is shaming someone who said something wrong. It’s like the Twitter police televised. Some people deserve it, but some don’t. Not that this show cares about those grey areas.

    And I’m a hardcore liberal saying this. I agree with many of the sentiments voiced on this show, but Jesus Christ stop with the constant, self-righteous shaming. There’s so much more to be said than PC tattling.

    That’s why I prefer Bill Maher to this show now. I don’t always agree with Bill Maher, but at least he formulates authentic viewpoints and thoughtful commentaries. You know, instead of parroting what an angry horde of social media users raged about almost a week earlier?

  • right on that transcript it says …this it is not a verbatim transcript…meaning word for word…someone explain that to the overstuffed orange guy…

  • oh hell just redo that scene for baby its cold outside with a woman trying to get the guy to stay ….and him not wanting to….see all even now….lol…

  • Yeah, he's one to talk. Maybe if he had not killed over 300 civilians with drone strikes.
    Or done everything he could to make his friends at Monsanto happy and rich, would I listen to what he says.

  • 😢 President Obama, sniffle sniffle, please take us back!! I miss you and The First Lady, and how you spoke with multi syllabic words and complete sentences! 😢🙏 Namaste

  • It is amazing how some black IGNORED the fact obama campaigned for a KLAN ,endorsed the book of a KLAN eulogized a KLAN ,placed a Confederate Flag at the Confederate soldiers monument.

  • Didn't this "Baby it's cold outside" shit happen last year? Genuinely who gives a flying fuck about this meaningless shit?

  • "American Presidents used to speak english." And dared to wear tan suits. Oh! The unbounded hubris of the man!!! I declare! Ahm gettin' the vapaws!!!

  • These people who voted for Trump jumping off bridges right now. Trumps not the problem. They are. We should drag them out of their homes and ship THEM to Russia.

  • True even for critisizing Trump and those that voted for Trump. Though Boondocks represented Obama correctly as much as everyone else.
    Tin foil hats pretending to be " woke" don't make the world a better place based in reality.

  • "Whatever definition we may give of the term 'public opinion', only a very small part of it originates from personal experience or individual insight. The greater portion of it results from the manner in which public matters have been presented to the people through an overwhelmingly impressive and persistent system of "information".

    Mein Kampf

  • Here's my problem. Obama has pretty much kept his mouth shut for the last couple of years. Little to mild criticism over the political farce we have going on right now.

    But the guy that used drones to kill innocent people wants to lecture us about people on Twitter that use being "woke" on Twitter as their identity.

    Obama can go screw himself. He was a mediocre president that just so happened to be bookended by a literal war criminal, and a laughablely unqualified crook. Maybe if Obama had been the socialist they claimed he was, we wouldn't be in this shit show.