NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars, Fall 2017

NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars, Fall 2017

[Music/Background noise]>>Welcome to Armstrong NCAS Fall 2017. Today is the final rover competition for 4
separate teams. 40 community college students came from across
the nation. Today they are testing their rovers to compete
to collect rover parts and identify minerals. [Music/Background noise]>>NCAS overall was a 3 day blitz of nonstop
science, nonstop teamwork, nonstop information. From the moment that you get here until the
moment that you leave, you’re either working on something, you’re either learning from
someone, or you’re spending time and bonding with other like minded scientists and young
people. I learned how to work in groups, learned how
to be a good leader- not only leading the team but also being a part of the team; learning
how to work with them rather than just dictating what to do to them. [Music/Background noise]>>I definitely learned the value of collaboration
and how important it is to listen to every single member on your team instead of just
trying to write them off. We had an issue with our rover where it wouldn’t
close and somebody who is a member, a team member who is in charge of the financial aspect
of it, so not engineering, came up with a solution and it ended up working brilliantly. [Music/Background noise]>>One of the things that I really valued that
I got out of NCAS these past few days was that I was able to meet so many new people and
what they brought to the table was their experiences that I had no clue about, it was just really
awesome being able to meet and interact with new people, and I learned a lot of things
about just networking and being able to take a look at the whole field of engineering. [Music/Background noise]>>It was amazing, I mean we built a rover in
the span of 24 hours, put it into a competition setting, revamped the design to put into
a secondary competition setting, we basically built an entire company from the ground up
in a 48 hour span and on top of that we got to rub shoulders with NASA scientists who
are currently in the trenches working on the most advanced technologies that we have and
the latest missions we have going on in science today.

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4 thoughts on “NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars, Fall 2017”

  • It was an honour to work with such brilliant minds, and I would encourage students to experience this wonderful opportunity. (NCAS 2017)

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