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100 thoughts on “My Corset Collection – Historical & Modern”

  • i really hope youtube will earn you some money soon, so you can afford new nice costumes and clothes 🙂 ever thought about asking for paypal donations or making a patreon? I am sure people would love to help you out!

  • I keep clicking on your thumbnail in my recommendation feed, and you never disappointed me!
    Thank you for being honest, and knowledgeable, and entertaining at the same time!🐈♥️

  • The second corset actually looked like my table-lamp, the exact colour and those strings up and down look just the same

  • I’m concerned and confused? In the Description it has a link to your “nudes” and I think it’s a joke but um??? (Did not click)

  • I like your long videos, lately there’s nothing on YouTube there pewdiepie but there short, but with your stuff it’s you learn stuff you got the humoures and dam you fine! Oh & that accent.. gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I just recently found your channel and I'm so glad I did! You're amazing and have inspired me to never buy modern clothing again. 💗💗💗

  • But why wear something when you can barely brith with it? Is this worth the beauty? I don't want to offend someone but I'm really curious.

  • Lol this takes me back to when I was 8 and really into historical fiction, so I stole about 6 of my mom's plain white dinner napkins and frankensteined them together with my mini sewing kit and some ribbon. I was so immensely disappointed and let down that it didn't function as an actual corset would.

  • Stays are supposed to give a different silhouette than the later corsets. From what I saw of yours, it wasn't bad about giving something like a period silhouette. I have no idea if this would help: https://youtu.be/nUmO7rBMdoU?t=75

  • soo I had gotten a corset from "orchard corsets" and it was a wasp style…I'm just wondering what your opinion on how awful that is…

  • I love how the thumbnail for this video is you lying lovingly on a pile of corsets, and then the video itself is mostly you talking about how shit they are 😛

  • when you buy corsets, you can buy according to reduction and different styles offer different silhouette styles, but usually a proper corset isnt much less than 100-150 dollars for a small reduction

  • you should try a corset by Silueta Corsets Clasicos, those are cheap and last for ever, mine is like 6 years old and it doesn't have any major damage

  • How much approximately does one of those blue corsets cost? Just a ball park figure would be fine, because I can't find that information on her site

  • watch in 1.5 speed much better. idl people who talk slow but I love her videos so much because she is so orijinal and the way she presents herself and her humour is unique. There are not many people who are being sincere or "real" in youtube…

  • What period dramas/movies is she talking about? Are they on YouTube, these movies she made using the crappy corsets for the actresses?

  • Hello there, corset-interested people! I have a question: I got a lot of vintage undergarments from a relative who was cleaning out her house, including things like split drawers, petticoats that close with a bow and… A corset (dun dun dun). But someone removed almost all of the boning and now I'm not sure how to determine what era (ideally, what year) it is from. It's not as long as the Edwardian ones (It does go to about the widest part of my hips and the boning used to go all the way down as far as I can see), it has straps (like the ones that go on your shoulder) that are fastened with buttons in the front but none for garters, it is laced in the back and closes with buttons that go through sewn on 'loops' in the front and when I tried it on, it felt like it is supposed to make your (natural) waist smaller but not bend you like in an S shape or sth like that. It has got 'cups' for the boobs but doesn't push them up or apart very much, just supports them very nicely (it's definitely overbust). It's made from white cotton and the only boning left is metal, not actual bone. The holes for the lacing are also metal (I don't know how those are called in English, I hope you know what I mean) Any ideas/suggestions/tips on how to find out when it was made or worn? Thanks in advance (and Merry Christmas from when I write this) 🙂

  • That's amazing that you made the red corset – I do not find creating garments of any sort an intuitive process and you took what has to be one of the most tailored, fitted, fussy items of clothing and put it together. It's amazing!

  • I really like the Belle epoque corset, it reminds me of when I find old clothing and it's worn in, and obviously had hand sewn alterations, but it's still beautiful and you can tell what it was meant to be.

  • The corsets are interesting and lovely but I absolutely adore that chemise! It’s so pretty and elegant I want oooonneeee

  • I don't have any historical ones but I have like 9 corsets. And I used to wear them bitches all day every day!

  • What is your corset size? Mine is 20”/18”, which can be a bit hard to find in irl stores. You look stunning in corsets! Once I move out of my parents house, I’m definitely gonna make a larger corset collection 😉

  • I do costuming and corsets are from Hell. I'm seriously considering making a video of me roasting my collection of bustles, corsets, CRINOLINES, crinolettes and dress train (to be attached with safety pins for lazy stagehands) because they're that terrible. Fun fact: one of them has shoulder pads at the gips because,,,, last minute.

  • just wanted to let you know that corset story has two types of corsets . the one you had is an instant shape not meant for a dramatic shape and only a 2 inch reduction. they do have ones that are meant for a 4 inch reduction in their waist training section . the instant shape is meant to wear as corset tops over clothes for fashion and comfort which is why it did not give you the shape that you wanted . Those are more for every day fashion wear. Btw the pinkish corset that you made looks gorgeous even though the one side was bigger it still look's really good , you did a good job

  • Was readying your description and got to the bottom:

    “My Instagram, my blog, my”…….”nudes”…….?

  • Liked at 1:15 when you started to talk about what the internet thinks is a corset! You understand be the trials and tribulations!! Like when people tell me they got a corset and show me a bustier with a little lace up section 😑 no…just no

  • The way you wave,” Bye…I love you all but hate it all at the same time.”
    Classic Karolina! 😍
    A Dorothy In Kansas
    A Freak In Red Mary Janes

  • That was fun!!!! I just bought my first corset. Will have to wait a month for a friend to deliver it. Too much shipping and duty to have it sent here.

  • Your lovely blue corset looks similar in style to the one I made a few years ago. Not nearly as pretty as yours.

  • how do you “take care” of corsets? Like, how would you wash them? Generally, why do you mean by “take care of corsets”?

  • Your videos are some of the only videos that are over 10 minutes long that I’m excited to watch all the way through! 💖😄

  • Karolina, thank you! i enjoyed watching your collection a lot, and also even though i can't make such an elaborate architectural piece, you actually kicked me to find my sewing kit… take a needle after more than a year and mend a little hole at one of my oldest corsets i have, and it feels so good. love you 💙

  • My Costume Techniques professor was wonderfully unhinged and our two semester projects were a decade corset/stays and half-scale dress from the same period. Here's the thing — it was an introductory class to sewing! Thank God I already knew my way around sewing, or else I would have died. Imagine learning to sew and going straight from basic techniques to corsetry, and it's 40% of your grade. Eep.

  • Lol I'm lucky to be a big girl as the cheaper corset story corsets actually do give me the right curves. As I have more fat to move around my body.

  • AND she speaks english!
    Cool. 2nd video i've seen. I'm a dude in amerika. You should come here n teach girls how to dress like girls. I like tight jeans as much as anyone, but this is better. Js.

  • I don’t like Corset Story either. I got one plus one for free and my cleavage absolutely disappears, even though I am a C cup and aren’t corsets supposed to give you insane cleavage? Also from the side the are of the chest just looks flat so not flattering at all. I started mistrusting them completely when I get promotional e-mails from them with offers of 1 + 2 for free (!) which must be utter shit.

  • I do have a weird thing for corsets and hope to be another person with a collection. I also wanna try to make a few too.
    I hope to start my first attempt at 19th century Utrecht(?) stays with some zipties soon… letsgo~.