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100 thoughts on “Modern Times: Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson”

  • One of the most intellectual discussions I've stumbled upon – learned a lot and lots of food for further thought. In particular i liked the short tangent on postmodernism – it affirmed a lot of impressions i came to after some research on a thesis on the matter while i was at the university.

  • People are catching on that the accelerating fall of America is the result of Marxist ideology, so these two are tasked with fabricating some distance between the “good” Marxists of the past with the evil ones of today. Look into the background of these clever but damaged people if you find yourself falling for their perverse propaganda.


  • Came here for Jordan and ended up loving this woman! What a great antidote to that feminist robot in his British GQ interview.

  • This is a person who is – in her own words – pro kiddieporn, you know… childpornography. She’s also sympathetic with Foucault POV on the ‘right’ to have sexual relations with kids as young as… well let’s not say how old. She has books, in which she clearly states her beliefs confirming my claims about her. Conclusion: disgusting

  • I wish some legitimate group of dedicated professors and educators would start an affordable university someplace with a classical curriculum.
    They would be the true rebels.

  • these two, represent a dream of what we could be; sensible, intelligent, diligent, quality humans. A dream, but our life is struck with the nightmare of Portland USA.

  • In the late 80's I fell in love with Camille Paglia. I discovered Peterson calendar year 2018 and relied on other channels to get his content. I'm giddy to have stumbled upon this channel and video.

  • public schools are just a form of imprisonment

    So true

    I mean can you imagine if some ancient person saw us, we are forcing our future persons TO LEARN.. FORCING TO LEARN

    I mean can you imagine if in your time learing was amazingly expensive and a privilege, now, it's more like they punish us by making us lear physics and maths…. i mean yeah wtf xD

  • 43:29 Camille Paglia just attached capitalism with the emancipation of women from housework. And off in the distance, from a thousand points of light on campuses all across the nation, came the sounds of…….."REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!"

  • More Kermit hysteria, seriously cultures evolve and move forward get to fuck over it, what is not needed will be disregarded what is new and needed will be brought forward, every nation, every continent is the same. You would think they world was ready to implode listening to this nut bags, even Greta is less hysterical than these fools

  • It strikes me that our species needs to protect traditional masculinity at the least as a failsafe. The power in our technology creates the illusion that humanity is invulnerable. But if you disable the power grid, in less than a week most of us would be unable to put food on the table. If we do drop back to the stone age, we need the hunter.  Gender equality is a symptom of electric toasters.

  • What is wisdom if not experience. We have that – without governments or 'scholars' – if we have parents who care enough to pass it on. Governments have made sure that simple equation is unthinkable and seen as ridiculous, much like religions have extrapolated it. Which came first is irrelevant but interesting for anyone who needs confidence, perhaps because their parents were distracted from their purpose

  • Hey do you know those list-of-books-type books, e.g. Fadiman *Lifetime Reading Plan*, Bloom *The Western Canon*? PLEEEEEEASE I want you two to take an hour in a room with a secretary and come up with this kind of list that would constitute a liberal education for an adult in 2019. Just publish it as some kind of copyright-free blog post and let it propagate into the world.

    Please. I need this.

  • Its very sad that this type and quality of thinking and discourse is so rare, and becoming even more rare. I would call it common sense, if it weren't so rare.

  • One of my most favorite videos on all of YouTube. I believe I have watched and listened to this video at least a half dozen times and I suppose I will listen to it again. Great job by both of these truly honest, authentic intellectuals. Bravo!

  • Andy Warhol sucks my toddler can paint better than him, just like architecture in science all been decimated by these assholes they are talking about post-modernism

  • Camille is beautifully intelligent and fiery in truth. Very passionate in her understanding of the arts. Jordan seems delighted in watching her deliver her thunder like the perfect storm.

  • I still feel it's possible to be a biological female, while identifying as such, and have the qualities that are associated with masculinity. I and other women attorneys I encounter are very adversarial, with a few exceptions. At least that's how it's been in my field of civil litigation in NY state courts in NYC.

  • This was very interesting to listen. Both speakers said what they thought was important, both made their case by providing data. The interesting part in case of Camille Paglia is that she spoke so furiously and fast, that it was clear to me how annoying some things were for her.

  • I think people forget that Dr. Peterson is exactly that. His opinion is based on fact and data and can safely project based on findings. If you come to him with “ya but I want” it just won’t cut it.

  • Wow. At 36:57 Jordan really NAILS THE BOTTOM-LINE RAGE of feminists: "women whose relationship with men has been seriously pathologized by their experiences with men cannot differentiate between men with a healthy sense of self-confidence and authority and male tyrannical power – they fail to differentiate because all they see is the oppressive male. . .you have to have a LOT of experience with men, and good men, to be able to make that differentiation." Brilliant, Jordan! I have long said that feminists are the walking wounded, the bloodied daughters of an earlier, blinded generation. I want to commend Camille that though her orientation is as a transgender, she can still recognize the need to respect men as men, to actually "stand up for themselves". God bless you, Camille! Camille at 53:10 "civilization is not necessarily about power-grabbing but . . .what is good for the civilization as a whole (role differentiation)". Excellent! What a great, well-balanced discussion — I wish THIS would be shown (and extrapolated upon) in public schools! At 1:03, Camille discusses the possibility that the disappearance of the extended family, with a child being raised in a "hot-house" environment of a nuclear family may not be healthy". This is such a great examination of what is/has gone wrong in our society. Amazing.

  • Were women happy back then? or were they making the best of their situation? I don't want to work around women all the time. I don't want to be around men all the time. I want to be with everyone & have it just be not hateful & normal.

  • Camille Paglia is smart but doesn't know shit about rape culture as it exists. Her denial of it really pisses me off. She would never be a target

  • My parents are exactly how these two describe: Had us when they were older due to university and other stuff, waited to settle first. Well, now my sister is one of these brats who's so raw and fleshy that she is offended by literally everything and thinks she and everyone else has the right to not be offended.

    Looking at her is like looking at what I could have become. And thank fuck I didn't follow her path (especially since she's older than me).

  • "…these people are Philistines..they have no sense of beauty, they have no sense of the aesthetic…" and no sense of humor nor a sense of irony.

    At about 17:45 Paglia describes "virtue signalling." I see this was published in 2017. Was the term not in common use yet? She does not use it. I also note that Peterson's thoughts about the linkage between Post-Modernism and Marxism have evolved towards a better understanding of the relationship since this discussion.

  • Peterson has been out of the public eye for eight months now since his wife's cancer meant he had to abandon his book launch. In just that short time all videos with this vivacity and originality seem to have petered out. Peterson played a central role in engaging many in our society in debate and discussion. So much on the shoulders of one man.

  • This is probably my favourite discussion with Peterson involved. When he meets someone as passionate and hyper verbal as himself.

  • First time I see and hear her talking and I'm already in love with her. One of my degrees is from Art & Design Academy in France in mid 80's.

  • Yeah I understand what she says about pop art, what some call "post modern impressionism" but which has actually NOTHING to do with impressionism nor art (if only for the narrative you'd develop about it whatever the actual work of "art")… Just paint a canvas in white or some other color, or draw a line, or a dot in the middle, then as long as you have some "Art diploma" or are well connected with certain people and galleries, just make people smoke a huge doober and tell them to imagine whatever mumbo jumbo over it: if what you say about that emptiness you've just "drawn" uses complex wordings that aren't used in normal day-to-day language (or repeats some philosophy theory you've once read somewhere), then it's worth millions… Preposterous. Weak nihilism at its best.

  • @ 53:00 I think in theory organization isn't about a power grab, but about organizing for the greater whole. But unfortunately when you get personality-disordered people and psychopaths inside the organization, that theory fails.

  • I have yet to ever hear anyone say biology isn't responsible. They disagree with the common institutionalized consensus of the gender binary. So, what people infer and conclude. Others says, it is not so clear cut, and a single xy and xx chromosome alone do not appear to dictate sex. If they did, they do not now. Biology changes, it is still biology. Is anyone in academia saying sex is magically determined by some metaphysical entity? If so, please show me. Not defending the power hungry opportunists of academia but I'll defend post-modern skepticism. Post-modernists I know are all against totalitarianism and someone in the video mentioned post-modernists being not for authority which means they wouldn't support totalitarianism. Anti-authoritarianism or totalitarianism, which one is it? You can't have it both ways.

  • As someone who's downright averse to gender politics, I think this is the most forthright and constructive gender discussion I've ever heard. I'm not even saying I agree with 100% of it, but there's not a trace of neurotic posturing or anything in this conversation

  • The country needs to split. The left hates everything about the right and the right will only take the lefts extremism for so long.

  • I had a hard time listening to Ms. Paglia way of speaking, it's kind of irritating but I'm glad I stuck with it as she has some very good insights that understand and agree with.

  • She is dead right about what acid did to a lot of Lefties , they didn't let up in time to retain their sanity and like a lot of youngsters right up to 30 even completely obsessed with listening to music through headphones 24/7 . I am very surprised there are not thousands more deaths on the roads and everywhere because so many folk are going around , walking , cycling , driving , when they are deprived of any hearing , deaf to the whole dangerous world around them .

  • Straight from Camille Paglia wiki "In 1993, Paglia signed a manifesto supporting NAMBLA, a pederasty and pedophilia advocacy organization.[79][80] In 1994, Paglia supported lowering the legal age of consent to fourteen. She noted in a 1995 interview with pro-pedophile activist Bill Andriette "I fail to see what is wrong with erotic fondling with any age."" and "Paglia expressed the view that male pedophilia correlates with the heights of a civilization"…… WTF DISGUSTING

  • 'Marxism doesn't recognise the spiritual world" that is actually the exact opposite of Marx's whole point about DIALECTICAL materialism. He critiques Feurbach and all other materialist gir this exact reason

  • Camille is like a 30mm auto cannon of reason.
    Jordan is similar to a precision guided JDAM missle of rationality, and logic.
    Both are devastating to the hyper emotionalism of the Left.

  • Paglia is an advocate for the legalization of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY and PEDOPHILIA! Why doesn't Peterson talk about this if he knows about it? He even promotes her book for Gods sake!

  • Pain and misery in the amounts that cannot be ignored is what makes a person use the brain in order to solve the problems that are causing them and through that process a person discovers both personal truths and universal truths (that are intrinsically connected with personal ones). The problems that the postmodern persons are causing at this age will disappear once the society in which they live starts going for the the rock bottom along with their personal lives. It is easy to invest oneself in any B.S. if you have the luxury to do so. They do not know pain and misery for they ignore it/avoid it on the personal level because their life situation and the reality of their society allows it. Furthermore, this luxury of not facing their own problems leads to the compulsion to go around and criticize others' way of life and the attempts to "change the world" as one is unwilling to change oneself. This will disappear once their personal lives become so unbearable that the person is faced with a survival scenario. Of course, many may choose self-destruction as an option but that is, in a way, natural selection (the strong survive/learn how to fight and the weak commit suicide or destroy oneself with drugs etc.)

  • So Peterson openly says he can’t read anyone that he’s attacking except Foucault? Why does anyone take this guy seriously

  • Heard nothing I disagreed with, and much that confirmed my own thoughts and extended them.
    So I felt a bit smug…

    Also much I couldn't follow first time round, so definitely worth a second airing.
    So maybe I'm a bit thick …
    The zebra analogy is so very accurate regarding the scientific establishment, the Church, education … the list goes on.
    I particularly liked the fact that neither pretended to have "The Answer."
    As Andre Gide said, "Cherish those who seek the truth, but beware of those who find it."
    Very grateful, thank you.