Microsoft Social Engagement Social Listening Capabilities

with Microsoft social engagement you’ll discover how people really feel about your business social engagement currently supports five sources Twitter blogs Facebook new syndication and videos social engagement listens in 19 languages and lets you know which ones have the most posts are in the topics you care about you can see the top 5 languages with the most volume of posts what’s important to marketers is knowing who the key influencers are you can see the top 5 authors who are most active in conversations around the topics you choose expand the list to get a full view of all authors and see relevant data such as the number of posts trend sentiment and location data if available filters allow you to narrow down your data for example you can use the reach filter to narrow down your data to only authors with the most influence for twitter reach is based on cloud and for news it is based on popularity trend alerts and post alerts help you stay on top alerts trigger notifications to let you know when specific events occur so you don’t need to be actively monitoring all the time discover what people are saying about your business now with Microsoft social engagement

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